Australians Last Longer During Sex Than Americans

Australians Last Longer During Sex Than Americans e1427899657671 300x238 Australians Last Longer During Sex Than AmericansMust be the Fosters…

A new survey shows that Australians last longer during sex than not just Americans, but any other country for that matter.

If it’s true, congrats Australia!

Over 13,000 men in 133 countries took place in the survey, entering their “lasting power”, and other data related to their sex lives, into a sex tracking app called Spreadsheets. The top ten countries were ranked by average amount of time they lasted in bed.

Australians, on average, lasted 4 minutes and 2 seconds during sex.  Runner up was the US, lasting 3 minutes and 45 seconds… last on the list, was China (man, Asians can’t get a break when it comes to sex), lasting only 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

US, however, ranked number one when it came to frequency having sex… Shorter-lasting sex, but having it more times?  Hmmm… not a bad deal.

Other countries that ranked at the bottom were Italy, England and France…

Maybe Europeans are just more honest??

Mr. Manpower’s th0ughts on these findings

  • If you can last longer during sex than 4 minutes and 2 seconds, then you’re beating the world record holders for sexual stamina! Strive for five minutes!
  • Could Australians and Americans just be liars?  (but why lie on an anonymous app?)
  • Could there be something in the water (or the BEEEA!) in Australia that allows these men to last so long during intercourse?
  • If these were the top 10, I wonder what were the bottom 10..

Here are the top 10 sexual stamina rankings, with the marathon men ranking towards the top, and Quick Draw McGraws towards the bottom:

1. Australia 4:02
2. United States 3:45
3. Canada 3:41
4. Russia 3:31
5. Mexico 3:23
6. Spain 3:22
7. United Kingdom 2:56
8. France 2:53
9. Italy 2:50
10. China 2:40

Don’t worry, China… I used to be worse off than you. You too can beat Australia, only a minute and 22 seconds to go!!  Keep your mind strong!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Bigger Penis Size In Black Men Really A Myth? Study Shows…

black men bigger penis myth1 Bigger Penis Size In Black Men Really A Myth? Study Shows...All I really know, and this is from observation, is that some black men in porn have penises that resemble a third leg.

And I’ve never seen a white man’s in porn that compared to some of these crazy appendages… but apparently, my porn research is not enough.

Scientists have gone just a step further…

A recent study published in the British Journal of Urology, discovered a few things about average penis size (15,000 men participated in the study), that aren’t really a shocker to me… the average flaccid penis length is 3.6 inches, and the average erect length is 5.16 inches… same results I usually hear from these studies on average penis size (seems a little smaller than other studies, but within the same range).

They also found that average flaccid girth is 3.7 inches and average erect girth is 4.6 inches.

What is interesting are the other findings.

No Correlation Between Penis Size and Ethnicity

While Mandingo was known as a black man with a massive penis, there may have been a Blandingo out in Wisconsin somewhere with an equally large penis. The participants were from various different nationalities and ethnicity, and there appeared to be no correlation between penis size and the person’s nationality or racial makeup. Also, the man who currently holds the world record for biggest penis is white.

We’re all the same… down below.  Where it counts.

No Correlation Between Penis Size and Feet… 

Another interesting finding was that bigger foot did not mean bigger penis. Other studies have shown that there is no correlation between penis size and any other body part.  Good thing, because I have small feet… now I just need to carry this study around with me, and give it to women that I feel may be judging me.  Take that!

Also, gaining weight will not make your penis bigger.  If you’re skinny, packing on extra pounds will not add girth to your penis.

So in summary, regardless of my internet findings, compiled after years of porn watching, there seems to be no difference in penis size between black men and others…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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How To Get A Bigger Penis Without Pills – 5 Proven Methods


If you see something like this, run for the hills… and hold on tight to your wallet.

Nothing can increase your penis size by that length, in that amount of time. Not even surgery.

ESPECIALLY not pills.  Pills won’t give you a bigger penis, not even by a centimeter.  They will give you a slightly improved flaccid hang, due to the increased circulation, and will give you harder erections, to the point that you may believe in the first couple of weeks that it’s increasing in size… But after those first couple of weeks are up, and your penis is the same size, you will be left disheartened… and betrayed.

If you are wondering how to get a bigger penis without pills, it IS possible. And can be done at home.  All you need is your penis, and your hands.

Certain manual natural penis enlargement techniques will increase the length and girth of your penis, in both it’s erect and flaccid state.  It may seem scary, but I’ve been doing it long enough to know that your penis is tough as shit, and is built in a way that these penis enlargement exercises actually improve the strength and condition of your penis.

Any other ways to get a bigger penis, other than manual techniques?

  • In order to increase the girth of your penis, penis pumps apparently work quite well.  I had a friend a while back, whom I shared natural penis enlargement strategy with, who claimed to have added somewhere between 1 to 2 inches in extra girth, which is a MASSIVE girth increase.  I’ve never used a penis pump myself, but I heard you need to use it quite a bit in order to see gains.
  • Weight hangers are just that… you hang weight from your penis.  The opposite of the effect penis pumps have, weight hangers work for length only.  I know a man who claims to have made some serious gains from the weight hanger (3 inches in length).  Back before I had a family/kids, and privacy permitted, I purchased a hanger (Bib Hanger… well constructed), and got up to hanging 25 lbs from my penis.  It was a bit scary, how cold your penis temporarily gets after hanging for a session, so I only ended up doing it for 3 weeks or so…  (plus it was such a mission to set everything up), but I believe I may have gained a quick spurt in length. Don’t believe I “cemented” that gain; but if I would have kept it up, I probably would have.  If privacy permits, and you really want length, you may want to consider a hanger.
  • Extension or traction devices are devices that stretch your penis out and hold it place (much like manual natural penis enlargement stretches).  Studies have shown minor gains in length, although users claim more than just minor gains in length.  Personally, when it comes to devices, I’d prefer the weight hangers, just for the physics of the whole thing, and the ability to increase strength of stretch with added weight.  However, this may be a less scary alternative.
  • An all-day stretcher (ADS) is a device used to hold your penis in a stretched out state, and it then holds it against your leg. The idea behind the ADS is that you can go about your day, meanwhile holding your penis in a stretched out state, without anybody knowing the better. Interesting idea. Although I’ve never tried it, I can see the benefit in it.

What I’m most familiar with are the manual natural penis enlargement methods. Stretching is involved, as are other exercises for adding girth, so for me, I get the most well-rounded results from the exercises. Plus they are convenient. No need for strapping your penis into some sort of contraption, all you need are your hands.  I do my exercises in the shower, so nobody knows the better (My lady does stare at my massively large flaccid size when getting out of the shower — but I don’t explain anything).

Natural penis enlargement exercises work, but you need to take to them with the proper guidance. Incomplete knowledge on the exercises may leave you with various degrees of numbness in your penis, and erectile difficulties.  But with the proper guidelines (pretty dummy-proof), you will be able to add length and girth to your penis, quickly and effectively, all the while increasing erection strength. I’ve written down all I’ve learned about natural penis enlargement exercises over the years here: How To Get A Bigger Penis Without Pills

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Winning Increases Testosterone Levels; Losing, The Opposite

winning increases testosterone levels e1427653053953 300x296 Winning Increases Testosterone Levels; Losing, The OppositeAre you the competitive type?

For most people, winning feels great, and losing sucks, but does it REALLY feel great when you win?  And do you REALLY feel like crap when you lose?

Well there may be more than just your ego involved… there may be a further reason why winning feels so great and losing feels so terrible:


Studies have shown how winning and losing influences testosterone levels in men.

One study measured testosterone and cortisol (your stress/fight-and-flight hormone) levels in six university tennis players before and after tennis matches. Testosterone levels increased before each match for all players involved in the study; they were literally “manning up”.

As expected, winners experienced an increase in testosterone levels, and losers experienced a reduction. There was a strong correlation between testosterone levels and mood (hence feeling so good when you whoop your brother in a one-on-one).

The winners had even even higher testosterone levels before their next match, compared to the losers, who had lower levels before the next match… “Can’t win for losing”, as my good friend Rafael says (saying makes no damn sense; but at the same time makes perfect sense).

As to cortisol, there were no change in levels in relation to winning or losing, but the top players had lower cortisol levels on average, and overall levels of cortisol decreased in all competitors as the season progressed… In other words, top players were more at ease, and all players became more at ease as the season progressed, as they became more “battle ready”.

The Effect Extends To You Even If You’re Just WATCHING An Event

Man, I felt like crap when San Antonio defeated the Heat in last year’s finals… I felt almost emasculated. And I wasn’t even playing!


A number of studies have confirmed that FANS watching sporting events have a change in T levels.  Studies measuring testosterone levels of fans across various sports, from college basketball to the World Cup, have shown the same: higher testosterone levels in fans of the winning team, and lower testosterone in the fans of the losing team.  The effect appears to be even larger when the teams are rivals.

This is due to the psychological process of “basking in reflected glory”, where individuals increase their self esteem by identifying with successful others… it not only has psychological effects, but apparently physiological effects as well.

So this really raises the stakes of playing, huh?

So, your pride is not the only thing on the line anymore during a competitive event, but your “manhood’, as well… so best I can tell you is, take everything in stride…but man, when trash talk is involved… it gets so hard, doesn’t it?

Good news is, while some things are out of your power to increase your testosterone levels (like watching your team suck for an entire season), there are things you can actively CHOOSE to do to increase testosterone levels… and some of them are quite easy.

  • For instance, getting some sunlight, especially on your back, chest, and even stranger, on your testicles (if privacy permits) can greatly boost testosterone production… UV light directly on your testicles can increase your T levels by as much as 300%!
  • Eating broccoli and spinach is an easy way to boost testosterone levels naturally as well.  Broccoli and spinach contain indole-3’s which reduce estrogen in the body, allowing testosterone to roam more freely without any nagging hormones keeping it down…

These are just a couple of tips for naturally increasing testosterone levels. I’ve researched on this kind of stuff for years… for more info, click here: How to increase male libido naturally and boost testosterone levels

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Enzyte Testimonial: Bigger Flaccid Hang, Stronger Erections, But…

If you look around myenzyte testimonial Enzyte Testimonial: Bigger Flaccid Hang, Stronger Erections, But... site, you’ll see that I’m ANTI-pills.

My main beef with natural male enhancement pills is that they claim to make your penis bigger, but it reality, do not increase the size at all.

Also, the main benefits that male enhancement pills DO provide (increased libido, stronger erections), can be brought about through other means…

BUT, I do have first hand knowledge of Enzyte, being that I tried it out about 10 years back when they used to have those commercials giving out free, 1-month trials… I was curious, so kill me. So here goes my Enzyte testimonial…

I received the “free” trial of Enzyte (I say free in quotation marks because they asked for my credit card info… how young and dumb I was just 10 years ago… I forgot the explanation why they asked for it), and was actually quite excited about it.  I had already known about natural penis enlargement exercises, and had been performing them on and off, but not with any real dedication.

Upon taking the pills a couple of days, I noticed my flaccid penis hung a little heavier and lower (which was nice, I must admit), and I was waking up with raging boners.  My erections were much harder also, during normal times of achieving erections.  I couldn’t tell you if I had increased libido, because I was (and still am), horny all the damn time (especially where I worked at the time – a bartender at a popular sports bar in Miami).

The bigger flaccid hang was my favorite part of the equation though.  That is what used to fool people into thinking they were making their penis bigger… because they’d see a larger flaccid size, and harder erections (which may have been a TEENY bit larger, just due to the hardness of the thing). But an increasing penis size over time?

Not gone happen… not with any natural male enhancement pills… not with any natural penis enlargement pills… not with ANY pills.

So that was the good part of my Enzyte testimonial… now…

After my one month “free” trial ended, they charged me for one month’s supply without my request.

I did not want the Enzyte. It was like 40 bucks a month, and to be honest, the only reason I tried it out was to see if it would make my penis bigger.  And a slightly larger flaccid hang was not enough for me to pay that money (plus I had seen that with consistent natural penis enlargement exercises, flaccid penis size would grow much bigger anyway).

They mailed me the second month’s supply, which I did not want, so I mailed it back, and called them, and asked to cancel.  I don’t recall what excuse they gave me, but they would not provide the refund (think it was something like you must cancel 30 days in advance — douchebags).

Then I got a third charge… and another supply.  I mailed these back (think of the time wasted…), raised hell on the phone, they finally REALLY cancelled, and they did provide me the refund.

My Enzyte testimonial in a nutshell… if you are experiencing weak erections and low libido, then Enzyte may be a cost effective natural solution to Viagra, if you don’t have insurance…

Personally, I’ve found natural ways to increase libido, achieve stronger erections AND increase penis size, all without the need for any pills, surgery or costly solution. I have a much bigger flaccid hang and size now, and my erection is 1.5+ inches longer, and much thicker…

I’ve written down all I’ve learned over the years about these exercises into one downloadable guide. Click here for more info: Exercise for Bigger Penis, Stronger Erections And Increased Libido

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Penetrate Longer With Male Multiple Orgasms

If it weren’t for losing your erection after orgasm, think of how great you’d be in bed… a never ending erection!

And think about how much fun sex would be…  racing towards your orgasm without a fear in the world (rather than holding back)! And having orgasm after orgasm!

For women it’s easy… they don’t have to “maintain” something to have sex. They can go on forever.

But we have a time limit (ejaculation)… and once that time limit is up, our erection is down for the count… But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can learn how to penetrate longer by holding back your ejaculation during orgasm. This will result in a dry orgasm, which will eliminate refractory period.

While not easy to master, once you learn how to have a dry orgasm, then you learn how to penetrate longer… MUCH longer.  Eliminate refractory period, and there is no more finish line… you’re running the mile track as many times as you’d like… (and she’s enjoying the run along with you…). This technique is called the male multiple orgasm.

Part of being able to have a dry orgasm involves having a very strong pc muscle… the duration of the pc squeeze… timing of the squeeze is also very important. You may need some guidance to really master the technique every time, but once you have it down, you’ll become a real marathon man a marathon man, able to penetrate longer without an end to your erection.

Difference between Male Multiple Orgasms With Ejaculation And Dry Orgasms

Some men are able to have multiple orgasms with ejaculation, others prefer dry orgasms. There are pluses and minuses to each.

For me, I feel weak if I ejaculate excessively, being that I ejaculate a very large amount (not bragging.. just the way it is… not always a good thing), and it takes a lot out of me.

I’ve always LOOSELY stuck to the Taoist philosophy that saving up ejaculation is good for “masculinity” and strength… so for me, I prefer dry orgasms. I like the motivation and strength I get after conserving semen for a day or two.

(Note: I do make sure to ejaculate a few times every week, though… ejaculation is very important for prostate health — reduces chances of prostate cancer –, helps control stress, and has numerous other mental and physical health benefits…)

And on the other hand, some men don’t get so wiped out after an orgasm, so multiple orgasms with ejaculation work for them.

A small percentage of men naturally have the ability to stay hard after ejaculation, some men can LEARN how to stay hard after ejaculation, others can never get it down… When I purposely trained to do so, I was able to occasionally get the technique down. But didn’t feel right “wasting” so much semen.

  • For staying hard after ejaculation, you “train” your body to increase it’s NEED for ejaculation… but the tradeoff is you will be ejaculating quite a bit (which may leave you zapped of energy).
  • On the other hand, with the proper guidance, and some practice, every man can learn how to stay hard after orgasm with the dry orgasm/male multiple orgasm technique… for more info on this particular technique, click here: how to penetrate longer with male multiple orgasms

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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How To Get An Erection On Command, Even When Anxious

how to get an erection on command e1427159572956 300x254 How To Get An Erection On Command, Even When AnxiousEver have issues getting an erection, and just don’t know why?

You grew up masturbating without an issue, or may have already been with a girl or two, and your erection always worked just fine.  Getting an erection was something you didn’t need to think about… it just happened.

And then out of nowhere comes this beautiful girl, whom you want to impress very much (and who is the perfect type for you, attractiveness wise), but when it comes time to perform, your penis just doesn’t want to cooperate…

SERIOUS anxiety kicks in, and you are freaking the hell out… you TRY your hardest to get an erection on command, you TELL your erection to GET HARD ALREADY… but it does just the opposite… it shrinks up, and shrinks up even more… and this adds embarrassment to the anxiety, and then before you know it, you’re shit out of luck… your erection is dead and it’s not coming back…

You go home, feeling like a complete loser… and for the next few days you can think of nothing else but the next time you’re going to have sex…

  • is your erection going to work?
  • what is the girl thinking of you?
  • are you going to need medication to overcome this?
  • is there a physical problem?

(By the way, I know this process so well because it happened to me).

Well the good news is, 1) this sort of psychological erectile dysfunction is EXTREMELY common in men of all ages, especially young men, and 2) once you learn to defeat the problem in your mind, you’ll learn how to get an erection on command EVERY TIME, no matter what…

I received an email today from a young man facing this mental block to getting an erection.  I give him some advice on how to overcome his problem and get his erections back:

“So i get hard very easily around my girlfriend and the slightest touch or grind will bring me out however when it comes to the important stage of actually needing to stay hard and penetrate her then i find my penis going soft and bends when i try and go in which means we can never have sex. we are very comfortable with each other and have had proper sex before however it has always been hard to accomplish. we have tried both with and without condoms and still we have the same result.”



My reply:

Hello Jamie:

The fact that you can get an erection during foreplay, but not during intercourse, at least shows you that your penis is physically functioning without an issue.  You just need to overcome the mental block to getting an erection, and you’ll get your erections back and be able to sustain them during sex.

Sexual performance anxiety sets a wall/block between your mind and your genitals. The idea isn’t to be completely calm, and erase all your anxiety, as that’s nearly impossible (unless you’re on heavy medication), but to work on reducing your anxiety as much as possible, and increasing your mental arousal (“horniness”) as much as possible.

This lowers the wall between your mind and genitals, allowing the flow of arousal that sets off in the mind to reach it’s destination (the penis)… and brings it to life.

I know there’s a lot of advice on overcoming sexual performance anxiety on the internet that doesn’t work, because guys always end up on my site asking for help with this… and I, having been through the problem myself, knows what it takes to get hard even when nervous:

1) admit you’re anxious… it’s fine to be anxious, you’re human.  This in of itself reduces the anxiety and lets you work through it

2) concentrate on getting as horny as possible, and don’t think about your erection…. it knows what to do, and will come along on it’s own

3) take it slowwwww…. rushing increases anxiety, taking it slow allows arousal to build

4) do some cardio on a regular basis to improve circulation throughout the body

Getting into this mindstate should help you overcome psychological ED. If you need some extra help, there are also some physical things you can do, here: How To Get An Erection On Command When Nervous

Any more questions you may have, feel free to shoot me an email!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Jelqing Erectile Dysfunction… A Serious Issue?

When done properly, jelqing is a highly effective natural penis enlargement exercise, that works very well for girth gains — and to a lesser extent — length gains.

However, the internet is spread with rumors of jelqing causing erectile dysfunction, and in other words, natural penis enlargement harming the penis.

When DONE PROPERLY, jelqing and erectile dysfunction should be ANTONYMS… polar opposites.

Jelqing improves erections greatly, due the improved blood flow throughout the penis, and the improvement in the shaft’s ability to “hold blood”.  When DONE PROPERLY, jelqing will give you a bigger flaccid penis (bigger flaccid hang), and provide you  with physically harder, longer lasting erections.

Your penis is actually VERY tough. I’ve been beating the crap out of my own penis for a while now, on my journey to a bigger penis, and have been quite impressed with it’s resilience, ability to bounce back, and even more miraculously, it’s ability to increase in size and strength.

HOWEVER… you MUST grip your penis a certain way while jelqing in order to avoid putting pressure on the dorsal nerve that runs across the top of the shaft.  This is one of the main precautions when it comes to natural penis enlargement.  Always let the web between the thumb and index finger run across the top of the middle of the shaft… never grip there directly, ESPECIALLY over the nerve bundle right behind the head.

Follow this to a T (more on this, and a couple more safety precautions can be found in my guide to natural penis enlargement exercises), and jelqing erectile dysfunction will not be an issue.

The precautions are actually quite dummy proof. Even if you stroke over the nerve bundle slightly, there won’t be any major issues.  But repeatedly performing natural penis enlargement incorrectly, and you may experience a temporary shrinking, or “turtling” of the penis after doing the exercises, numbness/less powerful orgasms, and if you continue on, erectile dysfunction.

But have the proper motions down, and you’ll be in good shape, with an increasing flaccid penis size, harder, longer lasting erections, and an increase in erect length and girth.

Natural penis enlargement can seem like a scary, unknown land with high-risks.  I will be happy to be your guide, help you avoid the pitfalls, and learn how to safely and quickly increase your penis size on your own, at home. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail to with any questions you may have.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Penis Enlargement Surgery Most Popular In Germany

 Penis Enlargement Surgery Most Popular In GermanyGermans.

Lethal soccer players. Cutting-edge engineering. Ferocious beer drinkers…  Small penises?

According to data released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery last year, there were 2,786 penis enlargement surgeries carried out in Germany.  With the runner up being Venezuela only having 473, this is a massive step above all other countries. 1 in 5 penis enlargement surgeries worldwide were carried out in Germany.

The German Center for Urology and Phalloplasty claims to have performed over 6,000 penis enlargement surgeries, adding somewhere between an inch and two inches in length, and costing €9,600 (approx. $10,000 USD).

So does this mean that Germans have smaller penises than the rest of the countries? Most likely not.  As mentioned, Germans are extremely advanced in engineering, design, manufacturing, research & development, and surgery, so they may have advanced further in regards to this particular surgery.  And ask any man if he would like an extra inch or two… even if he is larger than average, most men will say yes, regardless of national.

So if you have money, and surgeons with great reputation, why not?

Penis enlargement surgeries have been known to carry with them great risks, such as a reduction in erection quality, but perhaps they’ve advanced beyond that.  So if you have a small penis, and $10k to spare, take a trip to Germany, and do as the Germans do (and the Venezuelans to a much lesser extent)!  Make your penis bigger quickly and easily!

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises – Another Solution To Making Your Penis Bigger

I’ve managed to add an inch and a half in length, and some extra girth, thanks to manual natural penis enlargement exercises… and it hasn’t cost me anything.  Not to mention it has actually increased my erection strength.  Natural penis enlargement exercises have been shown to improve the overall condition of your penis, giving you harder, longer lasting erections.

After ejaculating, my penis stays hard for a few minutes, even without stimulation (all thanks to the improved circulation these exercises create).  It’s annoying sometimes, especially when I want to urinate after sex, but it is a useful tool if I’ve ejaculated and my girl hasn’t finished yet.

If I had an abnormally small penis, and had the money to spare, after reading the above release by the ISAPS, I may have considered the surgery.  My fear was always the reduction in erection quality, but who knows, the Germans may have found a way around it.  This makes it attractive, I must admit.

But being pretty average, with a healthy girth, I took to the exercises better.  And I’ve been pleased with the results.  Also, I know of men who were under average, who managed to make it to average or beyond with the exercises, so it’s all up you.

Pros of Penis Enlargement Surgery

+quick solution

+pretty substantial gains

Cons of Penis Enlargement Surgery


-risk of harming erection quality

Pros of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

+can be done on your own time, comfort of home

+stronger erections

Cons of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

-takes time and privacy

-requires some effort

With this new data, if you’re looking to make your penis bigger the quick way, or if you’re much smaller than average, then you know where to go for the surgery.

If you’re close to average (or even if you’re larger), and not afraid to put in a little work, you may want to consider natural penis enlargement exercises .

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Last Longer In Bed By Getting Fat And Growing Your Gut

fat men last longer in bed e1426787702675 300x288 Last Longer In Bed By Getting Fat And Growing Your GutSo I had it right all these years, knocking down beers every weekend…

Leave it to Turkey, a country named after food (well a bird, but, you know…), to find that men with bigger guts, and a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) were able to last longer in bed, compared to leaner subjects of the study.

The research, carried out at Erciyes University, found that men with more stomach fat had higher levels of the female sex hormone, oestradiol, a form of estrogen.  I’ve known for a while that excess stomach fat increases estrogen levels, but I did not know that it also contributed to men being able to last longer in bed.  The oestradiol disrupts a certain hormonal balance in the males body, that allows them to better delay ejaculation.

Heavier men lasted on average 7.3 minutes during sex, while their skinnier counterparts only lasted 1.8.

So if you want to last longer during sex, follow Mr. Manpower’s advice and:

  • Don’t exercise; take up a hobby that involves sitting inactive for many hours, such as taking in whole seasons of Walking Dead or The Sopranos (an oldie, but classic), or taking up a new video game.
  • Go to Taco Bell every night, preferably when you wake up in the middle of the night, in order to eat a meal heavy in fats, and to disrupt your sleep, which will slow down your metabolism, and further reduce your testosterone levels.

I’m joking… just joking. Don’t do this (too much at least… once in a while it’s actually nice to binge watch shows).

If you have a six-pack, don’t ruin it for the sake of lasting longer in bed.  When I was a skinnier young buck, I still managed to learn how to control ejaculation and last longer (way more than 7 minutes), and it involved the mind only.  No need to reduce your testosterone production and knock your hormones out of whack just to be better in bed.

And while I have packed on a little pudge around the midsection (not too much though.. still try and keep it in check, but past 30, the fight gets harder!), and it may have helped me a little in delaying ejaculation, my testosterone levels are still important to me.

And if you are overweight already, just know, hey, you last long in bed.  You can knock a woman’s socks off better than that “shredded jock” you work with. Laugh behind his back.

So if you’re overweight, does that mean your testosterone production is screwed?

Just because you’re overweight, doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy testosterone production. Any reduction in fat levels will provide you with a boost in T production, not to mention things like getting some sunlight, eating mixed nuts, broccoli (which carries out excess estrogen from the body) and strengthening the leg muscles boosts testosterone levels on its own.

Don’t ever go on a crash diet… terrible effects on your mind, body and hormones… just slightly reduce calorie intake and increase exercise levels… drinking lots of water helps, too.  A slow, gradual loss is healthier, and easier to maintain.

Or stay pudgy, but be a marathon man in bed!!  Who gives a shit about a six pack once you’re out of high school… work on increasing the size of your wallet… way more sexy to women anyway.

For more information on how to last longer during sex mentally, without having to gain weight, click here: How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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