Can You Tell The Size Of Somebody’s Penis By Their Hands Or Feet?

Turns out to be a big old myth. I have to say though, in some cases it just makes sense. A gigantic man with gigantic feet and humoungous hands most likely has a larger penis than a 5’2″ man with undeveloped hands and feet. However, in general, there is no exact rule.

I came into adulthood with a fully grown penis of about 6 inches, which is around the real adult average. Not too bad for someone of my size. Thanks to my genes (Thanks Mom!), I reached the below average height of 5’7″ and I have pretty small hands and feet for a man. So in my case, my height and hand/foot size don’t have much to do with my penis size.

About a year ago, I took a girl to South Beach on a date. We went to get drinks at some bar, and she said hello to this really big dude that was there. When we left the bar, she told me a humorous, but messed up, story about the guy.

She said that she had dated him for a while, and that they were about to have sex one day, and he pulled out his penis and it was really tiny. She said that it was hard, and that it was about three or four inches. Now this guy was big as hell; must have been about 6’4″ or 6’5″. Goes to show you, height, hand and feet have nothing to do with penis size.

And it must have been really small, cause at the time I had gotten to about 6 and a half inches with my natural penis enlargement routine, and she called my penis big… .

I once received an email from a college football player who was 6″4 and 250 lbs, with a size 13 foot.  And he told me he had a 4 and a half inch penis.

This email completely BLEW the myth out of my head (because deep down, although you know it’s a myth, you still kind of believe it on some level)

Good news is, I helped him add a little over an inch to his penis and some decent extra girth. Took some time, but he got there.

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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