Coital Alignment Technique For Female Orgasm – Does It Work?

how to make a woman orgasm in the CAT position

The coital alignment technique, or CAT, makes sense when it comes to giving women orgasms.

It makes a ton of sense….

You’re using the least sensitive part of your penis, along with your pelvis (which has no sexual nerve endings — hopefully), to rub her most sensitive part… her clitoris.

Especially when you take into account that many of us guys naturally have “quick triggers”, and that the average female orgasm takes longer to reach than the average male orgasm… it sounds fantastic.

But have you tried the coital alignment technique, at least how it’s described in most places?

It just doesn’t seem all that effective for some reason. At first glance at least.

I use a variation of the CAT position to make women orgasm, and it has worked wonders with many women, over several years, but the “cutting like a saw” into the clit just seemed a bit ineffective the times I tried it.

However, with some research, I came to find that 1) I probably needed better instructions, 2) I just needed more practice, and 3) it’s pretty damn effective… not just in my recent experience, but in several scientific studies.

First off, I’m going to show you what science has to say about the coital alignment technique (yes, there are some freaky scientists out there), then I’m going to give you in-depth instructions into the coital alignment technique, and how to make it work for you and the misses.

What Science Has To Say About The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT Position) And It’s Ability To Bring Women To Orgasm

Does the CAT work for female orgasm

Science gives the CAT a big thumb’s up.

Studies, while not large, have shown that couples who perform the coital alignment technique, and perform it correctly, have better sex, which results in more orgasms for the female.

It’s almost as if the CAT was created in a lab… in this first study it says:

“To enhance male-female sexual compatibility, principles of physical alignment were formulated to make clitoral contact possible in coitus…. It was hypothesized that the Alignment technique would correlate with high frequency of female orgasm and partner simultaneity”.

86 couples were split into two groups, 43 that learned the coital alignment technique, and 43 couples who had no idea how to do the dirty CAT.

There were significant improvements in the couples who performed the CAT, including greater:

  • orgasmic attainment during sex for the women
  • simultaneous orgasm
  • “complete and satisfying” orgasms

The better they stuck to the rules of the coital alignment technique, the more they experienced these above-mentioned benefits.

In this study, 36 women and their husbands were randomly assigned to two groups, one visiting a workshop on the coital alignment technique (19 couples) and the other on directed masturbation (17 couples).

Both workshops lead to significant improvements in orgasm consistency during intercourse, stronger orgasms, and overall number of orgasms experienced. The major difference between both groups was in the increases in orgasm consistency during intercourse, with the coital alignment technique having an even better outcome.

If you’re lady is having trouble having an orgasm, give the ol’ CAT a try.

How To Perform The Coital Alignment Technique

How to stimulate the clitoris during sex

When it comes to the female orgasm, clitoral stimulation is key.

And with the clit being so far off from the vaginal opening, most methods of penetration just don’t cut it when it comes to her orgasm.

With the CAT, you make a tweak to the normally bland missionary position, to put that pressure on the clit she needs to get off.

1. Get into the missionary position, but rather than holding yourself up by the hands, upper body raised, lay on your lady a bit, distributing most the weight on your forearms and thighs, knees and lower legs.

2. You want to maintain close contact the whole time you’re doing the coital alignment technique.  You want to use your pelvis and the base of your penis to give her clitoris a close, right, rough rub. Keep your hips in a downward angle.

3. The key here is not thrusting, but slow, sensual, soft rocking motions that build a fire of arousal in both your loins. With delicate and controlled movements, rock up and down rather than back and forth, and rub your shaft against her clitoris. Your penis won’t be completely inside of her, as much of it will be facing downward, rubbing hard into her clitoris.  However, try and at least keep the tip inside of her. You want to “stand up inside of it”.

How To Do The CAT Position

4. Ask her to “answer back” to your motions, so you guys move in sync. Also, keeping her legs tight together, or wrapped around yours, helps to bring the clitoris up closer to you, and allows you to work on it more surgically and precise.

5. Repeat this rock and ride motion, gently pushing your pelvises and hips together, as you maintain constant pressure and stimulation. Soon, you’ll get into a matching rhythm.

It’s not as violent and dominating as most penetration looks like in porn, but it sure gets the job done better!

Also, if you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, it is using the least sensitive area of your penis, so you’ll be able to last much longer than during normal penetration. Also helps if you’re smaller than average, as size isn’t relevant in this position, as long as you’re rubbing her clitoris with your shaft or pelvis.

  • For more on the female orgasm, including how to give her faster, stronger orgasms, and how to provide clitoral, g-spot, vaginal and anal orgasms, see here…
  • For more techniques to delay ejaculation, give women powerful orgasms, naturally strengthen your erections, stay hard after orgasm, increase your erect length and girth, stay hard after orgasm and more, see here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Penis Enlargement Studies, Science & Photos – Supporting Evidence

penis enlargement studies

I’ve increased my penis size with manual enlargement exercises, as have the men I learned PE from, as have the thousands of men who’ve learned the techniques from me.

So I know it works…

But up until now, unfortunately, science hasn’t performed any large scale, serious studies on manual penis enlargement techniques.

And while I even know of a couple MDs who perform penis enlargement — including one who would brag about being the largest on the nude beach he’d frequent — you’re not going to find any strong, public AMA approvals of penis enlargement… at least not anytime soon.

You just need to try it out on your own to find out if it really works or not.

However, when it comes to science supporting penis enlargement, there are some studies, surveys and actual photo proof showing that you can enlarge the penis, and without injury, that should hopefully give you some confidence in the techniques.

Survey of 545 Men And Their Natural Penis Enlargement Results

Back in 2008, a survey of 545 men was carried out on the now defunct

While the site is no longer up, I came across this study back then, and wrote down the findings in my notes:

  • Top gainers were able to gain 1 inch in length and half an inch in extra girth in 3 months of performing the exercises
  • Out of the 545 men, only 7 felt that penis enlargement exercises did not work
  • Men who ejaculated less gained more
  • The majority of men experienced stronger and harder erections
  • The amount of time put in correlated to gains made

While surveys are not without their flaws, and this would been better in a more controlled setting, seeing repeating results in a large group is indeed strong anecdotal evidence.

Study Showing Penis Enlargement Is Possible with Extension Device

In a 2011 study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine, after 3 months of wearing an extension device for several hours a day, men showed a permanent increase in flaccid penis size of 1.7 centimeters (0.66 of an inch), and a permanent increase in erect size of the same increase (1.7 centimeters or 0.66 of an inch).

Interesting thing was the glans (penis head) showed a slight increase in size, as well.

A 2009 study published in the British Journal of Urology had similar findings, only with a larger flaccid gain of nearly an inch at the end of the study period.

The results of these studies show that the enlargement of the penis is possible, but in my option, due to the results after so much hard work, I find extension devices to be a terrible penis enlargement method.

Half an inch in all those hours of work? Not worth it…

With manual stretches, you can add more force to the tunica and ligaments, and pull in different directions, which is very important. Also, jelqing and other exercises work to increase girth as well, and extension / traction devices lack in that area.

Study On Heat And Elongation Of Collagenous Tissue

penis enlargement studyWhile not a penis, this study shows some interesting effect on how heat, and applying force, leads to permanent elongation of collagenous tissue (using rat tails as the tissue). Our penis is made up of collagenous tissue.

From the study:

“The data showed that the low force, long duration procedure was very effective at producing residual elongation. Elevating tissue temperature and maintaining it prior to applying force was found to cause significantly less damage; and finally, the lower loads applied at elevated temperatures for prolonged periods were found to produce significantly greater residual elongation.”

Before you freak out at the word damage, just know, when you are lifting weights, you are “damaging” your muscles, and they heal in a larger state.

While the mechanism in enlarging penis tissue is slightly different, it does involve a “breaking” down of the tissue at a micro level (painless /actually feels good), and as the survey showed (and I’ve personally seen), penis enlargement techniques greatly improve erectile duration and hardness.

This also shows the importance of warming up before (and during) your penis enlargement exercises… it’s not just for injury prevention, but actually leads to greater gains.

Photo Evidence That Natural Penis Enlargement Works

One of the strongest pieces of evidence for me are before-and-after photos showing the results men have gained with penis enlargement.

Anecdotal evidence is one thing… scientific findings in a controlled setting, without visual evidence, can be questioned, based on the motive of the group conducting the study.

But SEEING, with your own eyes, a penis that has been enlarged, is powerful proof that penis enlargement works.

And I’m not talking about a half inch gain here… I’m talking about some pretty serious gains, both in length and girth.

Men who’ve read my guide have sent me before-and-after photos showing the gains they made, and I’ve collected them all on one .pdf file.

I won’t post them on my site, as having a bunch of penises on my site may confuse Google as to what my site is really about. To see these photos, shoot me an email to with “Photo Proof” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with the .pdf attached.


I know the scientific findings leave something to be desired.

There needs to be a larger scale study on penis enlargement methods in a controlled environment, by an unbiased, and highly reputable group.  Then things may change, doctors may begin recommending penis enlargement exercises, and the term “penis enlargement” will no longer have such a negative connotation.

As for now, while there is some scientific backing, penis enlargement requires a leap of faith more than anything. Warm up, don’t overdo it, and you won’t injure yourself… your penis is FAR more resilient than you think it is.

Once you see you are measurably larger, the doubt will be removed from your mind.

Tried Penis Enlargement Before? Or Interested In Trying It?

If you’ve tried penis enlargement, and haven’t seen results, or would like to try for the first time, I can guide you to the PROPER way to do penis enlargement I’ve learned over the years… click here if interested.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Free Exercise For Improving Erection Quality & Libido

Naturally Improving Erection QualityWhen we are young, sex is new to us… something so mysterious, exciting and freaky.

An untapped, amazing secret, yet powerful urge in us. Our minds run crazy when thinking about it.

Staying up at night to hopefully catch bits of nudity were some of my earliest memories of sex… hours, and hours of watching cheesy Showtime movies, all in the hopes of seeing a tit.

In this day and age, with the internet, kids have it easy. And as we get older, we get desensitized to sex. We’ve seen it all… while still exciting, and still turns us on, the IMAGINATIVE aspect of sex… the freaky, exciting mystery, has all but disappeared.

Bring this aspect back, and you will have a stronger libido at all times. Combine it with this simple exercise, and you’ll have a physically stronger, better-reacting erection when given mental stimulation.

While there are several things you can do to physically improve erection quality, this is a component of mental arousal / erections, that when added to everything else, can greatly help…

With this mental exercise you will be improving erection quality (EQ) along with your libido’s “muscle”

Try and do this exercises at least once a day if possible.

I want you to, only using the power of your mind (no porn; get away from the computer or cell phone), fantasize an erotic scene or situation.  I want you to use the full powers of your imagination, including sight, hearing, smell if you have to. Fully visualize something of the utmost erotic quality to you.  But do not touch your penis.

Try and visualize a situation so extreme that you can achieve an erection without touching your penis.  Think about someone you are attracted to, and fully visualize this person undressing, touching herself, touching you, sucking, etc.  You are going to build your ability to mentally turn yourself on; the kind of stuff you used to fantasize as a kid when first learning about sex and masturbation.

All mind… if you don’t have someone specific that turns you on, then consider your perfect woman (from a sexual point of view)… Asian, black, blonde, tall, thick, thin… big round ass shaking on all fours, or large tits and nipples hanging while giving you head… exercise your mind.

Try and get a full erection while you do this exercise, without touching your penis.  Don’t rush it, it might take a while.  Don’t put any stress on the situation; make sure you have time and privacy. Breathe deeply in and out, and totally relax.  If your penis is very out of shape, this may take some time.

It’s best if you can get the erection with just thought alone. However, whether or not you get an erection, after some time, add in some kegels. Work out your pc muscle while performing this exercise, so you’re not only strengthening the mental libido, but the physical support behind it as well.

Even if you start to get a semi-erection, but can’t get a full erection, at least it’s a start. Keep practicing till you get it all the way up. You may begin getting random erections when in public, like you used to experience as a young teen, but these are good problems to have…

(Extra tip: tell yourself that you will reward yourself with an ejaculation at the end of the exercise if you can get it up using your mind alone… that will add some extra incentive for your erection to function – but only if you become fully hard! That will really get you going!).=

For a complete guide to increasing libido and testosterone levels, as well as more exercises and techniques to improve erection strength and duration, see here: Guide To Improving Erection Quality Naturally / Increasing Libido

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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Does Tribulus Terrestris Increase Testosterone Levels? Science Says…

Tribulus Terrestris and Testosterone

I remember sitting on the toilet one day while I was doing a marketing internship in my college days.

It was a REALLY nice place I was doing the internship at; they even had reading material in the bathroom.

Oh yeah, and they paid me nothing… and abused my free help, and didn’t teach me anything (note to college students: make sure an internship is not an employer just trying to get a free employee). I was out of there in a couple weeks. BUT… that’s besides the point.

Back to the bathroom.

They had a stack of interesting Men’s Health magazines, and I picked up one of them, forgot which one, and it had an article on Tribulus Terrestris. The article spoke matter-of-factly about the testosterone-increasing and erection strengthening properties of Tribulus Terrestris, and provided some sort of study to support this.

So me, like most young men with raging testosterone levels, somehow worried about my testosterone levels. Who. Knows. Why.

I went to GNC, picked up a bottle of Tribulus Terrestris caplets, and took it home.

I took the recommended dosage, and began “experiencing” rock hard erections and a raging sex drive. I lifted “more” in the gym. My testosterone levels were “obviously” much higher…

But thinking back now, years later… Was it all in my head?

Now, light years beyond the naive intern, and now a seasoned sexual research vet, I look to almighty science for the truth. Not Men’s Health, bathroom edition.

What Science Says About Whether Or Not Tribulus Terrestris Increases Testosterone Levels

In a recent study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, they discuss how the popularity of medicinal products from Tribulus Terrestris is expanding at a quick pace due to consumers trying to naturally increase their testosterone production. However, reliable and conclusive scientific evidence is lacking on its actual ability to increase testosterone production.

An increase in erectile function has been associated with Tribulus use, but seeing that it was due to an increase in testosterone, is yet to be proven.

The aim of the study is to closely analyze evidence that Tribulus Terrestris can actually increase testosterone levels.

An extensive review of all studies and literature related to Tribulus Terrestris from 1968 to 2015 was carried out on all the following major scientific databases:

  • PubMed
  • Elsevier
  • Springer Link
  • Google Scholar
  • Medline Plus
  • Web of Science

As well as all references found in the literature that was related to Tribulus Terrestris.

After analyzing all of the studies in humans and animals, it was pretty much a given that Tribulus is helpful for treating erectile dysfunction; however, observational evidence to support the hypothesis that this is due to a boost in T levels is at best, inconclusive, at worst, outright wrong.

While the reason for Tribulus Terrestris functioning as such a good natural ED treatment and aphrodisiac is unknown for the most part, there is compelling evidence from studies in animals that there may be a nitric-oxide boosting property to the Tribulus, much like how Viagra functions.

So is there a definite answer? No. But if you’re looking for natural ways to increase your testosterone levels, Tribulus Terrestris is most likely not the way to go.

Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels That Actually Do Work

Just because Tribulus Terrestris isn’t the miracle testosterone solution, you have plenty of other natural ways to keep your T levels up, backed by science.

Up your Vitamin D intake — Vitamin D deficiency is tied to low testosterone. Drink milk, get some sunlight.

Keep your cell phone out of your pocket — testosterone levels have been found to be reduced when close to cell phone waves for too long.

Eat red grapes — the skins of red grapes contain resveratrol, a proven aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Keep your T levels from converting to the other side!

There are MANY natural things you can do to increase your testosterone production, see more ways here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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