How to Perform the Male Multiple Orgasm Technique — Have As Many Orgasms As You'd Like Without Losing ANY Erection Strength!

Orgasm Is No Longer the End of Your Erection!

It took me a while to learn the male multiple orgasm technique — most guides are missing vital points — but I've learned what it takes to do the technique every time. Here's how...

Male Multiple Orgasms
Male Multiple Orgasms

You may have always thought of ejaculation and orgasm as being one and the same...

Well in actuality, ejaculation and orgasm are two separate events happening simultaneously (well almost simultaneously... milliseconds apart).

Ejaculation is what causes you to lose your erection, not orgasm... and you can have one without having the other...

Thanks to the flood of prolactin and reduction in dopamine that comes with an ejaculation, the refractory period kicks in — where a man not only loses his ability to achieve an erection for a while, but is also wiped clean of his sex drive.

When you block off ejaculation during orgasm, you can have multiple orgasms without losing your erection... the ancient Taoists called this the Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO) technique. I can show you how to do it.

Mastering the Male Multiple Orgasm... The Obstacles You May Face

While the male multiple orgasm might very well be the most important sexual technique you'll ever learn, — especially when it comes to extending your performance, and increasing your (and her) pleasure — it has a bit of a learning curve.

To master it every time, you need to know a few things, and really be "prepared".

With some beginner's luck, I somehow pulled off the technique on my first try... I built up towards an orgasm, clamped down and was able to keep my erection afterward — all the way up until a second orgasm.

It was an empowering feeling... complete control over my penis and ejaculation, something I had never experienced... But it was also the biggest fluke ever, because I was unable to repeat the technique for a long time after that first attempt.

Problem was? Incomplete instructions...

Every time after that first attempt, I kept on having what was called a retrograde ejaculation.

A retrograde ejaculation occurs when you're unable to block off all of the ejaculation during orgasm, and some seeps into your bladder... it's like an inward ejaculation.

It has the same effect of causing a refractory period, but without the pleasure of a regular ejaculation. You can tell you had one because besides failing to keep your erection, you will urinate a bit cloudy the next time you pee (the semen will be released in your urine).

*Not to worry, a retrograde ejaculation is a one-time thing that only occurs when attempting the MMO technique and failing... it will not cause any sort of permanent issue.

The retrograde ejaculation is your chief obstacle to performing the male multiple orgasm technique... there are a few other "pitfalls" to mastering it, but this is the main one.

So Much Misinformation and Misunderstanding On Male Multiple Orgasms

Multiple Orgasms for the male
Multiple Orgasms for the male

After having experienced the male multiple orgasm technique that one time, I was hell-bent on repeating the process.

Having a bunch of orgasms sounded great, but that wasn't my main motive.

Coming from someone who used to ejaculate in under two minutes most of the time, I wanted to be able to last longer during sex and make a woman orgasm with penetration more than anything... things that had evaded me for the longest. Along with ejaculation control techniques I was learning, this was going to be a cure for my PE.

At first I searched the internet on how to perform male multiple orgasms, and came across a bunch of other BS being touted as the male multiple orgasm technique, as well as incorrect instructions that still didn't help me to stop having retrograde ejaculations.

Some places even claimed the male multiple orgasm technique was a myth.

I knew it wasn't a myth... I had experienced it once, and I was going to experience it again. I had to master this technique, so I could save myself in the bedroom, and get my confidence back on track.

My Thorough Research on the Male Multiple Orgasm Technique Began...

I began to read books and guides on how to perform the male multiple orgasm.

male multiple orgasm
male multiple orgasm

Some of the better ones included The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid, and How to Make Love all Night by Dr. Barbara Keesling... among researching on Taoist forums and other places.

I spent days and nights absorbing the knowledge, and practicing the techniques and exercises I had been learning.

And I wasn't going to attempt the technique again until I felt I was REALLY ready...

There's something about having an unenjoyable ejaculation, while simultaneously failing at the technique that was supposed to save my sex life, all the while spilling my "man juice" (Taoist belief that ejaculating makes you weaker), that made failing at the technique extra painful...

This kind of temporarily traumatized me, and prevented me from wanting to try the technique on a regular basis.

Luckily, I picked up important elements from each book...

And with the information and exercises in each, I gathered an extra piece of the puzzle... until I was able to put the puzzle together...

I was finally ready to give it a try again.

5 Orgasms In A Row Without Losing My Erection

I made a "game plan" in order to consolidate and simplify all the information gathered, and got to work.

I strengthened the hell out of my PC muscle leading up to the attempt...

The day I went for it, I built up arousal slowly, brought it back down, brought it back up again... repeat. Timed it perfectly and BANG!!!

I nailed it.

I completely held back all my ejaculation during orgasm, avoided the retrograde ejaculation, and was able to maintain a full, rock-hard erection throughout the first dry orgasm.

Reset arousal.

Continued on stimulating my erection, and slowly built up to a second orgasm... and repeated the MMO...

Reset arousal... I did it a couple more times, just to make sure I had mastered it... no more flukes!

All in all, I had 4 orgasms without losing my erection, and then let loose with a PLEASURABLE ejaculation to reward myself on the 5th orgasm — by choice. I lasted more than 30 minutes from initial time I became erect, to ejaculation at the end.

I imagined how amazing it would be to do this inside of a woman... that was my next step... Practiced solo a few more times, to make sure I had it down, and then decided I was ready to go for it.

Lasting Forever During Sex With Multiple Orgasms, And Blowing My Girlfriend's Mind

Multiple Orgasms for the male 3
Multiple Orgasms for the male 3

At the time I had a girlfriend who I was trying out all sorts of new sexual techniques on... she didn't complain about it...

I had already begun improving my performance, but using this technique would take sex to the next level.

On this day I penetrated like normal, but followed a bit of the MMO "preparations"... not much different than normal penetration, but with some periodic slowing of the pace...

I began to approach orgasm like normal... where she was used to me finishing up, but this time things were different.

Right before orgasm, I slowed a bit, "slammed on the brakes" and WHAM... I was having a full blown, pulsating orgasm, but without ejaculating...

I was still hard as rock, and was able to continue on penetrating as if I had just started... and with ZERO arousal built upl!

My girl looked at me with bewilderment, but bewilderment was quickly replaced by her eyes rolling back thanks to waves of pleasure emanating from her vagina... As I worked towards my second orgasm, she was having her own powerful orgasm...

And her second... and third... with an erection that just wouldn't quit.

Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man Yourself

If you've gotten here, it's most likely because you've tried the male multiple orgasm technique already, and failed.

You are trying to find the solution, and hoping that the technique can be mastered. I know, it's not easy.

You're in luck.

Seeing that the guides out there were filled with fluff and lacking COMPLETE, CONCRETE INSTRUCTIONS on how to do the male multiple orgasm technique every time, I've written a guide to preparing for, and mastering, the male multiple orgasm technique.

I went through the headache, and now you don't have to.

"...Not only am i lasting longer but also give my woman multiple orgasms while she vibrates,scratching me to an injury extent..."
Chanda Saviour
Birmingham, UK

"The multiple orgasms technique has worked very well, I can keep going and going with her, it´s amazing. And using one of your techniques has helped me get a huge hard on right afterwards haha. Thanks!"
Gary S.
Huntsville, TX

"What really intrigued me was male multiple orgasm, sometimes my GF is really amazed that i can last so long. Nice collection you have made on both the guides. I also recommended the guide to a few fellow mates."
Bhargav H.
Bangalore, India

"i was also able to have an orgasm without ejaculating! and kept my erection until a next orgasm. It was really cool :-)"
Michael C.
Long Beach, NY

I don't like wasting time, my own included, so I wrote straight-forward instructions on what you need in order to master the technique and perform it flawlessly, each and every time you go for it... even during sex.

No fluff — just what you need, and easy to digest.

Also, you can email me should you have any questions or issues learning / performing the technique, but you most likely won't need to.

You'll learn how to master male multiple orgasms in Mr. Manpower's Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement, my downloadable guide.

In Mr. Manpower's Guide you'll also learn how to delay ejaculation (to keep orgasm away), techniques to make women orgasm, how to increase testosterone naturally, strengthen your erections and other ways to improve your sexual performance.

Note: While not specifically written on the guarantee on the next page, my money-back guarantee extends towards mastering the male multiple orgasm technique as well.


Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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