As You Get Older, You Will Last Longer During Sex

older men last longer during sex As You Get Older, You Will Last Longer During Sex
As a youngster (teens and early 20’s), I was always a quick shooter.

Premature ejaculation was the norm… quick masturbation habits, combined with raging testosterone and the newness of sex, lead to me being unable to withhold ejaculation.

The plus side of this was I was able to get a quick erection after cumming, thanks to a short refractory period.

I tried different things… numbing sprays, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Each had their benefits, but not being able to last long during sex on my own was pretty depressing and frustrating.

And the numbing sprays would kill my erection, as would the alcohol if I wasn’t careful…

I had many a girlfriend who wanted more than what I could give them… and this lead to insecurity on my part, and often a self-fulfilling prophecy of the women leaving or cheating on me… most likely more due to my insecurity (and acting needy or weird because of this insecurity), than my actual poor performance… (although in a few instances, it was the actual bad sex that caused the break).

Luckily, in my mid 20’s, fed up with my premature ejaculation, I did extensive research on how to mentally last longer during sex, which greatly helped improve my sexual performance. With enough practice of these solo exercises, I began to learn the ins and outs of my mental and physical arousal and with some effort, was able to keep them in check.

But it still required some effort… until I got a bit older…

One Of Many Upsides To Getting Older… Being Able To Last Longer During Sex

last longer during sex with age As You Get Older, You Will Last Longer During SexGetting older has its good and bad sides to it…

Sure, losing some hair, getting a wrinkle here and there, hair where you don’t want it, gaining a little gut… not fun.

However, there are many perks to getting older.

The experience… in life and with women, is awesome. You know yourself better, you know others better, you maneuver through life effortlessly… you know what you want, you don’t have the need to please people… as opposed to the young, hormone filled teen or young adult, who awkwardly bumps through life.

Ever see an older man with a hot ass young chick and wonder why? Sure, the money attained with the knowledge helps, but it’s more than this… women love a man who knows about life.

With age comes patience…

With age comes the know-how on how to make a woman orgasm.

And as you get older, you may lose the washboard abs, but gain gain “grown man strength”… an inner, tougher, more powerful strength.

This strength not only allows you to lift more in the gym, but makes you stronger in other physical activities…

I can recall a time I was roughhousing with an older co-worker when I worked at a restaurant in my late teens. He was a friend who worked in the kitchen, and must have been in his late 30’s. We were the same height, but he was immovable… he felt like a solid statue, when I tried to push him (I was a rough kid… who knows why) and when he decided to, he dropped me in a second… He wasn’t abnormally large, muscle-wise. It was an inner strength he had.

I’ve seen this own inner strength of mine shine in certain scenarios, where I’m impressed at what I’m able to do physically now at my age (35).

This mental knowledge, this experience of life, and this slight gut (which leads to a reduction in the over-the-top, acne-causing surge of testosterone that occurs during our teens) combine to give us much greater mental and physical ejaculation control as we get older.

While younger, I had learned to use ejaculation control tactics to last longer during sex, but still had to strain in order not to cum… now it just comes naturally.

Ejaculation Control and Experience Can Be Gained, Even While Younger

But if you’re young, you may thinking… “shit, I gotta get old and fat in order to overcome my premature ejaculation?”

No, that’s not the case.

Whenever the novelty, or newness, of having sex with someone begins to wear off, you will have desensitized to them somewhat… and gained experience with them.

In most cases, you will (on average, at least) be able to last longer during sex with them (with this one person at least).

However… even in older gentlemen, when having sex with somebody new, somebody incredibly hot, or after not having ejaculated for a long time… premature ejaculation is normal.

That is why the following common sense things help you to last longer during sex:

  • Never have sex with a loaded gun (ejaculate the night before… not the same day, because in that case, you won’t feel very aroused mentally)
  • Urinate right before you are going to have sex
  • Don’t start penetrating speedily right from the jump… start off slower
  • Keep mental check on your arousal levels… don’t let your mind and body start the exponential climb towards orgasm… keem them plateaued
  • Learn to get her off orally, so should your penis fail, you will know she had an orgasm. This will take some pressure off, which on its own will allow you to last longer by keeping your mind at ease

As mentioned, as a youngster, I learned how to overcome premature ejaculation, even when my premature ejaculation was at it’s worse. If you’re interested in learning how to last longer during sex, I outline how I did that here… This guide will also help in the case of older men who are still experiencing premature ejaculation… with some men it just seems to never go away! I can help there, as well.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Big Differences Between A Man and Woman’s Sexual Needs

differences between men and womens sexual needs e1466036976999 Big Differences Between A Man and Womans Sexual Needs

A recent survey on masturbation habits, carried out by We-Vibe, a sex toy company, has some interesting findings as to the differences between boys and girls…

While some findings are pretty much cut-and-dried, others provide insights into the sexual / mental makeup of both men and women.

Men are More Turned On By Newer, Fresher Visual/Mental Stimulation… Women Concentrate More On the Type Of Physical Stimulation…

91% percent of males believe watching new porn content is the best way to spice up their routine; while only 67% of women agree.

1-in-3 men fantasize about celebrities while masturbating, only 1-in-5 women do.

While this does show that women like some novelty, or “newness” in their visual stimulation, this is much more of a “guy” thing.

The need for a new video, new porn actress, new act… this is what we like as guys.

On the other hand, women were more concerned with the type, or level, of physical stimulation… 53% of women believe SEX TOYS are the best way to spice up their routine, while only 5% of men use sex toys…

As men, the visual aspect is what gets us off… as to physical stimulation, we stick with what we are used to… as long as our mind is set on fire, we are good with our hands (literally).

With women, it’s more about what they feel, than what they see.

This should come as comforting news for us men… as long as we are trying new things in the bedroom, our girl should be happy (at least in this area). Bring some toys into play, try some new positions or penetration techniques… this should be good enough to keep things exciting for her.

Meanwhile… women should be worried about us… we want something new, fresh and stimulating (a man’s downfall many times… and the reason for sexless relationships after being together for a long time…).

More Interesting Bits Of Information from the Masturbation Survey

There were some more interesting findings in this survey.

These were the favorite celebrity women that guys liked to masturbate to:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Jessica Alba
  • Emma Watson
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Megan Fox
  • Selena Gomez
  • Taylor Swift
  • Beyonce
  • Kate Upton

While sexiness obviously played a role in many of these… it seemed like popularity was factored into many guy’s choice of “leading lady”.

20% of men have jerked off in the car, 19% of women have masturbated in their vehicle… 35% of people in the midwest have masturbated in their cars… not sure of the reason for the higher amount of “vehicular masturbation” in that part of the country…

People masturbate more in the winter than in the summer… in the case of the men, at least, I can say this is most likely due to the colder weather leading to increased sperm count, hence need for more release… it’s crazy how the physical can create the mental need…

Now Take These Insights, and Improve Your Sex Life and Relationship

So if you’re girl says “we need to spice things up” in the bedroom, don’t take it as a sign that she’s going to start looking for greener pastures…


Get her some lingerie… go with her to that secluded sex store… take her to a hotel and treat her dirty (some women like that…check first!)… eat her out for a while with some hot, tingly lubricant with flavor, try those fire and ice condoms by Trojan (I love those… she does too)…

Just switch it up!

It’s important you also provide some strong physical stimulation… it appears women like toys, but it might just be something to keep them happy between times she has sex… or she might really like toys!

If she does, get a vibrator, get a dildo… don’t feel replaced or challenged… just add it to your repertoire.

And if you don’t know how to make a girl orgasm with your tongue, or penis, learn!! I can help you… see here!!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Natural Penis Enlargement Is My Meditation Time

meditation and natural penis enlargement e1465413755843 Natural Penis Enlargement Is My Meditation Time

Natural penis enlargement is the perfect way for me to do two things at once: 1) increase my penis size, and 2) take some time out from my day…

I am a constantly “on the go” type of person.

My mind rarely stops turning… my need to be productive never stops… sounds great, but in reality, this leads to burning out. It leads to great things, but may actually be a form of OCD.

It’s vital that we find time to STOP, and do NOTHING… allow the mind to be at peace… be calm… air out a bit.

This centers us — allows us to step back and see our life clearly.

Constantly moving, entertaining our minds, seeking physical pleasure and distraction…. This leads to stress, and an off-balance, muddy view of everything around us.

Meditation Is Boring To Me – But Always Proves Helpful

It is hard for me to force myself to stop, but when I do, I can see the benefits.

Generally, even while trying to meditate, it takes several minutes before my mind stops throwing thoughts, sounds and words into my consciousness… after a few minutes of actually TRYING, the constant stream of thoughts and distractions start to slow, and I reach that blank state we thrive for during meditation.

But it takes some effort…

And once in that deep state, THEN it’s easy to stay there… I keep that calm-lake, third-eye state open for as long as I like.

And generally, the longer I’m in it, the greater the benefits.

When I break out of the meditative state, my stress levels feel lower, I feel happier, things that were bothering me before meditating, all of a sudden seem trivial… and this generally carries over into the next day.

Not to mention the positive benefit that meditation has on my relationship and sexual performance…

I see my lady for who she is… understand her deeper… and when it comes to the sex, I feel more aroused, I get an erection instantly, I’m more patient and I last much longer during sex.

So I see the benefits of meditation, but getting me to sit down and actually do it… in place of entertaining myself with mind-numbing TV, or reading through BS on my phone, is tough to do… especially after a long day.

And that’s where natural penis enlargement helps…

Natural Penis Enlargement, When Combined With Single-Pointed Concentration, Is The Perfect Meditation

meditation and concentration Natural Penis Enlargement Is My Meditation Time

There are generally a few different ways to meditate…

  • trying to empty the mind of thoughts completely,
  • repeating a single mantra,
  • concentrating on one single thing, such as the inhalation and exhalation of our breath.

These are all ways to effectively clean (or strengthen, in the case of the mantra) the mind via meditation.

So what I like about natural penis enlargement is, it’s best to concentrate on one thing… whether it be counting the repetitions I am doing (it’s important to count your reps) or envisioning my penis enlarging, much like we should visualize our muscles increasing in size when working out at the gym.

When you don’t allow your mind to wander, and you concentrate on the task at hand (literally…), then you will be doing single-pointed meditation, one of the strongest forms of meditation.

This form of meditation develops your “concentration powers”, along with the above-mentioned psychological benefits.

When you have strong concentration powers, you are not as distracted as easily when performing different activities, and you actually perform them better, with sharper vision and execution. (Interesting note, studies have shown that meditation actually increases the amount of gray matter in the mind!)

Oh yeah, and you make your penis larger at the same time. Not a bad thing.

Distractions During Penis Enlargement

Two things may creep in when trying to do penis enlargement, that will keep you from having a good meditation.

1) boredom

2) distraction

They both go together… penis enlargement may not be the most exciting thing, but besides strengthening your mind, you’re strengthening your most masculine part… so keep at the task. It’s also harder to reach that deep, tranquil state that “empty mind” meditation brings… so this may require some more discipline.

When bored, you may feel like stopping your repetitions at 100, instead of 150 for instance… or when distracted, you may begin to think of something else, rather than concentrating on a single point… and this will prevent you from reaping the benefits of meditation during penis enlargement.

If you’d like to gain some serious penis size, I’ve put together a guide with all of the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years on natural penis enlargement… see here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Stop Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

ejaculating during male multiple orgasm e1465149566392 Stop Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

Ejaculating when going for the male multiple orgasm technique can be a frustrating, and disappointing, experience.

When ejaculation is the goal, whether during normal sex or masturbation, you are building up towards an overwhelmingly pleasurable release… working hard towards the satisfying finish.

However, when going for the male multiple orgasm, in the attempt to not ejaculate, you have a severely dulled ejaculation, being that you aren’t pumping hard through the orgasmic contractions, and you’ve most likely eliminated all arousing thoughts from the mind, taking the joy out of it.

And yes, you failed to maintain your erection after orgasm once again…

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man – Not The Ultimate Guide…

I just finished reading The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man – an extensive article on the male multiple orgasm. It is pretty much a rehashing of what you’ll find in The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chiawhich is:

  • Substantial amount of info on the Taoist’s beliefs on ejaculation conservation in order to “power up”
  • Exaggerated “preparation” leading up to the technique
  • Dropping the ball when it reaches the most important part… the point of no return

The problem with many guides to performing the male multiple orgasm is what I mention above — mainly, the dropping the ball on what to do when you reach the point of no return, and have to cut off ejaculation.

For instance, in Chia’s book, after a hundred pages or so, he pretty much leaves it up to you to figure out how to use the PC muscle during this time. He doesn’t explicitly describe what to do at this crucial moment.

Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm — Whether Inwardly or Outwardly — Causes You to Lose Your Erection

While it’s great to be able to have a bunch of orgasms during the same sex session, undoubtedly, the greatest benefit of the male multiple orgasm is the ability to keep an erection after orgasm… allowing you a never-ending performance.

This makes the MMO technique the dream solution to premature ejaculation.

While numbing sprays and SSRIs work to last longer during sex, the numbing sprays remove the pleasurable sensations from the act, and SSRI’s bring with them a host of side effects, including a reduced libido, weaker erections, fatigue, and weight gain…

So this natural solution to PE is a godsend. If you can master it.

For the longest time when trying out male multiple orgasms, I’d have a few things occur:

  • I’d partially ejaculate, and even this small amount of release was enough to quickly lose all erection strength.
  • I’d be able to hold off a first ejaculation, but then within seconds, I’d have a powerful, unstoppable second ejaculation occur.
  • I’d believe I cut off all ejaculation (no semen would be expelled), but I would STILL lose my erection… this was the most common problem I faced. The next time I’d urinate, I’d see some ejaculate in my urine (gives you cloudy urine). This is called a retrograde ejaculation.

Failing like this made me want to give up on the technique altogether. Combined with my incorrect belief that each ejaculation was somehow expending my “male life essence” — I pretty much gave up on the technique at one point.

Each failed attempt, and miserable, wasted ejaculation, made me almost afraid to try the technique for a while…

There Isn’t Much Science Behind Taoist Beliefs…  So Do Not Fear Ejaculating When Learning MMO

losing erection during MMO technique Stop Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

While I thank Taoism for widely sharing the Male Multiple Orgasm technique, and there is something to their refraining from ejaculation leading to “manlier powers”, in general, it’s just a creative story.

And as a matter of fact, some of the Taoist ideas were downright messed up…

For instance, Taoists had a point system assigned to the “women” they had sex with… with the lowest points being awarded for having sex with a woman between 21 and 25 (considered old hags to them), and the highest points being assigned to having sex with girls under 14 who had not yet menstruated!!

And while earlier Taoist theory believed of an equal sharing of energy during sex between males and females, later teachings treated women as much lower than men, almost as objects (even referring to them as “stoves” in some texts!), and the man’s goal was to have sex with as many women (women without children) possible, robbing them of their life essence in order to live longer.

They called sex “The Battle of Stealing and Strengthening”… and you would gain the most “life extending” strength from having sex with virgins………

More like pedophilia than science, I share this with you so you practice the male multiple orgasm technique without the guilt associated with a failed ejaculation. Know that there is no real science behind the theory.

While you should conserve if you are going to take part in an event that requires plenty of mental or physical strength or courage, at other times, feel free to “spill your seed” as often as you’d like.

Practice makes perfect, when it comes to the male multiple orgasm technique. Don’t feel bad if you “fail” and ejaculate… as Vince Lombardi, perhaps the winningest coach in NFL history, said, “Failure is not getting knocked down, it’s not getting up again”.

Also, actual SCIENCE shows that men who ejaculate more often look younger, and live longer… so enough with that phony idea that ejaculation permanently weakens you and shortens your life…

The Strength and Timing of the PC Muscle Plays An Essential Role in The MMO Technique

After a while, I decided to give the technique another shot. This time I wasn’t going to try it out until I had read, learned, and internalized as much information on it as possible. Once fully prepared, mentally and physically, I went for it, performed it perfectly on my first, and have never failed since.

If you want to master the male multiple orgasm technique without ejaculating, you need to have a very strong PC muscle.

The PC muscle isn’t something you can strengthen once in your life, and it stays strong forever… as a matter of fact, it’s a very small muscle, and needs regular “maintenance” to stay strong.

The good news is that, just like it’s quick to lose its strength, the PC muscle is quick to gain its strength, and easy to maintain.

Some tips for really strengthening the pc muscle:

1) Try and avoid neighboring muscles from jumping in when doing kegels. Put a hand on your buttocks and one on your abdominals, the two largest / closest neighboring muscles. Try and keep them relaxed, while solely concentrating on strengthening the PC. It’s impossible to completely stop them from flexing a bit, but this way of looking at the PC muscle helps.

2) Completely let go of the pc squeeze when strengthening it, between reps. This complete release, and then “clenching” again, really works it.

3) Go for long clenches after some initial short ones.

Hanging something, like a towel, off of your erection, and lifting it several times helps as well. When properly strengthened, you should see the base of your penis look thicker, for a few minutes, after working out the PC muscle.

This gives you the proper tool to support your multi-orgasmic efforts.

Other important aspects of mastering the male multiple orgasm are the timing of the pc squeeze, and holding the squeeze long enough and hard enough.

These tips should help you on your mission of becoming a multi-orgasmic male. If you need some extra help, my no-nonsense, straight to the point guide to mastering the male multiple orgasm technique will help… see here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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