"How to Give a Woman Powerful, Multiple Orgasms During Penetration..."

How to Make a Woman Orgasm

You need to know how to make a woman orgasm in order to keep her happy and by your side.

"it's okay, I liked it anyway..."

"It still felt good..."

"I enjoyed it because it was with you..."

Words from an ex-girlfriend of mine. I had done all I could to make her orgasm... but just COULDN'T get her off.

The same woman who told me these sweet things left me a couple of months later because of my inability to make her orgasm.

Other than sex, our relationship was wonderful... conversation was great, sense of humor matched, and we always had a great time hanging out with each other... but the bad sex was enough to make her to leave me.

It's a cold world. Yes, a woman can leave you if you are not satisfying her in bed... most women place a different importance on sex, and some like it rougher than others (hair pulling, smacking around...), but unanimously, you don't satisfy her in bed, you have an unhappy partner...

Not being able to make a woman orgasm can be a very frustrating situation. It hits you in deep in the ego... leaving you feeling insecure about your relationship at all times.

And in many cases, what seemed to be a very happy woman can begin to drift away...

But can you blame her? Constantly arousing her without being able to put out the fire? Imagine if she was doing that to you on a regular basis? Wouldn't you feel like something big was missing??

You need to learn how to make a woman orgasm in order to really feel like the man, fully confident in yourself and your relationship. Making her orgasm during penetration -- with your God-given tool -- is even more effective (although some oral and manual techniques can't hurt).

Women aren't like us men... we can have the best sex in the world with the hottest woman ever, and even after all of this, we may get the urge to "try out other flavors"...

Women aren't like that... Fully satisfy them in bed and they're good... they're not going anywhere, regardless of your other "faults"...

"How to Last Long Enough During Sex to Make a Woman Orgasm..."

I used to doubt there was a cure for premature ejaculation.

I used to think some men were built to be long-lasters in bed who make women orgasm, and others (like me) were weaklings who'd always cum before their ladies...

What really took away my hope of finding a cure for premature ejaculation was that I tried all kinds of techniques to last longer that didn't work.

I tried distracting my thoughts... or thinking about something nasty (like a sweating Oprah) in order to keep me far away from the "point of no return".

This did not help much.

I tried the stop and start technique. Sure you can extend the "overall" time you perform with the stop-start technique, BUT YOU NEED NON-STOP PENETRATION IN ORDER TO MAKE A WOMAN ORGASM... not stopping all the time.

I tried getting drunk before sex... whatever it took to delay my ejaculation.... it slightly improved my sexual stamina, but on the opposite end, at times made it hard to get an erection...

...and who wants to get drunk every time you're going to have sex? What if your girl wants a quickie in the morning before work? "Hold on babe, let me knock down a couple Heinekens first...". That'd be terrible... unless you're a raging alcoholic and do that already anyway...

And getting drunk before sex still didn't allow me to last long enough to make a woman orgasm.

These are all crappy methods for overcoming premature ejaculation. You need to retrain your mind into KNOWING you can last a long time. You don't want to "trick" yourself during sex. You want to be prepared mentally and physically so you can last long at all times.

You'll find a guide to lasting longer during sex in Mr. Manpower's Guide. It includes all of the ejaculation knowledge I've gathered over the years, as well as exercises to hypnotize you into KNOWING you last a long time...

Thousands of other men who've read my guide have experienced the same...

"Hi Mr. David: I don't know if you remember me but you said I should write back to you when I get my girl to orgasm before I do. I actually made her orgasm 2x and I still did not orgasm and I don't know how long we were going for but it had to be long since I made her orgasm 2x. She asked me if I am close to ejaculating and I said not even close at all and I told her to not worry about me that as long as you orgasm I am alright. I just wanted to say thank you very much your guide definitely helped a lot."
Vernatius O.
Chicago, IL

"Hi david,i believe you are doing fine.Iam very happy to inform you that i can now last one & half hours in bed from less than a minute to 30minutes.Not only am i lasting longer but also give my woman multiple orgasms while she vibrates,scratching me to an injury extent.Thanks to mistermanpower's guide for transforming this man from being useless to a beast in bed.Have a great weekend,sc."
Chanda S.
(UPDATE: 10/29/2016), Birmingham, UK.


Besides ejaculation control exercises and knowledge, the male multiple orgasm technique is another method of lasting longer during sex... this technique allows you to maintain your erection after orgasm, so that orgasm is no longer the end of your sexual performance. You can have multiple orgasms without losing your erection!

"How Big Does a Penis Need to Be To Satisfy a Woman?"

Is six inches big enough to make a woman orgasm? Seven inches?

If you think your penis needs to be a certain size in order to make a woman orgasm, then you've got a lot to learn...

Making Women Climax

Even a four incher can get a woman off.

In all honesty, a larger penis gets the job done easier... but even a small penis can give a woman powerful, SQUIRTING orgasms during penetration, as long as the stroking technique is correct.

You're technique is more important than anything. More important than size or stamina.

Real orgasm-producing sex is nothing like it looks like in the pornos... where guys "smash" away...

You need to put pressure on her hot spots during penetration.

Some requirements to make a woman orgasm during penetration:

  • a penis (having a big penis not a requirement)
  • at least some ejaculation control to last through her moans and groans
  • knowledge on the proper strokes / penetration techniques

The good news on top of all of this is that you CAN increase your penis size as well - length and girth - with natural penis enlargement exercises... to make your job even easier.

"Only 4 weeks into doing the penis exercises and I'm already receiving POSITIVE feedback from ladies I've hooked up with in past 2 years.

Just this weekend, I hooked up with a girlfriend I haven't seen in over a year and after we were done doing the nasty-- she said "Man, holy crap....... you were REALLY DEEP in there!!!- I felt you in my stomach... I just never remember you doing that to me when we were together- 2 years ago- what have you been doing?".

I just shrugged my shoulders and said "Nothing really- Just eating better, I guess". Obviously, I am NEVER going to spill the beans on my penis exercises to an ex that DUMPED me and made me feel like shit. Kind of makes the revenge that much sweeter now, when she shows this wrinkled forehead and you can just SEE that she is doubting herself and her reasons for dumping me 2 years ago for another guy....."
-Joel G.
Chandler, AZ

"I took my time and followed your techniques to the letter. The results are fantastic, my word, the girls just find my big fat d**k irresistible... girth is what I got and a good length!...I went on an adult dating site put up a pic of my proud manhood and bagged myself a hot, hot girl! I make her squirt everytime and I have so much stamina, I can go on for days!... ...I am a happy and peaceful man, no hidden frustrations and overall I am more productive in all areas of my life! Thank you David!!!!"
-James K.
Leicester, UK


"Give Her the Most Powerful Orgasms She's Ever Experienced... With Ease..."

Being bad in bed sucks. You don't want to be "that guy".

That guy that came too soon... that guy that she couldn't feel... that guy that never satisfied her.

You want to be the guy that she'll never forget. The guy that she'll give the green light to, even if you run into her years later. The guy she'll always compare her current lover to... and who he'll never measure up to.

I can't mention it enough... I used to be TERRIBLE in bed.

I had women walk out on me, women cheat on me... hot-ass, in-demand women give me one shot in bed and never give me another chance after I messed it up.

My how things have changed...

Since becoming a larger, longer-lasting, and knowledgeable lover, I've actually heard some of the following from women:

"That was the best sex I've ever had" ... "I came six times"... "You hypnotize me for weeks every time we have sex"... amongst other amazing, ego-stroking comments I never thought I'd hear...

And the thousands of men from all over the world who've read Mr. Manpower's Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement have been hearing the same...

Besides learning how to make your penis larger and last longer during sex, in Mr. Manpower's Guide you'll learn:

  • How to give your girl multiple orgasms with penetration alone
  • How to hit her g-spot during penetration and make her ejaculate (make her squirt!)
  • Manual methods to give a woman extra potent orgasms with your fingers when you're feeling a little lazy
  • An in-depth understanding of the female genetalia, including how to best stimulate the clitoris and g-spot
  • How to give her orgasms during anal sex!
  • How to tell if she really orgasmed... no faking possible!!
  • And much, MUCH more...

"Hey man things are getting good. Last night I had a long night with my girl and I made her cum during sex; apparently I'm the first to do it to her. I didn't eat her out or finger, she doesn't want me to even though she has a nice pussy, but you had the right idea man. So it was just missionary, haha we were in a car so I didn't mind, but I followed your advice on how to penetrate her, and she was having an orgasm in no time...it was awesome, way better then just pounding away my friend..."
-Irvin G.
Centennial, CO

"I made my girl squirt so much, thanks!"
Wade D.,
Charlotte, NC

"I have mostly been using this guide to improve my performance and I have been very successful at it. I've been able to double the amount of time I can last. Your techniques are brilliant. My girlfriend thanks you as well."
John B.,
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Master the female orgasm(s) and become a harder, larger, longer-lasting lover...

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Have a good one, and let me know if you have any questions!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower's Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement