Ejaculation Control Training - Learn How to Last Longer During Sex...

...give your lady multiple orgasms during penetration, while keeping yours under complete control!

ejaculation control
ejaculation control

I used to cum in under 2 minutes every time I had sex.

Even if I was able to last a little bit longer, with crappy premature ejaculation "solutions" like the stop-and-start technique, I was never able to penetrate long enough to make a girl orgasm.

I've had a number of women walk out of my life, or even worse, cheat on me while staying with me, because of my inability to satisfy them.

I've been deeply insecure around women because of my lack of sexual "staying power".

I began to develop a phobia of sex: I used to be so scared to take a woman to the next level because I knew I was just going to disappoint her. I avoided conversations about sex altogether out of fear of where it could lead to.

I remember feelings of failure overpowering the (supposed to be wonderful) feelings of orgasm. Orgasm for me was not a pleasurable climax to a lovemaking session... it was more like a signal that I once again failed to fulfill my duties as a man and satisfy my lady.

Then I would lay in bed with a deflated penis, frustrated girlfriend, and zero sex drive. I would feel emasculated, and felt that NO MATTER WHAT I DID... I couldn't make my girl orgasm!

Even if I ate her out, and made her cum like that, I still felt this was so incomplete... most women I've been with have told me that while they love oral orgasms, orgasms during penetration are more "complete" and satisfying... which made my premature ejaculation experiences all the more painful.

I felt like half a man... I felt like, if only I had a bigger penis, or could last longer... then I'd be able to give her the powerful orgasms that she needed and so deserved.

The most painful thing was discussing sexual history with my girlfriends, in order to figure out how to make them cum... with a couple of my exes they told me their previous boyfriends made them orgasm... and I'd ask them how... "oh they went harder and lasted longer"...

Many of them said they needed it rough and hard in order to cum... hearing this intimidated the shit out of me... I couldn't even last a couple minutes going slow and soft!

Maybe I just wasn't built to satisfy a woman?

At one point I thought I was doomed to be a premature ejaculator for the rest of my life

I used to think some men were just genetically built to be able to last long during sex, and others were frail, premature ejaculators like me.

After getting tired of suffering this embarrassing problem, I searched and searched for the cure to premature ejaculation.

I've absorbed piles of books on overcoming premature ejaculation, exercises to increase my sexual stamina, how to maintain my erection after orgasm, attended seminars meant for training sexual surrogates, hours and hours doing online research and sharing info, and practicing these techniques.

Most of the ejaculation control techniques proved to be ineffective bullshit, but a few do actually work at overcoming premature ejaculation, and work astonishingly well! A combination of these techniques works even better, too!!

The truth is, regardless of how strong your doubt is right now, premature ejaculation CAN be cured.

I've gone from ejaculating within a minute or two, and leaving my girlfriend unsatisfied, to being able to last as long as I want with non-stop penetration, and giving my girl intense multiple orgasms.

And I've compiled all of my ejaculation control knowledge into Mr. Manpower's Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, an easy-to-digest downloadable guide for your reference.

Ejaculation Control Exercises - Train Yourself to Last as Long as You Want

My ejaculation control training program pieces together the most effective techniques and exercises for increasing sexual stamina that I've gathered over the years.

ways to last longer during intercourse
ways to last longer during intercourse

For instance, there are a number of "ejaculation control exercises" that will retrain your reactions to physical and mental sexual arousal, and will teach you how to keep your arousal levels low and under control.

With only a few ejaculation control exercise sessions, you will start to see a significant improvement in your lasting power during sex.

You will discover a renewed confidence in your penis and lasting abilities, and you will learn to utilize physical techniques during intercourse to stay far away from ejaculating, even with non-stop hard penetration.

These ejaculation control exercises will help you develop a powerful concentration in order to keep a tight hold over your thoughts and body, and plow through your ladies orgasm (and next orgasm), without even being close to cumming... even when she's moaning in your ear and scratching your back... no matter how bad your premature ejaculation may be, you can learn to last as long as you want during sex.

"...I would say that the day after I read your guide, I probably gained at least 15 minutes more with no problem. which is definitely really really sweet."
Ryan D'Agostino
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

"...longer staying power in the bed. achieved extra time."
Noah P.
State College, PA

"Hi Mr. David: I don't know if you remember me but you said I should write back to you when I get my girl to orgasm before I do. I actually made her orgasm 2x and I still did not orgasm and I don't know how long we were going for but it had to be long since I made her orgasm 2x. She asked me if I am close to ejaculating and I said not even close at all and I told her to not worry about me that as long as you orgasm I am alright. I just wanted to say thank you very much your guide definitely helped a lot."
Vernatius O.
Chicago, IL


Insights to Keep your Mind Strong During Sex

There are a number of "insights" you should learn to achieve the proper mind-state for long lasting sex.

For example, oftentimes a man subconsciously fears that he's going to lose his erection during sex. While this is not usually in the forefront of a man's thoughts during intercourse, this fear can cause him to pound away anxiously in an attempt to not “lose his erection".

Bringing this anxiety to the light will help you see it for what it is, and quickly overcome it. And strengthening your erections will provide you with further physical confidence as well. My guide will help you with that.

There are a number of ejaculation control improving insights like this, each one will bring you closer to lasting as long as you want during sex.

"Yeah I'm good thanx I can last much longer and maintain it for longer..."
Ryan K.
North Yorkshire, UK

"...I followed your exercises on a daily basis especially when I'm in the shower or when I'm masturbating and wow what a difference!!

I say if anyone would follow your steps on the stamina section they will be a very happy person but not just that they will make their ladies very happy as well !!!"
Christian B.
El Paso, TX

"Yeah lasting longer i always have been able to go 4 the average 10 min just the occasional 5 min prob's now and again now i can last for 1hr no prob's i am also allot fitter and i can also go harder for longer"
Kirk D.
Moranbah, Australia


These are straightforward, premature ejaculation controlling insights that you don't have to think about during sex... they will be stored in your knowledge and automatically applied during intercourse... the ejaculation control exercises will help you reinforce them as well.

The Male Multiple Orgasm:
Another Guaranteed Cure for Premature Ejaculation

The Male Multiple Orgasm technique is the most powerful sexual tool a man has besides his penis. It is also another solution for overcoming premature ejaculation.

While the male multiple orgasm allows you to last as long as you want during sex, it does so by a different method than the ejaculation control techniques.

In case you're not familiar with the term, your refractory period is the time period after you orgasm where you can't get another erection, and lose all of your sex drive.

If it weren't for our damn refractory period, then we'd be able to stay hard, even after we orgasm, and continue on penetrating until our lady's orgasm. Even if we were to cum early it doesn't matter, because we'd be able to continue penetrating with a hard erection.

ejaculation control exercises
ejaculation control exercises

(Note: Some men CAN maintain their erection after an orgasm and keep on penetrating. These men are lucky to have been born with this "talent", and they are the minority. The majority of men lose their erection after an orgasm, and even the "talented" men I'm referring to begin experiencing a refractory period later in life)

I've always had a powerful refractory period. Overpowering is more like it. After an ejaculation I feel WIPED out. My penis is floppy and I feel weak. If this happened after leaving my girl unsatisfied, the refractory period felt even worse.

I wasn't born with the ability to stay hard after I orgasm, but I've learned how to do it with the male multiple orgasm technique.

As you get older, the refractory period gets stronger, and lasts longer. Some older men complain of not being able to get hard even a day or two after an orgasm (hope I never get there!). Imagine how bad premature ejaculation must hit them!

However, with the proper use of the male multiple orgasm technique you can learn to maintain your erection after orgasm, override your refractory period, and continue to penetrate with a rock hard erection.

With the male multiple orgasm, you sort of "short circuit" your refractory period, and your erection never receives the signal to go soft.

The benefit of the male multiple orgasm is that you can approach your orgasm, perform the technique, and keep on penetrating until a next orgasm... and a next orgasm... and a next orgasm.

This allows you to last as long as you want, and keep on penetrating your lady, with BOTH of you having multiple orgasms, with a hard erection throughout the whole process.

The most orgasms I've had in a row without losing my erection is about 4 or 5 if I remember correctly... there were about 5-10 minutes between each orgasm, and I maintained my erection throughout. My girl had a number of orgasms as well, even squirting on the last few.

"The multiple orgasms technique has worked very well, I can keep going and going with her, it's amazing. And using one of your techniques has helped me get a huge hard on right afterwards haha. Thanks!"
Gary Smith
Huntsville, TX

"What really intrigued me was male multiple orgasm, sometimes my GF is really amazed that i can last so long. Nice collection you have made on both the guides. I also recommended the guide to a few fellow mates."
Bhargav H.
Bangalore, India


Also in Mr. Manpower's Guide you'll find in-depth knowledge on the female orgasm, and different ways to give a woman powerful orgasms... this knowledge will make you all the more effective in bed, and able to blow your woman's mind when you're having marathon-style sex with her.

The New You... A Marathon Man With Complete Ejaculation Control

last longer during intercourse
last longer during intercourse

Picture this: you're deep inside your lady, pumping your hardest, keeping your mind and body under complete control, and you're providing her with mind-blowing orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm, all the while you're not even close to cumming.

I've personally gone from ejaculating in under 10 pumps to living out the above scenario. I've received feedback from hundreds of men who've read my guide, and have lived out the same amazing transformation.

"I have mostly been using this guide to improve my performance and I have been very successful at it. I've been able to double the amount of time I can last. Your techniques are brilliant. My girlfriend thanks you as well."
John Bethke
Oak Lawn, IL

"Dear david, i hope you are great.Iam one person who has suffered from premature ejaculation for a long time.I would ejaculate while putting on a condom.If i managed to put on a condom without ejaculating i had never lasted a minute.

Iam very grateful to you because after using your guide which you sent to me via e-mail and the e-mails you have been sending to me,i can now last as long as want in bed. Just last night my girlfriend spent the night at my place,man,she scratched my back like no man's business,she was holding me very tightly and strongly while doing all sorts of screaming,man i made her vibrate. Now iam lasting more than 30 minutes in bed!. Have a good time,"
Saviour Chanda
(UPDATE: 8/23/2020)
Birmingham, UK

"Hi david, i believe you are doing fine. Iam very happy to inform you that i can now last one & half hours in bed from less than a minute to 30 minutes. Not only am i lasting longer but also give my woman multiple orgasms while she vibrates, scratching me to an injury extent.Thanks to mistermanpower's guide for transforming this man from being useless to a beast in bed.Have a great weekend, sc."
Saviour Chanda
(UPDATE: 10/29/2020)
Birmingham, UK


Wait till you get this stuff down. Women. Will. Orgasm. And you'll walk around feeling like a masculine beast thanks to this stronger sexual stamina.

Mr. Manpower's Guide also contains other techniques and information to improve your sexual performance, such as how to naturally develop harder, longer-lasting erections, boost your libido, how to make women orgasm during penetration and much more...


Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower's Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement