How to Get Harder, Longer-Lasting Erections on Command... Without Medication

All-Natural, Scientifically Backed Techniques to Overcome ED − Even When Nervous!

harder erection
harder erection

If you were to visit your doctor with complaints of a weak erection, I can guarantee you this...

All a doctor will do is write you a prescription for Cialis or Viagra, and then you're off on your way to popping an expensive pill every time you want an erection... for the rest of your life...

Unless you find another solution, that is.

The vast majority of doctors believe medication is the only answer to ED (and pretty much any other health issue)... and any natural solution is mediocre at best.

Well that can't be farther from the truth in many instances, erectile dysfunction included.

You just need to know where to look, and what actually works.

I've personally experienced a number of problems with my own erections over the years:

  • At one point in my life I had a long struggle with sexual performance anxiety... a sort of "mentally induced erectile dysfunction". I would become so anxious over whether I'd get an erection, that this very anxiety would actually block me from becoming erect! This happens quite often to young guys who are just starting out having sex, but can hit men at any age... It can happen with any new girlfriend, anxiety over penis size, guilt over having sex after divorce... any negative mind state can keep you from getting it up
  • I had a very long refractory period after I'd ejaculate. In the past, I couldn't get an erection for several hours after an ejaculation, sometimes up to a day. This is the worst, especially if you ejaculate before your lady has orgasmed, and she's unsatisfied and waiting for a round two
  • I've had the inescapable "whisky dick", which hits almost every man at least once in his life, after he's had one too many drinks...
  • While not an acute problem, I stopped achieving random erections throughout the day, and less morning wood, which is a sign of physical aging of the penis, or just a plain out-of-shape penis

Good news is over the years I've picked up a number of natural solutions that have actually worked to strengthen the hell out my erections, including improving the blood flow / circulation, actual physical hardness of the erection, internal erectile muscles, and naturally boosting testosterone production and sex drive.

All of these things come together to form one powerful − and reliable − erection.

I've compiled everything I know about naturally strengthening erections into one easy to digest guide. Using the same information and exercises that have provided me with rock-solid erections whenever I need them, tens of thousands of men all over the world have achieved the same results.

This is not common, everyday knowledge... this is information that has been gathered after years of research, practiced extensively, and proven time and time again to work VERY well.

How To Maximize The Strength Of Your "Erection Muscles", Improve Circulation Throughout The Penis, and Naturally Revive Erections

stronger erections
stronger erections

Your body provides you with everything necessary to develop harder erections.

For instance, your PC/BC/Pelvic swing muscles are internal "erectile muscles" that anchor, hold in place, and set your erection off.

Properly isolating and strengthening these muscles to their max one part of achieving erections that are quick to become fully erect, and that stay hard longer.

Unfortunately, not many men know how to strengthen the muscles in this area properly, oftentimes allowing neighboring muscles to "jump in" when kegeling, not isolating the muscle group enough, or not knowing just how much these muscles can be strengthened.

When these muscles are strengthened to their max, your erection will feel like it is anchored deep inside your body, allowing you to maintain a complete, rock-hard erection for as long as you need it...

Besides learning how to best isolate and maximize the strength of your erection muscles, there are manual exercises you can perform on the shaft your penis with your hands that greatly improve the blood flow / circulation throughout your penis.

These manual techniques yield long-term benefits as to the actual hardness / strength of the erection, and will also contribute to the length of time your erection remains.

Combine these with some physical recommendations such as upping your cardio activity, increasing Vitamin D intake, keeping your cell phone out of your pocket and a number of other natural, scientifically-backed solutions to preventing / reversing ED, and you'll have stronger erections than you've ever been able to achieve. Guaranteed.


"David, I have to admit, when I first saw ur site I was skeptical about the results...specifically to do with erection exercises. I'm 41 and have had diabetes type I for almost 20 years and it's starting to take a toll on my erection strength. The doctor suggested I try Levitra but once the samples ran out, man was it expensive! That's when I found what you were offering and figured why not give it a try. I was shocked at the results and how fast it worked. My fiance could not believe how hard I was and how often. We have become rabbits again.

One awesome benefit is the morning hard-ons I get now... I stopped getting morning erections YEARS ago, so this is fantastic..."

John A.
Ontario, Canada

"I started using your guide for a couple of reason no 1 was whenever I was with a new woman i had a hard time getting an erection.....well after reading your guide I haven't had a problem since. I can get an erection on command but thats not all! "

I was also very self councious of climaxing before a lady did and I believe that was another reason for me having a hard time getting an erection but once again I followed your exercises on a daily basis especially when I'm in the shower or when I'm masturbating and wow what a difference!"

Christian B.
El Paso, TX.

Naturally Improve Testosterone Production For A Much Stronger Sex Drive, and Erections That Want To Become Erect

Your body should have healthy testosterone production in order to keep your erections at full strength.

Testosterone is called your sex hormone for a reason.

If you've been experiencing weaker erections and a lower libido, you may have lower than normal levels of testosterone, or at least lower levels than you'd like.

Luckily, this is another area science has done quite well... figuring out what natural factors affects testosterone production, and how.

Included in my guide are a number of exercises and activities you can do to safely and naturally boost your body's testosterone production, which will lead to a stronger libido, improved sperm count and quality, as well as greater erection quality.

These higher testosterone levels will also reduce your refractory period, allowing you to quickly bring back your sex drive and erections following an ejaculation.

"I have adapted my daily routine to focus more on the testosterone enhancements and have felt a significant difference in sex drive. There also seems to be a lot of research (muscle blogs etc.) that support the tips you suggest. Thanks!"
Kyle Holt
San Antonio, TX.

"I will be 64 in a month. Still as horny as ever. I have more erectile strength. My flaccid state is larger too, and when I do the exercises, I am bigger and heavier, which looks great. I feel that your program has done a lot for me, and wish I could have had this knowledge many years ago... Thanks for all your guidance."
Jim C.
Kings Park, NY.

Removing The Mental Blocks To Arousal - Don't Let Your Mind Get In The Way of Your Erection...

stay hard longer
stay hard longer

In most cases of ED, there are mental barriers to achieving an erection.

This mental ED usually becomes a vicious cycle, as well - a man fails to achieve an erection, either due to nerves or a physical cause, and then he freaks out, making it even more difficult to become aroused / erect.

Later on, he may begin to research on erectile dysfunction, and starts to imagine the worst. He then goes back to his sexual partner with intentions of "testing" his erection, and with this level of stress and fear, it is impossible to become erect, further reinforcing the problem...

Sex is supposed to be fun... not a test, and not a life or death situation...

I'm quite familiar with the cycle, because as mentioned, I experienced it myself. For the longest time, I thought there may had been something physically wrong with my penis, or I had some rare mental or hormonal condition that didn't affect most men.

Luckily, I was very wrong... and learned that this is a very common problem.

Much like whisky dick, almost every man has experience a mental block to getting hard at least once in his life.

In time, with some research, and advice, I formulated a technique that has allowed me to defeat this mental ED every time, and achieve rock hard erections on command, whenever I need them.

You don't want to fight the anxiety... or deny it. You want to see it, and accept it, but learn to work through it.

This mental block can also play a role in physical cases of erectile dysfunction, making the situation even worst... so it's always to your benefit to recognize − and eliminate − this obstacle to your sexual performance.


"I wanted to get back to you to let you know the REMARKABLE success i had with your guide. The problem i was having was that as incredibly beautiful as my girlfriend is, whenever we would try to have sex, i just couldn't get an erection and it was literally ruining our relationship. The love and trust was there but the intimacy was seriously lacking and i was afraid i was going to lose this amazing girl.

The day after i read your guide and started putting the techniques into practice, i started seeing results. We still weren't able to have sex but i could hold the erection a little longer.

The very same weekend after reading the guide, we took a trip out of town and I DID IT!!! Dude, i was able to sustain an erection long enough to have intercourse and it was amazing. My now fiancee and i have an AMAZING sex life and we're very adventurous in the bedroom, in the kitchen, on the couch, on the beach, in the woods and just about anywhere we're feeling up to being a little risky.

Needless to say, anyone who is skeptical about whether or not your guide works NEEDS TO TRY IT ANYWAY!!!!!. I cant thank you enough david and you i owe you big time. Thanks again man and may this year bring you tons of happiness."

Sincerely, Mike C.
Los Angeles, CA.

This guide swiftly helped me with my problem. You made things seem so simple, I just took the advice from it and it seriously worked. I can't tell you how thankful I am.

My girlfriend was at her beach house, and her parents werent going to be there until later in the week. I stayed the night, and within a 12 hour span, we had sex 7 seperate times!!! It was so amazing! Now me and my girlfriend enjoy sex as often as we can! This guide really helped me through sex anxiety, it broke things down and made it seem easy to defeat. Thank you so much man, you have no idea how in debt i am to you. You're the best."

Casey N.
Jacksonville, FL

I dedicate a whole section of my guide to overcoming this mental block to getting an erection...

Your Future: Powerful, Harder Erections Without The Need For Medication

how to get rock hard erection
how to get rock hard erection

Since following the above mentioned exercises and technique, I've seen the following transformation in my erections:

  • Once I'm hard, the blood supply gets locked into my erection by the PC/BC/pelvic floor muscles, and stays in there until I decide it's time to soft (and then I have to wait a while before it goes soft... not a bad problem to have).
  • My erection feels like a solid, flesh-covered pole anchored deep into my body
  • I stay hard AFTER ejaculation, oftentimes until a second ejaculation
  • Even after a night of heavy-drinking (hey, we all do it sometimes), my erection is not affected in the least
  • My refractory period is very short, or even non-existent most of the time
  • I get random erections, and morning wood every day
  • I become completely erect with arousing thoughts / visuals only - no touch needed

As mentioned, I receive feedback on a regular basis from men experiencing the same improvement with their erections... including men on all sorts of medication, obese men, men with diabetes, men who've had prostate surgery / removal, ranging in age from late teens / early 20's, all the way up into their 70's, and even a couple in their 80's!

"Hi Dave, I have been persisting with your program for some time, and it is working just like you promised. Everything you said is true, your help has been invaluable.

I now have super rock hard erections at my command with flawless consistency - any time, anywhere. My sexual appetite and sexual energy are greater than I dreamed. For me, your book must be one of the best investments imaginable. Thanks again."

Adam K.
Melbourne, Australia

"I was reading your guide in the morning, and it REALLY helped with my psychological problems. I had sex tonight with my girl and it was as good as it gets in car haha. The first few times we had sex I lost my erection, this time I had no problems at all. Thanks man."
Irvin G.
Centennial, CO

"I'm 55 yrs old and have bought your ebook and at first was skeptical- but after only 1 week - I'm starting to notice MUCH better erection QUALITY....... and my erections keep IMPROVING- I'm going to throw my small bottle of Viagra in the trash can! Thank you!! "
-Joel G.
Savanna, IL

My guide to developing stronger, longer-lasting erections, and overcoming mental blocks to arousal can be found in Mr. Manpower's Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement.

Besides strengthening your erections, Mr. Manpower's Guide contains several other ways to naturally improve your sexual performance and abilities, including how to delay ejaculation, have multiple orgasms without losing your erection, increase erect length and girth (yes, it does work), give women orgasms during penetration and much more.


Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower's Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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