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How goes my friend?

My name is David Carreras, also known as Mr. Manpower.

For more than 12 years now, I've helped tens of thousands of men supercharge their sexual performance — both physically and mentally — with the help of all-natural techniques and exercises.

Before I share with you what these techniques are, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I became so knowledgeable in this area.

I wasn't always a "Mr. Manpower". In fact, when I was younger I was pretty damn bad at sex. I had no clue how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

I had more than a few occasions where I couldn’t get an erection before sex due to being nervous. This lead to vicious cycles of ED and anxiety — sometimes for long periods of time — which caused major damage to my confidence when dealing with new women.

And while the size of my erection has always been respectable, I used to have a very small flaccid size. This lead to women making incorrect judgements about my overall penis size when feeling it before it got hard...

And the crappy sex didn’t stop there...

In my teens I was able to easily go several rounds, but this ability quickly disappeared once my refractory period became stronger in adulthood. This was a pain in the ass, considering how much I needed a round 2 because of how badly round 1 went.

And while these were all nuisances and obstacles to sex, the biggest problem I had during actual sexual intercourse was premature ejaculation. I wasn’t able to last long enough to make a woman orgasm for many, many years.

And this lead to disastrous results in both my sex and love life.

The girl I’ve been most infatuated with in my whole life, I can fairly say, is a girl by the name of Nadia who I dated for a while in my 20’s. She was the perfect girl (for me).

She was a Dominican / Colombian beauty with an amazing body and gorgeous face... beyond her model looks, her and I were very compatible when it came to our sense of humor and things we enjoyed; we genuinely had a good time together. On top of this, she was a loving, giving type of person, and intelligent, wise and mysterious in a sexy sort of way.

And sex was very important to her. I could tell how often she wanted it, and the freaky things she would randomly do...

Our relationship was a beautiful thing at first... We got along great, went out all over, and had sex like rabbits... and she would do things that showed me she genuinely loved and cared for me.

I was set... no more tiring search for my partner in life, I had found her... or so I thought...

Little did I know the magnitude of the problem brewing, putting the entire relationship at risk… with the sex we were having.

While I was able to get an erection, my premature ejaculation and lack of knowledge of the vagina / clitoris was keeping me from being able to give her an orgasm.

And while not much of a worry at first, it quickly became a big one.

After sex every time, I would ask her if she had orgasmed, and would always get some variation of "almost..."

It became my mission. I had to make Nadia orgasm. I began to realize this could actually lead to her leaving me. And in my obsessive pursuit of this goal, I began to lose sight of who I was...

I was no longer the confident, naturally funny man she had fallen in love with. I was becoming an insecure, one-dimensional weird guy, concentrating only on where I was failing in the relationship.


I used to try and overcompensate for the bad sex in other areas - I took her out more often, spending quite a bit of money at popular clubs and restaurants. I tried to be more funny and more “exciting” when in reality, I was just looking more desperate, and she could sense it.

And desperation murders attraction.

Little by little our relationship became more strained... and she began to lose respect for me.

I could see it. It broke my heart, the way the woman I loved so much (and who genuinely seemed to love me at one point) was beginning to treat me. And I just couldn’t fix the problem.

She started to get a little mean-streak to her... it’s amazing how women can transform when they lose respect for you...

One time towards the final stages of our relationship, I was positive this was the time I was going to make her orgasm...

I was lasting a good bit longer than usual, stimulating her erogenous areas, talking dirty, pounding her as hard as I could with everything I had in me when she yells out: “GO DEEPER!!!”


F%@&#!N B!#@$H!!

In other words... she knew what I had been going through up until then, and how I was giving it all I had, but she wanted to make me feel like all I had was not enough...

Messed up...

(Truth is, I had more than enough... I just didn’t know how to use it).

I remember the last last time we had sex... she straight out told me before we started... “you better do me right this time...”

I turned her around doggystyle (dumb decision, especially when having trouble making a woman orgasm), and “banged” her as hard as I could. I probably lasted 4 minutes max.

I didn’t ask, she didn’t tell... but I knew she didn’t orgasm, and I knew we were pretty much done.


Nadia began turning me down when I’d ask if I could see her... and she wouldn’t even give me a good reason why. It was extremely painful, and I didn’t know whether to hold on or to just let go.

Still, no matter what, some remnant of hope remained... that is until I ran into a friend of hers at a bar.

I asked her friend if she had seen Nadia lately, when she responded with: “You’re not seeing her anymore, right?”

I told her something along the lines of a “no, not really”, knowing that what was coming was going to be difficult...:

“She’s been with this older guy who lives by her, for some time now. I thought she would have told you.”

Once I heard this, the little bit of heart I had left in my chest was completely crushed.

I felt like I had taken a big loss, but most of all, I was envious. Extremely envious, of this wiser, more knowledgeable mystery man who I knew was giving my Nadia the orgasms she needed, and well, deserved...


Every so often, Nadia would randomly call me after that... maybe she did care about me a bit, I don’t know. Maybe she’s a sadist.

Regardless of what had happened, I was still excited when I’d get these calls. I’d regularly joke “you’re not pregnant yet, right?” which in reality was more of a hope than a joke.

The answer was always “noooooo”.

Until one it wasn’t.

This same man she left me for had gotten her pregnant... and while I was hurt, I felt some relief in this. Some real final closure.

With this, I felt I had nothing to lose, and felt more of a freedom when talking to her. So I asked her what she had thought of our relationship, and I remember being in my car in the drive through of a Miami Subs, when she confirmed over the phone what I had always suspected:

That she loved our relationship, but the bad sex is what caused it to fail...

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Women Need Be Sexually Satisfied In Order To Really Be Happy In a Relationship

Mr. Manpower's Guide

It’s the cold, hard truth, but needs to be heard.

You may be great in all the other areas of a relationship, but if you aren’t satisfying your girl in bed, there’s a big chance she’s unhappy and your days may be counting down... especially if she’s the hot, in-demand type.

The truth is heavy, but it will heal you and prepare you for a happier life. Learn once and for all how to really satisfy a woman in bed, and you won’t have to go through painful experiences like I did... or if you have already, you can end them now.

It’s hard enough finding “the one”... Don’t let her get away because of bad sex.

I Made Up My Mind - I Was Going To Learn How to Satisfy a Woman and Become a Stronger Lover, No Matter What It Took

I made a promise to myself that I’d do whatever it took to never repeat this again...

During my time with Nadia, and with previous girlfriends, I had tried out several different pills that were supposed to give me stronger erections, increase my penis size (none do), and a spray that was supposed to help me last longer.

Cheap and ineffective nonsense.

The pills may have helped a bit with libido and erection quality, but did nothing for my size. Plus, they gave me headaches.

The spray helped me last a bit longer, but also numbed my penis to the point that it was difficult to know when I was erect, and if not using a condom (which if you used, then you’d really feel nothing), the anesthetic would sometimes rub off on the woman, defeating the purpose altogether.

I needed something else. Something that worked, and that I didn’t have to pay for or take. I wanted to feel strong, like a man again. I wanted confidence in myself again.

I Wanted to Improve My Sex Life Without Medication or Pills, Or Anything Other Than What God Gave Me

I'm a man, and I want to rely on my own innate sexual abilities, not some external source.

Stronger Erections

I am also extremely determined when I put my mind to something, look to science to get to the truth, have a 6th sense for weeding out BS... and I’m more than likely somewhere on the OCD spectrum (good and bad).

I told myself, learning to be competent in the bedroom was one part of my life that I was going to get handled. No matter what.

Other than working to pay my rent, nothing else mattered at that moment in my life. I had begun this process during the breaking up stage with Nadia, hoping to win her back with it, but it became much more intense once I knew it was finally over.

I amassed piles of books covering a wide range of sexual topics, but mainly ones that helped my issues and benefitted me. I stayed home for months on end in my small one-room apartment, obsessively consuming information. Writing notes. Performing the exercises outlined in the books and imagining how it would play out with a woman.

From books written by psychologists on how to mentally overcome premature ejaculation, to Taoists teaching how to keep an erection for multiple orgasms, to lesbians teaching about the vagina and the different types of female orgasm, researching and participating in underground forums on penis enlargement (yes, her “go deeper” comment stung, and yes, the exercises do work, more on that later), just to name a few.

And the gathering and learning of this information greatly paid off...

Brandy... My Redemption

ultimate sex guide for men

I prepared for my next sexual encounter like a boxer trains before a fight.

Thanks to several exercises and techniques, I’ve was able to add more than an inch to my erect penis size, I had extremely hard, longer-lasting erections, learned to have 5, 6 orgasms staying hard the whole time, and taught myself to last more than half an hour with solo practice.

I had become a machine.

I also learned a whole lot about the female anatomy and how to make a woman orgasm — orally, manually and during penetration. I felt much more prepared... like I had a game plan.

However, deep down I was still feeling this dread... worry... a bit of fear… what if, after all of this time and preparation, I still couldn’t make a woman orgasm? Then this would pretty much confirm to my young self that I was doomed to live a long, miserable life of not being enough for any woman (as opposed to other blessed men who were).

With my terrible earlier experiences, and skeptical, negative way of thinking at the time, part of me felt this was the truth... however, I was still going to fight against this thinking, and find out for myself.

...... I met Brandy at “Calle Ocho”, a large, annual street festival in Miami where they play latin music, have all sorts of foods, and skimpily dressed young women walk around. A bit crazy, but not the worst place to be.

I had had a few drinks, and saw her walk by, and we both caught each other’s eye. I grabbed her by the hand as she was walking away, she turned around and smiled, and I can’t recall exactly what I said, but I had successfully flirted and she was responding well.

I had had a few drinks, and saw her walk by, and we both caught each other’s eye. I grabbed her by the hand as she was walking away, she turned around and smiled, and I can’t recall exactly what I said, but I had successfully flirted and she was responding well.

She was pretty fine... nice body, cute face. Not my Nadia, but a different flavor, and pretty damn good. Got the number, and long story short, we started hanging out... which lead to sex.

I remember the first time we had sex. This was going to be my first time having sex since all of my failures with Nadia, and I felt a nearly insurmountable amount of pressure. This meant so much more than just sex for me...

I went down on her... I remember she had a very nice vagina… clean, shaven, and fat. I provided oral stimulation to her clit while fingering her at the same time, and before long, she was gyrating and pushing her vagina into my face and shaking off to what I had assumed to be her first orgasm...

I then entered her missionary, rubbed hard against the clit on the in- and out-stroke, and before long, her vagina tightened up real tight on my erection, before going into a quick flurry of tight orgasmic clenches, and then a release...

I then turned her around doggystyle, and finished in the position I liked best...

I was sure she had orgasmed... she had to have... but I wasn’t going to ask... I wasn’t going to go down that road again...

When she interrupted my thoughts, and proceeded to tell me — while sweaty and out of breath — that that was the best sex she had ever had… that she felt me deep in her stomach... AND THAT SHE CAME TWICE!!

I can’t pinpoint any moments in my life that felt more exhilarating than this... more, at the risk of sounding corny, miraculous almost.

Walls of self-doubt and limitations came tumbling down. They were a FRAUD all along.

I was redeemed. I felt strong. I felt extremely proud of myself.


Brandy and I went on to have a healthy relationship for about a year, complete with excellent, mutually-satisfying sex.

And when it ended, it ended on my terms (I wanted to try out my sexual superpowers on other women... selfish, I know, but hey, I was in my 20s).

And I’ve gone on to use my superpowers.... on many more women over the years.... and they work like clockwork.

Supercharge Your Own Sexual Performance with These Same Techniques and Knowledge

I’ve written down everything that worked to transform my own sexual performance into one downloadable guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement.

Whatever issues you may be facing in the bedroom, my guide will help you quickly turn things around.

Whether looking to strengthen your erections, get it up when nervous, add some size, last longer or want to know more about how to make women orgasm, my guide is all you’ll need. Guaranteed.

You can download Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, here, or read results other men have achieved with the guide, here.

How Much Does Mr. Manpower’s Guide Sell For?

I sell Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement for a one-time payment of $39.95.

I’ve worked hard gathering the information you’ll find in the guide (including a lot of blood, sweat and tears propelling that research), took a lot of time writing and revising it, and continue to update it on a regular basis with new research and observations.

I know the power this information has to transform a life. I know how well of a job I did packaging all the information so that it’s quick and easy to digest. I need to get something for that, at least ;)

Considering the impact this guide will have on your life, $39.95 is a steal... that’s the cost of only one month’s supply of most male enhancement pills, but the major difference here is that my guide actually works, and it will give you the skills and “machinery” needed to satisfy any woman you come across for the rest of your life.

It Amazes Me How Many Men Have Been Able To Achieve the Same Results as Me (Sometimes Better) Thanks to The Guide

When I first received feedback from other guys who had read my guide, and who were experiencing similar transformations, my mind was blown.

Other guys were also able to increase their own penis size, overcome difficult cases of premature ejaculation, lasting longer during sex... finally able to make their women orgasms during sex.

At first it was tens, then it was hundreds, and now it’s in the tens of thousands. And I still love to hear about these transformations.

The negative thinker in me is no longer there. I know the truth... there’s a much LARGER life out there than I had previously assumed.

Below you’ll find some of the feedback I’ve received, but you can find a more complete collection on the Testimonials page.

See What They Had to Say..
"I really enjoyed reading your guide. It gave me more confidence and tools in being able to satisfy a lady. I did add a bit of length (circa one inch) and a harder erection. Keep up the good work!"
Samir Yajnick.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I was just looking to achieve a better time for me and my lady, just get some extra performance and last longer and you have definitely helped. I would say that the day after I read your guide, I probably gained at least 15 minutes more with no problem. which is definitely really really sweet."
Ryan D.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Increase Male Libido

Thanks to what I’ve learned, sex is no longer a problem for me. It’s no longer a cause of stress or worry.

Sure, relationships will always be difficult, but rather than sex creating issues for me, it has actually turned out to be a “glue” working in my favor.

When a woman is being satisfied in the bedroom, there’s a major improvement in the quality of a relationship... it just naturally flows... You feel solid... confident.

Your relationship feels “deeper”... you feel more connected with your lady.

Life starts to make more sense.

See What They Had to Say..
"I started using your guide for a couple of reasons no 1 was whenever I was with a new woman I had a hard time getting an erection.....well after reading your guide I haven't had a problem since. I can get an erection on command but that's not all!"

"I was also very self conscious of climaxing before a lady did and I believe that was another reason for me having a hard time getting an erection but once again I followed your exercises on a daily basis especially when I'm in the shower or when I'm masturbating and wow what a difference!!"

"I say if anyone would follow your steps on the stamina section they will be a very happy person but not just that they will make their ladies very happy as well!!!"
Christian B.
El Paso, TX

“...I am doing the penis enlargement exercises often and regularly. My penis is now 6 inches soft on a regular basis and 8.5 to 9 when hard. These represent at least a 1.5 inch increase.

I am not sure about girth dimension but a few months ago I got a quick release cock ring and cut it to size – it now releases on its own when my cock is about to explode.

My wife is a bit of a puritan and does not mention the size of my cock but seems to now really enjoy vaginal intercourse. ”
Rick S.
Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to create Mr. Manpower’s Guide to be the one and only resource a man would ever need to improve their sexual performance... naturally, and without medication.

In Mr. Manpower’s Guide you will learn:

See What They Had to Say..
"Dear david, i hope you are great.Iam one person who has suffered from premature ejaculation for a long time.I would ejaculate while putting on a condom.If i managed to put on a condom without ejaculating i had never lasted a minute.

Iam very grateful to you because after using your guide which you sent to me via e-mail and the e-mails you have been sending to me,i can now last as long as want in bed. Just last night my girlfriend spent the night at my place,man,she scratched my back like no man's business,she was holding me very tightly and strongly while doing all sorts of screaming,man i made her vibrate. Now iam lasting more than 30 minutes in bed!. Have a good time,"
Saviour Chanda
(UPDATE: 8/23/2018)
Birmingham, UK

"Hi david, i believe you are doing fine. Iam very happy to inform you that i can now last one & half hours in bed from less than a minute to 30 minutes. Not only am i lasting longer but also give my woman multiple orgasms while she vibrates, scratching me to an injury extent.Thanks to mistermanpower's guide for transforming this man from being useless to a beast in bed.Have a great weekend, sc."
Saviour Chanda
(UPDATE: 10/29/2018)
Birmingham, UK

"The multiple orgasms technique has worked very well, I can keep going and going with her, it's amazing. And using one of your techniques has helped me getting a huge hard on right afterwards haha. Thanks!"
Gary Smith,
Huntsville, TX

"I want to send you a BIG THANKS for the information. I have to tell you my story.

I met a very special and amazing woman on a dating website. Not one of the booty call meat-market sites, but the real deal. I was looking for a serious relationship. We took it VERY slow for months. She is a dominant type woman, and is very desired in her profession. She has guys (mostly older, wealthy men) falling in love with her all the time, offering marriage, cars, trips to Europe, even to adopt her!

So here I am. I'm good looking, I've been called very attractive, not rich (yet) and never had a problem satisfying any woman I was intimate with. In fact, I was having pornstyle sex with several girls when I met her. Funny thing with her, I went through a bout of performance anxiety. This girl intimidated me to the point I couldn't perform!

It was 100% mental, and I overcame that. Hurdle #1...check. A VERY humbling experience.

We built a deep loving friendship. Sex was basically infrequent, and not really even a part of the relationship. When we did, after getting over my performance anxiety, we had a rather uncomfortable discussion about our physical compatibility. I am not small by any measure, just about or slightly above average from what I understand. But her size and mine just weren't working for her. Talk about another blow to the ego!

We had a very close friendship, and when she told me this, rather than bug out and give up, I took it very well. Make no mistake, inside I was crushed and dying, but I took it like a man and vowed to find a way to fix this. She was impressed by that, it showed how different I am from most men she knows. I knew she was "the one", at least the closest thing to this I've every experienced, and I wasn't about to let the love go because of it.

I prayed, and I searched the web for anything that would help. I found your site, and bought the guide. I got to work right away and told the love of my life about it, and that I was determined to fight for this. She was again highly impressed by my determination and agreed it was worth it. Our feelings were too strong to just throw them away because of an apparent sexual mismatch. At the least I figured, if it wasn't going to be for her, it would be for the next "right" woman.

That was a little more than a month ago. I study and mentor people in success, and knew that to get the results I was seeking, I would, above all, BELIEVE it would work for me. I also read in the guide, and this is true in any pursuit, that you get out what you put in.

I've been consistently doing the exercises almost daily (with a few breaks between). I didn't measure my starting point, but the results are obvious. I look and feel much larger, just not to me, but to her. We are so happy, it was the one thing that could make or break our love, and I thank God I found your information! I am going to continue the program indefinitely. I'll admit, It's kind of addicting knowing I can increase the size of my penis naturally. And she is excited too.

Given the results in only a month, imagine 6 months or a year from now!

We are totally in love, having great sex, and are now moving our relationship to the next level, talking about a future together, forever. This whole experience was humbling and exciting at the same time. It took a lot of strength for me to not walk away from the situation. I had to get honest with myself about alot of things. Besides the desire for a larger manhood, I had to humble myself that I had much to learn about pleasing a woman, even at age 33. I read the oral sex guide too, and combined with the manhood guide, I am literally and figuratively becoming more of a man for the person I love.

I will never forget this, and have committed to never become complacent. From the depth of my heart, thank you sir, for inspiring me and giving me the foundation for sexual success upon which I am building a rich and loving life with my future wife.

Thank you,"
Michael L.
Hoboken, NJ

If You Don’t Like My Guide for Any Reason or Don’t See The Results You Had Hoped For, Just Shoot Me An Email For a Refund

grinding a woman makes her orgasm fasterIf for any reason you don’t like my guide, just email me at with “refund” in the subject line, and I’ll issue you a refund right away.

Mr. Manpower’s Guide not only consists of the techniques and knowledge that ended up working for me (and tens of thousands of other men already) after weeding out what doesn’t work, but also includes my own personal observations that have further improved my own performance and results.

However, if you don’t find the information helpful, or aren’t happy with the results, just email me and you’ll get a complete refund.

And payments are made through PayPal, so your money is safe.

Stats That Will Give You Confidence in Mr. Manpower’s Guide

You may be hopeful that you’ve found the solution you need, but part of you may also be worried that this sounds too good to be true.

Shoot, I’d feel the same way… I’m a skeptic by nature.

However, the following should help strengthen your faith in my guide.

I’ve been accepting payments through PayPal since 2008. Even when people buy directly on my site with a credit card, it’s via a PayPal gateway, and all payments go through PayPal first.

If I were ripping people off, or not providing refunds, PayPal would have stopped processing payments for me a long time ago.

But to the contrary, with more than 20,000 guides sold to date and a refund rate of only around 2%, PayPal has always treated me as an upstanding merchant.

See What They Had to Say..
"Ah yes, mainly longer standing erections, some length and width, enough so that I have to buy different condoms because the regular ones are too uncomfortable :)"
Rudy M.
Laredo, TX

“Hi Mr. David: I don't know if you remember me but you said I should write back to you when I get my girl to orgasm before I do. I actually made her orgasm 2x and I still did not orgasm and I don't know how long we were going for but it had to be long since I made her orgasm 2x. She asked me if I am close to ejaculating and I said not even close at all and I told her to not worry about me that as long as you orgasm I am alright. I just wanted to say thank you very much your guide definitely helped a lot.”
Vernatius O.
Chicago, IL

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