"25 Ways to Increase Male Libido Naturally - Guide to Natural Libido Enhancement"

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Production

increase male sex drive naturally
increase male sex drive naturally

Did you know that excessive aerobic exercise can reduce your testosterone levels by up to 40%?

Did you know that exposure to sunlight can increase your testosterone production by up to 200%?

Testosterone and male libido/sex drive go hand in hand. If your body is not producing a healthy amount of testosterone, you will experience a significant reduction in sex drive.

In the text below I will be interchanging the terms libido and sex drive, as they are basically the same…

Testosterone is responsible for all of our manly characteristics.

During puberty testosterone is responsible for:

  • the development of your genitals
  • depth of your voice
  • shoulder width
  • body and facial hair
  • libido

As adults, testosterone is responsible for:

  • erection strength and duration
  • libido
  • physical strength and endurance
  • mood and overall sense of well-being
  • ability to gain muscle mass
  • maintaining healthy energy levels
  • fertility

Testosterone is what makes a man feel like a man. It's what makes us feel solid and potent.

Signs that you may have low Testosterone Levels

There are various reasons why a man can have low testosterone levels, including stress, malnutrition, and natural aging.

Below you'll find a list of some of the symptoms of low testosterone:

  • low libido
  • weaker erections
  • loss of muscular strength and endurance
  • loss of actual muscle mass
  • inability to add lean muscle
  • lack of energy
  • depression
  • irritability
  • difficulty sleeping

As an adult, when the pressures of the real world first hit me, my sex drive took a dive. I almost never thought about sex, I had no urge to go out and meet women, and I never even felt like masturbating.

I also felt tired most the time, irritable, depressed, had low self-esteem, and serious difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep.

I visited my doctor, and explained to him what I was feeling. He did some blood work, and discovered that while my testosterone levels were within the normal range, they were very near the low testosterone range.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy and its potential side effects.

My doctor told me that if I wasn't happy with how I was feeling, I could always consider testosterone replacement therapy. According to him, my two best options were a testosterone gel or weekly testosterone injections.

I looked into both forms of therapy, and I wasn't too happy with what I found.

Both treatments have the potential side effect of increasing hair loss (if you are already genetically predisposed to losing your hair). My family has a history of hair loss on both sides, and my hairline has already begun receding, and I don't exactly feel like speeding up the process with this artificial testosterone.

Other possible side effects of testosterone replacement therapy include:

  • gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men; the forming of "man-boobs")
  • mood swings
  • shriveling up of the testicles
  • actual reduction of sex drive in some cases
  • a severe drop in testosterone production after quitting either therapy

Your testosterone levels take about 3 or 4 months to return to baseline after getting off of either form of therapy. And in both cases, you will have to stick with the therapies for life in order to maintain your testosterone levels in an acceptable range.

My Search for Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone
Production and Increase Male Libido

increase libido naturally men
increase libido naturally men

Besides the problems mentioned above, over the years I've realized that doctors are always quick to prescribe a medication when there are other possible alternatives. And besides the fact that doctors don't always have all the answers (even though they like to believe so) the medications were expensive as hell!

And imagine visiting the doctor on a weekly basis for an injection? What a pain in the ass that would be (literally)!

So I looked into natural alternatives to boost my testosterone levels.  Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a hell of a researcher, and I've compiled quite a bit of information on how to naturally increase testosterone levels, and therefore increase male libido and erection quality.

I visited another couple of doctors (some were a little more knowledgeable on alternative methods than the first doc I met with), worked with a nutritionist who trains body builders and understood how to manipulate testosterone levels, and therefore increase male sex drive and improve erection quality.

For instance, did you know that sunlight regulates the body's production of testosterone?

The sun is a potent and absolutely free testosterone boosting supplement. Ancient athletic training regimens (Roman gladiators, Greek Olympians) often included sunbathing with the belief that the sun fed the muscles. Turns out they were correct, and a number of studies have confirmed this.

“I have adapted my daily routine to focus more on the testosterone enhancements and have felt a significant difference in sex drive. There also seems to be a lot of research (muscle blogs etc.) that support the tips you suggest. Thanks!”
Jim G.,
Pasadena, MD.

“You have helped me wayyy more than some endocrinologists have, who even despite finding high prolactin or low vitamin D would refuse to do any further adrenal tests!! Thanks guru!!”
Alfred K.,
Elmont, New York

In a famous study conducted at Boston State Hospital, Dr. Abraham Myerson measured initial levels of circulating testosterone in men and exposed their various body parts to UVB light.  Dr. Myerson found that exposure to ultraviolet light increased testosterone levels by up to 200% in some cases. 

What's craziest of all is that solar exposure to different parts of the body produced different results. Exposure to the back and directly to the testicles was shown to stimulate the highest increase in testosterone production!

Note: More children are born during the spring and more birth control devices are purchased during the summer months.

(Note: make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen and keep a limit to the amount of sun exposure in order to prevent premature skin aging).

Avoiding Activities that will reduce your Testosterone Levels

Throughout my research, I also learned what I have to avoid to keep my testosterone levels where I want them.

For instance, excessive aerobic exercise, as many cyclists can tell you, has been shown to significantly reduce testosterone production in men.  I'm not talking about a 45 minute game of basketball, or running on the treadmill for half an hour… I'm talking about prolonged aerobic exercise.

When you partake in excessive aerobic exercise, instead of burning fat, you will start burning protein, especially from your muscle. As your muscle mass shrinks, your metabolic rate will drop along with your testosterone levels.

In a 1998 study on long distance runners by Anthony C. Hackney Ph.D., a UNC professor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, testosterone levels of endurance-trained men were found to be 60-85% of the levels of men who were not partaking in endurance training. There are a number of other studies that have confirmed these findings.

Over the years, I've kept a log of everything I learned that can affect my testosterone levels.

And keeping these things in check, I've been able to keep my sex drive through the roof.

How to Naturally Increase Sex Drive,
Erection Strength and OVERALL POTENCY IN BED

I cannot get enough sex. I ejaculate, and within a few minutes I am up and ready for a round two, three, four and sometimes even more.

I feel like a manly beast when around women. It might be all in my head, but I also feel like women are responding to me better. Maybe I'm releasing stronger pheromones or something.

On top of being as horny as a 14 year-old home alone with his first porn mag, I've experienced quite a few other benefits of increased testosterone levels:

I now have super rock hard erections at my command with flawless consistency - any time, anywhere. My sexual appetite and sexual energy are greater than I dreamed. For me, your book must be one of the best investments imaginable. Thanks again."
Adam K.,
Melbourne, Australia

"Your exercises and recommendations concerning testosterone definitely boosted my natural sex drive..."
Udony Spreitzenbarth,
New York, NY.

My skin and hair look better, I gain more muscle mass in the gym with less effort, my metabolism seems to have kicked into high gear and I burn fat faster and have more lean muscle; overall I just feel stronger and more confident. All of this research has paid off.

I've outlined all that I know about how to naturally boost testosterone production all into one easy-to-digest, downloadable guide.

This includes more than 25 powerful, scientifically-backed, testosterone boosting guidelines.

These guidelines include exercises, foods, activities, and things to do/and avoid in order to keep your testosterone production high and increase male libido and erection quality.

These guidelines are very easy to remember and even easier to integrate into your day-to-day life. You also don't have to follow every guideline... a few is usually good enough to keep testosterone level production nice and high.

On top of this, I also include a number of techniques and exercises to give you harder, longer lasting erections on command.

I've received excellent feedback from men of all ages...from the stressed out college student, to the recently remarried 65 year-old. Men in their 50's with diabetes, some on blood pressure medication and other types of meds, bringing back all of their sexual potency.

"David, thanks for the sex drive advice - I am 78 - and lately, if it were possible I would have intercourse or eat my wife's pussy at least once every day!!! Just a few weeks ago sex was the last thing on my mind!"
Rick Sales,
Jacksonville, FL

"Im doin the sex drive exercises 3 times a week now and can really feel more sexual energy! thanx!"
Ryan Kelly,
North Yorkshire, UK.

Even healthy young men with no problems at all have been able to supercharge their testosterone production, and naturally increase male libido and erection quality with these techniques.

Mr. Manpower's Guide, Guaranteed to Naturally Boost your Testosterone Production

If you don't see a measurable increase in testosterone levels (*must measure before starting program, and after at least 30 days), as well as an increase in sex drive and erection strength, send me an email here with "refund" in the subject line and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower's Guide to
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