Winning Increases Testosterone Levels; Losing, The Opposite

winning increases testosterone levels e1427653053953 300x296 Winning Increases Testosterone Levels; Losing, The OppositeAre you the competitive type?

For most people, winning feels great, and losing sucks, but does it REALLY feel great when you win?  And do you REALLY feel like crap when you lose?

Well there may be more than just your ego involved… there may be a further reason why winning feels so great and losing feels so terrible:


Studies have shown how winning and losing influences testosterone levels in men.

One study measured testosterone and cortisol (your stress/fight-and-flight hormone) levels in six university tennis players before and after tennis matches. Testosterone levels increased before each match for all players involved in the study; they were literally “manning up”.

As expected, winners experienced an increase in testosterone levels, and losers experienced a reduction. There was a strong correlation between testosterone levels and mood (hence feeling so good when you whoop your brother in a one-on-one).

The winners had even even higher testosterone levels before their next match, compared to the losers, who had lower levels before the next match… “Can’t win for losing”, as my good friend Rafael says (saying makes no damn sense; but at the same time makes perfect sense).

As to cortisol, there were no change in levels in relation to winning or losing, but the top players had lower cortisol levels on average, and overall levels of cortisol decreased in all competitors as the season progressed… In other words, top players were more at ease, and all players became more at ease as the season progressed, as they became more “battle ready”.

The Effect Extends To You Even If You’re Just WATCHING An Event

Man, I felt like crap when San Antonio defeated the Heat in last year’s finals… I felt almost emasculated. And I wasn’t even playing!


A number of studies have confirmed that FANS watching sporting events have a change in T levels.  Studies measuring testosterone levels of fans across various sports, from college basketball to the World Cup, have shown the same: higher testosterone levels in fans of the winning team, and lower testosterone in the fans of the losing team.  The effect appears to be even larger when the teams are rivals.

This is due to the psychological process of “basking in reflected glory”, where individuals increase their self esteem by identifying with successful others… it not only has psychological effects, but apparently physiological effects as well.

So this really raises the stakes of playing, huh?

So, your pride is not the only thing on the line anymore during a competitive event, but your “manhood’, as well… so best I can tell you is, take everything in stride…but man, when trash talk is involved… it gets so hard, doesn’t it?

Good news is, while some things are out of your power to increase your testosterone levels (like watching your team suck for an entire season), there are things you can actively CHOOSE to do to increase testosterone levels… and some of them are quite easy.

  • For instance, getting some sunlight, especially on your back, chest, and even stranger, on your testicles (if privacy permits) can greatly boost testosterone production… UV light directly on your testicles can increase your T levels by as much as 300%!
  • Eating broccoli and spinach is an easy way to boost testosterone levels naturally as well.  Broccoli and spinach contain indole-3’s which reduce estrogen in the body, allowing testosterone to roam more freely without any nagging hormones keeping it down…

These are just a couple of tips for naturally increasing testosterone levels. I’ve researched on this kind of stuff for years… for more info, click here: How to increase male libido naturally and boost testosterone levels

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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