Natural Penis Enlargement Before And After Photos of Results

Natural Penis Enlargement Before And After

It is hard to believe that natural penis enlargement techniques work; I definitely understand that.

When I first heard about the exercises, I thought to myself, there is no way they work... As to penis size, that's just the way life is. Got dealt a bad card? Deal with it.


Luckily, my erect size was within the average range, but I did have a very small flaccid penis size. Either way, it wasn't an emergency, or necessity, but more of a curiosity... "could I really make my penis bigger?"

"Or is this just a scam?"... I was almost positive it was a scam.

With some research though, I came across more than a guys on a men's health forum who were claiming to have made some significant size gains thanks to manual penis enlargement techniques.

Words weren't enough for me, though... I needed to see actual evidence in order to be fully convinced.

And with enough research, I was able to find before-and-after photos of serious size gains men made with the exercises, that were very hard to refute...

As uncomfortable as this type of research may seem for some, it was necessary before I’d begin to even think of trying something on my penis... but these were undoubtedly the same penises in the before and after photos, and they were definitely larger in many of the after photos I came across, with rulers alongside confirming the gains.

In some cases, the men had added over an inch to their penis, and in the majority of the after photos, the penis was much thicker and stronger looking as well...

That's when I decided to go for it.

At first I took to natural penis enlargement with precaution... our penis is arguably the most important appendage we have as a man... if you had to choose between losing your penis or an arm, what would you choose?

Terrible hypothetical situations aside... I took to the exercises with a bit of faith, and within the first week, I noticed a pretty major increase in my flaccid penis size, length and weight, and a considerable increase in erection quality.

I was inspired by these excellent indicators of the function of the exercises, and continued on applying them. After a few more weeks, I began to notice what seemed to be a longer and thicker erection as well...

In time, I made measurable gains in erect length and girth, along with gaining a much larger flaccid size.

I started out at just under 6 inches long when erect, and after what seemed to be definite gains in my eyes, I decided to measure... my first time measuring, I was just short of the 7 inch mark on the ruler!

And while I made the mistake of not measuring starting girth, I was without a doubt much thicker.

Even after seeing all the photographic evidence of gains others have made, reading all of the written accounts and feedback, it wasn’t until I measured significant size gains in my own penis that it really became a concrete truth in my mind:

Penis enlargement works.

If Looking For Photo Proof That Penis Enlargement Works Yourself, See Here...

I know you will need to go through the same "trust-building" process I did before even considering penis enlargement exercises. And step one of this faith-building process will be seeing the photos of results men have achieved with the exercises.

Over the years, my guide has been downloaded by more than 20,000 men. Several men have emailed me before and after photos documenting the gains they have made with the techniques in Mr. Manpower’s Guide.

They’ve provided me with permission to share these photos as needed. If you’d like to see them for yourself in order to gain confidence in PE, just send me an email to [email protected] with "photo proof" in the subject line, and I’ll reply with the photos attached. (I won’t post them directly here on the site due to adult content filtering reasons).

Armed with the photo evidence that penis enlargement works, you should then be able to take the leap of faith and try out the exercises for yourself. And once you reach that extra inch in length, you will have removed all doubts within yourself as well!

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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