Small Flaccid Penis Size Got You Down?

Increase Flaccid Size Naturally With These Exercises, and Become Hung Like a Horse!!

increase flaccid size

Some people say that flaccid size doesn't matter, that only the erect size of your penis matters.

Sure, erect size matters when it comes to penetration, but 99% of the time you are walking around, your penis is soft.

Your flaccid size is the size you have to live with most of the time.

So if you're small when soft, than you may have a constant feeling of having a small penis in general. I can speak as a voice of authority, because I was always a "grower"...

...When erect, I was respectable - average length and slightly-above average girth. But when flaccid, my penis-size was almost childlike, and the cause of some stressful and embarrassing situations.

While many women will know that if you have a small penis when soft, you can still be much larger when erect... problem is, as much respect as I have for women, many of them STILL can be quite ignorant when it comes to this...

If a woman feels your penis when it's soft, and it's very small, she may deep down assume you have a small penis in general (if she never gives you the chance to become erect). Women often go more with gut feelings than logic, and many times don't take the time to think that much further into it...

I've had my chances shot with more than a few women thanks to this "snap judgement" based on my small flaccid penis size

"Oh, he has a small penis..."

With my small flaccid penis, I always felt like I was hiding something, and it was just a matter of time before I'd be exposed.

At first this was a subconscious feeling. But thanks to a number of embarrassing experiences, these feelings were brought more and more into the forefront of my mind.

Distressing Situations I Experienced Because Of My Small Flaccid Penis

The following situations can prove embarrassing, or can cause anxiety, when your penis is small when soft. At least they did for me:

  • Dancing close to a woman
  • Getting out of the water at the beach or pool
  • Locker rooms
  • Having a woman touch your penis before it's erect
  • Taking a shower with a woman
  • Wearing shorts or pants that expose your small "lump"

And it seems that having this small flaccid size increased my anxiety, which caused my penis to shrink up even more!!

Since having a bigger flaccid penis size now, the opposite happens... and all of the above scenarios are actually something to feel proud about!

It's strange how big of a role your flaccid size can play in your confidence.

Cubans call the alpha male "El Pingu" (meaning the one with the longest penis or "pinga"), Haitians call tough guys "Zoes" (which means big penis -- also means bone), Americans say a man with a lot of bravado who is running the show a "swinging dick", etc...

Numerous other cultures around the world have their own versions of this term...

There's a consistent correlation between penis length (generally when it's hanging) and strength/manliness/status across the globe...

Enough Already... How To Increase Flaccid Size Naturally

Natural penis enlargement exercises, contrary to what you many believe, do work.

bigger flaccid penis and hang

Not only will they increase your erect length (by at least an inch, more in most cases), but will make your flaccid size larger, as well. I've gone from having a stubby little lightweight nub, to a long, heavy, hanging size when soft.

Following certain guidelines help to make the most gains when flaccid...

For instance, warming up all parts of the penis, and for at least a couple of minutes, before beginning the exercises, is important.

Performing penis enlargement when your flaccid size feels the most "expanded" and "pliable", is best... generally early in the day, on days when you slept well the night before... when circulation and testosterone will be at their peak.

Doing intense cardio (where your lungs greatly expand) on a regular basis, and pushing your oxygen capacity / ability greatly helps the circulation to the penis, resulting in a bigger flaccid hang (especially when combined with penis enlargement)

Cut out cigarettes... they will kill your circulation.

Perform penis enlargement with at least some "life" to your penis is important... you don't want to be 100% limp.

However, when it comes to making your flaccid penis bigger, nothing beats manual techniques on the shaft of your penis.

Penis Enlargement Exercises with Extreme Flaccid Growth in Mind

Penis enlargement has always been interesting to me, but one area of penis enlargement - mainly, how to increase the size of my penis when flaccid - has always been the most interesting.

I've put together a guide with the specific exercises that have given me the long, heavy, flaccid penis I have hanging between my legs now.

My personal penis enlargement routine, fine-tuned through years of research, practice and adjustments, will leave you with one large, hung member at all times as well. You can thank me later ;)!

Guaranteed results... you'll begin seeing a bigger flaccid size in the first week, and it continues to grow from there!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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