Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone Production

carbs and testosterone e1437748769836 300x272 Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone ProductionI remember when the low-carb diet first hit… everyone was going wild over it..

“Oh, I can eat whatever I want… Oh, I can eat all the bacon I want, steak, chicken… it’s GREAT!”

I always knew something was off about that diet… and I was right.

Sure, a couple of my friends slimmed down substantially, claiming to have six packs while eating all the fats they want, but their testosterone levels must have been a mess!!

Meat Has Always Been Considered The “Manly” Food…. But…

If you were to know no better, and were to look at a medium-rare steak versus a bowl of white rice, which would you say would increase your testosterone production?

Without a doubt, I would go with the steak… protein in general.

But as it turns out, it doesn’t work that way…

In this study, one group of men was given a high-CARB / low-protein diet, and another group was given a high-PROTEIN / low carb diet.  The men who consumed higher carbs, and lower protein, had HIGHER testosterone levels, and LOWER cortisol levels compared to the group who ingested a higher ratio of protein to carbs…..

Cortisol, The Enemy Of Testosterone

Cortisol is your stress hormone, or your “fight-or-flight” hormone… generally when you have high cortisol levels, you have low testosterone levels, and vice versa.

During times of high stress, cortisol skyrockets, disrupting your normal hormone production, as well as sleep patterns, metabolism and sense of well-being.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to STOP once in a while, and do nothing… stop being so “productive”, and allow your mind and body to relax.  If not, cortisol can take control…

Low Carbs = Low Testosterone, High Cortisol ESPECIALLY When Working Out

carbohydrates testosterone workout e1437749798752 300x288 Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone ProductionFor a few years now, after my workout, I make sure to eat a small bowl of white rice to refill my glucose stores.

I once read in an EXCELLENT strength trainer’s manual (wish I had kept the link… this was a number of years back), about the importance of ingesting some carbs along with your protein, post workout.  This restores energy “fuel”, and keeps your testosterone from dropping.

(Another interesting tip I gleaned from that manual: besides the mandatory post-protein, post carbohydrate intake, drinking fruit juice immediately after your workout has been said to have a high muscle healing effect – most likely due to the carbs as well).

But something new I recently discovered: a man’s ratio of testosterone to cortisol is a gauge of overtraining (called the fTC ratio, or free Testosterone to Cortisol ratio)…

Overtraining is when you overwhelm your muscles, without properly allowing them to heal.

All of the following CAN lead to overtraining (everybody’s body is different, and can handle different loads, but these are all risk factors):

  • Working out the same muscle group two days in a row (not allowing them sufficient time to heal)
  • Working out for too long (45 minutes to 90 minutes is all you really need)
  • Performing cardio for TOO long (hard to gauge this, but long distance bicyclists and marathon runners generally have much lower T levels following a race)
  • Not sleeping enough, and then working out again (especially working out the day after not sleeping well).
  • Not providing your body with the proper nutrition post workout

As to the last point, this study showed that men who performed three consecutive days of intense training had a sharp decline in testosterone when ingesting a low level of carbs. Meanwhile, men who had a carb-heavy diet before and on workout days were able to maintain their normal levels of testosterone.

Carbs are ESSENTIAL to your man-ness!!!


Carbs Can Increase Stomach Fat, And Excess Stomach Fat Is Linked To Low Testosterone!

stomach fat and testosterone1 Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone ProductionThis is where things can get complicated…

Yes, carbs are important for testosterone, but eating excess carbs is the QUICKEST way to increase stomach fat, and excess stomach fat has been linked to LOW T!!.

There’s a bit of a “chicken and the egg” thing going on here…. which came first? Does excess stomach fat lead to low testosterone?  Or does low testosterone lead to excess stomach fat?

Hard to tell, but there’s definitely some sort of 2 way relationship there, and you want to TRY and keep your stomach area as slim as possible (at least compared to where you were baseline – meaning teens, early 20’s).

I know this can be very difficult. Especially as we age, this battle becomes increasingly difficult (everything we eat just STICKS to our gut area… not like in our teens… eat some late night Taco Bell, and by the next day it was out of your system… back to a six-pack).

So how do we take in the proper amount of carbs, without gaining excess GUT?

Mr. Manpower’s Guidelines To Proper Carb-Intake For Testosterone Production, Without Gaining A Gut

We’ve already established that the low-carb diet is not for men… at least not for men who want to function like men.

But excess carbs is an issue, too, leading to extra abdominal fat… so how to balance everything?

Personally, these are my dietary guidelines to get my proper carbohydrate intake, without building my gut:

  • Eat a high protein, high-carb cereal with plenty of fiber and milk in the morning (milk has fat-burning qualities on it’s own).  Look for one of those cereals made for losing weight. Combined with some coffee, this will flush your system, and make way for more food (as well as kick-start your metabolism).
  • Don’t go TOO long throughout the day without eating a small snack at least; you want to keep your metabolism going.
  • Eat a balanced lunch, with a fair amount of REAL carbs (white rice or potatoes), but not a super heavy load, and a fair amount of protein and fats of some sort.
  • Eat an hour and a half before working out. A decent meal of carbs and protein. If possible, use your lunch ^^^ as your pre-workout meal, to not overdo the calorie intake for the day. If you have to workout late in the day, then eat a small lunch (tuna on wheat is perfect, with a few chips for the fats, and a fruit) to hold yourself over to the larger meal, and to not overdo calorie intake.
  • Drink a protein shake and a small plate of white rice, pasta or potatoes IMMEDIATELY after your workout, for the carb and protein replenishing.
  • An hour after your post workout “meal”, eat dinner, or a real meal, with heavier protein, but much less carbs… you’ve already had plenty of carbs throughout the day.
  • Try not to eat TOO late, but do eat a very small, healthy snack before sleeping, as a small carb “dose” right before bed helps you sleep better, which: 1) better recharges testosterone, 2) reduces cortisol the following day, 3) helps muscles heal and grow better, 4)improves metabolism the next day, 5) improves mind-state the following day.
  • Treat yourself once in a blue moon to a nice, fatty snack, like a bacon cheeseburger or pizza, which gives you that nice fat injection (that we crave so much), also important for testosterone, BUT LIMIT YOURSELF.
  • Crackery, starchy, bready snacks, and sugary snacks… cut them out as much as possible. They provide no nutrients, and are the fluffy kind of starches that just add “gut” with nothing in return.
  • Coming from an ex HEAVY-drinker, limit your alcohol intake when possible… if it’s a good night, and you’re having fun, go for it… just know you’ll have to make up for it later.  If there’s no good reason to drink, and the “opportunity” presents itself, consider passing.
  • Of course, eat fruits and vegetable when you can.

I don’t eat brown rice, as it doesn’t provide me with that energy boost like white rice does… I rather just eat a smaller portion of white rice.

The formula to losing gut is simple = take in less calories a day than you burn.  Try your best to balance these things!

Also, add some cardio to your day!  It’s not so much the intensity, but rather the duration!  When possible, rather than taking the car somewhere, walk! Rather than take the elevator, take the stairs!  Go play basketball!  Or just go for a jog around the block a couple of times!  This helps with the burning calories part of the formula.

Follow these guidelines, and you should have enough carbs to keep your T levels healthy, without growing your gut. 

For a set of 25 COMMANDMENTS to keep your testosterone production at full strength, check this out…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Can Jelqing Cause Damage To Your Penis?

can jelqing cause damage to your penis e1437596372182 300x293 Can Jelqing Cause Damage To Your Penis?One of the number one objections to someone doing penis enlargement exercises is, “yes it works, but it will harm your erection in the process”.

This can not be farther from the truth.

Stretching strengthens the ligaments that “attach” the penis to the body, and jelqing improves circulation throughout the penis, STRENGTHENING erections.

Ever since performing natural penis enlargement exercises, I haven’t had any serious injuries….

Just a bigger penis and harder erections…

When I FIRST, FIRST started penis enlargement, the extra pressure in my penis…. my penis wasn’t used to it.  So these TINY little pin-sized dots came out on my penis head.  Maybe 5 or 6 TINY little red spots.

Almost like miniscule bruises.

They were very small, and disappeared after a couple of days.

Within a couple of weeks of doing penis enlargement, they stopped appearing altogether. My penis had grown accustomed to the exercises.

Another “Injury” In My Natural Penis Enlargement Journey

Probably about a year or so into natural penis enlargement, I REALLY went hard at it.  I was doing exercises about 5 days a week… I had already added about an inch to my length, and I was hooked. I was very happy that it actually worked.

I’m not sure if it was my extremely hard stretching, or jelqing, but I got what was called a “thrombosed” vein.  My erection still worked, and there was no pain at all… but a vein under my shaft, right below my head, had slightly hardened.  I didn’t notice it until one day I went to pee, and felt that it felt a little strange.

With some research, I discovered it was a thrombosed vein… something that occurs quite a bit to men during rough sex actually.

Online it said it would take a couple weeks to go away, on it’s own.

It went completely away in about 3 days.

Honestly, it was a bit scary… but it never happened again, and taught me to take my time with these exercises… there’s no rush.  There’s nowhere to go, but “bigger”.

So, The Honest Truth.. Can Jelqing Cause Damage To Your Penis? Has It Happened To Anybody?

Over the years, I’ve researched substantially on natural penis enlargement, mainly:

  • How to maximize the erect size I can gain in as little time as possible
  • How to increase my flaccid penis size to become the most “hung” possible (I used to be a “grower”… not any more!)
  • How to avoid any injuries

As to the third part, the safety of penis enlargement, I obsessively searched for this info before I even laid a hand on my penis (for penis enlargement, that is……..). I also picked up the “obsessiveness” when I experienced some of the above-mentioned issues.

And what did I discover?  Can jelqing cause damage to your penis? How about stretching?  How about “hanging”?

Not likely at all…

Your penis is very strong… very resilient.  Warm up, avoid pressure on the dorsal nerve, don’t ever jelq in reverse…

I know of thousands, if not tens of thousands of men (including a few doctors!) who do natural penis enlargement, and all they’ve experienced is a bigger penis and harder erections. The “injuries” I experienced, I’ve found are quite common (and always temporary) in beginners, and haven’t heard of anything more serious… thankfully.

If safety is a concern of yours when it comes to natural penis enlargement, then you may want to check out my own personal routine…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

Living With A Small Penis

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How To Last Long Enough For A Woman To Orgasm

how to last until she cums1 200x300 How To Last Long Enough For A Woman To OrgasmAre you ejaculating just before your girl has an orgasm?

Does it seems like you need to last JUST a little bit more for her to orgasm, but you can’t get there?

Well that’s probably what she needs… just a LITTLE MORE penetration to orgasm, but with a rock hard erection… by the time she would be orgasming, you are most likely flaccid, and don’t have a hard enough tool to get the job done, correct?

You may be asking, “how does he know this?”

Well, it’s because I lived that scenario… for many years…

I know it’s frustrating as shit, knowing your girl isn’t getting off.  You may feel like a failure, and may believe she feels the same…  but it’s not your fault…

Our orgasm-timing was off since the beginning… just the way we were “built”. Somebody messed up along the way.

And the good news is, most men aren’t getting their girls off during penetration, so you’re not alone!!

Even better news… you CAN calibrate your orgasm times, and learn to last longer during sex, so that both of you are having simultaneous orgasms, or even better… she’s having multiple orgasms before you even get off once.

Step One – The Clit Is Key To The Female Orgasm

If you were to watch a porn movie, and try to replicate what the porn actor is doing, then you will be FAR from giving a woman an orgasm.

“Banging away” doesn’t work in most cases… here’s why:

Stimulation to the clitoris, which isn’t even IN the vagina, is what is needed for her to orgasm.  Bang hard with the old, “in – out, in – out”, and you won’t be providing her the type of stimulation she needs to orgasm.  It’s more of a rubbing motion… hard rubbing.

R. Kelly was on to something when he sang “Bump N’ Grind”…

You want to rub hard against the clit on the in- and out-penetration, and don’t let up the pressure.

This will help her orgasm faster… so if 5 minutes is your penetration time, then you’ll be able to get her off in 4.

For more indepth information on these penetrative technique, and more methods to make a woman orgasm during penetration, click here…

Step Two – How Last Until She Cums

Now, if you are entering her, and in just a minute or two in you are feeling like you are going to ejaculate, then you may need some extra help.

Most likely, she will need more penetrative time, even if you stroke her properly… SSRI’s are one answer.

A low dose of an SSRI, a class of antidepressants, corrects an issue with serotonin in the brain that will allow you to last longer during sex without ejaculating… on-demand treatment of dapoxetine has also been shown to work, so you don’t need to take the meds all the time.

If you don’t want to go the medical route, there are natural exercises to train your mind to last longer during sex.  For most men, they work very quickly. I know men who’ve doubled the amount of time they can last, or added 10 minutes+ to their performance just after reading this guide to ejaculation control. For more info on these techniques and exercises to last longer during sex, at least until she cums, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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Tongkat Ali Increases Testosterone, Improves Mindstate?

tongkat ali improves stress 225x300 Tongkat Ali Increases Testosterone, Improves Mindstate?Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali increases testosterone production, as well as increases lean body mass.

Ingesting Tongkat Ali root is an ancient remedy for improving libido, and offers many other interesting benefits to a man, but now we have a new one:

Peace Of Mind

Testosterone and peace of mind are usually antonyms… when a man has higher than average testosterone levels, this can increase his aggression, which can increase his stress levels and reduce sleep quality…

However, a study has shown the opposite: Tongkat Ali not only increases testosterone production, but ALSO reduces stress and improves overall mental well-being!

Tongkat Ali, also known as the Malaysian Ginseng, is a medicinal plant with roots extending deep into the Indonesian – Malaysian culture.  It is a “miracle plant” for them, with MANY health benefits, including anti-aging, increased libido, weight loss, better energy and sports performance… and now, improved mind-state as well…

Tongkat Ali, A Natural Psychological Drug?

At the beginning of the study, 63 subjects (32 men and 31 women) were assessed for their mind state and hormone levels.

They were then broken up into two groups, with one group being administered Tongkat Ali root, and the other a placebo, for 4 weeks.

A SIGNIFICANT improvement was found in the mind-state of the group that was administered the Tongkat Ali, compared to the placebo, including reduced:

  • Tension (-11%)
  • Anger (-12%)
  • Confusion (-15%)

There was also a major improvement in the treated groups hormone profile, including a reduction in the stress hormone, Cortisol, by by 16% and an increase in testosterone production by 37%!

Tongkat Ali can truly be a miracle “drug”! It looks like it can protect you from the effects of daily stress accumulation, all the while boosting your masculine properties…  I don’t like taking any outside source to improve my mind-state and sexual well-being, but may go ahead and experiment myself with some Tongkat Ali after seeing results like this! I’m honestly very curious!


While more research should be done on your part, as to the dosage, a cursory search shows me that Tongkat Ali should be taken in cycles, with definite break days (for instance, 5 days on, 2 days off). I would experiment with lower dosages at first, and if you adjust well to it (mind-state is okay, sleeping well, no strange physical symptoms), then maybe consider slightly upping the dosage.  It is also recommended that you make sure you take Tongkat Ali ROOT, and not just ground up Tongkat Ali, as it won’t be nearly as effective.

Other Natural Ways To Improve Testosterone Production

As mentioned above, I never liked the idea of taking supplements, due to the fact that I feel like I’m “cheating” (although this study’s findings were very persuasive!), so have found a number of activities and guidelines to boost testosterone production naturally. This increase in T levels improves libido, erection quality, and mind-state as well.

For instance, did you know that getting some sunlight directly on your testicles can DOUBLE your testosterone production naturally?  Or did you know that drinking milk is an essential part of keeping your T levels healthy (low Vitamin D is associated with low testosterone levels)?  Excess cardio can KILL your testosterone?  For more information on these testosterone (and libido!) boosting guidelines, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Will Viagra Let You Maintain An Erection After Orgasm?

how to maintain an erection after orgasm e1437149453269 300x198 Will Viagra Let You Maintain An Erection After Orgasm?I once had the ability to maintain an erection after orgasm FOR A VERY SHORT TIME in my late teens, when I first started having sex.

As soon as the bubbling testosterone of adolescence subsided, I no longer maintained the mental or physical ability to fight through the arousal-killing prolactin jump that came with an ejaculation.

Many men experience the same.

The amount of prolactin released after ejaculating dictates how strong a man’s refractory period is going to be.  Some men continue to release low levels of prolactin after ejaculation throughout their lives, and they keep the ability to stay hard after an orgasm.

They are the minority, however… I do not know many men who can do this.

So then there’s a cheat code… Viagra.

Will Viagra Give Me Enough Erection Strength To Stay Hard After Ejaculating??

In the early days of my sex life (probably just around the time I lost the ability to stay hard after ejaculation), I was dating a girl who had found her father’s Viagra bottle, and kept a pill for us to use (man… I hope Karma doesn’t come back and kick me in the ass for everything I’ve done…).

I popped the pill, with this test in mind: “will Viagra allow me to maintain an erection after orgasm?”

Well it did…

…to a degree.

My then, my refractory period was pretty strong already, so when I ejaculated. it took a good swipe at my mental arousal, and a bit of my erection, but I persevered…

I was able to continue on penetrating with 60 – 70% erection level, which quickly returned to 100%…

What I Learned About Viagra And The Refractory Period

Your ability to stay hard after orgasm with Viagra depends on a couple of things… how mentally aroused (horny) you are, and if you exercise.  Then with the help of Viagra, you should have the mental strength and physical backing to continue on until a following ejaculation.

Your erection may flag a little immediately after you ejaculate, but with some continued stimulation, it should easily come back.

If a smaller dose doesn’t work, a larger dose will most likely do the trick.

How To Maintain An Erection After Orgasm WITHOUT VIAGRA

There is a way you can “cheat the system” by blocking off ejaculation during orgasm.  It is the ejaculation, not orgasm (two separate “events” happening simultaneously), that causes the prolactin boost that wipes out your erection and libido.

Block the ejaculation, and you’ll have a never ending erection that you can use to penetrate her for as you’d like.

For more on how to eliminate the refractory period with the male multiple orgasm technique, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Losing The Sexiest Girl Ever Due To ED Mental Block

mental block ED e1436992077288 300x217 Losing The Sexiest Girl Ever Due To ED Mental BlockEd mental block is a pain in the ass.

It can really get in the way of a good thing.

When you suffer from an inability to get hard due to anxiety, you feel judged by the girl you are with, you judge yourself… it’s tough not to get yourself down when troubled by this.

An “Active” Time In My Life

When I was about 23 or 24, I worked as a waiter at at a local “Alehouse” sports bar. While it was a very degrading job, the amount of women I got was higher than any other time in my life.

However, the girls I got were decent at best… nothing “off the charts” hot… couple of fellow waitresses, a few drunken patronesses…

But one night, I really outdid myself…

The Caramel Venezuelan Goddess

I used to walk behind the bar to get ice for the ice wells, check on the window to run food, etc. when one night I caught eyes with this caramel-skinned, dark eyed BEAUTIFUL goddess with some very nice cleavage, sitting at the bar with an almost as hot red-head, playing those little poker video games.

Just a fluke I figured… with the whole eye contact thing.

I walked by again, to get something else, and once again… eyes meet… but with intent this time.

Did she like me?

Did I have something on my face or something? She was way out of my league…

I went back to my section, and towards the end of the night, her friend (the hot redhead) walked up to me on the way to the restroom, and says, “my friend likes you… go talk to her.”…

I hadn’t had this feeling since middle-school… I had plenty of girlfriends growing up, but this was that new, exciting “crush” feeling that seems to only happen when you are a little kid, and less and less as you get older.

So I gathered everything in my gut (especially tough after a day of being degraded by rude/drunken patrons), and walked up to this girl.

I asked her what was her name, what was her sign (just kidding… didn’t ask her her sign), how was she doing, blah blah blah… and that I thought she looked good.

“Could I have your number?”… I asked.

She pulled the sexy, hard-to-get girl act and said she was “going to think about it”… although I knew it was in the bag.

I said “alright, you know where to find me”, and went on doing my finishing work.


She walked by me to go to the bathroom, and gave me a napkin with her number on it…

“Oh man!!! What a beautiful girl… I’ve really outdone myself this time.”

But a number doesn’t mean shit, unless you do something with it… I’ve gotten plenty of numbers over the years that turned into nothing.

In this case though, however, the dream just kept getting better and better…

Around 2 am when I was turning in the cash to the manager, a co-worker came up to me and said a girl named Diana was waiting for me outside….


I felt a sudden attack of anxiety/happiness/excitement/exhaustion/fear… all wrapped up in one.  In the mindstate I was in (probably an 8 hour shift of putting up with a lot of BS), it was overwhelming. But as a man, there’s no option in things like this, other than to go for it!

I remember walking out of the back door of the restaurant and seeing her amazingly fine self “tight-rope” walking on a concrete edge, coming towards me in the night.. it was like I was literally dreaming.

We went hotel bar next door (where all the waiters would go after work – open till 5 am), and ended up drunk, making out in the parking lot, with my hands in her shirt feeling up those firm, supple tits with long nipples, and her hands were in my pants…

(Note: There’s no ED mental block when there’s no pressure on you to perform!)

We didn’t have sex, but man, I was in the clouds… my life was perfect (for the moment at least).

Our Sexual Encounters Progress

Turns out she had JUST broken up from a 4 year relationship, so I was a rebound fling…

But you know what, she was so fine, she could have just used me up… I didn’t care. I knew there was going to be pain in the future, but I was going to ride this out as long as possible…

But then things progressed… and it became more than just a small fling.

We didn’t have sex the first couple dates, but did have heavy makeout sessions, feeling on each other, etc.  She’d continue to visit me at work, and we would go outside on my break, talk, kiss, feel on each other… we’d be on the phone till early in the morning… we were going on dates to places (other than bars! movies, etc.)

I told her that when I was with her, it felt like a drug, and she said she felt the same…

…But then there was the night we had sex.

ED Mental Block… You Son Of A Bitch… Whiskey Dick… You Jerk

One night, what started out as a boring date, ended up being a wild road trip to visit a friend of hers in a city about an hour north…  on the trip we finished off a bottle of white wine, made out while driving, felt on each other, etc.

Up until now, I can say I was probably “taking it slow” because I was afraid… she was too hot. I didn’t want to mess things up.

But this night, we were going full speed.

We then went to a local pool hall, where a few of her hot-ass friends were, and we had a more drinks, shots…  (she was incredibly good at pool, too, which in itself was a major turn-on for some reason)…

By the end of the night, I was very drunk… we ended up at her friend’s house, and were going to “sleep” on the couch.

I was so shit-faced, that I was hoping that’s what she actually wanted to do… go to sleep.

But she had different plans… no more pussy-footing allowed…

She started pulling down my pants, and anxiety kicked in… mixed with the amount of alcohol I had imbibed, I had all out ED mental block.

My dick did the opposite of become erect… it shrunk up… in her hands.

It must have felt like a baby dick (this was before I did penis enlargement…. my flaccid size use to be pretty small)… and continued to shrivel up, as anxiety and embarrassment ate me up.

She looked down at my tiny flaccid penis with a face of disgust, and turned around and went to sleep.

A strong attraction transformed into instant despisement.

The Horrible Aftermath of This Mental Erectile Dysfunction

The next day we woke up, and it felt like a nightmare had occurred…

I no longer felt that open connection with this girl… it felt as if a wall had risen up between us.

Deep down I felt like a loser, and I was WAY far from home, and we had to take a trip back to Miami together…. hung over as hell.

It was a silent trip. I failed, she knew it, I knew it.

My confidence levels were not enough to get over this.  She was too hot, too in-demand, to have to deal with a weak lover.

I was given a brief chance, and I dropped the ball.

And it wasn’t just the liquor’s fault.  Alcohol doesn’t help ED mental block, but I had (and have had) sex MANY, MANY times while completely drunk… as long as you’re comfortable with the girl, then alcohol is not enough to wipe out your erection.

She never gave me another shot.

She hung out with me as “a friend” after that… and the more I tried, the more I “stuck a fork in it”.  It was done. I was a friend.

And it sucked.

How I Learned To Overcome Mental Block ED

In time, I learned quite a bit about the problem… I had to!  I wasn’t going to let this happen again!

This is what I’ve learned.. to get an erection on command, when nervous/anxious, you need to:

1) Admit you are anxious – it is common for ALL men to get anxious before sex. It’s human nature, and you’re a human.

2) Don’t concentrate on “getting hard”, concentrate on “getting horny” – Work out the mental arousal, and your erection will come along on it’s own – it knows what to do

3) Take it SLOW… arousal grows when you are taking it slow… comfort grows when you are taking it slow… both of these are requirements for an erection. NO RUSHING, EVEN WHEN PUTTING ON A CONDOM.

There are also some exercises you can do to have much harder erections. An it’s not kegels I’m talking about. These greatly improved the blood flow throughout my penis and my erection hardness (duration). Click here for more on this guide to harder erections.  I also have some more advanced techniques to overcoming ED mental block, if the above doesn’t help.

Now go out and have some fun!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction By Avoiding Cell Phone Waves 

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Natural Penis Enlargement Proof: Erase All Doubts

It may seem hard to believe that you can increase your penis size… I get that.

Natural penis enlargement, the term itself, is associated with scam, fraud, etc… always carries a negative connotation.

What I can tell you is this, yes, “MALE enhancement” pills are a scam… at least for what they are supposed to do. These pills claim to increase your penis size… and crazy claims at that “Increase your penis by 3 inches in 90 days!“, crazy stuff like that…

Sadly, male enhancement pills will not increase your length nor girth by a millimeter, even if you took them for a year…

But natural penis enlargement, the manual techniques, is a whole different area.  Yes, you can make your penis bigger, but it won’t be by 3 inches in 3 months, it will be more like half an inch to an inch in 6 months, or maybe even longer if you are a slow gainer.

And it won’t be a miracle solution: just popping a pill and your penis begins to grow in size.

You need to apply the techniques, and put some effort.

Luckily, with the proper application of the techniques, most men grow in size.

I’ve been performing natural penis enlargement exercises for some time now, and have added over an inch to my length, and quite a bit more girth.  I know many others who have made similar growth (and some, even more…).

But before I started the exercises, I needed PROOF that penis enlargement works… I wasn’t going to play with my penis, and waste all that time for nothing.  So I understand the need and purpose for this information.

Penis Enlargement Proof – No Denying It Works.

Throughout the years, I’ve received emails from men who took photos before they started the exercises, and then sent me photos after they’ve added some size. To see these before and after photos / penis enlargement proof, click here…

No photo shop going on here, no tricks.

Just a picture of a penis, and then another picture of the obviously same penis, but much larger.

Some men add an inch, some men add less, some men add MORE…. but all men add size with penis enlargement.

For more information on the exercises themselves, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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Using Acupuncture To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

acupuncture and premature ejaculation1 e1436720438330 300x275 Using Acupuncture To Overcome Premature EjaculationBack when I was younger, and I couldn’t last long during sex to save my life, I would have done anything to overcome premature ejaculation.

I used to drink alcohol, masturbate before sex, think appalling thoughts during sex to “turn myself off” (taking all the fun out of it)… but no matter what I tried, I was never able to last long enough to get a woman off, even on my “best” days.

So I know what a frustrating problem PE can be.

But the good news is, there are a number of options out there now that work to delay ejaculation.  And this includes acupuncture.

Needles to Make You Last Longer During Sex?

I’m a believer in all sorts of medicine… East, West, I think they have their merits. I believe where Western medicine is lacking, Eastern is strong, and vice versa.

Acupuncture uses needles to open up the flow of energy in the body. While not exactly sure of the mechanism, a change of energy flow brought about by the needles helps men to last longer during sex, and studies have shown this.

Studies on Acupuncture To Overcome Premature Ejaculation Vs. Medication

The interesting thing is the different findings of studies on acupuncture vs. medication for overcoming PE, one in China, and one in Turkey.

Guess which one found Acupuncture to be better than medication, and vice versa?

The Chinese study found that acupuncture was more effective for delaying ejaculation than medication, but they used a medication called “Sailete”… which I’ve never heard of, and which a Google search yields zero results… I feel this study was rigged from the beginning for the “East” to win.. SSRI’s and only another couple of classes of psychiatric meds have been shown to have ejaculation delaying qualities… and “Sailete”, whatever that may be, is not one of these.

This is not to say that acupuncture doesn’t work for overcoming premature ejaculation though….

The Turkish study found that acupuncture did indeed have significant ejaculation delaying effects, compared to the control group which received no kinds of treatment, but not as strong as the effects of Paroxetine (marketed as Paxil, an SSRI).  To the defense of the acupuncture, they only treated these men twice a week with the acupuncture… and even with that, the effects were quite impressive.

Why Go The Acupuncture Route Vs. Meds?

Acupuncture is an all natural method of overcoming PE, vs. SSRI’s, which can carry side effects, such as a change in personality, lethargy, weight gain, loss of sex drive, and more issues. Good news for the “Western Team”, is that on-demand treatment of SSRI’s has shown to delay ejaculation as well, which will limit any side effects.

Up to you which team you root for, but they both seem to have their strong suits.

There are a number of natural ways to gain ejaculation control, including exercises to train yourself to last longer in bed, for more info on these exercises, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Have No Fear Over Exercises To Make Penis Bigger

exercises to make penis bigger e1436538735249 300x204 Have No Fear Over Exercises To Make Penis BiggerI’ve been performing exercises to make my penis bigger for YEARS now… off and on of course.

The times I’ve made the major strides, and gains in penis size, were the times I went ALL IN, with no fear… long stretching sessions, intense girth sessions…

These were the times I’d measure a quarter inch larger the next time I measured.

Much like weight training, when it comes to exercises to make your penis bigger, if you dedicate yourself, you make some serious gains, but when staying inactive, you lose some of it… it’s like a 2 steps forward, 1 step back process.  However, in time, these two steps, minus the one step, really add up…

At first, I was very concerned to perform penis enlargement exercises.

I always figured my penis to be this frail appendage, and that penis enlargement techniques could ruin some sort of internal structure… but when first “dipping my small toe in the water”, I realized my penis was much more flexible and strong than I had expected.  So I put a little more strength into the stretches, pressure into the girth work… then I realized my penis continued responding positively, and I gained even more!

Until I did a head-first dive into the waters, and my penis thanked me by getting longer and thicker…

It’s a beautiful thing.

After performing these exercises to make the penis bigger for so long (I have times of intense work, times of taking it easy – maintenance work), I’ve been quite impressed about the way penis enlargement works… and wonder why large scale studies by reputable sources haven’t been done on the manual techniques.

Scientific Studies On A Specific Form Of Penis Enlargement

They have done studies on extension devices, though, which work similar to manual stretches… and after a time period of 6 months, men gained 33% more flaccid size, and 18% more when the penis was in a stretched out state. Erection quality was said to IMPROVE substantially (by 30%+).

At least science has seen this….

Personally, I believe you get a much better stretch with the manual exercises to make penis bigger, because you control the amount of pressure (and angle) better; you can feel how your penis is responding, and adjust… an extension device just stretches straight out/forward… in reality, some of the best stretches are in all types of angles.

(Interesting note: I know a man who used a “hanger”… a device that grips the shaft right behind the head, with a hook, where you can hang weights… this man claims to have gained nearly 5 inches in length… but said he “hung” for many hours a day, for nearly 10 years!)

So, science has backed up the fact that you can increase your penis size, which is quite cool… and as to major injuries, I’ve never (knock on wood) experienced one, nor have I heard of anyone else having any injuries… your penis is strong and resilient…

Give the exercises a try and you’ll see!

For more information on these manual exercises to make penis bigger, click here:

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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overcome psychological ED e1436281765836 300x238 3 PHYSICAL Tricks To Overcome PSYCHOLOGICAL EDPsychological ED hits men of all ages…

Young men first starting out on their sex lives…

Older men who may have recently been divorced, and are having sex with someone new after YEARS of being with the same person.

There are all sorts of psychological causes to erectile dysfunction. Even when there is a strong physical cause, such as diabetes or blood pressure meds, these psychological blocks can play a STRONG role.

But the good news is that Viagra isn’t the only answer to overcoming psychological ED.

Beating the problem in the mind is the majority of the battle, but physical techniques can help as well…

In order to beat this mental erectile dysfunction, you need 1) reduce your anxiety… and 2) increase your mental arousal.

Admitting you are human, and anxious, can reduce the anxiety’s chokehold on your arousal.  Getting as mentally “horny” as possible, without thinking about your erection, will pump some life into your erection (for more in-depth mental techniques to overcome psychological ED, click here…).

Once your erection has some life to it (some blood-flow, a “semi-erection”), these three forms of physical stimulation can help get you all the way hard (and stay hard):

1) Placing Her Hands On Your Testicles Or Penis

When I was younger, and I faced psychological ED, I used to try and play with my own penis to wake it up… I would go down on the girl, and play with my penis, hoping it would come to life… usually the opposite would happen… it would shrink up even more.

There’s nothing stronger than the “electrical pulse” of another woman playing with your penis (or testicles), providing it with the type of stimulation to bring life to it.  The physical touch of a woman’s hands on these erogenous zones will wake your erection up, and bring it to life, way more than your own hands can.

I sometimes put a woman’s hands on my testicles while making out with her, or becoming mentally aroused, and even ask her to give them a slight squeeze… this kicks a jolt of life into them.

2) Standing Up

I personally can become better aroused when standing up… I ask the girl to stand up as well, and use her body to become mentally and physically aroused.  Something about the way the blood flows, makes it easier to get an erection than when lying down.

3) Slapping the Penis Against Her Legs (or Butt or Boobs… Or Anywhere Else)

Once your penis has a “jolt” of life to it, start slapping it against her leg, or anywhere else (putting her doggystyle, and slapping it against her butt, is nice too… no eyes “judging” what’s going on with your penis)… this “fortifies” the penis.  A penis that has been fortified for some time stays hard longer than one that is not fully hard.

(tip: before putting on the condom, make sure your erection is “fortified” as well, at least for a minute or so with some good stimulation – and don’t freak out when putting on the condom… take your time, just stay mentally aroused, and if anything ask her to play with your testicles in the meantime).


As mentioned above, you need to overcome psychological ED in the mind first, but these physical techniques help.

To teach you how to be calm in battle, and allow arousal to fully grow even in high pressure situations, there are some more advanced techniques.  There are also exercises/techniques you can do to develop physically harder, longer lasting erections… erections that become fully hard quickly, are extremely hard, and do not go soft (even for a long time after ejaculation)… for more info on this guide to overall stronger erections, and more advanced mental techniques to overcome psychological ED, click here…

For more information on how to be an overall better lover, including how to last longer during sex, give women orgasms during penetration, eliminate your refractory period and more, click here…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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