Failing At The Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO)? Here’s Why

how to stay hard after comingThe male multiple orgasm technique (MMO) is an awesome move to have down pat during sex.

Tough part is, having it down pat.

For the longest time, I had a problem performing this technique… I’d generally have one of the two following things happen when going for the male multiple orgasm:

  • Have a dry orgasm, but not cut off the ejaculation (internally) all the way, causing me to have a retrograde ejaculation and still lose my erection, or
  • Have a dry orgasm, and then IMMEDIATELY have a followup orgasm, that I couldn’t control / block off the ejaculation

Both of these outcomes lead to me not only failing at the technique, but also ejaculating, a not so enjoyable orgasm (shoot, I would have rather been masturbating full speed towards orgasm while watching a porn, or having rough sex with a girl… not wasting it alone in a room with no mental stimulation).

And at the time — and still somewhat to this day — I held the Taoist belief that saving up semen is important for my strength and masculine power (science actually supports this, too – saving up ejaculation builds up testosterone).

So That Caused a Failed Male Multiple Orgasm Attempt to Be All the Worse…

So I gave up on it altogether for a long time.

Why give it a shot, I thought, when I had failed so many times and wasted so much semen, without even getting anything back from it. My confidence in the technique was very low.

But then my persistent premature ejaculation caused me to continue looking for a solution to last longer during sex… one that didn’t include numbing sprays (that would rub off on the girl, and make her feel nothing as well) or antidepressants (that delay ejaculation, but can kill your libido and energy).

So I began to gain interest in male multiple orgasms again…

But this time, I wasn’t going to try the technique until I had AS MUCH information down as possible.

I went through ALL of the information I could find on the male multiple orgasm technique, both online, and in print.  I read, and read, and read… while many places had information on this so-called MMO, there were many different ideas on what the technique really was.

  • Some considered it a whole body, energy orgasm… which sounded too “airy” and spiritual for me – I like more concrete ideas, and doubted I’d ever be able to pull this off.
  • Others spoke about some sort of perineum (your “chode” or “taint” area) massage that would yield countless orgasms with ejaculation- besides the fact that I didn’t want to ejaculate so damn much, what good would his do for overcoming premature ejaculation?

When finally gathering info ONLY on the actual, dry orgasm, male multiple technique I was going for, I picked up things here and there, and formed a plan of attack.

I wasn’t going to try until I was ready…

And for some reason, I felt like I had A LOT on the line… if I would have failed on this attempt, I don’t know why, but I most likely would have NEVER tried it again… even after all the preparation… I put heavy stakes on myself (too heavy…)

Finally Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm – Joy, Pride and Power…

I had absorbed a substantial amount of information the technique… how to properly strengthen the PC muscle, when to clamp down, how long and hard to hold that squeeze, and a few other important preparations, and things to do at the point that I was supposed to perform the technique.

I had the apartment to myself (had a roommate at the time, who was at work), and put on a porn. Not sure why I chose to do it with such strong mental and visual stimulation as pornography, but it was part of my plan at the time.

I slowly built up arousal, and let it subside.. build up a little higher… let it subside… after a few more physical and mental preparations, I went for it.

Clamped at the perfect time near orgasm, had a dry orgasm, cut off all the ejaculation, and stayed rock hard… all while watching an incredibly sexy, big-breasted chick stripping down…

The coolest part to me was how hard my erection was still after this dry orgasm… I went to the kitchen, got me a cup of water, and was still rock hard… and felt like I hadn’t even orgasmed yet… still keeping my mind horny after orgasm as well.


Then I went back to my porn vixen and worked my way up to a next orgasm, repeated the process… dry, orgasmic contractions… penis still rock hard… continued on with hard erection after orgasm….


I finally let go with an ejaculation at the third orgasm… I deserved it.

From then on, I went on to increase the amount of times I was able to stay hard after orgasm, and began using the technique during sex…

If you would like to learn everything I know about how to perform the male multiple orgasm, so that you can master the technique to the point you can actually use it during orgasm, check out my guide to MMOs, here…

Male Multiple Orgasms is one chapter of Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement, for download, here…

The most comprehensive guide to MMOs around… read this, and you’ll save yourself tons of time and avoid the pitfalls that generally happen when attempting the technique.

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Science Supporting Natural Penis Enlargement – Studies, etc.

penis enlargement studiesPenis enlargement is synonymous with the word “scam”.

Seems like the two go hand-in-hand in most people’s minds.

However, although male enhancement pills make ridiculous, untruthful claims, manual penis enlargement exercises DO work.

I’ve increased my penis size with the manual techniques, as have the men I learned PE from, as have the thousands of men who’ve read my guide. So I, for one, know it works… but it’s been a LONG time, and science still hasn’t done any large scale studies on manual penis enlargement techniques.

And if you were to go to your doctor and ask him “Hey Doc, can I make my penis bigger with these exercises?”

Without a doubt, you’ll get a warning to stay away… this is due to a doctor’s fears of being liable for some damage, and receiving a malpractice suit. It’s due to ignorance, but it’s not their faults… science hasn’t been too adamant about studying this stuff.

(Funny note, I know a couple of doctors who actually do penis enlargement themselves, including one man who was in his 70’s and loved the exercises due to the massive flaccid hang it gave them. He’d brag about being the biggest in the nude beaches he’d frequent).

However, when it comes to science supporting penis enlargement, there are some studies and surveys out there that support our cause…

Survey of 545 Men And Their Natural Penis Enlargement Results

Back in 2008, a survey of 545 men was carried out on the now defunct

While the site is no longer up, I came across this study back then, and wrote down the findings in my notes:

  • Top gainers were able to gain 1 inch in length and half an inch in extra girth in 3 months of performing the exercises
  • Out of the 545 men, only 7 felt that penis enlargement exercises did not work
  • Men who ejaculated less gained more
  • The majority of men experienced stronger and harder erections
  • The amount of time put in correlated to gains made

While surveys are not without their flaws, and this would been better in a more controlled setting, seeing repeating results in a large group is indeed strong anecdotal evidence.

Study Showing Penis Enlargement Is Possible with Extension Device

In a 2011 study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine, after 3 months of wearing an extension device for several hours a day, men showed a permanent increase in flaccid penis size of 1.7 centimeters (0.66 of an inch), and a permanent increase in erect size of the same increase (1.7 centimeters or 0.66 of an inch).

Interesting thing was the glans (penis head) showed a slight increase in size, as well.

A 2009 study published in the British Journal of Urology had similar findings, only with a larger flaccid gain of nearly an inch at the end of the study period.

The results of these studies show that the enlargement of the penis is possible, but in my option, due to the results after so much hard work, I find extension devices to be a terrible penis enlargement method.

Half an inch in all those hours of work? Not worth it…

With manual stretches, you can add more force to the tunica and ligaments, and pull in different directions, which is very important. Also, jelqing and other exercises work to increase girth as well, and extension / traction devices lack in that area.

Study On Heat And Elongation Of Collagenous Tissue

penis enlargement studyWhile not a penis, this study shows some interesting effect on how heat, and applying force, leads to permanent elongation of collagenous tissue (using rat tails as the tissue). Our penis is made up of collagenous tissue.

From the study:

“The data showed that the low force, long duration procedure was very effective at producing residual elongation. Elevating tissue temperature and maintaining it prior to applying force was found to cause significantly less damage; and finally, the lower loads applied at elevated temperatures for prolonged periods were found to produce significantly greater residual elongation.”

Before you freak out at the word damage, just know, when you are lifting weights, you are “damaging” your muscles, and they heal in a larger state.

While the mechanism in enlarging penis tissue is slightly different, it does involve a “breaking” down of the tissue at a micro level (painless /actually feels good), and as the survey showed (and I’ve personally seen), penis enlargement techniques greatly improve erectile duration and hardness.

This also shows the importance of warming up before (and during) your penis enlargement exercises… it’s not just for injury prevention, but actually leads to greater gains.

Photo Evidence That Natural Penis Enlargement Works

One of the strongest pieces of evidence for me are before-and-after photos showing the results men have gained with penis enlargement.

Anecdotal evidence is one thing… scientific findings in a controlled setting, without visual evidence, can be questioned, based on the motive of the group conducting the study.

But SEEING, with your own eyes, a penis that has been enlarged, is powerful proof that penis enlargement works.

And I’m not talking about a half inch gain here… I’m talking about some pretty serious gains, both in length and girth.

Men who’ve read my guide have sent me before-and-after photos showing the gains they made, and I’ve collected them all on one .pdf file.

I won’t post them on my site, as having a bunch of penises on my site may confuse Google as to what my site is really about. To see these photos, shoot me an email to with “Photo Proof” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with the .pdf attached.


I know the scientific findings leave something to be desired.

There needs to be a larger scale study on penis enlargement methods in a controlled environment, by an unbiased, and highly reputable group.  Then things may change, doctors may begin recommending penis enlargement exercises, and the term “penis enlargement” will no longer have such a negative connotation.

As for now, while there is some scientific backing, penis enlargement requires a leap of faith more than anything. Warm up, don’t overdo it, and you won’t injure yourself… your penis is FAR more resilient than you think it is.

Once you see you are measurably larger, the doubt will be removed from your mind.

Tried Penis Enlargement Before? Or Interested In Trying It?

If you’ve tried penis enlargement, and haven’t seen results, or would like to try for the first time, I can guide you to the PROPER way to do penis enlargement I’ve learned over the years… click here if interested.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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BELIEVING You Can Last Longer During Sex Helps Overcome PE

How to overcome PE on your own

The power of the mind is an amazing thing, especially when it comes to your sexual performance.

A study found in the British Journal of Urology shows that just by believing you are being treated for your premature ejaculation, you will actually be able to better delay ejaculation and last longer during sex.

In the study, 2,614 men were given Dapoxetine — an SSRI that can be given on-demand to help delay ejaculation — or placebo, a “sugar pill” if you will, that has no medical effect.

The men were asked to describe their premature ejaculation throughout the treatment, and its effect on their sex life, on two different scales: one 7-point scale measuring improvement (“much worse” to “much better”), and another 5-point scale measuring their assessment of their sexual performance and its impact on their life (“very poor” to “very good”).

Before the study, 96.8% of the men described their PE as very poor, or poor, at baseline, with an average time till ejaculation of under 2 minutes.

After the treatment, or just BELIEVING they had received treatment:

  • 95% of men perceived their PE as slightly better, better or much better (67.1% were better or much better)
  • 32% jumped up by two categories in improvement
  • Average time till ejaculation in men with a two category improvement jumped from 1.8 minutes at baseline to 4.3 minutes after treatment

While nearly all the men saw an improvement in their sexual stamina, on the medication or not, 15% of men had a two category jump in improvement of performance, just by BELIEVING they were on the medication, with no other mental intervention or help!

Power of SSRIs to Overcome PE

SSRI’s, such as Dapoxetine, have a very strong ejaculation delaying effect.

I personally went through a rough patch in my life several years back where my doctor recommended taking Zoloft, another SSRI in the same class.

I took it at it’s lowest dose, and while it did provide me the benefit of helping me get out of the rough spot I was in, it gave me some super sexual stamina powers at the same time.

I had to fight TO orgasm, rather than fight to keep FROM orgasming…

And when I weaned off the SSRI’s, I seemed to have kept some ejaculation control insights that I gleaned during the treatment.

However, SSRIs, even if taken on an “on-demand” basis, can cause side effects like a reduced libido and ability to achieve erection, as well as require a doctor’s visit, prescription, insurance, payment, etc.

So if you can overcome PE mentally, on your own and without the need for a prescribed medication, not only will it save you hassle and money, but you will feel great knowing you did it without any extra help.

The Mind’s Power To Overcome Premature Ejaculaion

Overcoming PE on your own

There are generally two causes of premature ejaculation — low serotonin levels (which is genetic) or incorrectly learned / trained responses to arousal and sexual stimulation.

In the first case, ejaculation control exercises and training can help you to a degree, but if you have chronically low serotonin levels, a low dose of an SSRI may be your best path to overcoming PE and getting your sexual performance back on track.

Not just that, but you will most likely improve your overall life experience as well.

However, if your response to sexual stimuli, arousal and physical stimulation is “incorrect”, perhaps due to speedily masturbating in the bathroom growing up, or a heavily guilt laden association with sex / masturbation from a traditional Christian upbringing or a home where sex was considered bad, then ejaculation control exercises will GREATLY improve your sexual performance.

The Benefits of Ejaculation Control Exercises to Your Sexual Stamina

Retraining your mind to KNOW that you can last long during sex will — as shown in the above-mentioned study — provide great benefit to your ability to delay ejaculation.

In the above study, the sole idea of believing they were being treated for their PE, allowed men to improve their sexual duration to some extent at least.

Training yourself to actually benefit from this positive mind-body-sexual stamina connection will show you even stronger ejaculation-delaying results than what was seen from this study.

For more information on ejaculation control exercises to overcome PE on your own, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Stronger Libido Secrets – Why So Much Sex in the Olympics?

stronger libido olympians

A record breaking 450,000 condoms were supplied to this year’s Olympics in Rio.

That’s 42 condoms per athlete competing.

What the hell — and how the hell — do these athletes have such a strong libido, and hook up so much?

Over the years, the number of condoms supplied during different Olympic games has increased.  The count started at 8,500 in Seoul ’88.  A long jump to 90,000 for Barcelona ’92, and then a poor performance of 15,000 for Atlanta ’96.

Then the athletes did what they did best… besides their sport… they kept on banging, and in 2000, Australian organizers had 70,000 condoms on hand, but had to order another 20,000 when the athletes ran ran through them halfway through the Games!!

Athens 2004 had 130,000 waiting for the athletes, 100k in Beijing 2008, 150k in London 2012 and then WTF in Brazil…


Crazy Olympic Sex Stories Abound Of Stronger Libido Than Your Average Man

natural ways for stronger libidoIn the 2014 Sochi Olympics, it was said that the Tinder use by the athletes was so heavy that headlines were written about it.

In the 2012 London games, the gay sex app Grindr crashed.

Women’s soccer star Hope Solo spoke about athletes having sex out in the open, on the grass, in broad daylight.

US Javelin thrower Breaux Greer spoke of having sex with three women a day during the entire games, and even one on the airplane flight back home. His (poor) roommate confirmed it.

Rumors circulated in the 2010 Vancouver games of a crazy hot tub orgy.

In the ’88 Seoul games, so many used condoms were found on the rooftops of the Olympians, that outdoor sex had to be specifically banned.

Even a ping pong player was getting laid like a rockstar in the 92 Barcelona games… Matthew Syed said he: “got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than the rest of my life up to that point.”


Strong Athletes, Powered Up Libido, Scenario Set Up For Sex

Part of me wonders… how is there so much hooking up going on? Partly envious… yes… partly curious… very.

And can I learn something from this in order to strengthen my own libido? Possibly.

No, I’m not going to grow a foot in height and try to compete against Usain Bolt, but I can glean some insights from this interesting sex wonderland that is the olympics.

So this is why there is so much sex going on in the Olympic village… my theory.


Amazing Genes

Sex and Olympics

These aren’t flabby 40-year old office workers, who’ve been beaten up by life…

These are men and women, the vast majority in their late teens and twenties, and in peak physical condition.

Competing at their sport brings about a perfection in your physical form (have you seen those female hurdlers or the beach volleyball players?).

And they come from a gifted talent pool to begin with.

So put a bunch of beautiful people in close proximity, in the peak of their lives, and there will be sex… lots and lots of sex. Yes, beautiful people love sex, too.

However, you can’t just grow a foot in height, and toss a shot put 70 feet, so if you’re not the best looking, just skip this section.


Pent Up Energy, More Exercise, More Testosterone, and Competition Bring With It a Stronger Libido

testosterone and exercisePossibly the main point to take home.

Besides the abundance of eye candy, these athletes have been training hard at their craft for years.

Cardio on its own increases libido and erection quality in men, and improves sex drive in women as well.

Exercising on a regular basis provides higher energy levels, which are pent up, and the stress of upcoming high level competition leads to a need to release, or distract themselves.

Competition on its own has been shown to increase testosterone levels, both in women and men.


The Perfect Social Scenario For Hooking Up

So you have a bunch of perfect human specimens, with high energy and hormone levels, in a strong and confident mental state…

Now, imagine they’ve been training hard, on their own in many cases, or not around the opposite sexvery much, and then are thrown together in a fantasyland… a beautiful village, designed for them to gather and have fun.

And they have so many things in common… they are all training, and competing to be the best at their sport. And all share the same feelings of anxiety, fear, excitement, and if they win a gold medal? Confidence, bliss, and higher testosterone levels.

Yeah… you can believe there’s going to be a lot of fucking going on.

And imagine how easy it is to spark up a conversation? “Hey, what are you competing in?”… conversations both parties will be interested in. Easy…

Why so much sex in the Olympic Village?


Other Contributions To The Stronger Libido of Olympians

While they are anxious about the upcoming competition, this is still sort of like a vacation from their daily lives.

Yeah, they may be the fastest swimmer in Lithuania, and train on a daily basis, but many, if not most, Olympians have a daily life with work, studying, etc.

They get away from all of this for those few weeks in the Olympic games… concentrating on their craft, but with much lower “daily life” stress levels that can crank up a person’s cortisol levels and harm their testosterone production and sex drive.

And the extra sunlight helps increase the Vitamin D, which also has its sexual benefits.


Ready For Bolt in 2020?

You may not be ready to smoke Bolt in 2020 100 meter dash (is he even going to compete? Probably… need to look into this), but hopefully you can gain some insight into why there is so much sex going on in Olympics, and turn your own life into a sort of Olympic Village.

Related Posts and Information:

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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