Foods For A Bigger Flaccid Hang, Stronger Erections & Libido

foods for a bigger flaccid hang3 Foods For A Bigger Flaccid Hang, Stronger Erections & LibidoConsider your flaccid penis size an indicator of your overall sexual health. Although many of us come into adulthood with a smaller flaccid penis size than we’d like, we can still be larger at all times.

Although, there are exercises for a bigger flaccid hang, which can help you to become hung, you can still be on the lower end, or the higher end, of your flaccid “spectrum”, depending on what you eat… eat some of the following foods, and you’ll be able to get your penis to hang at it’s maximum at all times, and feel overall more virile and potent.

Green Vegetables

All the nasty stuff you were forced to eat growing up… now you may take a liking to it:

  • spinach,
  • broccoli,
  • brussels sprouts,
  • kale,
  • cabbage,
  • swiss chard, and
  • bok choy

All of these vegetables contain large amounts of magnesium, which helps dilate blood vessels, leading to a bigger flaccid hang and naturally stronger erections. Also, spinach and broccoli contain indole-3’s, which carry estrogen out of the body, allowing your manly hormones to roam free without any domestication and nagging in the way.

Grapefruit, Oranges, & Peaches

These fruits are packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases sperm count and mobility.  The higher the sperm count, the higher the sex drive and erection quality, due to the need to “release” this higher sperm count.


Watermelon contains large amounts of citrulline, which converts into arginine. Arginine boosts nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels will give you (temporarily) a bigger flaccid size and stronger erections.  Long story short: watermelon = become hung (to an extent…).


Besides being delicious (especially with some ham fried underneath), eggs contain large amounts of vitamin b5, b6, and b12, all important vitamins when it comes to boosting testosterone production and keeping a healthy male libido naturally.

Red Wine

Red wine is not really a food, but should be added to this list. Besides it’s health benefits for your heart, wine also increases nitric oxide in the bloodstream, leading to a bigger flaccid hang and naturally stronger erections.

Just don’t over do it… Over do it, and you’ll get a case of the ol’ whisky-dick (or in this case the ol’ wine-dick).

Red Meat

Red meat are great sources of zinc. Zinc not only lowers the amount of prolactin in your body (a libido and erection zapping hormone), but it simultaneously increases testosterone production, AND allows you to better build muscle. It also contains large amounts of creatine… and more muscle mass, higher testosterone levels, even at rest.  Red meat = manly.


Nuts are good for your nuts… and your penis, too.  Nuts have large amounts of healthy fats, important for testosterone production.  Nuts also increase amounts of nitric oxide, and you know how the story goes with that stuff…

Fatty Fish

Oily cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna are packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Besides the increase in dopamine Omega-3s will give you, leading to more mental “excitement”, these fats will also boost your testosterone production.  Fatty fish contain L-arginine which increases nitric oxide = becoming hung and achieving stronger erections.


Perhaps the easiest and funnest way to improve your sexual health = eating!

Now, before you go and prepare yourself a red meat and fish taco, with nuts, spinach and fried egg in it, with a side of red wine with chunks of watermelon and peach (doesn’t sound that bad, huh?), just try your best to work at least some of these sex boosting foods into your diet on a regular basis, and your penis will thank you (and so will your lady!).

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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Losing Your Erection When Trying Male Multiple Orgasms?

The first time I read about the male multiple orgasm (MMO) technique, I was very excited.

It sounded like the cure to my problem. I used to have really bad premature ejaculation, and had a girlfriend whom I was unable to give an orgasm to. This inability to make her orgasm was creating a rift between us; what used to be a tight, love-filled relationship was slowly getting torn apart due the bad sex, and my anxiety over the bad sex…

When done properly, the male multiple orgasm technique can CURE premature ejaculation, allowing you to stay hard after orgasm, and to continue on penetrating with a hard erection. This would have allowed me to penetrate longer and get the job done.

But one word in that sentence says it all… properly.

The male multiple orgasm technique is indeed a very advantageous “tool” to have in the bedroom, but if you don’t have it mastered, then you’ll have a lot of frustration coming your way.  A lot of wasted semen, a lot of lost erections, a lot of concentrating on things other than your girl’s orgasm.

The first time I tried the male multiple orgasm, I read some rudimentary instructions off of the internet, tried it out on my own (not during sex) and talk about beginner’s luck…

I hit my first orgasm, clenched down hard on the pc, made it through the first dry orgasm, and kept an erection with about 70 to 80% hardness… with a little stimulation, I made it back 100%, and was able to continue on with a rock hard erection after orgasm… until I reached my second orgasm… I was not able to replicate the technique on the second orgasm, but nonetheless felt very content.

It was the miracle solution to my problems!!

So I tried out the male multiple orgasm during sex, and guess what?  I got near orgasm, clamped down, and had the orgasmic contractions… but failed = I lost my erection, and my girl still didn’t have an orgasm…

Soon after this, she left me (she was leaving anyway…), and I can’t blame her really, looking back… imagine if the tables were turned?  I imagined how it would be if she was constantly getting me aroused, she’d have an orgasm, but I’d never get sexual satisfaction?  After some time, I could imagine becoming very frustrated and feeling like my relationship was incomplete.

I was set to learn the male multiple orgasm, but to REALLY learn it.  To get it down every time.

Yet, for the longest time, every time I tried the male multiple orgasmn technique I’d lose my erection… rather than improving my sexual prowess, failing at this technique became a confidence crushing experience… combined with the amount of semen I was losing (I’ve always lived by the old-school principle of not excessively ejaculating, in order to conserve some strength/motivation), it began to feel like a high pressure situation every time I tried out the technique.

I was tired of failing… 

So I began to read, and read, and read on MMOs… in all honesty, there isn’t much info out there on this technique… there are a few books out there, I’m not going to name any names, but none of them offered COMPLETE instructions on how to pull it off… however, a number of them did provide valuable insights.  It was like pieces to a puzzle I was gathering, and I was putting it together.  I wasn’t going to try again, due to fear of failure, until I felt I had a really deep understanding.

In time, I felt I had gathered sufficient knowledge to give it another try.

So I trained my pc muscle intensely for a couple of weeks (you need to have a highly-strengthened PC muscle – one part of not losing your erection during the male multiple orgasm technique), rehearsed the steps in my mind repeatedly and then came the moment of truth…

The day I mastered the male multiple orgasm, once and for all

I felt like a soldier prepared for war – I had an extremely strong PC muscle, and an attack strategy in mind.  I put on some porn, achieved an erection, began stimulating myself towards orgasm, mentally lowered my arousal…. got a little closer… mentally lowered arousal… then went for the final sprint to the finish line.  Right at the point of no return I clamped down hard, held the pc squeeze extremely hard, had a complete dry orgasm, and kept about a 90% erection… I continued on stimulation, and my erection was quickly back to 100%… it was like I was starting off with a clean slate!  No need to ejaculate, still aroused, and with a rock hard erection!  I had no refractory period!

Then came the second orgasm, where I repeated the same process, and passed through it without an issue! In total I ended up having five orgasms without losing my erection… since then I’ve been able to pull off the technique every time I want to.

If you are losing your erection during the male multiple orgasm technique, it may be for the following reasons:

  • You haven’t developed a strong enough PC muscle – make sure you are doing your pc squeezes properly, and for long enough. Don’t let neighboring muscle groups jump in and “help”
  • You are clamping down too early, or too late
  • You are not clamping down long enough, or hard enough (which could be due to a weak PC muscle)

If you are having a dry orgasm during the male multiple orgasm technique, but still losing your erection, then you are having a retrograde ejaculation. The ejaculation is going inwards towards your bladder. It isn’t harmful, or damaging in anyway.  You will just urinate the semen out the next time you pee (look at your urine, it will be a bit more cloudy/”bubbly”).

While a retrograde ejaculation isn’t harmful, it will still cause you to lose your erection when attempting the technique.  You need to cut off ALL the ejaculation, right from where it starts, in order to stay hard after orgasm.  If you continue to lose your erection when trying the male multiple orgasm technique, click here… I can show you how to master the MMO every time; complete instructions.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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Mr. Manpower’s Definition Of Premature Ejaculation: Finishing Before She Does

The International Society For Sexual Medicine defines premature ejaculation as:

  • ejaculation which occurs within close to one minute of vaginal penetration from the first sexual experience (lifelong PE), or which occurs in 3 minutes or less (acquired PE)
  • the inability to control ejaculation (stop premature ejaculation) during vaginal intercourse
  • negative mental consequences such as distress, lack of confidence, and avoidance of sexual contact

Mr. Manpower defines premature ejaculation as:

Ejaculating before she’s had an orgasm.

The first part of the definition is ridiculous, and unnecessary.  Yes, I agree that premature ejaculation can be defined as the inability to control ejaculation, or delay ejaculation, during penetration, and that it does cause negative mental consequences… that’s without a doubt.

But many men last less than a minute during their first sexual contact, just out of sheer nervousness, and that doesn’t mean that they will be plagued by premature ejaculation for the rest of their lives.  Sometimes just having sex with that same person a few more times, will reduce the said “lifelong premature ejaculator’s” anxiety, allowing him to stop premature ejaculation on his own, and last longer during sex from then on.

And the second part… if a man is able to make a woman orgasm during that 3 minutes, then in no way is that premature ejaculation… he lasted just long enough to get the job done! (although getting a woman off in such a short amount of time is no easy feat – I’ve done it, though, hehe…).

And even if a man can stop premature ejaculation long enough to last say 10 minutes… or even 20 minutes or more… if the woman hasn’t had an orgasm, then he hasn’t lasted long enough!! The man lasting 20 minutes still ejaculated before he should, therefore he had premature ejaculation!!

So, now that I’ve properly defined premature ejaculation… what can you do if you can last forever, but can’t make a woman orgasm?  Or what can you do if you CAN’T LAST LONG, and she ALSO hasn’t had an orgasm?

A few things…

1) Get Her Clitoris Hot And Ready To Bust Before Entering

Before diving in and penetrating, make sure you’ve warmed up her clitoris, whether it be orally or manually.  The clitoris is responsible for a woman’s orgasm (even if you’re stimulating her G-Spot, it’s the internal part of her “clitoral cluster” – little known fact).  So make sure to go down on her for a while, or rub her clit manually, so she’s had a head start on you.  If you need a little help in that department, use this oral sex technique/manual technique, but don’t go for too long!  You might get her off before you even put your penis to work!  And SHE might be the one rolling over saying “I’m done… that’s it“.

2) Penetrate Her With Pressure On The Clitoris!

Possibly one of the most difficult puzzles to solve… how to penetrate a woman to get her off.  Most men think you just need to “fuck hard” and fast… it’s more than just that.  Hard, fast, and long lasting penetration help get the job done… but you need to “concentrate your efforts”… put stimulation on the clitoris while penetrating, and don’t let up.  Doing this with your hands is possible in certain positions (like her riding you.. but in that case, she won’t need your hands… she’ll just rub her clit on you back and forth – lesson right there on how you should penetrate), but doing it hands free is much better. These penetration techniques/positions to make a woman orgasm work… 

3) Exercises To Stop Premature Ejaculation Mentally

If you have very bad premature ejaculation, like ejaculating before even putting on the condom, then you should consider medical intervention.  SSRI’s have the beneficial side effect of greatly delaying ejaculation.  Many times you can pick up insights into ejaculation control while on the meds, get off the medication, and have acquired an improved ability to delay ejaculation. However, for most men, exercises to stop premature ejaculation can train your mind to be a long-laster, without having to take meds.

If you train your mind, your body will follow.  Keep the mind strong, and you can hold back ejaculation as long as you’d like.  For more information on these exercises to stop premature ejaculation mentally, click here… thousands of men have gone from lasting less than a minute, to lasting as long as they’d like… so I guess if you last less than a minute it’s not necessary lifelong PE, huh?

Any questions, leave in comments section, or shoot me an email to

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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Chronic Psychological ED Has Plagued EVERY MAN At Least Once

how to overcome psychological ED1 Chronic Psychological ED Has Plagued EVERY MAN At Least OncePsychological ED is the number one problem men of all ages face in the bedroom. It is the main cause of erectile dysfunction in nearly almost all cases.  Even if a man is out of shape, and his erection isn’t what it was in his younger days, if it weren’t for psychological ED, with enough stimulation he’d still be able to get 100% hard… it just might take a little longer.

But slip in the psychological aspect, and a “rusty” erection will become outright dysfunctional…  this mental block to getting an erection has such a strong effect that even young men with perfectly functioning erections can outright lose the ability to get hard.  I received an email from a young man today facing issues getting hard.  It is quite a common problem, but some men have more of a difficulty overcoming psychological ED than others:

“David, I can only imagine the emails you get like this. Gotta make you laugh at times.

I am running or playing basketball a few times a week. When I run its for about a mile at a time. Don’t like running just to run. Basketball is usually 60 – 90 minutes of a good sweat.

Also, starting working out again about a month ago with weights. deadlifts, squats, bench, etc with relatively heavy weight. with some bodyweight stuff mixed in on off days.

Yeah I don’t get it. Last girl I dated, initially had the problem at first but never had a complete fail. Once my head got out of the way, which was pretty quick we would have sex 3 times a day on the weekends. Occasionally would need a little extra help depending on the recovery time but really no issues.

This time, beautiful woman, sexy as hell. I mean if this woman didn’t turn you on your gay. Like her a lot also. First night, made out for a while. Hard as a rock and stayed hard for like 45 minutes or longer until she beat me off. but we knew we were not having sex that night. next time, Was hard while making out. went down on her for a while and lost it. Tried to get it hard myself. Would not work for nothing. I mean, nothing. got smaller if that is possible lol. Hey I gotta laugh about it right. Had butterflies and my heart was beating like I was going to have a damn heart attack. Obviously got frustrated and embarrassed, she felt like it was her, etc… Took a break. Went down on her again, was able to get myself hard while down there and by the grace of god, got one and was able to have sex.

Almost blew the whole chance with the woman and it may have, not sure yet. If it happens again, definite no go with her and I would understand it. I just don’t understand why this keeps happening when I am with a different woman at first. I was able to slide by and get through it and still get hard with the first couple woman and after that its all good for the most part. this was the absolute worst with a complete fail and this is the woman that I am looking at like yeah, she could be the one type. Even when its all working properly though, I still always have that little thought in my head that its not going to work and I can’t get it to go away.

I know I got over a week before I think I am going to see her again, if I do, so its gotta change and my fear is that because I had a complete fail, its going to be harder to get out of my head. I am thinking hypnosis, lol.

This is driving me nuts. Fucking nuts



Hi Jeff:

I know trying to overcome psychological ED can be an overwhelmingly frustrating experience.

You begin to doubt yourself, you begin to doubt your health… you begin to doubt your manliness… and your confidence drops in the process.

And going to have sex a second time with a girl who you already “failed” with can be even more nerve-wracking than the first experience, making it even harder to get an erection.

But the good news is that, not matter how out of whack you are mentally, how much self doubt you are feeling, you can overcome psychological ED.

First step is to admit that you’re anxious… stop trying to act cool and in control… you don’t have to admit to her, but at least admit to yourself.  Denial will just make the anxiety even worse…

Next step is to concentrate on getting as mentally aroused as possible… and having trust that your erection will come along.  Take note, there are exercises for stronger erections that help as well.

I’ve written an in-depth guide on how to overcome psychological ED, click here for more info… (please excuse the punctuation issues on next page… issue with developer’s software… working on it).

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Watermelon, Cardio and Exercises For Hard Erections

Watermelon has been deemed nature’s Viagra.

Watermelon contains an amino acid called citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels in the penis, same as Viagra and other medications for overcoming erectile dysfunction.

But calling it Viagra, while fun, is not exactly true. It is nowhere near the same in potency. But if you’re like me, and react very strongly to medications, then you may get a little kick in the erection department after eating a couple of slices…

Hey, it’s cheaper than oysters!

When it comes to exercises for hard erections, cardio is one of the best.  It will improve circulation throughout your body, which improves circulation to your genitals as well.  Run, play basketball, box… whatever you want to do.  Move your body, and your erections will thank you.

Stay still too long, and your erections will be lazy.

Lastly, there are manual techniques you can perform on the shaft that will force/improve the blood flow throughout the genitals directly.  Besides the amazing benefit of giving you a larger penis (both when erect and flaccid), these exercises will give you physically harder erections.

Kegels and PC squeezes are useful exercises for hard erections, but too many men perform them incorrectly.  In order to achieve harder erections through kegeling, you need to learn to concentrate solely on the pc muscle during the squeeze.  Make sure neighboring muscles are not helping (such as abs and glutes), and make sure you are squeezing down hard enough. When you do, and really strengthen the PC, you’ll see the base of your penis thicker for a few minutes after the session.  If it doesn’t look thicker, you are not kegeling right.

For more advanced exercises for hard erections, click here…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Best Way To Increase Penis Size? Pills, Surgery… Hands?

If you are wondering what may be the best way to increase penis size, (or if there even is a way to make your penis bigger at all) you’ll be happy to know that there are actually a few methods that do work…

Pills… not one of them…

Creams… not one of them…

So what does work?

  • manual natural penis enlargement techniques,
  • hanging devices,
  • phalloplasty (surgery),
  • pumps

…they are all effective ways of increasing penis size. But which is the BEST way to increase penis size?

I’ll describe each, and you decide what works for you.


In the past, penis enlargement surgery was heavily associated with various degrees of erectile dysfunction.  In this day and age, some surgeons have become quite adept at increasing the penis size through surgery (especially in Germany), and are getting better reputation for increasing penis size, without harming erection quality (as much at least… there is still always the risk).

Pros: quick, and significant gains (1.5 inches – 2 inches in length or girth gains)

Cons: can only pick length or girth (one or the other), still a risk for harming erections, costly

Hanging devices

Some men have claimed to have made massive increases in penis length thanks to hanging weights from the penis.  Various cultures around the world have carried out similar traditions for centuries.  Your penis is actually very strong… and you’ll be amazed what you can hang from it.  I dabbled in weight hanging at one point in time, but quickly stopped due to the amount of time it took to set up, the amount of time needed to do the “work”, and the bulkiness of all the weights and need for space/privacy.

Pros: known for extreme length gains

Cons: requires lots of privacy and space, somewhat scary

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps have been known to increase penis girth.  I know one man in particular who claimed to add more than 1.5 inches in GIRTH… which is A MASSIVE gain in girth.  It took the man a long time though… but shoot, 1.5 inches more in girth?  Why not?

Pros: known for massive girth gains

Cons: only one person I know of claims to have made these gains, doesn’t increase length

Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

Natural penis enlargement techniques use your hands to stretch, and engorge the penis with extra blood, which then heals in a longer/thicker penis. These exercises work for length and girth, but require some work be put in.  I perform my exercises in the shower.

Pros: works for length and girth, doesn’t require much privacy

Cons: requires time and personal effort, some men gain slower than others

So what is the best way to increase penis size?  You decide.  What works for you?  A combined routine of pumps, hangers, and manual natural penis enlargement exercises would ideally be the best, but you would need quite a bit of time for that… for more info on the natural penis enlargement techniques, click here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Erase Male Refractory Period Without Viagra; MMO Technique

I was once given a Viagra pill from a girl I was dating when I was much younger.

She had taken it from her father’s drawer, and I didn’t care much for the old man, so this made it all the more fun to try out.

I remember taking the pill (stupidly) a while before we were going to have sex, and then my girl jumped in the shower.  This gave me an intense headache.  If the blood isn’t rushing to your erection, it’s rushing to your head (the one on top of your shoulders), so make sure to take it just before sex, without any “obstacles” in the way.

I hadn’t had problems with an erection, but I always had a very strong male refractory period.

This male refractory period would kick in AS SOON as I ejaculated, and it would completely wipe out my erection and desire for another sex session.

Since that time, I’ve learned a few things to shorten the refractory period, such as getting some sunlight to boost T levels, strengthening leg muscles, doing cardio to improve circulation, but at the time, it was quite bothersome.

So when my girl finally got out of the shower, we got to work.  Before I could even think about getting horny, I was 100% rock solid.  I entered her, almost like a large sword penetrating through a soft fruit, and went to work.  Due to the sole hardness of my erection, I seemed to last a little longer, which was nice, but then came the cool part…

I fully ejaculated, and was able to stay hard after ejaculation with a rock solid erection.  Completely eliminating the male refractory period.  I continued penetrating, fully 100% hard, and had a second ejaculation. I was very happy with myself, but can’t help but feel like I “cheated”…

Without the Viagra, there was the suppressive male refractory period… making me struggle to make it to a round two…


Premature ejaculation, combined with my strong refractory period, always made me kind of a weakling in bed.  I’d ejaculate before the girl was satisfied, and then not be able to get it up quick enough for a round two to finish the job.

So when I heard about the male multiple orgasm technique, I was ecstatic.

There is a technique that you can learn, that allows you to stay hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms without losing your erection.  This will make you last as long as you want, with orgasm no longer being the finish line.  This erases the male refractory period, and allows you to penetrate for as long as you want.

Once I mastered this, I didn’t need to rest for a round two…. I was having an IMMEDIATE round two… and three… and four… and five….

All without the need for Viagra.

For more information on this technique, and how to master male multiple orgasms every time, click here: Learn How To Erase The Male Refractory Period And Stay Hard After Orgasm

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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How To Last Longer In Bed Mentally – Train Your Brain!!

how to last longer in bed mentally1 300x252 How To Last Longer In Bed Mentally   Train Your Brain!!I’m going to give you a solo experiment to do, just to show you how strong a role your mind plays in being able to last long during sex.

Achieve an erection with only physical touch; no watching porn, no mentally arousing thoughts. It might take a little longer to gain an erection, but physical touch is usually enough to get it up.

Be aware of any anxieties that may come up during the arousal process… you may be afraid of your own arousal! A strange, but real phenomenon that plays a role in premature ejaculation (one of the triggers… there are a few). But do not worry about this… try and achieve mental and physical calm, and keep as clear/blank a mindstate possible, as if you are meditating.

There should be no guilt felt… there is nothing wrong with what you are doing, you are figuring out how you “work”.

Once erect, stimulate yourself manually (same as in masturbation), but keep your emotions in check, and keep your mind calm. Remove all the “eroticness” of the situation… this is a scientific experiment.

Maintain a place of mental calmness, and continue stroking yourself for as long as possible.  Set a timer for 10 minutes (or more if you’d like to try, and are patient).  Don’t even think about the finish line.

(This is a BIG tip for folks trying to learn how to last longer in bed mentally – don’t race to the “point of no return” and THEN stop… maintain control early before you begin that exponentially quick climb towards ejaculation… there’s no turning back once you start the quick climb!).

Back to the experiment: you have your timer set, you have your mind perfectly at ease, and in as blank a state as possible, and you’re stroking yourself.

Mentally keep your arousal levels in check… you may feel small waves of pleasure trying to build up. “Tell them” to relax… keep them down… breathe.. keep calm.

If normally during sex you only last a couple of minutes, or tend to ejaculate before your girl has had an orgasm, then you may be amazed that in the right mindstate, you can last MUCH longer than you normally last.  When mentally and physically at ease, you’ll completely control ejaculation.

After ten minutes is up, reward yourself with an ejaculation if you’d like… you’ve done well.  And deep down you’ll see how much ejaculation control has to do with your mind state.


How To Control Ejaculation Mentally – 2 Lucky Cases Where I Lasted Forever, Before I Even Knew How To

The urge to ejaculate always has a mental cause. Without the mental trigger, you can control ejaculation much better.

One time a girlfriend of mine “woke me up” in the middle of the night to have sex, and little did she know, I was still half-asleep (but with an erection)… she rode my penis INTENSELY for half an hour (she told me the next day – I did not recall a thing), and had multiple orgasms, all without me ejaculating. And this was back in the days when I suffered from extreme premature ejaculation and never made her orgasm!!

The urge to ejaculate is not a physical process…

On another occasion, also in my premature ejaculation days, a girl was riding me, and out of nowhere I slipped into this mindstate that gave me “infinite stamina”… the girl was looking at me, knowing that by now I would have ejaculated, but she just kept on going and going… and it was up to ME when I was going to ejaculate. It was amazing to me – and mysterious at the same time – how little I knew about my mind.

Over the years, fed up with having premature ejaculation and leaving women unsatisfied (other than the two above-mentioned experiences), I set out to gather knowledge on how to control my ejaculation mentally.  I’ve been able to completely overcome my own premature ejaculation, and have helped others do the same.  I’ve written down all I know, including my personal journey of transformation, into one guide. For more info, click here: How To Last Longer In Bed Mentally

These techniques and exercises are more than just mental tricks to last longer in bed… this is a total re-training of your mind.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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5 Things That Can Make A Small Flaccid Penis Even Smaller

Growing up I was always a “grower”.

When erect, I had a fairly decent/average size, but my flaccid size was small.

A number of incidents showed me this…

For instance, one time I was changing in a water park, and happened to see a couple of kids who were much younger than me changing, and they were already much larger than me down there… or the time I caught a glimpse of my dad’s, changing after a white water rapids trip…

It made me feel like having a big flaccid penis size was normal, and I was just abnormal.

I had hoped that upon reaching adulthood, I’d have a bigger flaccid penis, but alas… I stayed with the small flaccid size.

A couple of other embarrassing situations caused me to look into natural penis enlargement, and to stick to the exercises with more tenacity… situations like driving and a woman grabbing my penis out-of-the-blue, and it was FAR from ready (usually caused even more flaccid shrinkage, due to the anxiety), or dancing in clubs with women (I believe some women do “size you up” when you dance with them… because when I increased my flaccid size, I had some positive comments from the ladies when dancing with them).

Situations like this embarrassed me to the point that I HAD to try something at least, and luckily, natural penis enlargement has greatly improved my flaccid hang (and overall weight/size).  However, even with my bigger flaccid penis size, there are still things that can temporarily cause some shrinkage (which is still much larger than it was before I started the exercises).  Some of these you may know, some you may not…

1. Coffee/Caffeine

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. Vasoconstrictors narrow blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the penis, and temporarily reduce swelling of the penis. I don’t care, I like my coffee… I’ll take the slight decrease in size while I enjoy my morning kickstart, and within a couple of hours my bigger flaccid hang returns.

2. Rogaine/Minoxidil

Minoxidil, the drug found in Rogaine, was originally used to treat high blood pressure. I’ve used Rogaine once a day over the years to help maintain the little hair coverage I have going on the top of my scalp. I tend to be very sensitive to any medication, so just a small amount of Rogaine seems to lower my blood pressure slightly, leading to less blood flow in the penis. This effect can last up to half a day after using it. It is a strange side effect, but I put up with it to keep the hair I have left.  When I miss a day (which I do on purpose from time to time), I have a MASSIVE flaccid hang.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety and stress increases cortisol, your fight-or-flight hormone.  When you are feeling anxious over a situation, your flaccid penis may decrease in size a little, and as you become more comfortable with the same situation, your bigger flaccid hang will come back.  That’s why it’s good to perform natural penis enlargement on a regular basis, to keep the blood flow to your flaccid size healthy and strong.

4. Lack of Sleep 

A bad night’s sleep increases your cortisol levels (see above), reduces blood circulation, and decreases your testosterone levels. All of this can lead to a small flaccid penis size, or at least smaller than normal.

5. Working Out/Lifting Weights

As you work on your muscles in the gym, blood rushes to these muscles to aid in their repair/growth.  The blood is taken away from other sources… such as your flaccid hang.  Your bigger flaccid hang comes back shortly after the workout (especially once you eat/take your protein).

Then there are other more common forms of shrinkage, such as very cold water.

As mentioned, even on my worst day… if I slept three hours, drank a whole Cuban colada, felt anxious over something, covered my head with rogaine, and hit a two hour workout at the gym, I’d still have a much bigger flaccid hang than I had before starting the execises.

If you’d like to know how to become hung, natural penis enlargement exercises work wonders.  I’ve always found the flaccid hang to be one of the most interesting parts of the exercises, and have learned quite a bit about how to perform natural penis enlargement SPECIFICALLY for a bigger flaccid size (the extra erect size doesn’t hurt either…), check this out:

How To Become Hung Flaccid (And Increase Erect Size!)

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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How To Make A Woman Come Quicker (In Under 5 Minutes)

how to make a woman come quicker e1428335083720 300x263 How To Make A Woman Come Quicker (In Under 5 Minutes)Whatever it takes to make a woman have one orgasm, just continue it on, and you’ll get her to the second orgasm…

However, if you have problems even getting her to that first orgasm, then you should work on how to make a woman come QUICKER, before you start worrying about how to make a woman come twice.

First off, while a larger penis size and more sexual stamina are important when it comes to making a woman orgasm, your technique is even more important than all of that.

When I was younger, the female orgasm was a mystery to me… something I never got to experience first hand.  I heard women talk about how their men would get them off (which would always create feelings of jealousy and insecurity in me), but I never was able to “create one” in a woman during sex with me.  At one point, I even wondered if it existed at all (and actually hoped they didn’t).

I thought maybe I just wasn’t large enough, or lasted long enough, but in reality, I had all of the tools necessary to get the job done at the time.  I was just ignorant.

A few things you must know if you’re hoping to make a woman come every time:

The clitoris is responsible for the female orgasm… and technically, it’s not even IN her vagina, it is at the top of the entrance of the vagina.  That is why girth is so favored by women… a 5 inch penis with massive girth will make a woman come quicker than a 9 inch penis with average girth… this is because the extra girth provides stimulation to the clit during penetration, even without trying.

So what do you do if you have an average girth or even smaller?  Change up your penetration technique.

“Sawing” into the clit with more of an up-and-down penetration allows you to provide stimulation to her most sensitive part (her clit), with your LEAST sensitive part (the base of your penis).  This is called the Coital Alignment Technique.  Not only is this a good way to make a woman orgasm, but it is also an effective way to last longer if you have premature ejaculation.

Another powerful option is to rub hard against the clit with your lower pelvis (the part of your pelvis right above the base of your penis) on the in- and out-stroke… don’t let up the pressure/keep the pressure on. Change up your “angle”, and see which way she reacts to best. (Tip: if she starts rubbing her clit back into you, then you are penetrating properly — keep it up).

Warm up her clitoris before diving in for penetration… this will make your job quicker and to the point.  Oral stimulation is possibly the best way to do so.  Not only does your tongue feel amazing against her clit, but the whole act is extremely arousing to her, which leads to…

Make love to her mind; it is her most powerful sex organ… I’m not saying neglect the physical part, as it is essential, but do not become a robot… say sweet (or nasty) things to your girl, before and during sex, as her mind is your best ally you have towards making her orgasm.  A team of scientists at Rutgers studied one woman who was able to have an orgasm through thought alone.  An MRI confirmed this.  So get in her mind, and you will make her come faster.

It may seem like a crazy, multi-tasking act in needed in order to give a woman an orgasm, (or even more, to make a woman come twice, or more times), but in time, once you practice it a bit, and get to know your girl better, things will get easier.  Follow the tips above, and your girl will be having multiple orgasms during penetration in no time…

As mentioned though, some extra size and sexual stamina help get the job done as well.  It may be hard to believe, but there are a number of exercises you can do to increase penis size and last longer during sex.  Check this out: How To Make A Woman Come Quicker With A Larger, Longer-Lasting Tool

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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