How To Eliminate The Refractory Period – Cheat The System!

Eliminate refractory period

My biology never exactly allowed me to maintain an erection after ejaculation…I just wasn’t built like that.  Especially as I’ve gotten older, my refractory period has increased; it just seems to take longer to get an erection after ejaculating. My ejaculations are huge and they take loads of energy out of me. The refractory period after ejaculation increases for most men as they get older.

Meanwhile, I got a friend who is about a year older than me who claims to be able to ejaculate and maintain an erection afterwards…unless he’s lying. Lucky bastard. I’ve heard of a few other people who have no refractory period either.

Even if you weren’t genetically built for it, there are ways to eliminate the refractory period:

1) Pop a Cialis or Viagra and Refractory Period Can Be Overpowered In Most Cases

This may work to allow you to maintain an erection after ejaculation, and keep going to the next one. It has worked for me before (and if not it should at least reduce your refractory period).

2) Perform The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique and Eliminate Refractory Period Altogether.

Performing the male multiple orgasm is my preferred method of eliminating the refractory period.  You don’t want to become mentally dependant on Viagra or Cialis (plus the costs), and even if you can ejaculate and keep your erection, the mental excitement is mostly gone.

With the male multiple orgasm technique, you learn to separate your ejaculation from your orgasm.  When you have an orgasm, but don’t ejaculate, you can maintain your erection after orgasm, and effectively get rid of the refractory period.  When you master the male multiple orgasm, you can repeat the process each time you feel you are going to ejaculate, and last as long as you need to (and have as many orgasms as you’d like without going soft).

For more information on how to perform the male multiple orgasm technique, as well as other ways to last longer during sex, check out my guide here: Male Multiple Orgasms

That’s all folks! Till the next time.

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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