Why Your Girl Isn’t Having An Orgasm

Wife Not Having An OrgasmThe female orgasm is complicated.

WAY more complicated than the male orgasm.

It’s damn near impossible for us NOT to have an orgasm during sex, or for women not to know how to get us off.

What you see is what you get with us. A penis.

You rub it up and down, for long enough, in almost ANY kind of way, and we’re going to cum…

BUT women?

NO… they had to be more complicated… NO… you can’t just thrust inside a female’s vagina and make her orgasm before or during your own climax. .

With SOME women, yeah… even a clueless virgin, can make them orgasm…

But with others, if not most… some know-how of the female anatomy is necessary for you to bring her to orgasm.

And if she’s NOT orgasming? Well… a few things may be happening… or not happening..

According to a Cosmo survey of 2,300 women, 57% of women have orgasms regularly during sex with their partner, while 43% do not.

And only 20% of women regularly get off during vaginal intercourse, even with clitoral stimulation! Something is wrong here, gents!

We need to fix this!

Some of the reasons listed as to why a woman isn’t having an orgasm with a partner (I guess this takes into consideration all forms of sex, and not just penetrative intercourse):

  • 50% feel like they’re almost there, but can’t quite get over the edge.
  • 38% aren’t getting enough clitoral stimulation
  • 35% say it’s not the right kind of clitoral stimulation
  • 32% are in their own head, or too worried about how they look

Masturbation is the most common way that women reach orgasm, with 39% saying so… followed by 20% having orgasms during penetrative sex with clitoral stimulation, 15% during penetrative sex without clit stimulation, 12% during oral sex (I would have thought that number would have been higher…), 9% via manual stimulation, 2% with the partner using sex toy, and 3% other……. whatever that may be. Anal?

And even if you think you’re a hot shot getting her off every time, take note: 67% of women fake orgasms to either make their partner happy or end sex sooner…

So How Do We Improve These Stats? Her Clit, Her Mind, and Your Technique

Take note from what the women have said in the survey above… if they aren’t having an orgasm during sex, it’s either because they aren’t getting sufficient or proper clitoral stimulation… and the mind has to be in it.

Before penetrating, get familiar with her clitoris, and how she likes it to be stimulated…

Some women have a very sensitive clit, others can take rough stimulation. If sensitive, you will most likely have to stimulate around the clitoris, or over the clitoral hood, and not stimulate her clit directly… if you do, it may actually cause her pain… and not in the way some women like.

If it can take rough stimulation, she may NEED rough stimulation of the clitoris to orgasm.

Notice how nearly a third of the women surveyed didn’t have “their head in the game”, and that prevented them from having an orgasm.

Making her feel comfortable… taking your time to warm her up with nice, and then more erotic, foreplay… telling her she looks beautiful and (hopefully) really meaning it, while looking at her both with and without her clothes, all of these help “get her in the zone”…

Don’t let up the talk during sex either… get her mind into it, and she’ll be in that 50% who were able to get over the edge.

To show you how strong of a role a woman’s mind plays in her orgasm, check out part of this Strange Sex documentary on TLC, where a woman was able to “think herself to orgasm”… without any physical touch at all

Lastly comes technique…

If you are good with your tongue, then get her close to orgasm orally, and when her hips are rising off the bed in near orgasmic pleasure, THEN you jump in and penetrate… you will have a fresh start, while she will be nearing the finish line (okay, enough with the sport analogies…). This works especially well if you have problems lasting long during sex.

Another thing to remember, especially based on the data above, women know how to get themselves off… if you let her get on top and take the reigns, she’ll “roughly rub” herself off to orgasm in no time… especially if you combine it with dirty talk and extra play to her erogenous zones.

Making a woman orgasm during penetration, with you in control, takes a bit more knowledge. Take into account how she rubs herself off when on top, and try and duplicate the motion. Remember, putting pressure on the clitoris is key. For more on how to make a woman orgasm during vaginal intercourse, see here…

Take this advice and run with it… and let’s up that percentage of women getting off during sex, and lower the percentage of women faking it!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Increase Vitamin B12 To Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Low B12 and premature ejaculation

Vitamin B12.

Improves mood, energy levels, skin and hair, memory AND… helps you to delay ejaculation and last longer during sex.

This is a new discovery to me.

A recent study of 109 men was carried out, roughly half with premature ejaculation and half without. Premature ejaculation was defined as lasting less than 2 minutes. Both groups consisted of men in the same age range.

The study found that the Vitamin B12 levels in men with PE were significantly lower than in the men without premature ejaculation (213.14 vs. 265.89 ng ml-1 ; p < .001).

This is quite an interesting finding…

Natural Solutions to Premature Ejaculation Have Generally Come Up Short In the Past

There aren’t very many strong natural solutions to premature ejaculation.

Medical solutions, yes… they have been shown to be very effective. I myself have taken SSRI’s before, and experienced the amazing ability of the medication to delay ejaculation, but up until now, not very many natural herbs or supplements have been shown to help prevent PE.

Being that SSRI’s improve a man’s ability to delay ejaculation by increasing serotonin levels, I had thought that taking 5 HTP, a precursor to serotonin, would improve sexual stamina without needing medication, but saw little to no effect.

Winter savory (also known as Satureja montana), an herb, has however been shown in studies to have some positive effect in a man’s ability to delay ejaculation.

But this B12 – premature ejaculation connection is a nice solution, and one to look into and start applying.

How To Naturally Improve Your B12 Levels To Last Longer During Sex


If you are looking to increase your vitamin B12, a good place to start is to increase your animal food intake:

  • meat
  • poultry
  • fish
  • shellfish
  • eggs
  • dairy products

Vitamin B12 enriched cereals are a good solution as well. There is some evidence (not strong, but evidence worth looking at), that eating cranberries or drinking cranberry juice help improve absorption of B12. Piperine, a component of pepper, calcium, and caffeine have all been shown to help improve absorption of B12 as well.

Lastly, the easiest, and most obvious solution, is to take a vitamin B12 supplement, or a B-complex vitamin. The B-complex, which runs the whole gamut of the B vitamins, is a good choice, as other vitamins, such as B3, have been shown to improve sexual function, such as providing harder erections, stronger libido and higher testosterone levels.

Mental Ways To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is both a physical and psychological problem.

Men with low serotonin levels have been shown to have premature ejaculation. Men with higher estrogen levels have been shown to last longer during sex. These have physical relationships to PE.

On the other hand, if you get your mind in the right state, you can overcome even these physical issues.

Combine both, like integrating this B12 advice, and you’ll be in your best position.

Back when I had bad premature ejaculation, I remember a time where I had sex with a girlfriend while half asleep. I do not recall having the sex at all. All I know is what she told me the next day.

While wide awake, I would only be able to last a couple of minutes during sex TOPS. But during this strange episode, she rode me non-stop for half an hour or so (according to her account), and she just used my penis like a never ending pleasure supplier. Almost like a dildo.

I had the same serotonin levels as always. The same hormones as usual. But in my “turned off” mind, I had a rock hard erection without a finish line.

I remember on another occasion, also during my PE days, where I “slipped into” a strange, infinite stamina mode – where a girlfriend just rode, and rode my penis, and I was viewing the whole thing almost from the outside looking in. I was amazed at how long I was lasting, as was she.

So while there are physical causes to premature ejaculation, your mindstate plays a huge role in how long you can last.

Luckily, I’ve taken advantage of this fact, and learned how to mentally cure my own premature ejaculation. If you’d like to know how I did it, see here. It’s worked for many other men as well.

Have a good one, and shoot me an email if you have any questions!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Natural Penis Enlargement Is My Meditation Time

meditation for a bigger penis

Natural penis enlargement is the perfect way for me to do two things at once: 1) increase my penis size, and 2) take some time out from my day…

I am a constantly “on the go” type of person.

My mind rarely stops turning… my need to be productive never stops… sounds great, but in reality, this leads to burning out. It leads to great things, but may actually be a form of OCD.

It’s vital that we find time to STOP, and do NOTHING… allow the mind to be at peace… be calm… air out a bit.

This centers us — allows us to step back and see our life clearly.

Constantly moving, entertaining our minds, seeking physical pleasure and distraction…. This leads to stress, and an off-balance, muddy view of everything around us.

Meditation Is Boring To Me – But Always Proves Helpful

It is hard for me to force myself to stop, but when I do, I can see the benefits.

Generally, even while trying to meditate, it takes several minutes before my mind stops throwing thoughts, sounds and words into my consciousness… after a few minutes of actually TRYING, the constant stream of thoughts and distractions start to slow, and I reach that blank state we thrive for during meditation.

But it takes some effort…

And once in that deep state, THEN it’s easy to stay there… I keep that calm-lake, third-eye state open for as long as I like.

And generally, the longer I’m in it, the greater the benefits.

When I break out of the meditative state, my stress levels feel lower, I feel happier, things that were bothering me before meditating, all of a sudden seem trivial… and this generally carries over into the next day.

Not to mention the positive benefit that meditation has on my relationship and sexual performance…

I see my lady for who she is… understand her deeper… and when it comes to the sex, I feel more aroused, I get an erection instantly, I’m more patient and I last much longer during sex.

So I see the benefits of meditation, but getting me to sit down and actually do it… in place of entertaining myself with mind-numbing TV, or reading through BS on my phone, is tough to do… especially after a long day.

And that’s where natural penis enlargement helps…

Natural Penis Enlargement, When Combined With Single-Pointed Concentration, Is The Perfect Meditation

meditating improves concentration

There are generally a few different ways to meditate…

  • trying to empty the mind of thoughts completely,
  • repeating a single mantra,
  • concentrating on one single thing, such as the inhalation and exhalation of our breath.

These are all ways to effectively clean (or strengthen, in the case of the mantra) the mind via meditation.

So what I like about natural penis enlargement is, it’s best to concentrate on one thing… whether it be counting the repetitions I am doing (it’s important to count your reps) or envisioning my penis enlarging, much like we should visualize our muscles increasing in size when working out at the gym.

When you don’t allow your mind to wander, and you concentrate on the task at hand (literally…), then you will be doing single-pointed meditation, one of the strongest forms of meditation.

This form of meditation develops your “concentration powers”, along with the above-mentioned psychological benefits.

When you have strong concentration powers, you are not as distracted as easily when performing different activities, and you actually perform them better, with sharper vision and execution. (Interesting note, studies have shown that meditation actually increases the amount of gray matter in the mind!)

Oh yeah, and you make your penis larger at the same time. Not a bad thing.

Distractions During Penis Enlargement

Two things may creep in when trying to do penis enlargement, that will keep you from having a good meditation.

1) boredom

2) distraction

They both go together… penis enlargement may not be the most exciting thing, but besides strengthening your mind, you’re strengthening your most masculine part… so keep at the task. It’s also harder to reach that deep, tranquil state that “empty mind” meditation brings… so this may require some more discipline.

When bored, you may feel like stopping your repetitions at 100, instead of 150 for instance… or when distracted, you may begin to think of something else, rather than concentrating on a single point… and this will prevent you from reaping the benefits of meditation during penis enlargement.

If you’d like to gain some serious penis size, I’ve put together a guide with all of the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years on natural penis enlargement… see here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Do Men With More Testosterone Last Longer During Sex?

Do men with higher testosterone leves last longer during sex?

Two signs of masculinity… Lasting long during sex, and having high testosterone.

REAL men are supposed to be able to last as long as they want during sex, or at least until their girl has had a few orgasms.

The other rule of being a real man… Having high testosterone levels.

Men with stronger testosterone production have more muscle mass, strength, higher libido, a deeper voice and more confidence. Manly stuff.

But did you know, in reality, the two have an inverse relation? Premature ejaculation is generally found in men with higher testosterone levels, and men with lower testosterone levels are known to last longer during sex.

But don’t worry… you can still be a man, have healthy T levels, and last long enough to get her off… but more on that later.

Remember when you were a horny teen in high school? Testosterone levels raging, with high probability of premature ejaculation?

Shoot… that was my experience at least.

From 17 on I was having sex on a regular basis. I lost it at 13, but that was just a fluke experience.

Back in my hormone-raged teens I had acne… I even had acne on my back.  Acne comes from super high testosterone production. I had to use clearasil, but I had the hormones of a bull in a violent fury to make up for it…

But I also had premature ejaculation…

At that time I had a very sexy girlfriend, and sex was so new and exciting to me… and I would cum quickly… almost all the time.

And it wasn’t just because her tight body and the novelty of sex. My hormones seemed to almost engulf my penis in a fire that would force me to shoot quickly.

As I’ve gotten older, the pimples reduced in frequency. In my 20’s I’d get a big zit once in awhile, but for the most part, didn’t have many skin problems. The testosterone rage has subsided. However, I still have healthy T levels (just did a checkup recently, still above average)..

…and I now have the benefit of being able last much longer during sex.

While I had to learn some mental techniques to delay my ejaculation in my 20’s — and they did the trick — lasting longer during sex comes much easier to me now (no oxymoron intended).

Also, having some stomach fat has been shown to help men last longer…. and while not pretty to look at, this sign of getting older at least has the benefit of better ejaculation control…

Scientific Studies Showing That Having Higher Testosterone Levels Is Related To Premature Ejaculation

This is not just my personal observation; a number of studies have similar findings.

For instance, in a study (¹) of 2,437 men, 25% had premature ejaculation, and 4% had delayed ejaculation. Testosterone levels were measured in these men. In the men with higher T levels, premature ejaculation was more prevalent, and in the men with lower T levels, delayed ejaculation was more common.

Inversely, in the group of men with premature ejaculation, there was a lower percentage of men with hypogonadism (low T), and in the the men with delayed ejaculation, there was a larger percentage of men with hypogonadism.

In the conclusion of this study, they propose providing testosterone to men with delayed ejaculation to help them ejaculate normally.

In another study (²), 41 men with premature ejaculation (defined as ejaculating in less than 60 seconds) were compared to 41 men without premature ejaculation, and the group of men with PE had higher testosterone levels on average than the men without PE.

So there’s definitely a link.

So what do we do… feminize ourselves — or wait till we get older — until we can feel proud of our sexual performance?

No… luckily, we don’t have to do either.

How to Last Longer In Bed Without a Reduction in Testosterone Levels

low testosterone and premature ejaculationYou want to have the best of both worlds, right?

High testosterone and infinite stamina?

Well, you can go the medical route if you have either low T or PE…

If you want to go the medical route, and have low T, get on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). If you have premature ejaculation, get on an SSRI, a class of antidepressant that will delay ejacualtion…

Combine TRT and SSRI’s, and you’ll be a beastly concoction of manliness and stamina… But it may also be costly, require a prescription on a regular basis, and who knows how those two treatments will interact.

Most of us want to go the natural route to last longer during sex and keep T healthy.

Luckily, for testosterone, certain natural things can help keep your T levels healthy as you age:

  • Keep stress levels in check, find ways to alleviate stress. Cortisol (your stress hormone) if experienced without a break will wreck your testosterone levels
  • Eat a fair amount of carbs and protein; don’t go too low on either
  • Exercise on a regular basis – both cardio and weights
  • Try your best to keep your gut under control

There are several other natural ways to keep your testosterone healthy…

When it comes to lasting longer during sex, learning to keep your arousal in check BEFORE it begins the exponential rise towards orgasm is important. Meditating develops a level of concentration that will help with this, as will solo “training exercises” where you monitor what goes on inside of you, both mentally and physically, and learn to extend your limits before ejaculating.

Concentrating on what it takes to make a woman orgasm also helps make your job easier, and done in a quicker amount of time. Go down on her and orally stimulate her clit for some time before penetrating, and when penetrating, try and rub hard against the clitoris with your pelvis on your in-and-out stroke… this will prevent you from needing to last 20 minutes for her to orgasm.

Use condoms as well… the female orgasm occurs outside of where the penis touches (on the clit), so while condoms may may numb things, this will work in your favor. Using condoms also keeps you from having to pull out — which kills the flow of sex — especially right when things are getting hot and heavy.

For a more in-depth guide to lasting much longer during sex all naturally, see here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


[1] Different testosterone levels are associated with ejaculatory dysfunction. J Sex Med. 2008 Aug

[2] Serum testosterone and gonadotropins levels in patients with premature ejaculation: A comparison with normal men. Adv Biomed Res. 2014 Jan


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