“Yes, you REALLY CAN make your Dick Bigger once It’s Done Growing…”

Take me for instance…

at 18, when I was done growing, my erection was about 6 inches in length, with an average girth and a teeny, tiny embarrassingly small flaccid penis size…

Fast forward some time into performing penis enlargement exercises, and my erection measures in at a thicker 7.5 inches, with a MUCH LARGER size when flaccid.

Hard to believe, I know.

There are so many scams in this world, especially with sex products.

…and ESPECIALLY with penis enlargement products.

take the pills for instance, ExtenZe, Vimax, etc.

Not one of these pills will make your penis bigger.

Thanks to these bullshit penis enlargement pills feeding off of men’s insecurities and profiting off of their credit cards, people don’t believe there’s any way to make your penis bigger.

Thanks bullshit pills…

Your penis was “built” in an interesting fashion… there’s no bone in your penis… there’s just tissue that can be stretched, broken down (softly and harmlessly) and manipulated, then healed in a permanently larger state.

(The improved blood flow and conditioning of your penis that these exercises bring gives you harder, longer lasting erections as well).

Some of the vets in penis enlargement have added over 3 inches to their erect length, and more than 2 inches in girth.

Don’t believe me?  I’ve got before and after photos of the size gains men have achieved with penis enlargement exercises…

All you’ll see is thicker, longer, stronger looking erections in the after photos… stick with me, more on the photo proof in the sec.

So penis enlargement exercises… seems very hard to believe that we can really make our penis bigger.

This world is full of unfair bullshit, and having a small penis seems to just be one of those things we shouldn’t be able to change.

Just like being short or going bald.

Two things I suffer from… while Rogaine may offer slight comfort for my hairline, ain’t shit I could about either one really but learn to accept.

But penis size?  Shit I’m going to try and get an advantage where I can!

Yeah, I’m short and bald, but I got hazel eyes, good looking face, sense of humor, kind of “swoll”… and now I can say I’ve got a pretty good sized penis.

Is it an extra plus?

What do you think?

Hell yeah!

So with my inch and a half longer penis, and my hung flaccid size, I got just slightly more confidence in this dog-eat-dog world… and I’ll happily take it.

In the words of a stripper at the local “Pink Pony” joint, “You’re strapped!!”…

can’t beat that!

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs

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