Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement - The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men

How To Become a Bigger, Harder, Longer-Lasting Man, Naturally... No BS, No Pills, Guaranteed Results

No matter how bad your current situation in the bedroom might be, I give you my word as a man, you can learn how to:

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  • Delay ejaculation at will and last as long as you want during sex
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  • Increase your testosterone levels naturally - boost your libido and shorten your refractory period
  • Eliminate any sexual performance anxiety keeping you from achieving an erection before sex

"These techniques will work for life; all without the need for any pills, medication or anything else... just developing your body's own untapped sexual potential and abilities.”


How goes, my friend,

My name is David Carreras, also known as Mr. Manpower.

For more than 12 years now, I've helped tens of thousands of men transform into powerful figures in the bedroom — both physically and mentally — with the help of all-natural sexual techniques and exercises.

Before I share with you what these techniques are, I’d like to tell you a little about myself so that you can see where I'm coming from.

I also want you to realize that you can improve your sex life beyond what you probably think is possible, even if you currently consider yourself bad in bed.

I wasn't always a "Mr. Manpower". In fact, when I was younger I was terrible at sex... absolutely clueless as to what it took to really satisfy a woman.

I had several occasions where I couldn’t get an erection due to nerves, leading to vicious cycles of mental ED and performance anxiety. And my small flaccid penis size didn’t help... it caused quite a bit of embarrassment when felt before it was “ready”, further increasing my anxiety and erection issues.

And while a teenager I was able to easily go several rounds, I quickly lost this ability as a young adult when my refractory period became stronger. I was a one and done guy most of the time.

However, while these were all obstacles to having good sex, the biggest problem I faced was premature ejaculation... that hung around for years.

This lead to disastrous results in my love life.

I once dated a girl by the name of Nadia who was the perfect woman for me. Physically she was just my type... a slim but curvy body, gorgeous face, stylish dresser...

On top of this she was intelligent, wise, loving and had an amazing personality and sense of humor that clicked with mine.

And she loved to have sex...

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

My relationship with Nadia was great at first — new, exciting, and our feelings for each other quickly grew strong. We had a ton of fun with each other, and she did and said many things that showed me she genuinely cared for me.

Several months in, I thought I was set... She was the one.

However, while sex was very exciting at first, I had the feeling she was not orgasming during sex.

So I began to ask.

At first, it didn’t bother me much, and she assured me “it was good as long as it’s with you”... but I felt her lack of satisfaction was going to wear thin soon for her.

I tried everything I thought was necessary to make her orgasm... I tried to last longer, fuck harder, talk dirtier... but I’d always come up short, and ejaculate right before she was going to have an orgasm.

And the problem began to grow in my mind. I had to make her orgasm. What if she grew tired of this? Would she leave me? Cheat?

I feared the answer was yes.

It became my mission to make her orgasm. And in my obsessive pursuit of this goal, I began to lose sight of who I was.

I overcompensated for the bad sex in other areas - I took her out more often to expensive places and tried to show off to make up for where I lacked... overall, I was trying to hard, and she knew this. I looked desperate, and desperation is never attractive.

Little by little our relationship became more strained... and she began to lose respect for me.

And she started to gain a little mean-streak to her...

One of the last times we had sex, I was giving her all I had... lasting as long as I could and penetrating as hard. I felt this was the time I was going to get her off when she yelledout: “GO DEEPER!!!”


She did this on purpose... to make me feel like even my best was not enough.

Truth is, I was more than enough man, and I had everything I needed to satisfy her... I just didn’t know it at the time.


Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Nadia began turning me down when I’d ask to see her... I knew we were pretty much done, but I still held on to some hope of salvaging what we had.

That is until I ran into a friend of hers at a bar.

I asked her friend if she had seen Nadia lately, when she responded with: “You guys aren’t going out anymore, right?”

I told her “no, not really.. why?”, bracing myself for what I knew was going to be some tough news:

“She’s been seeing some guy who lives near her for some time now. Not sure if she’s told you yet...”

I tried to play it off, but I was crushed... She hadn’t told me anything. But more than the heartbreak, I felt sudden, strong feelings of inadequacy and envy when comparing myself to this mystery man who I knewwas satisfying Nadia the way she needed to be satisfied...


Every so often, Nadia would call me out of the blue after that... not sure if it was to check up on me, out of pity, or for what reason — but I still got excited when she’d call, thinking maybe I could somehow spark things up again one day...

But I got a final call that ended this, and shook me to my core... she called to inform me that she was pregnant with this new man’s baby.

That’s it, stick a fork in it. There was no going back now...

This was painful news, but at the same time, it brought me closure... and after I was able to regain my bearings, we had a lighter conversation...

For the sake of bettering myself, and out of genuine curiosity, I asked her what she had thought of our relationship when she told me that:

She enjoyed our relationship, but it was because of the bad sex that she couldn’t be with me...

I knew it...

Women Need to be Sexually Satisfied in Order to Feel Complete with a Man

Mr. Manpower's Guide

It’s the cold, hard truth, but needs to be said.

You may be great in all the other areas of a relationship, but if you aren’t satisfying your girl in bed, there’s a big chance she’s unhappy and your days are numbered...

...especially if she’s the hot, in-demand type.

The truth is bitter, but it will heal you and better prepare you for life.

Learn once and for all how to be good in bed and really satisfy a woman sexually, and you won’t have to go through painful experiences like I did... or if you have already, you can end them now.

It’s hard enough finding a good woman... don’t let her get away because of bad sex.

I Made Up My Mind... I Was Going To Learn What I Had To Do As a Man During Sex... No Matter What It Took

I made a promise to myself that I was going to do whatever it took to never repeat this pain again...

Over the years up until this point I had tried pills for libido and erection quality (none work for size), and sprays to last longer...

All ineffective BS for the bigger problems I faced. And the spray, besides completely numbing me and making it difficult to know when I was erect, would rub off on my girl.

And I wasn’t going to be begin taking meds for harder erections or SSRI’s — with their side effects — to delay ejaculation

I needed something else. Something that worked, and that I didn’t have to pay for or take on a regular basis. I wanted to feel confident in myself and my innate sexual abilities as a man.

I Wanted to Get Better at Sex without Depending On Any External Source — Just My Own Mind and Body

This was one area I was going to get figured out. And when I put my mind to something... I obsessively and tirelessly work towards that goal.

I purchased and read book after book — and absorbed research article after article — on the topics I needed most help with...

...nothing else mattered in my life at the moment. I locked myself away in a one room efficiency I rented at the time for months on end and learned as much as I could with a hunger like never before. I had to get this fixed.

I concentrated on “natural” methods - psychological findings or scientifically-backed techniques, or other methods that had enough evidence for me to give them a chance... nothing where medication would be required.

From books written by psychologists and sexual therapists on how to psychologically overcome premature ejaculation and sexual anxiety... to Ayurvedic and Taoist techniques to boost libido, erase refractory period and have male multiple orgasms without losing your erection... to a lesbian couple teaching the anatomy of the vagina and different types of female orgasms... to researching on how to increase my penis size with manual penis enlargement exercises (yes, it works)... to internet articles and scientific studies on all of the above topics...

Just to name a few... It was crazy how much information I went through... and in the process of finding solutions to my main sexual issues, I discovered much more.

One thing I realized is that there are a ton of ineffective sexual solutions out there... but I sifted through everything I read, threw out the bs, and was able to keep what worked.

I wasn’t planning on having sex again until I felt ready...

However, my next sexual opportunity came up a year or so later... and I had no option but to put what I had learned to work...

Finally... Using My Newly Developed Abilities and Skills During Actual Sex

ultimate sex guide for men

I prepared for my next sexual encounter like a boxer trains before a fight.

Thanks to putting several exercises and techniques to work, I was able to add more than an inch to my erection, developed much stronger, longer-lasting erections, learned how to last as long as I want, and could have 5 or 6 orgasms without going soft.

I had become a machine. Shoot... I still am!

I also learned a whole lot about the female anatomy and how to make a woman orgasm via penetration, cunnilingus, with my fingers. I felt much more prepared...

However, even with all this preparation, I still worried... what if, after everything, I still wasn’t able to satisfy a woman?

I would soon find out...


I met Brandy at a food and wine festival in Miami.

Amazing body, and a pretty face... we locked eyes as she walked by.

Thanks to some liquid courage, I grabbed her by the hand, and struck up a conversation... there was some friendly two-way flirting, and I got her number...

Texting and phone conversations lead to some dating, and when we went out, we hit it off... we had a nice chemistry...

Honestly, I put the sex off for a while... I was so anxious as to what was going to happen during sex... the outcome of what would happen during sex meant so much to me... I pussyfooted a good bit.

But the time came... it was obvious... holding out on sex anymore would have just been weird...

So we had sex...


I started out with some foreplay, and then went down on her... I stimulated her clitoris using cunnilingus techniques I had learned, while fingering her g-spot at the same time.. before long, she was gyrating and pushing her pelvis into my face, and began pulsating into what seemed to be an orgasm..

I then entered her missionary, rubbing hard into her clit while penetrating. I kept my mind strong and was able to control my ejaculation...

...before not too long, her vagina clamped up tight around my erection, and went into a quick flurry of hard orgasmic contractions before I felt a release... I then continued on rough until I had my own orgasm.

I was confident she had orgasmed... it seemed so much like she had, at least once... I had to know... but I didn’t want to ask...

When, on her own, after some moments of relaxing and catching her breath, she says... “That was the best sex I’ve ever had...”

She then went on to tell me that she felt me all the way in her stomach, and that she had come twice!

Now this was feedback I could get used to!!


I can’t pinpoint many more moments in my life that felt more exhilarating than what had just happened... and what was still happening... it felt like a miraculous moment... a transformation of my life as I knew it.

All those negative “I’m doomed” and self-limiting thoughts evaporated into thin air.

I felt free. I felt redeemed. I felt strong. I felt manlier than I had ever felt. I felt PROUD rather than ASHAMED after sex for once!

And while Brandy and I didn’t last forever, that moment will forever be etched in my memory. Thank you Brandy.

And thanks to all of the hard work I put in, I now had (have!) a set of sexual “superpowers” that I’ve been able to put to use throughout many relationships, flings and one-night stands... and which have never failed me. Nothing but happy customers ;).

All of My Knowledge, Available for You to Transform Your Own Sexual Performance, Packed into One Downloadable Guide

Since realizing how powerful this information is, and after some suggestions from friends to do so, I’ve written down everything I’ve learned over the years into one downloadable guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement.

I’ve worked hard at gathering this information (including a lot of pain and difficult experiences that propelling this level of research), have taken a lot of time writing and revising the guide, and continue to update it on a regular basis with new information. I sell Mr. Manpower’s Guide for a one-time payment of $29.95.

I know the power this guide has to transform a life, and how well of a job I did putting everything together in a way that’s easy to “digest”.

Considering the impact this guide will have on your life, $29.95 is nothing... that’s the cost of only one month’s supply of most male enhancement pills, but the difference here is you’ll be set for life.

It Still Amazes Me How Thousands of Other Men Have Been Able to Replicate My Same Results — Sometimes Even Better!

The first feedback I received from the first few guys who read my guide absolutely blew my mind.

They were experiencing the same transformation I had...

...Other guys were increasing their own penis size, overcoming difficult cases of premature ejaculation like I had... lasting longer during sex, just like I had... finally able to make their women orgasms during sex after struggling.. Just like I had.

At first it was tens, then it was hundreds, and now it’s in the tens of thousands of men who’ve downloaded and greatly improved their sexual performance with Mr. Manpower’s Guide.

Below you’ll find some of the feedback I’ve received, but you can find a more complete collection on the Testimonials page, here.

See What They Had to Say..
"I really enjoyed reading your guide. It gave me more confidence and tools in being able to satisfy a lady. I did add a bit of length (circa one inch) and a harder erection. Keep up the good work!"
Samir Yajnick.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I was just looking to achieve a better time for me and my lady, just get some extra performance and last longer and you have definitely helped. I would say that the day after I read your guide, I probably gained at least 15 minutes more with no problem. which is definitely really really sweet."
Ryan D.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Increase Male Libido

It’s nice when sex is no longer a problem, no longer a cause of stress or worry.

Relationships will always come with some difficulties, but don’t let bad sex make them even harder...

When a woman is being satisfied in the bedroom, your relationship just “flows”... feels deeper... you feel more confident, and much more connected with your lady. And like you’re doing your job :)

See What They Had to Say..
"I started using your guide for a couple of reasons no 1 was whenever I was with a new woman I had a hard time getting an erection.....well after reading your guide I haven't had a problem since. I can get an erection on command but that's not all!"

"I was also very self conscious of climaxing before a lady did and I believe that was another reason for me having a hard time getting an erection but once again I followed your exercises on a daily basis especially when I'm in the shower or when I'm masturbating and wow what a difference!!"

"I say if anyone would follow your steps on the stamina section they will be a very happy person but not just that they will make their ladies very happy as well!!!"
Christian B.
El Paso, TX

“...I am doing the penis enlargement exercises often and regularly. My penis is now 6 inches soft on a regular basis and 8.5 to 9 when hard. These represent at least a 1.5 inch increase.

I am not sure about girth dimension but a few months ago I got a quick release cock ring and cut it to size – it now releases on its own when my cock is about to explode.

My wife is a bit of a puritan and does not mention the size of my cock but seems to now really enjoy vaginal intercourse. ”
Rick S.
Jacksonville, FL

I created Mr. Manpower’s Guide to be the one and only resource a man would ever need to improve their sexual performance...

In Mr. Manpower’s Guide you’ll learn:

See What They Had to Say..
"I want to send you a BIG THANKS for the information. I have to tell you my story.

I met a very special and amazing woman on a dating website. Not one of the booty call meat-market sites, but the real deal. I was looking for a serious relationship. We took it VERY slow for months. She is a dominant type woman, and is very desired in her profession. She has guys (mostly older, wealthy men) falling in love with her all the time, offering marriage, cars, trips to Europe, even to adopt her!

So here I am. I'm good looking, I've been called very attractive, not rich (yet) and never had a problem satisfying any woman I was intimate with. In fact, I was having pornstyle sex with several girls when I met her. Funny thing with her, I went through a bout of performance anxiety. This girl intimidated me to the point I couldn't perform!

It was 100% mental, and I overcame that. Hurdle #1...check. A VERY humbling experience.

We built a deep loving friendship. Sex was basically infrequent, and not really even a part of the relationship. When we did, after getting over my performance anxiety, we had a rather uncomfortable discussion about our physical compatibility. I am not small by any measure, just about or slightly above average from what I understand. But her size and mine just weren't working for her. Talk about another blow to the ego!

We had a very close friendship, and when she told me this, rather than bug out and give up, I took it very well. Make no mistake, inside I was crushed and dying, but I took it like a man and vowed to find a way to fix this. She was impressed by that, it showed how different I am from most men she knows. I knew she was "the one", at least the closest thing to this I've every experienced, and I wasn't about to let the love go because of it.

I prayed, and I searched the web for anything that would help. I found your site, and bought the guide. I got to work right away and told the love of my life about it, and that I was determined to fight for this. She was again highly impressed by my determination and agreed it was worth it. Our feelings were too strong to just throw them away because of an apparent sexual mismatch. At the least I figured, if it wasn't going to be for her, it would be for the next "right" woman.

That was a little more than a month ago. I study and mentor people in success, and knew that to get the results I was seeking, I would, above all, BELIEVE it would work for me. I also read in the guide, and this is true in any pursuit, that you get out what you put in.

I've been consistently doing the exercises almost daily (with a few breaks between). I didn't measure my starting point, but the results are obvious. I look and feel much larger, just not to me, but to her. We are so happy, it was the one thing that could make or break our love, and I thank God I found your information! I am going to continue the program indefinitely. I'll admit, It's kind of addicting knowing I can increase the size of my penis naturally. And she is excited too.

Given the results in only a month, imagine 6 months or a year from now!

We are totally in love, having great sex, and are now moving our relationship to the next level, talking about a future together, forever. This whole experience was humbling and exciting at the same time. It took a lot of strength for me to not walk away from the situation. I had to get honest with myself about alot of things. Besides the desire for a larger manhood, I had to humble myself that I had much to learn about pleasing a woman, even at age 33. I read the oral sex guide too, and combined with the manhood guide, I am literally and figuratively becoming more of a man for the person I love.

I will never forget this, and have committed to never become complacent. From the depth of my heart, thank you sir, for inspiring me and giving me the foundation for sexual success upon which I am building a rich and loving life with my future wife.

Thank you,"
Michael L.
Hoboken, NJ

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

grinding a woman makes her orgasm fasterIf any time down the line, you don’t see the results you had hoped for from Mr. Manpower’s Guide, just shoot me an email to with “refund” in the subject line, and I’ll issue you a refund right away.

Also, if after purchasing the guide you don’t find the information new or dislike it for any other reason, same thing... just send me an email for a complete refund.

As to payment security, payments are made through PayPal, so your money is safe. Even if paying for the guide directly on my site (although paying on PayPal’s site is also an option), it’s via a PayPal gateway - payment information goes to them (not me) and they ensure refunds are provided if requested.

However, with more than 20,000 guides sold to date, and a refund rate of less than 1%, I believe you’ll be very happy with the guide and find the results you’re looking for.

See What They Had to Say..
"Ah yes, mainly longer standing erections, some length and width, enough so that I have to buy different condoms because the regular ones are too uncomfortable :)"
Rudy M.
Laredo, TX

“Hi Mr. David: I don't know if you remember me but you said I should write back to you when I get my girl to orgasm before I do. I actually made her orgasm 2x and I still did not orgasm and I don't know how long we were going for but it had to be long since I made her orgasm 2x. She asked me if I am close to ejaculating and I said not even close at all and I told her to not worry about me that as long as you orgasm I am alright. I just wanted to say thank you very much your guide definitely helped a lot.”
Vernatius O.
Chicago, IL

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Have a good one!

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