Would A Doctor Recommend Natural Penis Enlargement?

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Would a doctor recommend penis enlargement exercises?

I received a very interesting question today, and I feel it was worth sharing, as it may highlight certain concerns that a person would have before trying natural penis enlargement exercises.  Please see below:


I recently spoke with my doctor about these penis enlargement exercises, about if it was safe or not. He did not think that it was neither safe, or that it would work. However, I have done countless hours of research on this, and since he isn’t a urologist, maybe he is wrong? I sort of hate to doubt him as he is a doctor, but I feel sort of uneased by the notion of trying penis enlargement. So, does it really work? Are the results permanent? Is it safe?



Hey Brandon:

99% of doctors will tell you that penis enlargement exercises do not work, due to:

1) The lack of scientific studies

2) Liability issues – if a person has never done these exercises, they will be cautious of them… and a doctor will NEVER give advice that may put him into liability issues.

With that being said, there have been scientific studies showing how extension devices increase penis size (which work in a very similar manner to the “stretching” exercises in penis enlargement, and I happen to know a couple of doctors who do natural penis enlargement exercises themselves (some gaining some serious size).

The exercises work, just a couple of general precautions:

  • Warm up quite a bit before doing the exercises
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the dorsal nerve that runs along the top of the middle of the shaft

In the end, you will never go into a doctor’s office and he will say “yes, try and pull, and squeeze, and push around your penis”… no, you’ll have to go it yourself. BUT… know that tens of thousands of men have performed penis enlargement, and through all my years of research and practice, I’m not aware of ANYONE experiencing any serious injuries from PE.

If you are interested in making your penis bigger, my guide to natural penis enlargement exercises will show you how to safely do so…

Good luck.


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