Women Need To Orgasm During Sex To Feel Complete With A Man

good penetration techniques for female orgasm e1434982244706 296x300 Women Need To Orgasm During Sex To Feel Complete With A ManThe quality of sex you are having can play a major role in the quality of your relationship. Good sex can have a “binding”, and positive effect on a relationship, and bad sex, the opposite.

Generally speaking, the bare minimum for good sex is when the woman is having an orgasm, and bad sex is where a woman is not getting off…

And, man, what a difference there is between these two scenarios…

Scenario 1) Woman Having Orgasms During Sex

Might be that you lasted longer during sex, or you hit the right spots, but when a woman is having an orgasm during sex, you and your lady just seem to “click”.

When there’s good sex, there is a strong connection between both of you, she is perfectly at ease, you feel at ease, and completely secure that she’s not going anywhere.

As long as a woman is sexually satisfied (and you don’t make any major screw ups in other areas), she’ll be sticking around.

In other words, when she’s getting off, you are the man, her satisfaction provider, and that will help smooth things over outside the bedroom as well.

On the other hand…

Scenario 2) Woman Not Having An Orgasm During Sex

Having a bad performance from time to time is normal in every relationship — especially in the beginning — and most likely not enough to break up a good thing.

However, as time goes by, if you continue leaving her unsatisfied during sex on a regular basis, her lack of orgasm can become the focal point of your relationship, causing increasing worry and anxiety in you, and frustration and disappointment in her.

Whether due to premature ejaculation or poor technique, her lack of orgasm can cause a hit to your self-esteem and sense of well-being, and she will feel this… depending on her personality type, she may begin doubting that this relationship is the one for her, and intimacy can begin to suffer.

The increase in sexual frustration on her end, and anxiety on your end, can lead to her being farther from orgasm and you having even poorer performances.

It can become a vicious cycle. Leading to not so great consequences both in and out of the bedroom.


The Truth Is Bitter, Like Medicine, But It Cures

I know both of these scenarios very well, as I’ve lived them both.

What I’ve learned is that it is highly important that you learn how to make your girl orgasm, and preferably during penetrative sex. While women enjoy receiving cunnilingus, and the orgasm that comes with it, the vast majority of women I’ve spoken with prefer an orgasm during penetration.

Any man can learn how to penetrate a woman properly, and last long enough to get her off.

Rubbing hard against her clitoris on the in- and out-stroke with the your lower pelvis (area above your penis), can help bring her to orgasm quicker.

Talking dirty (getting in a woman’s mind during sex is the quickest path to her orgasm), and stimulate her other hot spots while penetrating.

You will need to have at least some ejaculation control. You don’t need to last 30 minutes to make a woman orgasm, but if you can’t last more than a couple of minutes, you will need some extra help.

As to penis size requirements for female orgasm, while a bigger penis can make the job easier, an average (or under average) penis can fully satisfy a woman, as long technique and ejaculation control are decent.

Give her orgasms during sex, and everything else will just fall into place.

For more in-depth penetration techniques to make a woman orgasm during intercourse, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique, A Potent Sexual Tool For Men

male multiple orgasm technique 1 300x300 The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique, A Potent Sexual Tool For Men When I first heard about the male multiple orgasm technique, I thought there was no way it could be true… no way for a man to maintain his erection after orgasm, unless he was naturally built for it.

With the male multiple orgasm technique, you learn how to cut off your ejaculation during orgasm, overriding the refractory period.

The refractory period is the time after you ejaculate where you no longer feel like having sex, and it’s impossible to achieve an erection.  The older you get, the longer the refractory period.

With the male multiple orgasm technique, each time you approach an orgasm, you perform it, have an orgasm without losing your erection, and continue on… hence, allowing you to have multiple orgasms with the same erection.

I used to think a man’s body was either built to maintain an erection after orgasm, or not.

Some men naturally have the ability to stay hard hard after an ejaculation (a small percentage of men, but they are out there). I’ve never been able to maintain my erection after an orgasm, so I thought the male multiple orgasm technique just wouldn’t work for me.

The FIRST time I tried it, though, I somehow managed to pull off the technique…

I reached my first orgasm, clamped down hard and cut off the ejaculation, had a pleasurable dry orgasm, but kept on with a rock hard erection… until a second ejaculation.

HOWEVER… after this first lucky try, I was never able to repeat the process….

Every time I tried the technique after that, I lost my erection, and had a retrograde ejaculation. When you cut off the ejaculation too late, or don’t hold it off for long enough, you have a retrograde ejaculation, which is inwards towards your bladder.

This is harmless; you just pee out the semen the next time you urinate. However, this will cause you to lose your erection, preventing the male multiple orgasm technique from working.

I became hell-bent on mastering the male multiple orgasm technique…

Having once experienced the power of male multiple orgasms, I knew I had to be able to repeat this technique again, so that I could use it during actual sex. Any woman who would have been able to witness the amazing stamina this technique brings, would have been more than impressed.

I digested every book out there on the technique, and let’s just say there are some good ones out there, and some not so good ones. I also reviewed articles onlines, and saw that there was so much misinformation on what the male multiple orgasm really was, or how to address the main issues holding me back from mastering it.

In the end, I picked up a number of insights from each source, that when combined, along with a little practice and observation, finally allowed me to get the male multiple orgasm technique down every time I tried it…

I had finally gathered enough knowledge to master it…

I remember being in my apartment at the time, a bit bored, and thinking how cool it would be to use male multiple orgasms during sex with my girl… so I wanted to see if I could finally pull the technique off again on my own.

making a woman orgasm 300x197 The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique, A Potent Sexual Tool For MenI pulled out one of those magazines that you take from the entrance of a strip club, and I looked for a sexy chick to masturbate to. I found a sexy, big booty latina, bending over…

Doggystyle had always been my weak point, which would make me blow my load quickly… so imagining doing this latina in that position was a big test.

As I approached orgasm, I successfully clamped down to cut off the ejaculation, and had my first dry orgasm / male multiple orgasm. After this first orgasm, I still had a full-blown erection, and I continued on.

It took much longer to reach the second orgasm, but I still had a complete erection the whole time!

If I would have been in bed with my lady at the time, I would have blown her mind. This is why male multiple orgasms are a highly effective technique for anybody looking to last longer during sex naturally and without medication.

I continued on to the next orgasm and then released with an ejaculation.

Since that day, I’ve mastered the male multiple orgasm technique, and use it during sex whenever I please.

You have COMPLETE control during sex when you have this technique down…

Imagine having sex with your lady, approaching an orgasm like you usually do, but then switching it up on her, having a male multiple orgasm, and then continuing on with penetration. Imagine lasting so long that you provide her with 3 or 4 orgasms, and you have about 3 or 4 orgasms yourself. You’ll be her sexual superman!

Well, I’ve lived out the above scenario thanks to male multiple orgasms, and so will you if you properly learn the technique.

Benefits of the Male Multiple Orgasm Technique:

  • Eliminate the refractory period
  • Maintain your erection after orgasm
  • Overcome premature ejaculation
  • Last as long as you want during sex
  • Have as many orgasms as you can handle
  • Have more confidence in the sack
  • Provide your lady with longer, stronger stimulation
  • Total control over your ejaculatory process

Once you get this technique down, you walk around feeling like you can satisfy any woman you see. You have the confidence to take a lady to the sheets, because you know you’ll be able to last as long as it takes to satisfy her (and beyond). You feel fully capable of satisfying any woman, like a man is expected to.

What is Needed to Master The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

In order to properly perform the male multiple orgasm technique, you need the proper training and know-how.

It’s important to properly prepare your PC muscle, and have it extremely strong before attempting the technique. You need to become familiar with your arousal process, and the different levels of arousal. You need to become EXTREMELY familiar with the point-of-no-return, the millisecond time period before you ejaculate. Clamping down too early, or too late, will cause you to fail at the technique. ALL EJACULATION must be blocked off to maintain a complete erection after orgasm.

No worries, I’ll get you there.

For a more information on the technique, what it took for me to master it, and how to perform the male multiple orgasm technique yourself, check out my guide…

Give it a shot, you’ll be amazed at what your body can do.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Shorten Refractory Period – How To Get Hard Again Quickly

shorten refractory period Shorten Refractory Period - How To Get Hard Again QuicklyFor some of us men, our refractory period is LONG and OVERPOWERING…

After an ejaculation, you may feel your nuts deflated, and your penis dead and lifeless…

A fog may take over your brain, a laziness creeps through your body, and you either want to order an extra large pizza with all the toppings, or watch a season of that new series on Netflix (or both…).

And the good news is (sarcasm), the older you get, the longer and stronger your refractory period gets, and the harder it is to get hard again after orgasm.

An ejaculation will take even more out of you… wiping out all of your erection strength and libido at first for hours… and as you age… days.

Good news is, there are natural ways to shorten refractory period and get hard again quickly for round 2 and beyond

You can shorten refractory period, and the two best routes to get hard again faster after an orgasm are to boost your testosterone production and improve your circulation… here are some ways to do that.

1) Do Some Aerobic Activity… Make Sure The Blood Is Circulating Powerfully Through All Of Your “Extremities”!

It’s been shown that cardio activity significantly improves erection quality.

The improvement in circulation and increase in nitric oxide levels flows throughout the entire body, including your penis, yielding stronger erections and an ability to get hard again after ejaculating.

To show how strong of an effect exercise can have on your erections, my brother at one point trained himself to be able to stay hard after ejaculation until a next ejaculation… I’ve done this on a few occasions, but I don’t like to ejaculate in such large amounts (I like to conserve some of my “manjuice” like old boxing trainers and football coaches recommend, and Taoist teachings).

When asked about his methods, he said a large part of it was that he would ride his bike everywhere… to work, to school, to the store, to friends’ houses.  His cardiovascular health (and therefore N.O. levels) was at its max.  He also said he ejaculated multiple times throughout the day on purpose. Although he said it would leave him “drained”, he said his body reached a point where it actually got accustomed to it and felt the need to ejaculate more often.

Good tips for folks who want to stay hard until a second ejaculation… but if you just want to shorten refractory period after a first ejaculation, follow the cardio part.

2) Get Some Sunlight And Drink Milk, or Supplement – Up Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D, however you get it, is essential for your testosterone production, and testosterone production is essential for your sex drive and erection quality.

And with a large part of the population at risk of inadequacy or deficiency in Vitamin D, this is an easy way to fix things. Drink milk, get some sun (wear face protection, don’t over do it), or just take some Vitamin D supplement.

Follow this all natural way of upping your T levels, and you’ll greatly shorten refractory period in the process thanks to a stronger libido wanting a round 2.

3) Do Heavy, Manly Workouts – The Power / Football Workouts!

Weight training in general has been shown to boost testosterone production.

Some of the best workouts are compound workouts – workouts that use multiple, large muscles groups at once, and with heavy weight (compared to what you can normally lift… up your weight when possible).

Squats, deadlift, bench press… all strengthen your libido to the point that you can get hard again for round 2, 3 and beyond without much trouble.

Also, something about squatting deep (ass to grass, they call it, squatting all the way down to hit the deepest parts of the glute and surrounding muscles) that just wakes up and brings life to that whole lower pelvis / penis region.

4) Get sufficient sleep!  Recharge your T batteries, and improve circulation and energy levels!

Too many of us are sleep deprived, and in a sleep debt (where a number of days of lack of sleep have added up)…

This leads to increases in cortisol, your stress hormone, and decreases in testosterone, your sex hormone.  An increase of a crappy hormone, and a decrease of the manly one… not good.

Go out of your way to sleep early when possible, and aim for a solid 8 hours on a regular basis if possible… quality of sleep is as important as length of sleep.

Sleep a full night, and you recharge your testosterone levels… and improved circulation… don’t sleep well, and you know how you feel… no energy, low strength and willpower (signs of low T, and just plain old exhaustion), and those dark circles under your eyes? Signs that circulation to the face (and other parts!) is reduced!

Here are some tips to help you sleep better:

  • Try and avoid artificial lights from electronics for at least half an hour before sleeping… it messes up your melatonin (the sleep hormone).
  • Avoid caffeine late in the day
  • Get some sunlight during the day, increases melatonin
  • Read or meditate for a few minutes before sleeping
  • Masturbate or have sex
  • Do some exercise in the day, but not too late
  • Eat a snack with some carbs, not too heavy, right before sleeping. Helps you sleep.

Be well rested, and you’ll be able to get hard again quicker with your lady… your body will provide you with the physical strength and desire.


In the end, we’re only human. But follow these guidelines, and you’ll get your body in the best shape possible to overcome the heavy cloud of the refractory period.

Besides the above tips, there are several exercises, both internal like kegels / pc squeezes (and ways to really concentrate on and strengthen the muscle) and external like manual techniques you can perform on the shaft to strengthen circulation and tissue in the penis. The result is that you develop stronger erections that get harder and stay hard longer (see here). Also, along with the exercises, just like the above tips for boosting testosterone, you can find many other scientifically-backed, natural guidelines to boost your testosterone production here

Last option you have for getting over the downtime after sex is the male multiple male orgasm technique, where you completely block off ejaculation during orgasm, eliminating the refractory period altogether. When done correctly, this allows you to have consecutive orgasms without ever losing your erection. Takes a bit of practice and know-how, but well worth it. Learn how to perform male multiple orgasms here… 

And if you need a round two because you didn’t satisfy her fully in round one… then work on your penetration technique for a “first round knockout“… and then you can get right to the Pizza Hut and TV, but with your job accomplished!

All of these topics are covered in my guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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How to Increase Penis Size By Hand – Tips To Make PE Work

how to increase size of penis using hand 300x276 How to Increase Penis Size By Hand - Tips To Make PE Work

Ask around online (because no man would ask in real life), if there’s any way to make your penis bigger, and 9 out of 10 people will give you the same answer:

“No, there’s no way to make your penis bigger…”

It’s not that these men are dumb… but they are assuming here, and incorrect. And if I hadn’t gained penis size myself, I wouldn’t be be so quick to say they’re wrong.

I now have a long, heavy flaccid penis when soft, when I used to be tiny when flaccid.

When I’m erect, I’m 1.5 inches longer than where I was before starting the exercises… I’ve also added somewhere around an inch in extra girth to my erection, and haven’t even been concentrating on girth… it just comes along as a nice side effect of these exercises.

So I can say with confidence… yes, you can make your penis bigger, and with your hands alone. Just takes a little leap of faith, as I understand, our penis is very important to us men, and wouldn’t want to do something stupid to injure it.

Another group of men is men who’ve tried the exercises already, but made no gains in size, so drop out from them and no longer believe they work.

These men just need to learn it the right way, and then they’ll believe.

If you’ve tried penis enlargement, or are interested in learning how to do the exercises, here are 4 tips to really increase penis size using your hands alone

1) Warm Up For A Good While

Warming up is one of the more boring parts of penis enlargement, but essential.

Besides helping to avoid injuries, warming up before doing the exercises seems to make the penis tissue more “malleable” and capable of making more gains.

Warm up the whole area for at least two minutes. Until you feel the entire penis warmed up, including internally. After relaxing the tissue with the warm up, you may get the urge to urinate, and that’s a good sign you’ve warmed up sufficiently… and by all means, pee.

Warming down at the end is important as well, as it helps to keep the penis in the enlarged state for longer.

You can either warm up under the hot water in the shower (cup your hands under) or use a sock filled with rice, tied off. Then microwave the sock (sort of like a homemade heating pad). Make sure to warm up all areas, even under the shaft.

2) Stretch Correctly, In the Right Directions and For Long Enough

You want to make sure you’re gripping the penis correctly, in order to not put pressure on the dorsal nerves. This can actually cause your penis to turtle up. Avoid too much pressure along the top of the shaft.

Our penis has a natural propensity to feel, at its base ligaments, a more “friction-like” stretch either when pulling up or pulling down. Whichever one it is in your case, just know this as your most effective stretch.. Stretches in all directions are important, though…

3) Don’t Forget the Classic Back-And-Forth Slap To Bring Life Back Into The Penis

When I first learned about penis enlargement, all of the original exercise guides would mention the back-and-forth and up-and-down slapping of the penis against your legs as either an essential part of warming up, or after some stretches.

Over time, this part of the penis enlargement exercises has seemed to have been phased out of some of the guides, or overlooked as not important.

This part of the exercises is very important, as it keeps bloodflow in the penis, and keeps the penis “alive” and better to work on.

I personally return to perform a few slaps after every few stretches, and even after jelqing a good bit.

4) Perform Penis Enlargement For Long Enough, and For Enough Days In A Row

(Note: This article used to be 3 tips, but this one was so important, I had to add a 4th.)

The time I made the most penis enlargement gains was when I really applied the exercises, and performed them for a good while per session.

After making some decent gains, I felt I could perhaps ease up, and perform a “light” version of my routine, and hopefully still make some gains. While the light version of the routine helped me with some maintenance, it didn’t lead to any gains, and didn’t leave me with that constant massive flaccid hang that performing the exercises for just a bit longer left me with (although my flaccid size was still night and day compared to what it had been).

This has made stick to a “minimum” per exercise, that has yielded the best results.

The exercises also seem to work well when performed for a few days consecutively… it’s almost like growth is easier to achieve the day after the penis has been conditioned a bit.

More info on Penis Enlargement – How to Increase Penis Size By Hand

Manual penis enlargement exercises are a safe and effective way to increase your penis size

Good indicators that you are on the right track are a much longer flaccid penis size, rock hard erections, and very strong orgasms. Measurable increases in erect size will soon follow. If your penis seems to “turtle” or shrink up after your exercises, tone back the pressure a bit, as you may be overdoing it.

I’ve learned a good bit about penis enlargement over the years. For more on how to increase your penis size naturally with your hands, see my guide here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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