“Would women Date a Man with a Small Penis??”

I was on a sex discussion forum the other day, and I wanted to get some honest answers.

I already kind of knew the answer, but it looks like women are even more accepting of a small penis than I thought.  (The majority of them at least are)

I think as men we are very hard on ourselves.  I believe women are more accepting of us IF we can have all the other parts of us in line.

If you can be confident, loving, humorous, etc., then most women will overlook a small penis size if an inch or two below the average.

Here, check out my question, and some of the answers I received:


Ladies, would you date a man with a small penis?
Looking for honest answers… and your opinion on the situation is welcome too… thanks!

  1. size doesn’t matter, it’s how ya use itt!
  2. Well I wouldnt plan on getting into bed with him on the first date, so Id let the relationship develop before seeing his penis. Im not a slut
  3. Of course I would… if we were only dating, how would I even know what size his penis was?If we were to go beyond dating:
    In my experience, being a good lover depends on many things and penis size is only one factor among many.
    If it’s too small or too big, then the other factors come into play and he can still be a great lover.
    If he lacks technique or doesn’t pay attention to the feedback he gets from me, then even having a perfect penis (whatever that may be) will not save the day.

    I’ve had good sex with men with small penises and lousy sex with men with average or bigger penises. So sure, size matters somewhat, but the other things matter more.if you love him it shouldnt really matter about his size:)!

  4. if you love him it shouldnt really matter about his size:)!
  5. Honestly I would.
  6. I am at the moment! Hahaha
  7. I have dated a man with a small penis…. when erect he was only about 4 3/4 inches. Ugh.
  8. Honestly no.
  9. Dude.. just buy a dildo can keep them satisfied.
  10. naaaaaaahjk as long as you’ve got a penis to start with you’re good. ;);)
  11. Yeah
  12. It’s more about how you use it.
  13. If he’s good at sex, it wouldn’t matter. And it’s a big misconception that just because a man has a large penis that he’s good in bed..
  14. Well…how small?
    Like smaller than average? Or… “i can’t feel it” small?
    Sex is obviously an important factor in a relationship. But it’s not everything.
    Hopefully, by the time you are far enough in the relationship to take things to the next level and have sex, there’s at least some “love” there. In which the size could be looked past.

    I’ve always thought it doesn’t matter how big you are, but how you use it icon smile Would women Date a Man with a Small Penis??

  16. It only matters if he knows how to work it, also known as the motion of the ocean.
    other than that, hell no.
  17. noooooo way small penis yuk a guy needs to have a big one they’re more of a man indian guys have small ones!!
  18. If he was a genuine, kind and lovable guy the size would be unimportant. You will find it hard to replace a soul mate.
  19. I did and it sucked!!!
  20. As long as he knew what he was doing with it. I’ve heard from a lot of friends that have dated a man with a bigger penis than their last say that the smaller man knew how to use it better…it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality!
  21. NO.All these other fools talking about “it’s how you use it not its size” are idiots.If it isn’t at least six inches, run away as fast as you can.
  22. It’s not about the size, but what he can DO with what he has. I have rode in large limos that couldn’t take me around the block, and rode VW Beetles that got me to my destination nicely! LOL


So these are the answers I got on this anonymous sex discussion forum.  I have no reason to believe that these women would lie.

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Am I vain, shallow and egotistic?

Just a little…

Have a good one, and let me know if you have any questions!

Also, if you have any opinions on the topic of dating a man with a small penis, feel free to leave a comment below!  Male or female welcome!

-David Carreras
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