Fully Grown Man Increases His Penis Size With Testosterone Shots

Testosterone increasing penis size in adults

If you have a significantly smaller than average penis size, this should show some promise to gentlemen looking to increase penis size, but not trusting of the penis enlargement industry.

A 34 year old man presented to his doctor with complaints of an under-grown beard and very small amount of body and pubic hair.

However, upon further examination, the doctor discovered that besides the man also reporting having absent ejaculations & infrequent morning wood, the man had a 1.9 inch penis when fully stretched, about the size of a pre-pubescent boys penis.

Testicles were much smaller than average, as well.

These were all signs that pointed to underproduction of testosterone, due to hypogonadism.

This could have been occurring since birth, or due to some injury to the testicles… however, it most likely happened before puberty, before penis growth could occur. His testosterone levels were at 55.99 ng/dL, when the average range for testosterone levels is anywhere between 270-1,070 ng/dL.

So the doctors immediately placed him on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and kept him on for 9 months before measuring his penis and testicle size after treatment period.

At the end of the 9 months, his penis length was now 3.7 inches in length, and his testicles had doubled in size…

While not an extremely large final result as to penis size, and results show being a bit “murky” (in study I have access to, it said the man’s penis grew to normal adult size, but that should be somewhere between 5 and 6.5 inches in length; I saw the 3.7 inches mentioned in an another article with more details, but this is below the average range), it should still be quite promising for a fully-grown man who has a smaller than average penis size & testicle size, and very little body hair.

3.7 inches is still better than 1.9 inches, and if you’re quite a bit below average in penis size, perhaps a course of TRT may help increase its length and size.

(Note: please do research first on TRT and it’s side effects… make sure to take Propecia if you are going to get on it, and you have hair loss in your family… which has always been my concern with the stuff).

Would Testosterone Replacement Therapy Then Work to Increase YOUR Penis Size?Testosterone and penis size

Unless you suffer from hypogonadism, TRT on it’s own will not likely have a drastic effect on your penis size.

But if you have micropenis or a significantly smaller penis, don’t hesitate to present these findings to your doctor and get a prescription for some testosterone injections or other form of replacement therapy.

Besides reduced body hair and smaller genitalia, here are some other signs of hypogonadism to look out for:

  • Decreased development of muscle mass
  • High pitched voice
  • Excessive growth of the arms and legs in relation to the trunk of the body
  • Development of breast tissue (gynecomastia)
  • Undescended testicles
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)
  • Having had mumps on the testicles
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hot flashes

Now, don’t do what everyone does, and see a couple of these signs, and be convinced you have hypogonadism… go to the doctor, explain your concerns, and get your hormone levels tested to know where you really stand.

On a related note, manual techniques to increase penis size have proven themselves effective, so combining them with TRT, you may be able to give the techniques an added boost in efficacy. This could possibly work for you even if you have a penis within the average range, and normal T levels.

I was able to over an inch in extra erect length to my penis, along with some good girth, with the manual techniques alone, without the need for TRT (who knows, maybe I would have, and could still, gain more if I get on TRT).

If you’d like to learn more about these exercises, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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BELIEVING You Can Last Longer During Sex Helps Overcome PE

How to overcome PE on your own

The power of the mind is an amazing thing, especially when it comes to your sexual performance.

A study found in the British Journal of Urology shows that just by believing you are being treated for your premature ejaculation, you will actually be able to better delay ejaculation and last longer during sex.

In the study, 2,614 men were given Dapoxetine — an SSRI that can be given on-demand to help delay ejaculation — or placebo, a “sugar pill” if you will, that has no medical effect.

The men were asked to describe their premature ejaculation throughout the treatment, and its effect on their sex life, on two different scales: one 7-point scale measuring improvement (“much worse” to “much better”), and another 5-point scale measuring their assessment of their sexual performance and its impact on their life (“very poor” to “very good”).

Before the study, 96.8% of the men described their PE as very poor, or poor, at baseline, with an average time till ejaculation of under 2 minutes.

After the treatment, or just BELIEVING they had received treatment:

  • 95% of men perceived their PE as slightly better, better or much better (67.1% were better or much better)
  • 32% jumped up by two categories in improvement
  • Average time till ejaculation in men with a two category improvement jumped from 1.8 minutes at baseline to 4.3 minutes after treatment

While nearly all the men saw an improvement in their sexual stamina, on the medication or not, 15% of men had a two category jump in improvement of performance, just by BELIEVING they were on the medication, with no other mental intervention or help!

Power of SSRIs to Overcome PE

SSRI’s, such as Dapoxetine, have a very strong ejaculation delaying effect.

I personally went through a rough patch in my life several years back where my doctor recommended taking Zoloft, another SSRI in the same class.

I took it at it’s lowest dose, and while it did provide me the benefit of helping me get out of the rough spot I was in, it gave me some super sexual stamina powers at the same time.

I had to fight TO orgasm, rather than fight to keep FROM orgasming…

And when I weaned off the SSRI’s, I seemed to have kept some ejaculation control insights that I gleaned during the treatment.

However, SSRIs, even if taken on an “on-demand” basis, can cause side effects like a reduced libido and ability to achieve erection, as well as require a doctor’s visit, prescription, insurance, payment, etc.

So if you can overcome PE mentally, on your own and without the need for a prescribed medication, not only will it save you hassle and money, but you will feel great knowing you did it without any extra help.

The Mind’s Power To Overcome Premature Ejaculaion

Overcoming PE on your own

There are generally two causes of premature ejaculation — low serotonin levels (which is genetic) or incorrectly learned / trained responses to arousal and sexual stimulation.

In the first case, ejaculation control exercises and training can help you to a degree, but if you have chronically low serotonin levels, a low dose of an SSRI may be your best path to overcoming PE and getting your sexual performance back on track.

Not just that, but you will most likely improve your overall life experience as well.

However, if your response to sexual stimuli, arousal and physical stimulation is “incorrect”, perhaps due to speedily masturbating in the bathroom growing up, or a heavily guilt laden association with sex / masturbation from a traditional Christian upbringing or a home where sex was considered bad, then ejaculation control exercises will GREATLY improve your sexual performance.

The Benefits of Ejaculation Control Exercises to Your Sexual Stamina

Retraining your mind to KNOW that you can last long during sex will — as shown in the above-mentioned study — provide great benefit to your ability to delay ejaculation.

In the above study, the sole idea of believing they were being treated for their PE, allowed men to improve their sexual duration to some extent at least.

Training yourself to actually benefit from this positive mind-body-sexual stamina connection will show you even stronger ejaculation-delaying results than what was seen from this study.

For more information on ejaculation control exercises to overcome PE on your own, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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How to Grow A Beard Or Make Your Beard Grow Fuller

How to make your beard grow faster

I remember when I first started losing hair along my hairline, I was in my early 20’s… real early.

I explained my problem to my doctor on the phone, and he told me to come in and see him.

To my great joy, he explained to me that Rogaine / Minoxidil (which I had researched and thought was only for the back / crown area of your head), could be also used on the hairline.

He said something along the lines of, “if hair grows there, then Rogaine will help it grow… what’s the difference between hair follicles on the hairline and the back of the head?

Made sense to me!

This was back before the foam (which is a godsend), so there was the liquid solution and the dropper.

I began to use it, and my hairline began growing back pretty well… I even remember a girl I was friends with (who I would lament to about my hairloss) spontaneously telling me, “your hair grew back!”. BUT… the super regrowth, unfortunately, didn’t last long. The aggressive hair loss continued.

I tried Propecia (finasteride) but didn’t like the fact it made me feel kind of like a betch… so I stuck to the minoxidil, and counted the days until I’d bite the bullet and just shave my head…

I finally got fed up, just went for it and shaved my head… and shocked the world… in no time, everyone accepted it, I felt at peace, and slowly gained my confidence back in the looks department and with women, and saw that most women don’t care nearly as much about hair as we do…

And trust me, since then I’ve had a long, and healthy, track record of hot women…

So…. without further ado, how to grow your beard.


Rogaine / Minoxidil Will Help You Grow A Thick Manly Beard

So now that you know how Rogaine will make hair grow wherever it is placed, you can see how this can apply to beards.

Since hair on my scalp was not my strong suit, I figured, why not concentrate on my facial hair.

I had a small goatee ever since my late teens, but barely any mustache hair. Also, around this time, beards weren’t as insanely popular as they’ve been for the last 5 years or so.

However, my weak little 1800s Frenchman mustache was not thick enough to look good, so I began researching about how to grow more facial hair.

This was back when Google wasn’t the amazing gatherer and presenter of information it is today, but I did find a forum of men describing their experiments with Rogaine on their beards, and how it increased their facial hair coverage.

I figured what the hell… why not give it a try?

I began applying the Rogaine foam once a day a couple of times a week on my weak mustache, and it QUICKLY began to increase in coverage (width / height, if you will). My mustache was thicker, and looked great with the goatee.

So it worked!

A couple years later, in steps the beard look. I really like the beard look, and believe it to be more than a trend. Shit… beards have been in vogue since ancient times.

And while my natural beard growth was decent, it was not amazing. Applied the rogaine foam again… I applied it in a few weak spots, a couple times a week for a few weeks, and it started gaining coverage as well.

Now I have a nice manly beard and mustache… and while I genetically wasn’t all that bad in the area, it was like putting my beard growth on steroids.

And you can also start with a VERY weak beard, and get to Wolverine status, as these two images below illustrate:

How to make your beard grow more
How to grow your beard with Minoxidil

Studies have shown it works as well…


How About Rogaine For Growing Eyebrows? Yes, It Works There, Too…

A couple of years back, I had to renew my driver’s license.

It had been since my early 20’s that I had taken a picture for my license, so figured it was time.

I took the pic, and when comparing to my younger pic, noticed that my eyebrows looked more separate… I had lost some thickness and hair on the inner parts.

It looked strange now to me. Took some of the strength / masculinity / virility out of my face.

So now that I had the magical hair grower, and know it works, I tried it out on my eyebrows, and brought back quite a bit of darkness on the inner parts. It looks better now…

Lots of men lose eyebrow as they age… so keep this in mind.


So… How Much Rogaine Should I Use To Grow My Beard / Hair?

Rogaine is some strong stuff…

You would rather undershoot, than overshoot…

You don’t want a mustache like Burt Reynolds, eyebrows like Bert from Sesame Street, or a beard that reaches up to your eye sockets…

And hair follicles are a funny things. We have them ALL over our face… boost one up with minoxidil, till it grows thick, dark hair, and you may not be able to turn it back to a small pale hair.

So… less is better… maybe a couple times a week, spaced out, and play it slowly… see if you like what you have, and if so, leave as is. As the years go by, your hair will most likely continue growing / expanding coverage on its own as well.

For more interesting masculinity-boosting info, see here:

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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How To Increase Erectile Strength Naturally Without Viagra

How to increase erectile strength naturallyToo many young people nowadays looking into Viagra to increase erectile strength, when natural / mental solutions work just as well.

Oftentimes a young man has a tough time getting an erection, and believes that he has erectile dysfunction.  Most often his problem is just sexual performance anxiety, or a mental block to getting physically aroused.

When a man enters sex feeling anxious and worried over the performance of their erection, it oftentimes becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Being in an anxious state puts the body in “fight-or-flight” mode, and getting an erection is the last thing your body wants to do when in this mode.

I remember having some very attractive women in my bed in the earlier days of my sex life, and it was almost like the harder I tried to get an erection, the farther I was from becoming erect… it was the most frustrating/embarrassing/emasculating experience.

And I continuously tried to get it up with some of these women, in order to prove to her that my erection worked… and to prove to myself.

And each time I tried “testing out” my erection, anxiety increased, and my erections became weaker and weaker, if I could get them up at all… most times I’d only get a semi-erection which would quickly go soft… and stay soft.

You need to be relaxed, at ease, AND horny at the same time to overcome sexual performance anxiety. And once this mental block goes down, you’ll improve your erectile strength naturally, on it’s own.

Having some faith in your erection’s physical abilities also helps to get it up when you need it.

Do you wake up with morning wood? Or at any time in the middle of the night? Then know this, your erection works perfectly fine.

Just work on getting as mentally aroused, and let your erection follow the feeling… it knows what to do, doesn’t need anyone to tell it.

Performing erection strengthening exercises and activities to increase your testosterone production will also work to reinforce the physical part, giving you harder, longer lasting erections on command.  And this improved erection quality will provide even more confidence in your erections, making sexual performance anxiety even easier to beat.

It will become a beneficial cycle (strong erection leads to more confidence, which leads to stronger erections and so on and so forth), rather than a vicious one….

For more information on these exercises to increase erectile strength naturally, see here…

Natural Herbs, Plants, Vitamins and Insect Venom Scientifically Proven to Increase Erectile Strength

How to improve erectile strength naturallyBesides overcoming the mental block, and performing exercises to physically strengthen your erections, there are a number of natural solutions, such as herbs, roots — even insect venom and chemicals — that have been shown in studies to strengthen erectile function… if not available for purchase in commercial form yet, it will be soon.

Feel free to try out one or two of these, and see how they affect your sexual performance and erectile strength.

I will periodically be updating this list with new findings on natural erectile dysfunction treatments I come across in my research.

Root Extract of Carpolobia alba G.

The watery root extract of Carpolobia alba G. is popular in Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea and other parts of Western Africa to treat erectile dysfunction and related male sexual debilities.

In a scientific study, 30 rats were treated with the root extract, and a significant improvement was shown in each of these areas:

  • number of erections
  • erectile strength
  • mount frequency
  • ejaculation frequency
  • mount latency
  • intromission latency
  • average interval of copulation
  • post-ejaculatory interval

These results indicate a pro-erectile and pro-ejaculatory effect from the aqueous root extract of this plant.

Testofen (Fenugreek), a Seed Extract

A recent study showed that testofen (fenugreek – a popular ingredient and spice used in dishes in South Asia) not only naturally increases erectile strength in healthy aging men, but improves testosterone production as well. And what works for a healthy aging male, will work just as well, if not better, for a younger male, so this is good news for men of all ages.

After 12 weeks of treatment in these men, both total serum testosterone and free testosterone increased compared to placebo, as well as sexual function, number of morning erections and frequency of sexual activity.

Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is a slow growing plant with fleshy roots that grows in cooler climates in North America and Asia. Several studies have shown red ginseng’s efficacy when it comes to improving erection quality naturally. It increases nitric oxide in the penis (much like Viagra), leading to an increase of blood flow to the penis.

Ever see those little green vials when buying something at the gas station? Grab a couple the next time you’re there… try it out for yourself.


From the bark of the yohimbe tree, yohimbine is often recommended as the first line of defense against ED by many doctors.

In a study of 82 men in the VA, the majority of men who took yohimbine showed an improvement in erectile strength. The result was especially apparent in men with higher incidences of diabetes and vascular issues.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

Epimedium, which goes by several names, including horny goat weed, is a flowering plant that mainly grows in China, but is also found in other parts of Asia and the Mediterranean. The plant contains icariin, which has been shown to be a mild phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, much like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Besides a number of studies showing its ability to improve erectile strength naturally, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat sexual ailments.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is the only living species in the division Ginkgophyta, all others being extinct. It is found in fossils dating back 270 million years. Native to China, the tree is widely cultivated and was introduced early to human history.

Much like epimedium, ginkgo has also been shown in studies to have PDE5 inhibiting effects.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

A naturally occurring steroid produced in the adrenal glands, DHEA has been shown to improve erection quality in a small study of men. DHEA can be purchased in capsule / tablet form.

Vitamin D

Also naturally occurring, Vitamin has been shown in recent studies to increase erectile strength, as well as improve testosterone production in men who have low Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D levels can be increased with sun exposure, drinking milk, or vitamin supplementation. One of the easiest natural fixes to ED around.

Venom from Brazilian Wandering Spider

The Brazilian Wandering Spider, normally found in fruit plantations but popping up in recent times in banana shipments around North America and Europe, has venom which can cause priapism, a sometimes painful erection that can last for hours (along with serious negative effects – at least 14 people have been killed by the spider).

Brazilian researchers have been studying its venom, in order to separate the deadly from the beneficial. Expect to find this venom in natural erectile dysfunction solutions in the future.


  • For more on how to increase your erection strength naturally, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs“

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