Florida Teen With 10 Inch Girth Gets A Penis Reduction

teen gets penis reduction 200x300 Florida Teen With 10 Inch Girth Gets A Penis ReductionMust have blown the doctor’s mind hearing those words:

“I want to make my penis smaller”… Especially coming from a teenager, when teens these days are obsessed with making their penis bigger.

This kid’s circumstances were not normal though… when flaccid, his penis measured 7 inches in length, and 10 inches in girth. When flaccid. That can be compared to a football.

When erect, who knows what that thing became.

His main concerns were the lack of variety of clothes he could wear (had to wear very baggy pants to hide the huge bulge), inability to play sports (“Foul, your penis smacked my arm!”), and an inability to have sex… I can’t really blame the guy (or the girls that turned him down).

He would most likely reconstruct a woman’s vagina more than the birth of a large baby.

The extra large penis was caused by the teen’s sickle cell anemia, which created abnormalities in his blood vessels, leading to very long-lasting erections (priapism). In time, these extra long lasting erections lead to penis deformation.

In order to reduce the penis girth, surgeons at the University of South Florida removed mass from the sides, making the penis more symmetrical.  The teen was ecstatic to have his new, normal girth penis.

On the opposite spectrum, men all over the world are looking how to INCREASE their penis size. Increasing girth is important to many men, especially when many women prefer girth over length.

If necessary, if a penis is very undersized in length or girth, I suggest surgery. I’m talking about shorter than 4 inches in length, or smaller than 4 inches in girth. Germany has come very far in the area of penis enlargement surgery.

However, many men, including myself, have been able to gain a thicker girth thanks to certain natural penis enlargement exercises. Some men have been able to gain a much girthier penis, others not so much, but in general, these exercises provide thicker girth (along with a longer penis) to most men.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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Anxiety Induced ED Causes Erection Issues In Older Men, Too

Anxiety induced ED is most often associated with young men – inexperienced young guys just starting out their sex life.

But in reality, anxiety induced ED (also known as sexual performance anxiety, or psychological ED), hits men of ALL ages… and is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of erectile dysfunction in men both young AND old – and everything in between.

Think of it like this… if anxiety is enough to block a young man – with a perfectly functioning penis, and a body so packed full of testosterone that he breaks out in pimples – from getting an erection, imagine what it can do with a middle aged man with slower circulation and lower testosterone levels?

The problem with anxiety-induced ED hitting a man in, say, his 40’s or 50’s, is that the man fails to get an erection and then assumes: “this is the age I’m supposed to get erectile dysfunction… I knew it was coming…”  and then they go off to the doctor for their medical solution… (if insurance and finances permit).

And then they believe they have to take a pill every time they want an erection for the rest of their lives, and go on feeling deep down “I have ED”.

Excessive fear, doubt, worry, stress, or otherwise uncomfortable mental state makes it hard for arousal to increase enough (mentally and through your body) to the point that you can get an erection.

You need to be at ease, mentally, in order to become aroused, and confident in your abilities… at least for the most part.

And this same rule applies to men of all ages.  So imagine a recently divorced man, just starting to date again?

This man is most likely full of a big mixture of different feelings… guilt, self-doubt, worry… (mixed in with some “YEAH! NEW PUSSY!!”).

If the guilt and self-doubt are allowed to grow larger than the “new pussy” feeling, then he will be unable to get an erection – anxiety induced ED will have kicked in, and it can become a vicious cycle.

…On the other hand, if the recent divorcee (or cheater, or whatever his story is – I don’t judge, it’s not easy being a man), ADMITS to himself that he’s anxious/guilty/worried (which weakens its grip on your arousal), but allows the arousal to grow larger than this mental block, then he’s on his way to getting an erection.

How To Know If You Actually Have A Physical Problem – And How To Get A Stronger Erection If That Is The Case (without visiting your doc)

If you wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) with a hard erection, even if only once in a while, then your physical machinery is working just fine… if you can’t recall the last time you woke up with morning wood, then you may just have to get your body moving again….

Getting your body moving gets your circulation going… getting your circulation going gets your erections growing fully again.

  • Get some cardio – even if it’s just getting up and running around the block every other day.
  • Lift weights, power workouts: squats, leg press (your legs are testosterone factories), bench press (compound workouts that utilize many muscles at the same time are great for increasing T).

Also, make sure to spark your mental arousal again – watch some porn if need be… get those “creative juices” flowing.  Then let loose on your wife or girlfriend (or mistress…). For more natural ways to achieve stronger erections and overcome anxiety-induced ED, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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Great Sex Will Put Your Relationship (And Life) Back In Sync

Mr. Manpowers Guide Mistermanpower e1432475533585 300x261 Great Sex Will Put Your Relationship (And Life) Back In SyncEver had a time where you are your girl were constantly bumping heads, over everything?

Rather than her being your loving partner, she’s become your sparring partner?

Shoot, happens to everyone, even me.

These last couple of weeks have been stressful for me and my lady… moving, her starting a new job, amongst a number of other issues…

So sex has been on the back-burner for both of us.  I’ve been working in overdrive, and she’s been concentrating on packing, getting things ready, and nervous about her new job, if she’ll be able to handle it, etc…

I haven’t even jerked off… just built up tension on top of stress…. and according to her, she doesn’t masturbate (which I’ve always thought odd… but oh well, women are different), so the only time she has a sexual release is during sex with me.

So we bump heads… fight over this, fight over that… stress, tension, arguments over the littlest thing.

Then yesterday, we finally had some down-time at the end of the day, and we were laying in bed, and I figured… as beat tired as I was, now’s the time, if any, for us to “reconnect”… literally.

I pulled out my flaccid penis, which has gotten much larger over the years thanks to penis enlargement exercises (would have never pulled out the tiny nub I used to have), and put her hand on it.

Mentally, I wasn’t in the game yet, so I needed a little physical stimulation to get my mind into it (yes, it works that way as well).

So she’s playing with my bigger flaccid hang, and in no time, the arousal sparks, and I get a rock hard erection on command.

My personal favorite is doggystyle, and she has a nice ass (and had on some sexy silk underwear), so I asked her to turn-around, to start off in this appetizer of a position for me. I penetrate for a while, before laying her on her stomach, and do a deep stroke from behind, with me on top… a sort of pushing stroke, hitting her back wall.

Luckily, I’ve also learned how to increase the length of my penis when erect, so I’m now hitting those back walls, which always brings her a powerful explosion of pleasure/pain on each stroke (with the pleasure being much stronger), and if I would have continued, she would have orgasmed, but she wanted me to get on top.

So I lay her on her back, and begin to stroke missionary position, pushing my pelvis hard into her clitoris, and rubbing against the clit on the in- and out- stroke. Back in the days, by now, I would have ejaculated already, but I’ve trained myself to last longer in bed… (and also, with age comes experience/insight into ejaculation control), so I’m able to last as long as I want during sex.

Her vagina clenched up on my dick, and began to have orgasmic contractions, but I was still far from orgasm.  So I began to pound harder, just for my pleasure, until I finally ejaculated… but then she dropped the news on me, that she wanted a second orgasm.

So I know one of her personal favorite positions is for her to get on top and ride me, as she controls the movement/pace, but I had just ejaculated… luckily, thanks to the hardness of erections I’ve developed over years of penis enlargement exercises (yes, penis enlargement STRENGTHENS erections, not the opposite), I was able to maintain a hard erection after ejaculation long enough for her to reach her second orgasm.


Then, after the customary post-sex procedures (cleaning penis, her peeing, etc.), we laid in bed, so close, so complete… I was her man, she was my woman.  Everything made sense.  The move was going to be no problem.  The new job was going to go just fine for her… life just perfect…

At least for that moment, and the next day…

Life continues, and doesn’t stop…

If you’d like to learn everything I’ve learned over the years as to how to increase the length and girth of your penis, how to train yourself to last long during sex, overcoming psychological ED and getting an erection on command, and how to overall be a beast in bed, click here: Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement 

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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How To Increase The Length Of My Penis; Every Man’s Question

how to increase the length of my penis 300x285 How To Increase The Length Of My Penis; Every Mans QuestionAsk any man this question:

“If you could increase the length of your penis by one inch, without any negative effects, would you?”

I am positive, if somebody asked YOU this question right now, you would say yes.

I’ve added 1.5 inches to my length, and if somebody asked me if I’d like to add ANOTHER inch, I’d say yes…

I mean, why would you say no?

A bigger penis brings with it bigger confidence… bigger bragging rights (ever heard that some guy you know has a huge penis?  I bet you always feel AT LEAST a small twinge of envy… be honest now)…

Bigger attraction to women (studies have shown that women find men with longer flaccid penises more attractive)…

So many benefits.  So okay, the penis fairy has come around, and granted you you’re one wish for a bigger penis… now what.

You’re probably thinking: “How DO I increase the length of my penis?  You boost my head up with all of these benefits, but don’t provide me with a solution… douche”.

Well, I’m not so much of a douche after all.

I can show you how to add length to your penis, AS well as girth… and it’s with manual techniques.

Problem is, there’s so much misinformation out there about natural penis enlargement exercises… if you’ve tried them before, and have tugged on your penis, and milked your penis for hours, and done all the basic food groups of penis enlargement exercises, without making any gains, you are not alone.  Most men don’t increase their penis size with natural penis enlargement, at least not substantially.

I didn’t at first.  I gained some flaccid size quickly, but my erect size stayed pretty much the same for a while.  Until I met a guy by the name of “Bigger” on an online men’s health forum.  With some hard work, dedication (as Mayweather says), Bigger was able to add 4 inches to the length of his penis.

Now, before you start saying BS, I know this sounds crazy. And I’ve never seen anybody else who has made these gains, but take note. 1) he’s been doing natural penis enlargement for 10+ years, 2) he’s dedicated A LOT of time, every day to it.

But in these ten years he’s made some amazing insight into how to increase the length of the penis.

For instance, the importance of a long warm-up, and warming up throughout the routine… the proper way to jelq, to not put pressure on the nerves (which can actually SHRINK your flaccid penis)… interesting stretches, to really pull out that “inner penis”, and make it “outter penis”… a number of key secrets he shared with me, that have helped me make some pretty significant permanent gains.

If you’ve tried pulling on y0ur penis for some time now, and haven’t made your penis substantially larger, than you’re doing it all wrong.

Take note though, I’m not here to BS you. I don’t know of ANYBODY who has made this much gains, other than this man.

I also only know of two more men who’ve added over 2 inches in length… so you need to be realistic with the gains you may make. An inch or so is quite possible though, and has been replicated by most men who put in enough work.  And with the extra girth, trust me you’ll have a monster-looking penis compared to your old penis.

And with a long, heavy, hanging flaccid penis, you’ll feel like the fuckin’ man everywhere you go (and women “sense” this, it’s weird).

So, for my own personal routine and knowledge gathered over the years on how to enlarge your penis naturally, click here: How To Increase The Length Of My Penis

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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How To Develop Monster Erections With Meditation, Porn, Etc.

Erectile dysfunction is not a natural part of life that has to be accepted.

You don’t HAVE to face erectile dysfunction as you get older… and I’m not talking about taking Viagra.

There are things you can do to achieve stronger erections naturally. These techniques have worked for men both young and old… young men who have psychological ED, and can’t get an erection with a new lover, and old men who may have many health issues, and haven’t been able to get an erection on their own for years… both alike have been able to develop harder, longer-lasting erections, gaining their natural abilities back on their own.

There are a few natural things you can do to improve your erection quality, including:

Cardio - pumps some extra blood flow throughout the body, and also to the genitals… when I started doing some cardio, I began to experience more random erections, and as a fun side effect – a bigger flaccid hang.

Watermelon – nature’s Cialis. Eat some watermelon, and this increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body, relaxing the blood vessels and allowing you to achieve stronger erections.

Meditation – 90% of erectile issues are due to a mental block. Even in older men.  For instance, an older man may have some guilt/anxiety with a new lover, after a divorce, fail to reach an erection, and think to himself: “hmm… I’m 55… this is about the age men get erectile dysfunction”… then he’s on his way to taking Viagra for life, never knowing the better.

Meditation helps in this case (as well as in younger men). It helps a man to see and control his emotions better. When you meditate, you just “watch” whatever comes up in your mind, unattached, and let it pass.  Do this for a few minutes a day, and you will be able to reduce anxiety before sex.  Less anxiety = Arousal increases = Erections happen.

Watching porn – Unless you have strong religious views telling you porn is evil, watching some porn is good for bringing some life to your libido. If you’ve been having sex with your lady for years, and have forgotten about porn, as much as you love your wife, watching A LITTLE porn (don’t form a porn addiction because of me now) will help spark some excitement in the arousal center of your brain (and you should get a “rush” of blood in the process).

And studies have shown that porn does not cause ED, contrary to what BS these internet rumormongers spread. Porn = Good in my book!

Gaining an erection and ejaculating on a regular basis – while your penis is not a muscle, it should be “worked out” on a regular basis if you want to keep it “in shape”.  If you haven’t had sex in weeks, and your erection is a little “slow”, this is because it is just out of shape. Make sure to use it or you lose it; the cliche is true.  But you can get it back, too.

Natural penis enlargement exercises – natural penis enlargement techniques can greatly improve your erection hardness, and your ability to stay hard longer.  This is due to the improved blood flow, as well as the strengthening of the ligaments.  Add in some PC squeezes, and your penis will be in good shape!

These are just a few natural ways to achieve stronger erections… certain things like getting some sunlight, and working out your legs in the gym, can improve testosterone levels, also leading to better erections.

For more information on how to get stronger erections naturally, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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Avoiding Sex Because Of Premature Ejaculation? Take Control!

Back when I was younger, in my wild, bachelor days…

I had the age and lack of responsibility to go out and have fun, the freedom, and looked good enough to get some pretty attractive girls (I’ve never been anything out of this world, looks-wise, but was good enough to do some “damage”).

However, I had a severely limiting factor = premature ejaculation and overall weak abilities in bed.

No matter how good my “game” was, no matter how hot the girl was that I “pulled”, I was just going to strike out when I hit the bedroom. This made me feel like a fraud… like I was false advertising… like I was hiding a deep, dark secret.

I tried covering this up with an overly braggadocious attitude, but in reality, deep down, no matter how tough the talk, I knew I wasn’t going to be the man I was portraying myself to be.

This prevented me quite a bit from having one-night stands (one of the most glorious achievements for the bachelor male)… I would instead take it slow, because I knew I had to “prepare” the girl slowly… and make her really like me first, before I broke out my sad performance…

But something happened in early adulthood… I manned the fuck up… I decided I was going to learn how to last longer during intercourse, no matter what it took… And thankfully, I learned some exercises to develop the proper mindstate to control ejaculation, rather than allow ejaculation to control me.

And I started satisfying women… I started giving women orgasms during penetration, and man, it felt good.  Rather than flirting with beautiful women, but slamming on the brakes somewhere along the line, and sabotaging my seduction…I went full speed, from A to Z as quickly as possible… and Z…. and Z… as many times as I could.

I had the walk to back the talk, and this made my talk even better… nothing to hide. I was the man I was portraying myself to be.

Some things I’ve learned along the way, as to lasting longer during intercourse mentally:

  • It’s not about distracting yourself with disgusting, or boring thoughts to prevent premature ejaculation… it’s about realizing what’s going on (yes, you’re having sex, you can see that and enjoy that), but not allowing your arousal to grow extremely quick… you want to keep it low, and control it, and keep the arousal at that low level before it starts it’s exponential climb.
  • Once your arousal reaches the finishing stages, close to ejaculation, you’re pretty much done… you can start and stop as much as you want, but you will still only be a couple of strokes away from ejaculating as soon as you start up again… you need to keep it away from that “quick climb”… don’t zero in on overly exciting thoughts and visuals.  Keep your mind strong.  Ejaculation control exercises and training can help with that.

If you need some extra help preventing ejaculation, there is another foolproof method: take an antidepressant, such as sertraline.  This corrects an imbalance of serotonin in the mind, allowing you to greatly delay ejaculation. I consider this like “juicing” in sports, but oh well.  Satisfying women in bed take precedence over anything else, in my opinion, and if you have to take a low dose of an SSRI to do this, than do this.

Shit, how many baseball players juiced up to knock home runs out of the park?  The glory Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds felt scoring those home runs made it all worth it to them (regardless of the heat they’ve taken).

For more information on ejaculation control exercises to last longer during sex naturally, click here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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Can You Increase Penis Size By Hanging Weights From It?

increase penis size weight hanger1 300x252 Can You Increase Penis Size By Hanging Weights From It?In the realm of natural penis enlargement techniques, there are two major schools: those who do manual techniques, and those who do weight hangers.

While extension devices and penis/vacuum pumps have also been shown to increase length, and girth (respectively), neither of them has as many followers as the manual and hanging “camps”.

Being that I’m open to all forms of natural penis enlargement, and figure most have to have their benefits and downsides, I gave a weight hanger a chance a few years back. There are a couple of devices you can purchase online that are actually pretty “professional” looking, as far as penis enlargement devices go. Many of them have a made-in-the-garage look to them, but there are a couple of better put together models out there.

And being that I heard about so many men using these “hangers” to increase penis size (mainly the length), without any major claims of injury, I figured I’d give hanging a try.

At first I purchased one of the better put together hangers online for $60 some odd dollars. You attach it write behind the head of your penis, and it tightens to the shaft (you don’t want it slipping up and down your shaft!), and it has a hook hanging from the bottom.  It is designed not to put pressure on the very important nerve bundle on the top of the shaft, right behind the head.

At first, I would hang a gallon of water, and I hung this from the weight hanger for about 10 minutes at a time.

I then started adding weight.  I added 5 pounds to the hanger… then 10.  I got up to about 20 pounds in weight (needed a rope to go through both weights, and hang from the hook).

It was quite interesting, but I stopped after a couple of weeks for a few reasons.

1) I was single at the time I started doing the weight hanging, so privacy permitted these hanging sessions… but I soon got into a relationship, and having all these weird contraptions and weights in my closet was quite awkward, plus I didn’t have the time to do it.  It was a bit of a mission to set everything up, too.

2) One time after hanging for 10 minutes, I took off the contraption, and my penis was damn-near purple, and very cold/lifeless… it reverted to normal soon after, but I sent an email to the “manufacturer”, who told me this was normal… being that this wasn’t exactly an “FDA-approved” device, and the owner wasn’t an MD, this was enough for me to stop.

As to gains, the weight hanger had really helped increase my flaccid size (didn’t “cement”, or make permanent, any of the erect gains, but I’m sure if I would have kept it up, I would have made permanent erect gains).

I prefer manual natural penis enlargement methods, because they work to increase both both length and girth, and can be done without the need of all the setup and privacy.  But if time permits, and you can find a way to work the “hanging” into your schedule (and are very careful about how long you hang for), weight hangers have been shown to be very effective.

And who says you can’t do both?

I’m pretty sure there’s not a single man on this earth, that if you told him he could have an extra inch or two, would turn down the offer.  That’s why natural penis enlargement techniques are so cool.  I’ve learned quite a bit about how to make my penis bigger naturally and without pills (which don’t work any way). For my guide to these techniques, as well as my own personal routine, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Stay Hard After Coming: Even The Playing Field!!

how to stay hard after coming 200x300 How To Stay Hard After Coming: Even The Playing Field!!Us men are the weaker sex in many ways.

Sure, most women (not including the one in this picture!) won’t be able to get out of the average-strength man’s headlock, but other than physical strength, women got us beat.

Did you know that female sperm lives longer than male sperm?  And that it’s larger?  That’s why they say if you’re going for a boy, do it around the time of your girl’s ovulation (when the egg is ready), because if you do it too long before, all the boys will have died, and the women, the strong, solo survivors, will continue on living and get there.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a genuinely strong woman – mentally speaking?  One of those relationships where you lost grip of yourself (usually happens when you’re younger), and she’s just running circles around you?  Or one of those break-up battles, where you are heartbroken, but she’s playing it cool as shit?  And you just feel so weak compared to her?

Tell yourself women aren’t strong then.

But this is where I’m really going with all this “girl power” shit… (j/k ladies?)… women can have as many orgasms as they’d like, without losing any strength or ability to continue, meanwhile we have one ejaculation, and we’re generally wiped out… at least for a good while.

That’s where the male multiple orgasm comes into play, and we get a little advantage over the ladies (or at least even the playing field). When done properly, the male multiple orgasm techniques allows you to stay hard after coming for as long as you’d like.

So you can penetrate her, and when she’s used to you ejaculating, you can pull off the technique, and continue on penetrating, letting out an evil laugh if you’d like… (this may keep her farther away from orgasm though, so be careful).

Some men can stay hard after coming without having to do anything.  It’s just the way they’ve been programmed (I believe this is a mixture of lower amounts of ejaculate during orgasm, and a lack of prolactin and other hormones that kill the erection and sex drive after orgasm). This is the minority of men though, and even many of these men lose this ability as they age.

But for most men, in order to stay hard after coming, they need to pull off some magic tricks.  Like the male multiple orgasm technique.

In reality, you aren’t staying hard after “coming”, because coming (or cumming) implies ejaculating… when performing this technique, you learn to block the ejaculation during orgasm.  This erases the refractory period, letting you keep a hard erection and high libido after orgasm for as long as you’d like…

Then, after giving her back to back orgasms, without losing your erection, t you can get her in a headlock and show that girl who’s REALLY stronger…

Just kidding, baby!  NO, I don’t want to sleep on the couch, please!

For more info on how to stay hard after coming / orgasm, click here..

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


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How To Make Penis Thicker Naturally – Exercises For Girth

how to make penis thicker naturally 225x300 How To Make Penis Thicker Naturally   Exercises For GirthIf you know anything about natural penis enlargement techniques, then you should know that certain penis enlargement exercises work better for length – mainly stretches… and others work to make penis thicker – such as jelqing, variations of jelqing, and other exercises meant to expand the width of the shaft, and increase the “blood load” it carries to the max.

Natural penis enlargement is not something you want to play around with, without the proper guidance.  Especially when working to increase girth.

1) You need to make sure that you sufficiently warmed up, before you start applying the techniques, 2) you want to make sure you stay clear of the dorsal nerve running along the top of the shaft, and the bundle of nerves behind the head (certain grips and methods of grips ensure you aren’t putting pressure on these nerves), and 3) you don’t want to start concentrating on girth work until you’ve conditioned your penis for some time with the exercises (at least a month or so).

Luckily, girth was never somewhere I was deficient, but in the fun process of learning about how to make my penis longer, I’ve learned how to make my penis thicker naturally.

Performing the exercises at a higher erection level, and kegeling in some blood between jelqs, help to work on girth.



Even more powerful than all of this (TAKE NOTE: ALTHOUGH I’VE NEVER EXPERIENCED PROBLEMS WITH THIS EXERCISE, IT IS POTENTIALLY ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS PENIS ENLARGEMENT TECHNIQUES – NOT FOR ROOKIES!) is an exercise where you form sort of a “valve” with your thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis, and you “kegel in” some blood, and then “shut the valve”, and continue kegeling in the blood and shutting the valve until your shaft is extremely thick, sort of like you are inflating a tire.

You will feel your shaft EXTREMELY hard, thicker, much veinier, and your penis head will be massive – larger than you’ve ever seen it, your penis head will be PACKED full of blood.  At this point, you get an overhand grip and squeeze the penis head slowly, and this displaces the blood that was in the head, into the shaft.  All the while you keep your “tourniquet” of a grip on your base. This will massively enlarge the shaft. Hold for 15 seconds or so.

Release, couple of regular jelq, and then rest…

Repeat a couple of times if you’d like. Remember, if you don’t know anything about natural penis enlargement techniques, and want to learn how to make penis thicker naturally, you need proper guidance.  You also don’t want to waste your time tugging on your penis for nothing. You need to make sure the exercises you are doing are making gains for you.

Penis Enlargement Injuries Not Common – But Always Be Careful!

Throughout my natural penis enlargement “career”, I haven’t experienced any injuries… the most I’ve seen are when I first started the exercises… my penis wasn’t accustomed to the extra pressure the exercises created, which lead to these 5 to 10 little red pin-sized dots on my penis head.  They went away after a couple of days, and after my penis became accustomed to the exercises, this stopped.

I also experienced a “thrombosed” vein, when I attempted weight hanging (an extreme form of penis enlargement). This was on the bottom of the shaft of my penis.  It felt sort of like one of my veins hardened (felt like a guitar string). This also happens to men during rough sex.  With online research it said it would take several weeks to go away, but in my case, it only took a couple of days to revert to normal.

But in general, I know of men in their 50’s and 60’s who’ve been doing these exercises for 10+ years, and have a much larger penis without any issues. I myself have been doing them for several years now, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Penis enlargement is amazing, effective, and fun in a way (knowing you have the power to increase your penis size). For more info on my own personal routine I used to gain size, click here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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Guys LIE About Penis Size And Sex

I often times get questions from young guys wondering if their penis is too small.

They tell me that all of their friends have 9 inch penises, and they only have a “measly” 6 inch penis, so they need to learn how to make their penis bigger.

Although the real average penis size is all over the internet, and access to this info is readily available to these men, these guys are still convinced that their 6 inch penis is way below the average.

In reality, their friends are lying… maybe there is one “outlier” in the group that is larger than average, but most of them are close to the average range, and the facts state it: something like 85% of men are within half an inch of 6 inches…. with the other 15% above or below this range.

Porn doesn’t help either… this shows a disproportionate sampling of the population. Men with very large penises tend to search out professions where their “talents” can be best utilized, so men with larger penises go into porn more often than men with smaller penises.

So Mr. 6 incher who is a freshman in college has all of his friends bragging about having 9 inchers, and he masturbates to porn that has men with 9 inchers, so this seems to back up his friends’ claims of everybody having massive members, and he without a doubt feels undersized.

The moral of the story: MOST DUDES LIE ABOUT THEIR PENISES… and about their sexual abilities in general!  They may be honest in every other facet of their lives, but when it comes down to sex and penis size, it’s almost as if it’s normal for men to lie.  I don’t understand what they get out of it (because deep down THEY know the truth), but for many guys, this is normal.

I’ve had several (sad) examples of grown-ass men lying about their penis size and sexual abilities over the years:

  • A friend, who his whole life has bragged about having a huge penis, had sex with a girl who was a mutual friend. This mutual friend, although it was messed up, shared with me that he had a tiny penis. This guy is in his mid 30’s and still bragging, not knowing I know.
  • I have an uncle who always talked about how “he was short, but his penis was large…”. Never quite understood the need for him to share this with me. When I was 18, I took a trip to Colombia, and he paid for me to have an “adventure” with a prostitute, in an all out brothel (I’m not a role model, but it was actually quite awesome!). After I was done, I walked into his “party” and caught a glimpse of him in full glory… nothing worth bragging about. He was about 45 at the time.
  • In my early 20’s I used to work out with a group of guys in the gym (regulars, I had gotten to know over the years) who lifted substantially more than me, to try and gain extra size and strength myself. There was one guy, in his late 30’s, who particularly liked to brag to me about his sexual expeditions, which quickly grew old (he didn’t seem to care, though). One time he told me that he was able to ejaculate multiple times without losing his erection, and this allowed him to last as long as he wanted to during sex (which impressed and annoyed me at the same time). Then one day, a few months later, he told me he was having a lady friend come over, and must have forgot his earlier story to me, because he said he needed to “release one” on his own before she came over, so that he could last longer during sex. I called him on his bullshit story earlier (which didn’t match up), and from that day forward, he cut out telling me his BS tales.
  • I used to frequent an “Alehouse” sports bar near my house, which had a ladies night that was always packed with hot women. There were a number of other regulars, including one guy who must have been in his late 30’s/early 40’s.  One night, we were both smoking a cigarette outside, and somehow our conversation ended up with how many times we’d have sex with a girl in one night. I told him I was usually happy with two or three shots, where he told me that if he didn’t ejaculate at least 6 or 7 times a day, he couldn’t function. Once again – I was impressed and annoyed at the same time. He then offered to buy me a shot, and we went inside to his table, where his girlfriend and a couple of her friends were. One shot turned into a few (I was trying to hit on one of the girls at the table), when the conversation turned to sex.  Out of nowhere, his girlfriend blurts out that after one shot he’s useless… he glanced at me with a quick, sheepish look, and just like the guy at the gym, his bragging rights were up.

So I’m used to it… most men lie about their penis size and sexual abilities. Seems to me that what others think is more important to them than what they themselves think and feel.


If you’re average, there’s nothing to worry about. Most men around you are average as well.  And height, hand size, etc. have nothing to do with penis size.  I once received an email from a 6’4″, 240-pound football player, with a size 13 foot telling me he had a small penis (and in this case, it really was smaller than average – 4 inches), looking for ways to make his penis bigger naturally. I’ve received a few other similar emails as well. There are no rules when it comes to this.

Growing up I always had an average penis size, but felt no reason to lie. Regardless of my acceptable size, I’ve learned how to make my penis bigger without pills, just to make me more effective in the bedroom. And, although I take no part in the fairy tales, it does feel good to know that I’m now larger than average.

I know, especially after this post, it will be hard for you to believe that you can make your penis bigger… since all men are liars, you may not take my word for it, but I have before-and-after photos of the gains men have made with the natural penis enlargement techniques in my guide… for more info click here…

So even if you are a liar, you will have no need to lie anymore!

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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