How to Give Women Powerful, Multiple Orgasms During Sex

How to Make a Woman Orgasm
How to Make a Woman Orgasm

"it's okay, I liked it anyway..."

"It still felt good..."

"I enjoyed it because it was with you..."

Words from an ex-girlfriend of mine.

I had done all that I could to make her orgasm... but I just couldn't get her off, no matter how hard I tried.

This same woman — who meant the world to me — left me just a few months down the line because of my inability to make her orgasm.

Other than the sex, our relationship was great.

Our conversations were deep and interesting, our senses of humor matched, we always had a great time hanging out with each other... but in time, her dissatisfaction with the sex and lack of orgasms was enough to make her to leave me for a man who did know what he was doing.

The world can be a pretty damn cold place, as you might know by now.

Each woman places a different importance on sex, but in most cases, if you don't satisfy a woman during sex for long enough, she'll feel like something vital is missing from the relationship.

Not being able to make a woman orgasm can be a very frustrating situation. It hits you in the ego like nothing else... and leaves you feeling insecure in your relationship.

And unfortunately, bad sex can make a perfectly happy woman in a great relationship begin to change and drift away...

Put Yourself In Her Shoes - You'd Be Frustrated Too

To fully understand the issue, you need to look at it from a woman's point of view -- imagine constantly getting turned on, and your arousal built up over time, but she has no idea how to "put the fire out".

You'd be going crazy!

Would you feel like something is missing?

Shoot, I know I would!

Good news is any man can learn to make a woman orgasm — and become a master at giving her orgasms while penetrating.

Having Some Ejaculation Control Really Helps

Women take longer to reach orgasm than men.

And if you don't have an understanding of the female sexual anatomy, it can take much, much longer... if it happens at all.

I've learned some ejaculation control techniques that have greatly helped to keep my orgasm at bay while penetrating… with the proper knowledge on the female orgasm, and just a bit more ejaculation control, making women orgasm gets much easier.

Following my advice, thousands of other men from all over the world are lasting longer and finally giving their ladies orgasms after much struggle.

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Wondering If You Have Enough "Size" To Get the Job Done?

Making Women Climax

Some men wonder if they have a big enough penis to make a woman orgasm.

They may believe that a man with a bigger penis can make a woman orgasm easier, while "shorter" men are not allowed this privilege.

Well, while a bigger penis size can help to some degree by providing more indirect stimulation to the clit without concentrated effort, proper technique is much more effective when it comes to the female orgasm.

A man with a smaller penis can give a woman stronger orgasms — and in less time — than a man with a larger penis, if he has the know-how.

Giving a woman an orgasm during sex has a few prerequisites:

  • Properly warming her up and paying attention to her different erogenous zones. Each woman is unique... ask her what she does and doesn't like here.
  • Getting her mind into it - women have been shown in studies to be able to "think" themselves to orgasm! That's how powerful of a role her mind plays in her orgasm.
  • Proper penetration technique.

Most guys got it wrong when it comes to what's needed to make a woman orgasm while penetrating… It's not about "banging her" hard (although they do like that from time to time)... it's about stimulating the right "zone" on the in- and out-stroke, and there are many ways to do this...

So as to your physical size? You've more than likely got what you need to get the job done.

Powerful, Mind-Blowing, Back-to-Back Orgasms for Her

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Don't just give her any orgasms… give her the best orgasms she's ever had.

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Women love oral sex.

Some prefer it to actual penetration.

Go down on a woman and give her powerful oral orgasms, and she'll be singing your praises to all her friends... You will stand out to her among the other men she's been with, as most men don't go down on women, and if they do, most don't know what they're doing...

Stand out. It's a powerful tool.

I've read some great books on cunnilingus, including one excellent book by a lesbian couple (who would know better?). I've been complimented on my oral sex skills by many women, and I'm happy to share with you what I know...

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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