Does Masturbation Strengthen Erections Or Harm Your Erections?

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This seems to be an idea that is prevalent in Middle Eastern countries… that masturbation harms erections… and many people believe the effects are long term.

I hear it often, men saying that they performed “hand practice” for years, and now they have no “manpower” (hey, can’t argue with their word choice!), and now they cannot perform properly for their wife.

This is all a misunderstanding.

I also think guilt over masturbation plays a role, too… they must pay a penalty for their “sin”.

In no way can masturbating, even over LONG periods of time, harm your erections in any way.

If anything, masturbation keeps your penis, “in shape”. Masturbation strengthens erections.

However, natural aging, malnutrition and lack of healthy habits, along with sexual performance anxiety, can all get in the way of quality erections.

Here, check out this question I received today:

Dear Mistermanpower,

I have a problem in erection since 7 months because i have done a lot of hand practice since 10 years and i have lose of my penis power and now i am not able to take a harder erection in my penis so i am very worry about it. I just got married one month before and my wife is not happy with me.
because my problem is erection and premature ejaculation.
If you can solve my problem i will be very thankful to you for this kind fever.

Best Regards,

My reply:

Hi friend:

Masturbation will not permanently harm your erections.. if anything it keeps them in a good condition

You may be experiencing just a natural aging of your erection, which happens to all men, or sexual performance anxiety, which is when your anxiety is like a mental block keeping you from getting a strong erection… here, check this out:

As to premature ejaculation, these exercises can help:

best regards,


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  1. i have the problem of erectile dysfunction.
    i am facing this problem from last 10 days & all this happened suddenly.give me the solution how to recoverd this

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