Broccoli Does Not Increase Testosterone Levels, Stop Saying It

Being someone very interested in keeping my testosterone levels high, of done plenty of research over the years on how to increase my T levels.

One piece of advice that I continually see, (and have touted myself!), is that broccoli increases testosterone levels.

The Supposed Way Broccoli Boosts T Levels

broccoli does not increase testosterone e1441398673882 300x238 Broccoli Does Not Increase Testosterone Levels, Stop Saying ItNot quite sure who was the mad scientist behind this one, but the idea is that Broccoli contains Indole 3 carbinols, who do the favor of escorting those sassy estrogen hormones out of our body.

One study has shown that urinary excretions contained a large amount of estrogen in both men and women (meaning they were peeing out excess estrogen), after ingesting indole 3’s either in the form of cabbage or broccoli.

The theory continues…

Without the excess estrogen in the body, testosterone is said to be able to roam more freely…

I mean, the basic idea is cool, and relatable… when your lady leaves the house, and you have the house to yourself, you tend to be king of the castle, to a stronger extent… or like when your lady leaves you alone with your friends, and you get to be your full, bad self.

Sadly, this doesn’t happen in the world of hormones…

As was expected

Two Studies Show That Indole 3’s Don’t Increase Testosterone

In the first study, rats were given large doses of indole 3’s, in order to see if it’s effects on hormones.

While 12 months of Indole 3 ingestion did show possible “protective effects against age-related tissue damage”, it did not show any positive influence on testosterone in male rats, nor did it show an influence of any kind in estrogen in the females.

But you might say, yeah… those are rats. Not humans…

Well this study showed HUMAN men who took a supplement packed full of Indole 3’s experienced no increase in testosterone production, and contrary to the previous study, no reduction in estrogen either….

Moral Of The Story?

So now that I rained on your parade a little, no worries. There are still activities you can do to naturally increase your testosterone production, and therefore improve your libido, strength in the gym, and erection quality:

  • Broccoli may have sold you out, but spinach is still your friend. Popeye wasn’t wrong. Spinach is packed full of magnesium, and magnesium positively influences T levels.
  • Getting some sunlight helps as well… the UV rays increase testosterone production, as does the extra Vitamin D that is produced when it is absorbed into the body.
  • Other forms of Vitamin D help as well… milk, supplements.
  • Testicle massage under cold water on a regular basis
  • Activating leg muscles, and using heavy weight… maximizing the size and strength of the quads and glutes

Mr. Manpower’s Guide contains a number of things you can do to increase your testosterone production naturally, along with other exercises to improve your “manliness”, such as how to shorten your refractory period (get it up again quicker), and manual exercises for harder erections… check this out…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”


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Bigger Flaccid Penis Hang After Heavy Leg Workout

The flaccid penis is a funny thing.

If you’re not a natural “show-er”, certain things can seem to make it shrink up some, and others can cause it to increase in size and bloodflow / circulation.

While I have a much bigger flaccid penis size, even on my worse day, compared to how I was in my pre-penis enlargement days, there are still fluctuations in it’s HANG.

Some days it just seems to have this crazy weight and hang to it.

Things that I suspect influence how big or small your flaccid hang is:

  • Amount of sleep you get (most important factor – sleeping fully and deeply improves circulation and testosterone production)
  • Nutrition… quality carbs, protein and fats seem to have a positive influence on flaccid hang
  • Amount of caffeine (I love coffee, but it seems to kill the “life” that goes to the flaccid penis – temporarily – I won’t cut it out though!)
  • Exercise – both cardio and weight training

A Heavy Weight Training / Leg Workout Gave Me A Bigger Flaccid Penis

leg workout for bigger flaccid penis 300x288 Bigger Flaccid Penis Hang After Heavy Leg WorkoutI’m currently walking around with a much bigger flaccid penis than normal… yes, in the mornings, when I first wake up, if I’m not erect, I’m usually quite hung…

But right now, my flaccid penis is longer and heavier than usual… and the only difference I can see is that I just finished a THOROUGH leg workout!

Lately, for my leg workouts, rather than packing on massive weight, and doing exercises 75% correct, I’m putting on slightly less, and going ASS TO THE GRASS (full range of motion)… on everything.

While not reaching my normal top set of 315 lbs in squats, I ended up with two plates on each side, but went ALL THE WAY DOWN… activated deep in my glute muscles and upper hamstrings.  Woke up all the testosterone factory… came in with a loudspeaker, and kicked everyone’s ass in there…

All the way to the ground, waited a second… then shot up like a cannon…. repeated.

This is tough on me, due to having somewhat bad knees (painful when they bend all the way), but I didn’t concentrate on my knees; concentrated on the glutes/hamstrings/groin area.

Then I went to deadlift, and worked my way up to 3 plates on each side.

Then leg press… packed on the plates (3, 4, 5, then 6 plates on each side), but held back a little… worked out with my knees all the way to my chest… activating all those motherfuckers in there… all those muscle fibers…

Then cavs… only so manly you can workout your cavs…

And then 10 minutes of jump rope…

Then went home and had my protein shake and carbs (small bowl of white rice – replenishes burnt energy stores, and balances hormones after extreme physical stress), and some nice R&R.

My Theory On How Leg Workouts, and Weight Training In General, Gives You A Bigger Flaccid Penis Hang

I’m not a scientist… but I am somebody who knows my body VERY well… and researches extensively on weight training, testosterone levels, overtraining, how to build muscle mass, nutrition etc.

When increasing muscle mass, oxygen and blood flow rush to the “scene of the crime” or area where trauma causes micro-tears in your muscles, which heal in a larger state.

When working out legs, especially all the gluteal, hamstring, abdominal, and groin muscles that get activated if you workout heavy and with a full range of motion, this general area has excess circulation due to the extra blood flow, doing its job in healing and enlarging the muscles.

Once the “swollen” effect of the initial workout wears out… the excess blood flow and oxygen escapes the “trauma” area, and goes into neighboring areas… including the penis.  Even when at rest. Giving you a bigger penis.

Before You Call Me The Albert Einstein Of Flaccid Penis Enlargement, Remember, This is Just A Theory Brought About Through Recent Observation…

become hung flaccid e1425402189474 300x290 Bigger Flaccid Penis Hang After Heavy Leg WorkoutI need to test it again next week. If I observe the same massive serpentine hang after the leg workout, then I’ll know I’m on to something.

I slept okay last night, and had a bunch of coffee this morning, so I didn’t have the best “prerequisites”. BUT, I did perform natural penis enlargement exercises yesterday, and the day before… just light exercises, and for not very long at all. Maybe 5 to 10 minutes each day.


I’ve dedicated a lot of my research to finding out penis enlargement exercises that work well for producing a bigger flaccid penis.

I had quite a few embarrassing situations growing up, and as a young adult, that made me want to get a bigger flaccid penis size. My erect size was at least average to begin with, but I was a major “grower” when soft.

Luckily, I’ve been able to greatly increase the size of my flaccid penis. As mentioned above, even on bad days, it’s WAY bigger than it used to be.

If you’re interested in how to make your flaccid penis bigger, my routine works wonders for this…

Oh yeah… and you’ll gain some serious erect size (length and girth) in the process… not a bad thing, right?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Two Questions You DO NOT Want To Ask Your Girlfriend

mental block erectile dysfunction e1441055719746 300x245 Two Questions You DO NOT Want To Ask Your GirlfriendI’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Sometimes it is better not to find certain things out…

Curiosity killed the cat… a cliché, and abused saying, but there is a lot of wisdom to it.

Are you happy in your relationship? Then just leave things as is.

Why go opening up potential wounds… just because you can? Leave things alone…

Do NOT ask the following questions…

“Did Your Ex-boyfriend Have A Bigger Penis Than Me?”

Why not just get a hammer, and hit yourself in the head a couple of times?

I once dated this girl with massive titties who went by the name of Lily… little freak she was.

She once complimented me on my penis, saying I had a “nice penis” (this was in my pre-penis enlargement days), so I guess she blew my head up, and I decided to ask if I was bigger than her ex-boyfriend.

“No, he was a bit bigger…”

Do you think that complex ever left me for the rest of our short relationship?

You better believe every time she touched my penis, I figured she wasn’t all that impressed… she had been with bigger.

I couldn’t shake it.

Mind you, back when I was with Lily, I was a bit of an ego-driven moron (early 20’s), and not an “acceptor” of reality… in this day and age, I 1) would have never asked, and 2) if she voluntarily provided this information, I would have wondered about her intentions (to hurt/make feel bad – not a good one).

Just don’t ask… unless you really have an out of this world penis, there stands the chance that one of her exes was larger than you.

It’s life… accept it.  Or just tell yourself you are probably the largest she’s been with, and don’t investigate further…

“How Many Guys Have You Slept With?”

women orgasms during anal sex e1441056207870 300x273 Two Questions You DO NOT Want To Ask Your GirlfriendWhy not just drill yourself right through the hand?

Women are humans, just like you and I… we are constantly evolving beings… many times our past cannot be compared to our current state.

Unless you are a close-minded, non-progressing person… your history is just that… your history. Leave it in the past.

Because sometimes… once the cat is out of the bag, it’s hard to go back to how things were…

One time, in a late night conversation with a girl who I loved very much, the topic came up… “how many people have you been with?”.

I don’t remember who asked… who was at fault…

I should have just left it as is… I was about 24 or so at the time (notice, I was young and dumb when all this stuff happened to me)… I said “about 20″…

I added a couple, just because I was the man, and having too low would have probably sounded worse than having too many, I thought.

And that’s when my 20-year old angel says “17”.

17 guys?… By 20 years old?

Geez… she already had some serious mileage on her!

Think I was the SAME AFTER THAT? Think WE were the same?

By 24 I had honestly been with probably about her number or less… and in my teens and early 20’s I considered myself a “ladies man”… constantly on the hunt… So what was she?

We broke up shortly thereafter… I couldn’t accept it.

Just like the army… you should follow the policy “don’t ask, don’t tell”

Imagine you’re her first, and don’t test the theory… if the question comes up, try and dodge it.

Also, take note… this girl was an exception to the rule… most women have been with much less men (even over a lifetime), so the chances of landing “a high scorer” like I did, are not so high… but try and avoid this conversation if possible.

And if it does come up, and you can’t avoid it, hopefully you get an answer that’s not all that bad… and if you don’t like the answer?

The history is history… we are all human.

Or haul ass, and find one who’s put up less points!

Improve Your Odds Against The Competition

Having dealt with confidence stomping experiences like the above, I realized that the competition out there can be fierce… It’s a dog eat dog world out there…

Anywhere you can get an advantage… go for it.

Some things you can improve, some things you can’t.  Haircut (or shaving your head if balding), facial hair, tan, muscle build, clothing, car, living circumstances, personality, cleanliness… these are all things you can improve.

And another area you can improve is in the bedroom.

With the techniques I’ve gathered over the years, you can increase your odds of being bigger than any of her exes, and give her more powerful orgasms than she’s ever had.

With a number of powerful techniques and exercises collected over the years, I’ve helped thousands of guys become larger, harder, longer-lasting beasts in bed… you can see some of their transformations here…

For information on my guide, and these techniques I’m telling you about (as well as my own transformation from a clueless pussy in bed, to a hard-hitting orgasm maker), see here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction

mental block erectile dysfunction 300x225 Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile DysfunctionI just recently heard that 26% of men under 40 have erectile dysfunction…

Too many electronics around us possibly?  Too much in-house entertainment, that young men aren’t out being men anymore, or getting sufficient sunlight and exercise?

Who knows…

One thing I do know is that mental block erectile dysfunction IS very common among young men.

Shoot, it happened to me a few times when I was younger, happened to many other friends I’ve grown up with as well.

The older you get, and speak to your friends openly about sex, without shame, the more you’ll see that almost EVERY MAN has experienced mental block erectile dysfunction, AT LEAST at some point in his life, if not many times, and for long periods of time.

And while mental block ED can be defeated, it can be the cause of many difficult situations and consequences…

In my case, here are some embarrassing and difficult situations I faced thanks to psychological impotence when I was younger:

  • A gas stations attendant who laughed at me, and then told me in front of other customers that I shouldn’t need ginseng and those stud sex pills at my age
  • An incredibly fine girl never give me another chance after I failed to get hard with her the first (and only) time we had sex
  • A drunken girl I took home from a club start insulting me and calling me names, because I couldn’t get it up with her
  • A very hot, big tittie girl gave me a number of chances, but I couldn’t get an erection, time after time… and the ensuing confidence drop and lack of respect from this girl

If you have mental ED, no worries, first off, you will overcome it. I will help you there.

But I just want you to know that the following feelings are common with erection problems as well:

Concern and embarrassment over visiting a doctor with complaints of ED

Going to a doctor at 18, 19, shoot, AT ANY AGE, is embarrassing, if you’re there for help with erectile dysfunction.

Imagine the hot 21 year old nurse… “and what is the purpose of today’s visit?”

“Um… I think I have erectile dysfunction…”

I would imagine this could be quite an embarrassing experience. That’s what always kept me away from the doctor when I had erection issues.

Seeing the doctor probably wouldn’t be any better, either:

“Erectile dysfunction? At your age?” 

Which leads to the next situation…

The doctor not taking you seriously and not prescribing you anything

teen gets penis reduction 200x300 Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile DysfunctionI’ve heard from many young men with mental block ED, who went to the doctor, and the doctor did not take their complaints seriously.

“Just be confident, you’re too young for this”.

Instead of a prescription for Viagra, a doctor will most likely tell a young man with ED to just try his best, and be confident… and while not in-depth enough advice, count your blessings you didn’t get a prescription, because you don’t want to become mentally dependent on Viagra.

Just learn how to beat your problem mentally, and you’ll be a better man because of it.

Avoiding sex or new relationships because of your mental block erectile dysfunction

I used to avoid situations that would lead to sex, due to the fact that I didn’t have much confidence in my erection (or in the bedroom, in general).

I was also lucky enough to have terrible premature ejaculation, and no idea how to make a woman orgasm.

I had a long record of unsatisfied women… and each new loss in my record, made it harder and harder to be open to having sex.

I’ve received many emails from men who feel they’re “just not ready yet”… that they’ve experienced too many psychological issues during sex in the past.

Some advice?

You’ll never be 100% “ready yet” for any relationship, or sexual encounter. Jump in, and learn where you can. If you fail, you fail. Who gives a shit?

You’ll get another chance, another girl… you’re not going to die (not from this at least).

Don’t let opportunities pass in life. Go out swinging…

Staying in a bad relationship, because at least you can get hard with her…

Another similar situation is staying with a girl, even though it’s a bad or unsatisfying relationship, because you have no confidence in your erection, and rather stick to what you know… instead of the wild unknown out there.

Like I said… you just have to dive into these things head first… and things will work out in the end.

Don’t stay with a bee-yotch if you’re not happy. Good things take risks in most cases.

I once had a Cuban girlfriend who was a major bitch… and each time I tried to leave her, and have sex with someone else, I couldn’t get an erection… and I would run back to her with my tail between my legs… I was positive her mom had put some brujeria on me, and was never going to let me leave her daughter’s life…

Luckily it wasn’t true…

Ruining a relationship due to this psychological impotence

 Difficult Situations In Life Thanks To Mental Block Erectile DysfunctionMany men worry that they’re girlfriend or wife will leave them if they cannot get an erection and perform.

Sex IS VERY important to a relationship. It’s true. And relationships HAVE been broken up due to bad sex.

But the good news is, she’s already in a relationship with you. She loves more than just the sex (she loves you).

She will give you more chances and breathing room with this issue than women you may have a one-night stand with, for instance, or just a brief fling.

Take this pressure off your back.

You don’t need extra pressure on your erection (by the way putting pressure on your erection to perform? Bad idea… let it do what it’s going to do… it has a “problem with authority”. You can’t “mentally will” an erection to happen… just send it a strong enough signal).

Women insulting you because you cannot get an erection

If you’re lucky, you’ll have one of this women who’s real difficult, and wants to turn her self-doubt, into an attack on you…

She may ask if you’re gay, she may say “what”s wrong with you?”… I had a woman one time call me a SCALLYWAG… which I always associated with pirates… but it didn’t feel good, especially at the moment.

Just have a thick skin, and know this… if they’re willing to say shit like this to you, that’s a sign they’re not a keeper anyway.

Good riddance.


Listen, if you are having issues getting an erection before sex, and want to really do something to improve your sexual situation, then this guide will help you achieve harder, longer lasting erections on command. It also includes in-depth techniques to overcoming mental block erectile dysfunction.

Do it because you want to fix this issue once and for all, and without medication.

Any questions, feel free to comment below, or shoot me an email!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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