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If you were to visit your doctor with complaints of a weak erection, I can guarantee you all he’ll do is write you a prescription for Cialis or Viagra, and then you’re on your way to popping an expensive pill every time you want an erection… for the rest of your life.

I’ve personally experienced a number of issues with my erections over the years:

  • I had a long struggle with sexual performance anxiety… you can call this “mentally induced erectile dysfunction”. Sexual performance anxiety is when you are so nervous about getting an erection, that this anxiety itself actually keeps you from getting an erection! Happens often to young men just starting out in their sex lives, but also randomly hits men of all ages, for all different types of reasons, such as a new girlfriend, recent divorce, embarrassment over penis size or premature ejaculation, depression, etc…
  • I’ve had issues with getting hard after I ejaculate, due to a powerful refractory period. In the past there were times where I couldn’t get another erection for hours after ejaculating… that’s the worst, especially when you have a girl waiting for a round two…
  • I’ve had stress or lack of sleep-induced erectile dysfunction…
  • I’ve had the unavoidable “whisky dick” where too much drinking floods the erectile process and keeps you from getting an erection. Most of us “partiers” have faced this demon before…
  • I’ve also faced the inevitable overall weakening of an erection as I’ve gotten older. I used to get random erections all day… that had stopped (for a while at least).

Good news is over the years I’ve picked up a number of natural erection strengthening exercises & techniques that have given me Viagra-like erections without the need for taking the little blue pill.

I’ve put all these techniques into one simple and easy to perform “erection strengthening routine”. This routine has worked for me, as well as the tens of thousands of men I’ve shared them with over the last few years.

If only more people knew about these erection strengthening exercises, there would be much more happy couples, more men confident in their bodies and sexual abilities, and a lot less prescriptions for Viagra being handed out…

Erection Strengthening Exercises for
Harder, Longer Lasting Erections whenever you need them...

overcome anxiety erection

Forget any other erectile dysfunction treatment, medication, or pill. Your body provides you with all the equipment necessary for harder erections.

For one thing, there are a group of muscles in your body that are used for erections. Properly isolating and strengthening these muscles to their max is the first step to achieving more powerful erections.

You can imagine that your “erectile muscles” are like the anchor, as well as the ignition, to your erection. Properly strengthened erectile muscles will ensure that your erection is set off as soon as it receives the “horny signal” from your mind… and these muscles will make you feel like your erection is anchored deep in your body, allowing you to maintain a complete, rock-hard erection for as long as you want…

Besides training your erectile muscles, there are also exercises to manually increase the blood flow to your penis, improving this flow for whenever you really need it, also helping you quickly achieve a complete, solid erection whenever you need it.

These erection strengthening techniques are easy to perform, and take very little time… they just need a little commitment on a regular basis, and results will continue to improve over time.

These exercises will give you much stronger erections, regardless of your age and physical condition.


"David, I have to admit, when I first saw ur site I was skeptical about the results...specifically to do with erection exercises. I’m 41 and have had diabetes type I for almost 20 years and it’s starting to take a toll on my erection strength. The doctor suggested I try Levitra but once the samples ran out, man was it expensive! That’s when I found what you were offering and figured why not give it a try. I was shocked at the results and how fast it worked. My fiance could not believe how hard I was and how often. We have become rabbits again.

One awesome benefit is the morning hard-ons I get now... I stopped getting morning erections YEARS ago, so this is fantastic..."

John A.
Ontario, Canada

"I started using your guide for a couple of reason no 1 was whenever I was with a new woman i had a hard time getting an erection.....well after reading your guide I haven't had a problem since. I can get an erection on command but thats not all! "

I was also very self councious of climaxing before a lady did and I believe that was another reason for me having a hard time getting an erection but once again I followed your exercises on a daily basis especially when I’m in the shower or when I’m masturbating and wow what a difference!"

Christian B.
El Paso, TX.

Naturally Produce more Testosterone
for Stronger Libido and Erections

Your body should be producing an optimum amount of testosterone in order to keep your erections at full strength. Testosterone is called your sex hormone for a reason.

If you’ve been experiencing weaker erections and a lower libido, you may have lower than normal levels of testosterone, or at least lower levels than you’d like.

Included in my guide are a number of exercises and activities you can do to safely and naturally boost your body’s own testosterone production, which works to increase your libido as well as improve overall erection quality (hardness, duration, and speed to become fully erect)...

These higher testosterone levels also work to reduce your refractory period, the time period immediately after an ejaculation where it’s difficult to achieve another erection and you have no urge to have sex again;

"I have adapted my daily routine to focus more on the testosterone enhancements and have felt a significant difference in sex drive. There also seems to be a lot of research (muscle blogs etc.) that support the tips you suggest. Thanks!"
Kyle Holt
San Antonio, TX.

"I will be 64 in a month. Still as horny as ever. I have more erectile strength. My flaccid state is larger too, and when I do the exercises, I am bigger and heavier, which looks great. I feel that your program has done a lot for me, and wish I could have had this knowledge many years ago…. Thanks for all your guidance."
Jim C.
Kings Park, NY.

With these testosterone boosting techniques you’ll still maintain a strong sex drive and the ability to quickly achieve another erection after ejaculating.

Erection Exercises - Increase Erectile Strength Naturally
don't let your mind get in the way of your erections...

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Lastly, in many cases there are mental barriers to achieving an erection, such as sexual performance anxiety. This issue often affects young men, but as mentioned before, men of all ages are affected by this from time to time.

Often times a man may lose an erection for whatever reason, and begins to worry that he may have a physical issue causing his erectile dysfunction. This worry often leads to anxious internet research on all sorts of topics, from erectile dysfunction statistics to information on Viagra.

Then this man may go to have sex again, but with the intentions of “testing” to see if his erection works… so he anxiously tries to get hard, and this very anxious effort is what is keeping him from getting hard!!

And the worst part about sexual performance anxiety is that it can become a vicious cycle. One failed erection leads to anxiety, which leads to another failed erection, which leads to more anxiety, and so on, and so on…

I myself suffered from the vicious cycle of performance anxiety for a while, until I discovered a mental technique for overcoming this sexual anxiety and never letting it get in the way of a hard erection again.


"I wanted to get back to you to let you know the REMARKABLE success i had with your guide. The problem i was having was that as incredibly beautiful as my girlfriend is, whenever we would try to have sex, i just couldn't get an erection and it was literally ruining our relationship. The love and trust was there but the intimacy was seriously lacking and i was afraid i was going to lose this amazing girl.

The day after i read your guide and started putting the techniques into practice, i started seeing results. We still weren't able to have sex but i could hold the erection a little longer.

The very same weekend after reading the guide, we took a trip out of town and I DID IT!!! Dude, i was able to sustain an erection long enough to have intercourse and it was amazing. My now fiancee and i have an AMAZING sex life and we're very adventurous in the bedroom, in the kitchen, on the couch, on the beach, in the woods and just about anywhere we're feeling up to being a little risky.

Needless to say, anyone who is skeptical about whether or not your guide works NEEDS TO TRY IT ANYWAY!!!!!. I cant thank you enough david and you i owe you big time. Thanks again man and may this year bring you tons of happiness."

Sincerely, Mike C.
Los Angeles, CA.

This guide swiftly helped me with my problem. You made things seem so simple, I just took the advice from it and it seriously worked. I can't tell you how thankful I am.

My girlfriend was at her beach house, and her parents werent going to be there until later in the week. I stayed the night, and within a 12 hour span, we had sex 7 seperate times!!! It was so amazing! Now me and my girlfriend enjoy sex as often as we can! This guide really helped me through sex anxiety, it broke things down and made it seem easy to defeat. Thank you so much man, you have no idea how in debt i am to you. You're the best."

Casey N.
Jacksonville, FL

These techniques for overcoming sexual performance anxiety have worked for every single man who has come to me with issues of "mental impotence/psychological erectile dysfunction".

Your Future: Powerful Erections without Medication

anxiety erection exercises

I’m not trying to brag in any way, but I just want to describe to you how my erections have been since performing these erection strengthening exercises on a regular basis...

...hopefully this will give you some hope and inspiration, and show you how these techniques can strengthen the hell out of your erections. I’ve received similar feedback from several men who’ve learned my erection strengthening routine:

  • My erections feel like a hard pole anchored deep into my crotch area.
  • I do not lose any erectile strength at all once I achieve an erection, until I decide to. My erection, once hard, feels like it gets fortified, and the blood supply gets locked into the erection by the PC/BC/pelvic floor muscles.
  • I get random erections like I was a teenager all over again.
  • I get a complete hard-on with just a minor horny thought… no need to even touch my penis, it gets hard on its own again. Just the other day I was at the gym talking to an older attractive woman when I caught a semi-erection! I should have felt a little embarrassed, but I actually felt quite proud; I hadn’t experienced that since high school!
  • I wake up every morning with rock hard erections.
  • I can get a complete erection even when I’m drunk as a skunk… I can get a complete erection when I’m tired, stressed, sick... whatever.
  • I can get a complete, rock-hard erection within a couple of minutes after ejaculating… sometimes even less than a few minutes… my refractory period is nearly non-existent now.

As mentioned, I’ve shared these techniques with tens of thousands of men from all over the world, and have received similar feedback, including men on all sorts of medication, men who have diabetes, men who've had prostate surgery, even men up into their 70’s, and 80’s!

"Hi Dave, I have been persisting with your program for some time, and it is working just like you promised. Everything you said is true, your help has been invaluable.

I now have super rock hard erections at my command with flawless consistency - any time, anywhere. My sexual appetite and sexual energy are greater than I dreamed. For me, your book must be one of the best investments imaginable. Thanks again."

Adam K.
Melbourne, Australia

"I was reading your guide in the morning, and it REALLY helped with my psychological problems. I had sex tonight with my girl and it was as good as it gets in car haha. The first few times we had sex I lost my erection, this time I had no problems at all. Thanks man."
Irvin G.
Centennial, CO

"I'm 55 yrs old and have bought your ebook and at first was skeptical- but after only 1 week - I'm starting to notice MUCH better erection QUALITY....... and my erections keep IMPROVING- I'm going to throw my small bottle of Viagra in the trash can! Thank you!! "
-Joel G.
Savanna, IL

Mr. Manpower’s Guide also includes other exercises to naturally improve your overall "potency"... this includes techniques to last longer during sex, enlarge your penis length and girth, increase sex drive, maintain your erection after orgasm, give your lady powerful orgasms during penetration and more…

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Have a good one!

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