Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction

mental block erectile dysfunction 300x225 Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile DysfunctionI just recently heard that 26% of men under 40 have erectile dysfunction…

Too many electronics around us possibly?  Too much in-house entertainment, that young men aren’t out being men anymore, or getting sufficient sunlight and exercise?

Who knows…

One thing I do know is that mental block erectile dysfunction IS very common among young men.

Shoot, it happened to me a few times when I was younger, happened to many other friends I’ve grown up with as well.

The older you get, and speak to your friends openly about sex, without shame, the more you’ll see that almost EVERY MAN has experienced mental block erectile dysfunction, AT LEAST at some point in his life, if not many times, and for long periods of time.

And while mental block ED can be defeated, it can be the cause of many difficult situations and consequences…

In my case, here are some embarrassing and difficult situations I faced thanks to psychological impotence when I was younger:

  • A gas stations attendant who laughed at me, and then told me in front of other customers that I shouldn’t need ginseng and those stud sex pills at my age
  • An incredibly fine girl never give me another chance after I failed to get hard with her the first (and only) time we had sex
  • A drunken girl I took home from a club start insulting me and calling me names, because I couldn’t get it up with her
  • A very hot, big tittie girl gave me a number of chances, but I couldn’t get an erection, time after time… and the ensuing confidence drop and lack of respect from this girl

If you have mental ED, no worries, first off, you will overcome it. I will help you there.

But I just want you to know that the following feelings are common with erection problems as well:

Concern and embarrassment over visiting a doctor with complaints of ED

Going to a doctor at 18, 19, shoot, AT ANY AGE, is embarrassing, if you’re there for help with erectile dysfunction.

Imagine the hot 21 year old nurse… “and what is the purpose of today’s visit?”

“Um… I think I have erectile dysfunction…”

I would imagine this could be quite an embarrassing experience. That’s what always kept me away from the doctor when I had erection issues.

Seeing the doctor probably wouldn’t be any better, either:

“Erectile dysfunction? At your age?” 

Which leads to the next situation…

The doctor not taking you seriously and not prescribing you anything

teen gets penis reduction 200x300 Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile DysfunctionI’ve heard from many young men with mental block ED, who went to the doctor, and the doctor did not take their complaints seriously.

“Just be confident, you’re too young for this”.

Instead of a prescription for Viagra, a doctor will most likely tell a young man with ED to just try his best, and be confident… and while not in-depth enough advice, count your blessings you didn’t get a prescription, because you don’t want to become mentally dependent on Viagra.

Just learn how to beat your problem mentally, and you’ll be a better man because of it.

Avoiding sex or new relationships because of your mental block erectile dysfunction

I used to avoid situations that would lead to sex, due to the fact that I didn’t have much confidence in my erection (or in the bedroom, in general).

I was also lucky enough to have terrible premature ejaculation, and no idea how to make a woman orgasm.

I had a long record of unsatisfied women… and each new loss in my record, made it harder and harder to be open to having sex.

I’ve received many emails from men who feel they’re “just not ready yet”… that they’ve experienced too many psychological issues during sex in the past.

Some advice?

You’ll never be 100% “ready yet” for any relationship, or sexual encounter. Jump in, and learn where you can. If you fail, you fail. Who gives a shit?

You’ll get another chance, another girl… you’re not going to die (not from this at least).

Don’t let opportunities pass in life. Go out swinging…

Staying in a bad relationship, because at least you can get hard with her…

Another similar situation is staying with a girl, even though it’s a bad or unsatisfying relationship, because you have no confidence in your erection, and rather stick to what you know… instead of the wild unknown out there.

Like I said… you just have to dive into these things head first… and things will work out in the end.

Don’t stay with a bee-yotch if you’re not happy. Good things take risks in most cases.

I once had a Cuban girlfriend who was a major bitch… and each time I tried to leave her, and have sex with someone else, I couldn’t get an erection… and I would run back to her with my tail between my legs… I was positive her mom had put some brujeria on me, and was never going to let me leave her daughter’s life…

Luckily it wasn’t true…

Ruining a relationship due to this psychological impotence

 Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile DysfunctionMany men worry that they’re girlfriend or wife will leave them if they cannot get an erection and perform.

Sex IS VERY important to a relationship. It’s true. And relationships HAVE been broken up due to bad sex.

But the good news is, she’s already in a relationship with you. She loves more than just the sex (she loves you).

She will give you more chances and breathing room with this issue than women you may have a one-night stand with, for instance, or just a brief fling.

Take this pressure off your back.

You don’t need extra pressure on your erection (by the way putting pressure on your erection to perform? Bad idea… let it do what it’s going to do… it has a “problem with authority”. You can’t “mentally will” an erection to happen… just send it a strong enough signal).

Women insulting you because you cannot get an erection

If you’re lucky, you’ll have one of this women who’s real difficult, and wants to turn her self-doubt, into an attack on you…

She may ask if you’re gay, she may say “what”s wrong with you?”… I had a woman one time call me a SCALLYWAG… which I always associated with pirates… but it didn’t feel good, especially at the moment.

Just have a thick skin, and know this… if they’re willing to say shit like this to you, that’s a sign they’re not a keeper anyway.

Good riddance.


Listen, if you are having issues getting an erection before sex, and want to really do something to improve your sexual situation, then this guide will help you achieve harder, longer lasting erections on command. It also includes in-depth techniques to overcoming mental block erectile dysfunction.

Do it because you want to fix this issue once and for all, and without medication.

Any questions, feel free to comment below, or shoot me an email! david@mistermanpower.net

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Anal Sex Makes A VERY HIGH Percentage Of Women Orgasm

anal sex orgasm women e1440619174179 300x170 Anal Sex Makes A VERY HIGH Percentage Of Women OrgasmVery interesting news day, today folks!

We’re going to talk about the nether regions… and the high percentage of women that orgasm during anal sex!


I’ve always loved the idea of anal sex… so dirty (literally), nasty, raunchy, tight, violating…

Any way you do her vaginally CAN NOT COMPARE to the outright nasty/sexy/satisfying combination that is penetrating her butthole.

During vaginal sex, she is giving herself to you… during anal sex, you are TAKING it from her…

The Amount Of Women That Have Anal Sex

In my personal experience, most women don’t like anal sex.

It’s too painful, too intrusive.. they feel. “Exit only”, many say…

This survey, albeit not a large survey, showed that 31 out of 199 women had partaken in anal sex in the last 12 months; approximately 15%.

This seems representative of the amount of women I’ve spoken with who enjoy anal sex, or who have it on a regular basis.

Regardless of this small amount of women who take part in getting it in the butt, there are ways to further persuade women to open up to having anal sex.

How To Get A Woman To Agree To Anal Sex

I’ve managed to “win over” more than a few women who had never had anal sex.

What’s worked in my case is to get her to agree to doing it as an “award” for something, in the not-so-far future… font instance:

  • “Babe, can we do something interesting on my birthday?… it would be the most amazing gift for me”
  • “Babe, I really want to try something with you, on our anniversary? Something new?”

It’s easier for her to commit if it’s in the future, but once that day comes, it’ll be hard for her to get out.

She’s all in.

If she refuses, you can always drop the “you’re boring, babe…”, in a joking way.  I know this is a mean psychological tactic, but it will sink in, regardless of how much she plays it off… and in time she may just spring it out on you, in an attempt to “prove you wrong”.

Another thing, someone in sales once gave me this advice: you need to present something to a customer 7 times before they actually buy…

Just keep bringing it up, and it will be harder and harder for her to refuse.

And if none of this works, then you’re shit out of luck… no anal sex for you.

You’ll survive.

94% of Women Have An Orgasm During Anal Sex

anal sex womens orgasms1 300x199 Anal Sex Makes A VERY HIGH Percentage Of Women OrgasmOut of the 31 women who responded positively in the survey, 94% had had an orgasm during anal sex!

That’s an amazingly high amount!

That’s a higher percentage than women who had an orgasm during vaginal sex (65% or so) or even oral sex (81%).

The secret to her orgasm is in her poop shute!!

Another interesting fact… 100% of the men who RECEIVED anal sex (25 freaks out there in this survey) had an orgasm! I guess with a strap-on?

Leave me out of that… interesting statistic, though.

How To Make A Woman Orgasm During Anal Sex

Apparently, it doesn’t take an Einstein to make a woman orgasm during anal sex.

I’ve never conducted my own survey after anally penetrating a girl, but looking back maybe I should have… however, in a very interestingly written article by a 39 year old mother who likes anal sex, there are some steps to be taken to ensure a better chance of your lady orgasming from anal penetration:

  1. Penetrate her vaginally, without allowing her to orgasm
  2. Some teasing/finger play in her anus
  3. Then anal

An important prerequisite is that she be VERY turned on, and adding in manual clitoral stimulation on her own can help her have a doubly-powerful orgasm from two places at once.

An if you are wondering just how does a woman orgasm during anal sex?  Scientifically / anatomically, I’m not sure… but in the 39 year-old MILF’s words:

“[Anal sex] gives me mind-blowing orgasms — I’ve thought many times that my G-spot is in my ass. I can definitely orgasm with only anal penetration…”

Could very well be that it’s indirectly stimulating the Skene’s gland…

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the “bottom” of this…


For an in-depth guide to the female orgasm, such as how to give her super powerful, back-to-back VAGINAL orgasms during penetration (in only a couple of minutes), and exercises to last longer during sex, how to make her squirt, how to stay hard after orgasm, add some length and girth to your penis to make penetration more effective, and more, check this out…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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These Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Are Awesome

manual penis enlargement techniques e1440448226331 300x223 These Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Are AwesomeYesterday before sex I was looking down at my penis… and it looked huge.

My girl looked at it and said “Babe, did your penis grow?”

I get that question a lot from her… and yes, I think it had grown.

Penis size fluctuates on a day to day basis, depending on level of arousal, circulation, testosterone, amount of sleep (which influences blood circulation and testosterone levels).

And on this day, my penis was on it’s upper end… it looked like a mushroom-headed, thick rocket or something… there was some extra shaft that was never there before.  It looked LONG… like longer than usual.

My girth has always been healthy, and in all honesty, girth looked about the same, but my penis just looked so long…

I almost wanted to stop in the middle of foreplay to measure it, but my girl would have killed me.  She doesn’t know I do these manual penis enlargement exercises, all she knows is that I have a big penis, and there are days where it is bigger than normal… it’s massive.

Okay, compared to some of those elephant trunks you see in porn, it’s not at that level… but compared to average, and compared to what I used to be, my penis is big.

Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises – Cheating The System, And No One Needs To Know

What my girl does know is that I have this natural penis enlargement guide I’ve written to help men learn how to do manual penis enlargement exercises the right way… how to gain penis size quickly and safely

But I told her I don’t do the exercises any more… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and my big ego… but I rather not share that with her.

Let her just keep thinking my penis is growing on it’s own… at 36 years old.

“A second puberty, babe?”

I know some men tell their girl they do penis enlargement, but not many.  One guy told me his girlfriend helps him with some of the exercises, which I find quite cool (I would have a problem staying away from getting an erection if my girl was trying to help me though…)

So as to cheating the system… yeah…

Some smartasses like to say that there is nothing you can do make your penis bigger… I see it all the time on question and answer forums, even to this day.

You CAN make your penis bigger. Even science has backed up claims that you can increase penis size.

(note: the above study was done using extension devices, which provide a similar effect to stretching exercises in penis enlargement… but in my experience, men gain MUCH more size, both in length and girth –  and with much less time and effort — doing manual penis enlargement techniques).

This is one area of life you can cheat, without any negative “revenge” from life… like everything else you do.

There’s always a “payback” of some sort when you “cheat the system” of life to achieve something good:  

  • Antidepressants will give you a give you the greatest mood in the world, but your libido will take a dive, and your energy levels will plummet in time
  • Propecia will help you keep / regrow your hair, but can knock your hormones out of whack, and “feminize” you… (temporarily, of course… don’t buy that crap that Propecia side effects are permanent)
  • Blood pressure meds will stabilize your blood pressure, but can cause ED

Most things have a “payment” of some sort that you must pay… but not in this case.

Who knows, maybe because these exercises will give you a bigger penis without drugs, and it’s the medications that cause side effects.

A Bigger Penis Is An Edge In The Dating World – Where Survival Of The Fittest Is A Real Thing

manual penis enlargement exercises e1440448391563 300x270 These Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Are AwesomeIf you’re married or in a relationship, you may want to try these exercises to make your penis bigger just out of curiosity… but you don’t have such a need as a single person.

However, if you are single, just know that if you have a 5.5 inch penis, having a thicker 6.5 inch penis with a bigger flaccid penis will give you an edge over the “old you”.

While a strong, attractive personality, intelligence and humor can allow you to attract a woman in a “higher league” than you, many women do factor in physical attributes such as height, hair, attractiveness of face, build, hand and foot size, financial situation, way of dressing… and when it comes down to it, penis size.

Of course, there isn’t some set rule to any of this.

We’ve all seen the short bald guy with a gut, with the tall sexy ass lady giggling like a schoolgirl, holding his hand.

But when single, try and improve as many of these attributes as possible… And this is one that you can influence!

Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Will Make You Hung, Which Will Make You Even More Confident

Something that shocks guys is how quickly they see results with these exercises.

In the first week, you will have a longer, thicker, heavier flaccid penis…. And as time goes by, keep up the exercises, and size will continue to grow….

Something I’ve always noticed in myself is a correlation between flaccid penis size and confidence.

When I’ve done the exercises for a few days in a row, and my flaccid penis is SUPER huge, I feel “larger” than if I were to hit the gym hard for a week straight, and neglect the flaccid penis enlargement exercises completely.

(See, gaining flaccid size has always been an interesting area of penis enlargement to me, and I’ve learned some exercises specifically to reach that goal – a bigger flaccid hang).

Yes, These Exercises Are Awesome

I get a feeling of joy when I think about these exercises… knowing I “built this thing” myself.

The look on my girls face when she’s looking at my large fleshy pipe about to enter her…

Walking around with a long, hanging penis when not horny, literally making me “a swinging dick”.

For my own personal guide to manual penis enlargement exercises, including a routine developed through years of research, practice, and observation, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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More Than 25% Of Men Under 40 Have Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction in young men e1440179908539 300x250 More Than 25% Of Men Under 40 Have Erectile DysfunctionStudies have shown that approximately one in four men under the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction.

And while up until now, psychological issues have always been to blame for erectile dysfunction in young men, it appears that the same physical culprits found in older men’s ED very often play a role as well in younger cases:

Smoking… obesity… lack of sleep… malnutrition… low T… medications… etc.

Some other findings of the study:

  • Men in the younger group experienced premature ejaculation more often than older men
  • The younger group experienced more ED from illicit drug use (party time!)
  • Older men had higher amounts of body fat

These other findings aren’t exactly shocking, but the fact that so many young men are experiencing ED due to physical causes is quite alarming!

However, all you have to do is get your body back on track, and get your health together, for your erection’s sake!!

8 Tips To Keep A Strong Body, High Testosterone, Healthy Circulation, and Therefore, Harder Erections

Erectile dysfunction coincides with poor health and nutritional conditions… improve your physical, mental, and hormonal conditions, and you will be able to get harder erections that stay hard longer… and be able to stay away from the Viagra

1) Do Some Cardio

Even if it’s not much, get body moving, and your blood pumping. Besides the endorphin boost, which will improve your mood, and subsequently your interest in sex, the improved circulation will allow you to achieve harder, better quality erections.

(note: don’t overdo the cardio, either… excessive cardio can KILL your T levels).

2) Up Your Carb Intake – All The While Keeping Your Stomach Slim!

I put both of these together, as it’s a balancing act.

Diets higher in carbs have been shown to keep testosterone levels healthy, compared to low-carb diets. As a matter of fact, carbs have been shown to have a stronger positive influence on your T levels than protein!

Testosterone, called the male sex hormone for a reason, is important for your libido and strength of erections.

On the other hand excess stomach fat can increase your estradiol (a form of estrogen), so you want to keep the stomach fat down…


It’s alright… just slow down on the carbs at night, and make sure to eat a fair amount of carbs after a workout… carbs restore the excess calories burned during exercise, and your T levels will otherwise plummet if not for the saving graces of carbs.

Also, see step one. Do some cardio to burn calories, and limit the intake of other unnecessary calories, especially fluffy, starchy, nutrient-less carbs, such as crackers, cookies, candies, etc.

3) Get Your Vitamin D – Whether Through Sunlight, Milk, Fortified Orange Juice or Supplements!

vitamin d and testosterone e1433199918497 300x253 More Than 25% Of Men Under 40 Have Erectile DysfunctionLow Vitamin D has been tied to low testosterone levels, and with more than 75% of the adult population having low vitamin D levels, think of the easiest way to charge up your T!

Drink some Vitamin D fortified milk, orange juice, get some sunlight (don’t overdo it, and put sunscreen if out for a while), or take Vitamin D supplements!

Vitamin D supplements alone have been shown to improve T levels, probably because so many men are low on Vitamin D, and this just restores you to normal levels.

Not to mention the other benefits Vitamin D has on healthy bones, teeth, and prevention of cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis… all causes of ED… and much worse…

Keeping your Vitamin D in healthy ranges may be one of the most important keys to a strong body, healthy T levels, and getting harder erections!

4) Protein And Fats ARE Important, Though!!

Although science gives the win to carbs over protein, protein provides your body with strength, nourishment, the “building blocks” to build muscle, and makes you feel “full” as well.

If you were to only eat carbs, you would stay very hungry!

While not many studies are conclusive on protein’s effect on testosterone (or at least aren’t readily available), the effects of eating protein are apparent on your mood and overall sense of well-being.

Fats, on the other hand, HAVE BEEN shown to increase testosterone production. Meanwhile, low-fat diets have the opposite effect.

So eat that bacon cheeseburger with mayo once a week… your nuts will thank you.

5) Use It Or Lose It – Masturbate or Have Sex On A Regular Basis For A Healthy Erection

Some men believe in “storing up your semen” to gain strength, based on ancient Taoist principles.

And while science has shown that T levels do increase when holding back from ejaculating, in the long run, your erections may suffer if you do not regularly “exercises” your penis, whether that be through masturbation or sex.

EXCESS T from sexually frustrating yourself, in the end, won’t be the best for your libido either… in time, you will experience insomnia (lack of sleep lowers testosterone, too, see below), excess stress levels, and increased anger and mood swings.

EVERYTHING IN MODERATION MY FRIEND. Ejaculate AT LEAST a couple of times a week.

Not to mention, if you want harder erections that stay hard longer, you need an erection that’s “in shape”.

When refraining from ejaculating, your penis doesn’t go through the motions (becoming erect and ejaculating), and it can “become rusty” or out of shape, almost.

Keep your penis conditioned.

6) Sleep Well

When you sleep, you recharge your T levels, improve your metabolism (which lower stomach fat), improve muscle healing and increase growth hormone (bigger muscles), and improve circulation (better erection quality).

Don’t skimp too much on your z’s… get your 8 hours when you can.

7) Lift Weights

One of the most powerful “man-making” pieces of advice I can give you. Get in the gym and lift.

Even if just a couple of times a week. Power / compound workouts, workouts that work a number of muscles out at the same time.  1) working out, in itself, increases testosterone, which will lead to harder erections, and 2) having more muscle mass on the body increases testosterone, even while at rest.

Working out early in the day also preserves your T levels for the rest of that day, keeping the reduction in testosterone from happening that occurs in most men due to the accumulation of your daily stresses.

8) Watch Porn To Bring Some Life To Your Libido

porn does not cause erectile dysfunction1 More Than 25% Of Men Under 40 Have Erectile DysfunctionI’m not sure about your personal beliefs on pornography, but porn is one of the best ways to “excite” your brain, and kickstart those CREATIVE, libidinous juices again. Of course, porn addiction can be a problem for some men, so if you know this will be an issue for you, maybe you should skip this tip…

But porn and masturbation, maybe once a week? Sex on the other days? Why not?

Treat your mind and body once in a while to some variation from the norm, and your erection (and mind) will thank you, and respond better in other situations.

An no, porn does not cause ED, as the ridiculous rumor spreading around the internet goes. Porn actually improves erection quality.


Follow the above guidelines, and you’ll help reduce the percentage of young men with ED. Let’s drop down that 25 percent to something far lower, and more reasonable!  Stop Facebooking / Instagramming / Tweeting on your phone, turn off the PS4, and get out and get some fresh air!  That’s a start!

And if you are in the older age group, these guidelines will help you as well! I know of men in their 70’s and 80’s, middle aged men with diabetes, men on all sorts of meds getting their rock hard erections back.

As for more scientifically-backed tips and guidelines to naturally boost your testosterone and libido, click here…

There are also exercises you can perform “on” and “in” your erection that work wonders for getting harder, longer-lasting erections

You may have heard of kegels or pc squeezes?

Kegels and pc squeezes can help improve sexual stamina and achieve stronger erections when done correctly. However, there is a way to do some “hyper-concentrated” kegels that will turn your PC muscle into a massively powerful sex muscle. With this pc on steroids, you will achieve erections quicker, and that stay hard for longer.

Combined with manual techniques to improve the circulation and bloodflow throughout your shaft, you will develop physically harder erections (to the touch, you can feel the difference) than you’ve ever experienced… click here for more info.

Not just for men with ED, this guide to erection strengthening exercises works even for men who don’t currently have erection issues.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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