"How would you like to dig deeper into your lady with a longer, thicker erection... inches larger?"

how to make your penis bigger

"How about walking around with a longer, heavier, hanging flaccid penis?"

I've put together a downloadable guide to show you how to safely and permanently increase the length and girth of your penis; naturally and without pills, using only your hands...

And if you need it, I have before-and-after photos of the results men have achieved with my guide to prove to you that natural penis enlargement works...

Natural Penis Enlargement - A Secret Throughout The Ages

There have been references to penis enlargement found in literature since the beginning of recorded history.

Ancient Indian texts have been found referring to special natural penis enlargement techniques that fathers would hand down to their adolescent sons.

After years of performing these exercises, these young men were said to boast humongous, hanging penises, oftentimes compared to the penis size of a mule or horse.

I've also come across info on a tribe in Uganda, Africa whose men are still practicing age-old methods of enlarging their penises. These men's long penises are said to be the most attractive part to the females in the tribe, and many times have been the deciding factor when choosing a mate.

You Can Safely And Permanently Increase Your Penis Size

Just like some cultures around the world stretch or enlarge certain parts of their body - think of the enlarged ears, lips and extremely elongated necks favored by certain tribes - why wouldn't there be a way to enlarge your penis?

how to make your penis bigger without pills

Take your neck for instance. Your neck (with a spine and muscles in it) has the ability to be enlarged.

The Kayan women in Myanmar place 20+ rings around their neck, permanently keeping their necks in an elongated state. Women of the Ndebele people in South Africa also do this.

So if the neck, with muscles and a spine running through it, can be permanently enlarged, then why not the soft tissue of our penis (which has no bones or muscle in it whatsoever)?

The shaft of your penis (your corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum) is made up of a soft, "spongy" tissue that can be stretched and worked on, engorged with more blood, and with the proper penis enlargement techniques, the soft tissue in your shaft slightly breaks down and then repairs itself in a larger state.

Gradually, similar to how the stress and micro-tears in the muscles created by lifting weights leads to larger muscle mass, the minor stress and then healing of your penis tissue created by penis enlargement techniques will safely, painlessly and permanently increase its length and girth.

With these techniques you will also lengthen − and strengthen − the ligaments at the base of your penis, allowing more "inner penis" to become outer, visible, usable penis.

(Note: penis function is in no way compromised with these exercises - erections are actually strengthened. More on that below).

Natural Penis Enlargement Before And After Photos:
Proof That You Can Increase Your Penis Size

Since 2007, my guide has been downloaded by tens of thousands of men from all over the world, and I've received quite a few before-and-after photos of the results men have achieved with it.

I've chosen not to post them on here for adult-content filtering reasons, but I’d be more than happy to share them with you.

Just send me an e-mail to (david@mistermanpower.net) with "PHOTO PROOF" in the subject line, and I'll reply with the before-and-after photos showing the extreme size gains possible.

If up until now you’ve had trouble believing that penis enlargement works, these photos will provide you with the faith and confidence that you can increase your penis size.

Can You Make Your Penis Bigger With Any Of The Pills On The Market?

how to get a bigger penis without pills

I understand, the idea of taking a pill to make your penis bigger can be attractive… No effort needed, no need to put in work... pop a pill or two a day, and you have a bigger penis.

An attractive idea — but unfortunately — one that just doesn’t work.

The improved bloodflow from the natural aphrodisiacs and ingredients in these pills will give you a slightly larger temporary flaccid hang (and may increase erection quality a bit while taking them), but they will not increase your erect length or girth by even a millimeter.

If any ingestible pill or medication were to ever come out that could actually make your penis bigger, you better believe that it will need to go through the rigorous FDA clinical trial and approval process, have strong scientific backing, and require a prescription.

And if you don't want to take my word for it, just look up third party reviews on any pills you are interested in, or look up all the various lawsuits in the 90's and 2000's that caused "penis enlargement" pills to change their name to the more vague “male enhancement” term in order to avoid lawsuits.

The science behind it just doesn't work - a pill won’t be able to make your penis, and only your penis, larger. Physical tension, pressure, etc. (or implantation) needs to be applied to the penis tissue to cause it to increase in length and mass.

So if you're looking for how to make your penis bigger without pills, you're on the right track...

So Just How Much Size Can You Gain From Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques?

Most men will gain about an inch to an inch-and-a-half in erect length, and half-an-inch to an inch in extra girth...

how to enlarge your penis with your hands

However, there've been some freaks of nature who have gained much more...

I first learned my penis enlargement techniques from a man who increased his erect length from 4.5 inches to a little over 7 inches.

I also corresponded for a bit with a man who goes by the name of "Bigger" who gained over 4 inches in length thanks to working on extreme stretching techniques. Took me a bit to believe it was true, but finally saw the before-and-after photos to confirm it (he was pretty OCD about his application of the techniques though... did little else other than PE).

In all honesty, these men are some of the top, top achievers when it comes to penis enlargement, but I just want to show you the powerful potential of these exercises. I've come across a few other men in my research who've made impressive gains as well (longer than 2 inches in length).

And if you put in the work, you never know, you may end up becoming a top gainer yourself.

I've personally gained more than an inch-and-a-half in erect length, now measuring 7.5 inches in length (a bit more on a good day). I started out at just under 6 inches fully erect. My erect girth is approximately an inch more than before starting off the exercises. My flaccid penis is MUCH longer and heavier.

How Long Do You Have To Perform These Exercises To See Results?

Within the first week of performing the exercises you'll experience a larger flaccid size. It's a nice welcome to the exercises. Flaccid size will continue gaining in size from there on.

Erect growth generally to start off strong, with gains being quickest at beginning, with some slight slowing, and moments of "plateauing" that can often be broken through.

Gaining half-an-inch in the first month is about on par, and gaining an inch in the first 3 to 6 months is quite common. However, every man is different. Many have gained an inch in their first month, some may take even longer than 6 months.

"Hey David, thanks for your proof, and thanks for your exercises/techniques, I was at about 4 and a half inches when i started, I have gained an inch and a quarter in length and about an inch in extra girth! I also get it really hard now. I have been doing these exercises in the shower for over six months now and I feel and look pretty big and it sure feels heavy, plus my testicles have grown; its kind of hard to keep my legs together LOL, but man I really grew with your techniques and exercises. Thanks a whole lot. I am only 5' 1" tall but boy I am big."
-Warren K.
(Update: 9/06/2015),
Coconino County, AZ

"Thank you, David. Gained more than an inch using your techniques. One more inch then I think it will be perfect."
-Adam Tsui,
Plymouth, Devon, UK.

Hi David! I apologize for not getting back to you but things have gone better than expected.

I used to be 5.2 inches, and now I'm sporting a 6.7 inch member! My girth has also increased dramatically...I'm shocked that it actually worked. Thank you so much
-Nick P.
(Update: 1/12/2017),
Aurora, IL

If you're consistent with these exercises, you will make your penis bigger. It doesn't even take that much time, as long as you're consistent. 15-20 minutes, 3 to 4 times week is usually enough.

The Best "Side Effect" Of Penis Enlargement Exercises - Stronger, Longer-Lasting Erections

how to increase penis size without pills

Contrary to what naysayers of penis enlargement may assume, natural penis enlargement techniques actually improve the overall condition of your penis, including stronger circulation throughout the penis, and much harder, longer-lasting erections.

Simply put, the arousal / erection process works by pumping large amounts of blood into the penis shaft, and then this excess blood gets trapped into the fully engorged penis. This "packed shaft" is what creates the hardness of an erection.

Penis enlargement exercises improve this process... these exercises increase the capacity of the tissue in the shaft to hold even more "bloodflow", and to hold onto it for longer.

Starting the first week of penis enlargement exercises, you will wake up with massive morning wood, and your erection quality will be stronger than you’ve ever experienced. I promise you this.

And if you wonder how your erection quality will be after performing the exercises for some time? Look through the before-and-after photos... you'll see for yourself in the after photos, besides being larger, the erections are significantly stronger. And this is after quite some time applying the techniques.

"I really enjoyed reading your guide. It gave me more confidence and tools in being able to satisfy a lady. I did add a bit of length (circa one inch) and a harder erection. Keep up the good work.!"
-Samir Y.,
Miami, FL.

"Ah yes, mainly longer standing erections, some length and width, enough so that I have to buy different condoms because the regular ones are too uncomfortable :)"
-Rudy M.,
Laredo, TX.

Natural Penis Enlargement For Girth; How To Make Your Penis Thicker

Luckily, the girth of my erection as a fully grown adult was not bad. It was about average, which was good enough for me and the women I had been with.

However, since working on natural penis enlargement exercises to increase the length of my erection, as a side effect, the girth of my erection has increased by around an inch.

I will happily take this extra thickness... no complaints!

Girth is very important when it comes to sex (probably more so than length... that's just for our egos). Stimulation of the clitoris is key to making a woman orgasm, and if you have a thicker penis, you have a better chance of providing clitoral stimulation during regular intercourse.

Ask women what they prefer, length or girth, and most will say girth.

"Can't thank U enough for making this information available. The thickness difference is substantial! By the way...I am seeing this Brazilian lady now, and the other night she commented on how thick I was, and how important that is for her...U can't imagine what that did for my self-esteem...well...yes U probably can! Be well,"
-Scott Parsons
Culver City, CA.

"Hey mistermanpower, I love this~ my girth and my erection are badass! Like all things, i was very skeptical, but after 2 weeks of doing the exercises, My girl was like wtf? it feels different, and she loved it!

Now, I thought maybe it was cause we didn't do it in a while, about 2 weeks... so automatically i thought, it probably because of that . BUt next week comes along and its even bigger and better. SO on and so on, its better and better . I noticed The orgasm feels much better . All i have to say is thank you!!"
-Tenchi S.,
Hurlburt Field, FL.

I've learned a few penis enlargement exercises meant for maximizing girth. I’ll be providing you with these.

Watch Your Flaccid Penis Go From a "Grower" to a

how to make your penis larger without pills

As I may have mentioned, my erect size as an adult wasn’t bad... At just under 6 inches, and with a decent girth, I was smack dab in the middle of average.

But my flaccid size was just plain embarrassing... it was the source of much embarrassment. When flaccid, my penis used to just sort of poke out. It didn’t weigh anything either.

This proved for many "cringe-worthy" moments... dancing close with a women, getting out of the water in a bathing suit or wearing shorts that exposed it, having women grab it before it was “ready”...

While they say erect size is all that matter, women often make snap judgements on a penis based on its flaccid size.

Luckily - besides the fact that there are many intelligent women out there that won't make this faulty snap judgement - we can increase our flaccid penis size if we’d like to.

Much like these exercises work on girth indirectly while working on length, they work on flaccid size indirectly while working on erect as well.

"I will be 64 in a month. Still as horny as ever. I have more erectile strength. My flaccid state is bigger and heavier, too, which looks great. I feel that your program has done a lot for me, and wish I could have had this knowledge many years ago.

Who knows, maybe I would have that 8 inches like we all want. Erect size is 6 1/2 inches now. Used to be 5 1/2 or so back before I started your program. Girth is almost double of what it was. Thanks for all your guidance. "
- Jim C.,
Kings Park, NY.

"Thanks David! Real into the flaccid enlargement routine. I warm up and then work on my penis for about 15 minutes. I am much larger flaccid now and not embarrassed to expose myself in the locker room and am quite proud of my enlarged cock."
-Pat P.,
Raleigh, NC.

"Hi David, It's Tom again. I don't know whether this is uncommon but my flaccid penis is now a lot longer and a bit thicker and I only did the exercises for 2 days! I am a little puzzled I had results so soon, but I guess I owe you my thanks!"
-Tom B.,
Columbus, OH


Wait till you've performed the exercises for a few days and you begin to feel your flaccid penis gaining weight... you'll probably be surprised when you go to pee and feel a longer, thicker, heavier flaccid penis in your hand for the first time... it’s an amazing feeling.

Making my flaccid penis bigger is one area of penis enlargement that I've always had a big interest in, so have gathered a number of exercises specifically for this purpose. These are included in my guide as well, of course.

My Downloadable Guide to
Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

natural penis enlargment

Most men automatically disregard all natural penis enlargement as BS or scam, and it's understandable. Just doesn't seem like something that would be possible.

I myself didn't fully believe until I measured an inch larger on the ruler, and then there was no denying it (even half-an-inch larger wasn’t enough to convince me yet... "could I have measured wrong?" I'd think).

Well, if you can take the leap of faith and give the exercises a shot, then you can have a larger penis... simple as that.

The results are worth it.

Walking around with a larger, hung penis at all times is awesome. Digging deeper into your lady during penetration with a much bigger erection cannot be beat.

And the comments you'll hear from women: "you know your dick is big?...", "you've got a nice size...", " you're not putting that thing in me..." (of course you are...). Things along those lines; Shallow, I know, but it's a nice feeling...

"I am doing the penis enlargement exercises often and regularly. My penis is now 6 inches soft on a regular basis and 8.5 to 9 when hard. These represent at least a 1.5 inch increase.

I am not sure about girth dimension but a few months ago I got a quick release cock ring and cut it to size - it now releases on its own when my cock is about to explode. My wife is a bit of a puritan and does not mention the size of my cock but seems to now really enjoy vaginal intercourse. I think it is too large now for anal."
-Rick Sales.,
Jacksonville, FL.

"Hey David:

Been a long time. I just wanted to let you know I've made great gains with your program. I took a little while away from the exercises but I got back into them a month or so ago. I didn't lose anything either (length or girth) and I took quite a while off. Just wanted to let you know you're doing a good thing.

Best regards,"
-William H.,
Greenland, NH

"I have been doing your beginners program for 30 days now and already have an increase of nearly an inch in length. Nothing will stop me now! Kind regards"
-Charl V.H.,
Hamburg, Germany

You can access my guide to natural penis enlargement exercises (including my own updated personal routine, developed from years of research and practice) in Mr. Manpower's Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement.

And make sure to write back to me once you reach that extra inch on the ruler.

While penis enlargement is one of the main focuses of Mr. Manpower's Guide, there are other exercises you'll find to naturally improve your overall sexual performance in bed, including more ways to naturally achieve stronger erections, how to delay ejaculation, boost your sex drive and shorten your refractory period, stay hard for multiple orgasms and much more...


Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower's Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement