Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm Takes Mental Strength

rsz 1male multiple orgasm Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm Takes Mental Strength

Learning how to perform the male multiple orgasm technique is great, but not easy. Besides the fact that the actual technique is not easy to master, once you reach the point of no return, it will take a lot of you to hold back from wanting to ejaculate…

Ejaculating is such a strong urge, a natural end to sexual stimulation… the male multiple orgasm is sort of like a short-circuiting of your system… not the natural progression of things… a cutting off of an extremely powerful, innate, carnal urge.

But the male multiple orgasm technique has so many sexual benefits, if you can gain the mental power to pull it off:

  • If you have premature ejaculation, it eliminates your finish line, so you can continue on penetrating with a rock hard erection for as long as you’d like
  • It provides you with multiple, pleasurable orgasms
  • It eliminates the refractory period that you experience with a regular ejaculatory orgasm

So it’s worth learning to go against the grain.


The Difference Between Male Multiple Orgasms and Multiple Ejaculations

difference between MMO and multiple ejaculations1 Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm Takes Mental StrengthHaving multiple orgasms, at least the way the Taoists taught, is much different than having multiple ejaculations.

The Taoist’s believe in conserving semen, to sort of “power up”, and ejaculation, or “spilling your life essence” has the opposite effect. Some men naturally have a short, or non-existent refractory period, and can have multiple ejaculations… most men do not naturally have this ability, or quickly lose this ability after their teens.

The ability to stay hard after ejaculation as a fully grown adult is due to ejaculating in smaller quantities, or lower levels of prolactin flooding the body and brain than the average man.

In the teenage years, this ability to have multiple ejaculations can also be attributed to raging testosterone levels and the novelty of sex.

When going for the male multiple orgasm technique, you are not rushing through this ecstatic, semen-packed finish, and trying to continue to another… you are slamming on the brakes on the “chemical” aspect of ejaculation altogether, while still experiencing the “muscular” (orgasmic contractions).


Being Able To Practice / Perform Male Multiple Orgasms Allowing the Urge to Climax to Take Over…

Stop Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm Takes Mental Strength

It’s hard enough to get the actual technique of stopping your ejaculation from happening during orgasm, but add in the fact that you will most likely WANT to ejaculate, this makes the male multiple orgasm technique all the more difficult.

Something what helps is to slowly build arousal, to say a 4 out of 10, and then mentally “check” this arousal and lower it to a 0 or 1 again… Then, after a few moments of relaxation / lack of arousal, slowly build up to say a 5 or 6… then back down again… Then build up again to say a 7 or 8… back down. Now that you have accustomed yourself a bit to this rise and reduction of arousal, you can approach the point of no return and go for the MMO technique with much more of a feeling of control over the situation, both mentally and physically.


A Strong PC Muscle is Essential to Learning The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique… Especially During Sex

PC Muscle and Male Multiple Orgasms Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm Takes Mental StrengthBesides the mental drive to ejaculate, the actual physical urge to ejaculate can be overwhelming. You will feel the drive of 100’s of millions of little potential lives trying to shoot out of your penis to hopefully make it somewhere…

Having a very strong, and powerful, “dam” in place helps stop this physical urge.

This dam comes in the form of the PC muscle. Before attempting the male multiple orgasm technique, you want to really strengthen your PC muscle, so you’re going in with a very strong wall to the ejaculate, allowing the erection to stay hard.

To achieve this, I recommend strengthening the PC muscle on a daily basis (take a break day every 3 or 4 days) for at least 2 weeks before attempting the MMO technique, as failing at it can be quite discouraging… especially knowing you’re “spilling your seed” for naught, and not even getting a good orgasm out of it as you’re not running at it full speed.

Once you’ve mastered the male multiple orgasm technique — both on your own, and during actual sex — frequency of PC exercises can be reduced.

If you would like to learn how to do the male multiple orgasm technique, so you can do it every time, and even during actual sex, see here…

Hasta luego,

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”


How to Stay Hard After Ejaculating

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How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

reduce sexual side effects while on finasteride How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

In my mid 30’s, I’ve had a resurgence of wanting to grow hair.

I can’t explain why.

All throughout my 20’s (I lost my hair early), I worked on accepting my baldness. I shaved my head, and luckily it looks well (to others at least, I’ve been complimented on having a head for it).

But… I feel like for some reason, at this age, when much more men are losing their hair, it feels almost like an advantage having some.

So anyway… I’ve been curious of trying out Propecia.

Ever since I began losing hair, I began applying Rogaine. First the oily, nasty dropper version, and then (luckily) the foam version, which was much cleaner. I use it in the evening only, as I don’t like the bloating effect it can have on my face, so try and minimize that, and also, read studies that once a day is almost as effective as twice a day, so that was good enough for me to hear.

I’ve also read how Nizoral (ketoconazole) shampoo on its own can lead to hair growth. From time to time I’d use Nizoral to clean off the sebum DHT from my scalp, but never stuck to it.

The big 3 they call it. Nizoral, Rogaine and… Propecia (finasteride).


My Short Experience with Propecia in My 20’s and Renewal In Interest

get rid of propecia sexual side effects How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

I tried Propecia for a short time period in my 20’s, and quickly got off of it as it made me feel depressed and extremely “soft”. Not in a sexual sense, although my penis did feel numb and didn’t get hard as quickly, but just kind of weak and effeminate compared to how I usually felt.

However, fast forward into my 30’s, and I’ve read how even lower doses than the recommended 1 mg of finasteride can still have excellent DHT reducing effects. It has also been proven to be the more effective hair loss treatment over Rogaine, and quality of life actually improves in men who use it to grow hair, according to studies.

(Note: if you look for the negative on anything online, you’ll find plenty of it… but most folks never look for the positive, which you can also find as well).

So with my newly found research, confidence and positivity, I figured I’d give it this one last hurrah. How nice it would be to see some of this hairline come back… or at least some more hair coverage in general.


DHT’s Importance In Male Sexual Characteristics, and Why It’s a Sacrifice In Exchange For Hair

propecia DHT sexual side effects How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

DHT is the strongest form of the testosterone we have as men, found in studies to be 2.5 to 10 times more potent than regular testosterone.

In my case, my testosterone levels usually tested around the normal range, give or take a bit, but my DHT levels were always through the roof. This made me a little um… aggressive. Argumentative, almost too much… but also very brave / strong in general, and forward with women…

But quicker to go bald, unfortunately.

Since taking Propecia, even in the lower doses, I can’t help but feel that these levels have been depressed. While there are some positive effects, like less needing to be right, less needing to argue, etc., I lost a bit of that fighting edge.

Also, when I go out and have some drinks, I am MUCH less likely to approach women, which I really don’t like… before I was a tiger ready to pounce when out hunting. Now I just kind of “lay in wait”.

Still trying to find the balance… trying to gain hair without losing what makes me a man… tweaking dosage. More on that below.


Sexual Side Effect and Libido Since Taking Propecia

minimize sexual side effects propecia How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

The whole idea that taking a medication will permanently damage your sex drive and erection quality is a bunch of BS.

If you tell me removal of prostate or something physical, yes, that can lead to weaker erections if not done correctly (and unfortunately sometimes even in the best case scenario, prostatectomies lead to erectile dysfunction to varying degrees).

In reality, your body, when “knocked off balance” hormonally for whatever reason, whether medication, steroids, etc., knows how to balance itself back out once you remove whatever was altering it… it’s what the body does.  Studies have shown DHT returns to normal levels after 14 days of discontinuation of the drug, while other hormones are unaffected. Here’s one in regards to erection quality in general.

What happens here is, gaining an erection is a tricky issue in general. The role your mind plays in gaining an erection is huge. Without the use of any medication, men all over, who have no physical issues with gaining an erection, have problems getting an erection due to anxiety and other mental blocks. And with something that hits as close to home, hormonally, as Propecia, now they have the perfect culprit to pin it on.

I mean it makes sense… I get it. But no.

Just like porn is blamed at times… “porn-induced ED”. Sounds like a very official diagnosis, but the term was actually coined online. Just like “Post Finasteride Syndrome”… the medical community did not come up with that term, the internet did, and the idea caught fire…. and science has disproved it.

So… with that being said. Yes, it takes me just a bit longer to get an erection now that I’m on fin, especially if tired. However, I still get hard. 100% hard. Also, there are some days where there is no lag at all (I should probably take a larger dose that day, the DHT is probably creeping back up!).

And if I choose to stop, in two weeks my DHT levels will be back to normal, and it will be as if I never took any medication.

So it’s all good, I will happily experiment with my scalp again. Nothing to lose.


Hair Growth I’ve Experienced

I’ve been on Propecia again for about 3 weeks now.

However, in this time, I’ve felt the hair I do have is growing in thicker. When rubbing my hand across the stubble on my head, which has always been a habit of mine, I feel hair growing in, and thicker, in places where there wasn’t hair before as well.

I’m not taking before and afters. I can see a decent bit more shade up there. At this point, anything is a plus. Most likely I will be keeping it shaved pretty low regardless of what happens, but I do feel it’s “framing” my face a bit more. The crown feels a bit more filled in with thicker hair as well.

3 weeks only… I’m a strong responder to drugs.

What my proof will be is… I am not telling anyone I am on Propecia. I will wait and see if I hear comments from folks. The first one that corroborates and says something about me looking like more hair has grown in, without me saying anything, then I will know for sure it is working.


My Balancing Act of Growing Hair While Minimizing Impact on My Hormones and Erection Quality

how much propecia to take to minimize side effects How to Minimize the Sexual Side Effects of Propecia While Gaining Hair

DHT causes baldness by miniaturizing your hair follicles until fully grown hairs can’t make it through anymore. In reducing DHT with fin, these follicles open up again.

I will continue on with my balancing act of trying to keep the DHT down, to enlarge the follicles, without removing too much of who I am.

Hair takes approx. 3 months to fully grow, and thinner hairs begin to thicken up after each growth, so it may take a full year to see full results, however, as mentioned, I’m already seeing changes, which I am happy about. Off to a good start I believe (and hope).

I take a quarter tab (approx. .25 mg) every Sunday through Wednesday or Thursday evening. I lower dosage towards the weekends, and I wash with Nizoral after having taken a few days off, to remove any DHT sebum that may have gathered.

I’ve heard of folks taking the pill twice a week or so, so may begin doing that with a 0.5 dose x2 a week, after having experienced decent growth (a sort of maintenance), due to the opening of the follicles. I will do this once I am happy with the growth I’ve seen.

Other interesting bit of info that can help you come up with your own plan of action… after taking Propecia for 12 months, if you discontinue use, it will take another 12 months to return to where you were (baseline hair count) before starting the medication… so your newly gained growth is not something you’ll be so quick to lose… so using the big 3, you can build over time, at your own pace.

Open the follicles, once they’re open, keep the DHT low, without completely demolishing it… get some extra help from Nizoral and Rogaine.


How to Naturally Strengthen Erections and Libido while on Propecia

Even before taking Propecia, I’ve been interested in ways to make my erections stronger and increase my testosterone production naturally. I’ve researched on it for many years, and it has become a bit of an area of expertise for me.

Without the medication, of course, this information has an even stronger effect on erections and libido; but even while on Propecia, I’ve been able to keep my erections hard, long-lasting, and keep my sex drive going. If interested in following these same exercises and guidelines, see here:

Any questions or comments you may have, I’m here!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Women Need To Orgasm During Sex To Feel Complete With A Man

good penetration techniques for female orgasm e1434982244706 296x300 Women Need To Orgasm During Sex To Feel Complete With A ManThe quality of sex you are having can play a major role in the quality of your relationship. Good sex can have a “binding”, and positive effect on a relationship, and bad sex, the opposite.

Generally speaking, the bare minimum for good sex is when the woman is having an orgasm, and bad sex is where a woman is not getting off…

And, man, what a difference there is between these two scenarios…

Scenario 1) Woman Having Orgasms During Sex

Might be that you lasted longer during sex, or you hit the right spots, but when a woman is having an orgasm during sex, you and your lady just seem to “click”.

When there’s good sex, there is a strong connection between both of you, she is perfectly at ease, you feel at ease, and completely secure that she’s not going anywhere.

As long as a woman is sexually satisfied (and you don’t make any major screw ups in other areas), she’ll be sticking around.

In other words, when she’s getting off, you are the man, her satisfaction provider, and that will help smooth things over outside the bedroom as well.

On the other hand…

Scenario 2) Woman Not Having An Orgasm During Sex

Having a bad performance from time to time is normal in every relationship — especially in the beginning — and most likely not enough to break up a good thing.

However, as time goes by, if you continue leaving her unsatisfied during sex on a regular basis, her lack of orgasm can become the focal point of your relationship, causing increasing worry and anxiety in you, and frustration and disappointment in her.

Whether due to premature ejaculation or poor technique, her lack of orgasm can cause a hit to your self-esteem and sense of well-being, and she will feel this… depending on her personality type, she may begin doubting that this relationship is the one for her, and intimacy can begin to suffer.

The increase in sexual frustration on her end, and anxiety on your end, can lead to her being farther from orgasm and you having even poorer performances.

It can become a vicious cycle. Leading to not so great consequences both in and out of the bedroom.


The Truth Is Bitter, Like Medicine, But It Cures

I know both of these scenarios very well, as I’ve lived them both.

What I’ve learned is that it is highly important that you learn how to make your girl orgasm, and preferably during penetrative sex. While women enjoy receiving cunnilingus, and the orgasm that comes with it, the vast majority of women I’ve spoken with prefer an orgasm during penetration.

Any man can learn how to penetrate a woman properly, and last long enough to get her off.

Rubbing hard against her clitoris on the in- and out-stroke with the your lower pelvis (area above your penis), can help bring her to orgasm quicker.

Talking dirty (getting in a woman’s mind during sex is the quickest path to her orgasm), and stimulate her other hot spots while penetrating.

You will need to have at least some ejaculation control. You don’t need to last 30 minutes to make a woman orgasm, but if you can’t last more than a couple of minutes, you will need some extra help.

As to penis size requirements for female orgasm, while a bigger penis can make the job easier, an average (or under average) penis can fully satisfy a woman, as long technique and ejaculation control are decent.

Give her orgasms during sex, and everything else will just fall into place.

For more in-depth penetration techniques to make a woman orgasm during intercourse, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique, A Potent Sexual Tool For Men

male multiple orgasm technique 1 300x300 The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique, A Potent Sexual Tool For Men When I first heard about the male multiple orgasm technique, I thought there was no way it could be true… no way for a man to maintain his erection after orgasm, unless he was naturally built for it.

With the male multiple orgasm technique, you learn how to cut off your ejaculation during orgasm, overriding the refractory period.

The refractory period is the time after you ejaculate where you no longer feel like having sex, and it’s impossible to achieve an erection.  The older you get, the longer the refractory period.

With the male multiple orgasm technique, each time you approach an orgasm, you perform it, have an orgasm without losing your erection, and continue on… hence, allowing you to have multiple orgasms with the same erection.

I used to think a man’s body was either built to maintain an erection after orgasm, or not.

Some men naturally have the ability to stay hard hard after an ejaculation (a small percentage of men, but they are out there). I’ve never been able to maintain my erection after an orgasm, so I thought the male multiple orgasm technique just wouldn’t work for me.

The FIRST time I tried it, though, I somehow managed to pull off the technique…

I reached my first orgasm, clamped down hard and cut off the ejaculation, had a pleasurable dry orgasm, but kept on with a rock hard erection… until a second ejaculation.

HOWEVER… after this first lucky try, I was never able to repeat the process….

Every time I tried the technique after that, I lost my erection, and had a retrograde ejaculation. When you cut off the ejaculation too late, or don’t hold it off for long enough, you have a retrograde ejaculation, which is inwards towards your bladder.

This is harmless; you just pee out the semen the next time you urinate. However, this will cause you to lose your erection, preventing the male multiple orgasm technique from working.

I became hell-bent on mastering the male multiple orgasm technique…

Having once experienced the power of male multiple orgasms, I knew I had to be able to repeat this technique again, so that I could use it during actual sex. Any woman who would have been able to witness the amazing stamina this technique brings, would have been more than impressed.

I digested every book out there on the technique, and let’s just say there are some good ones out there, and some not so good ones. I also reviewed articles onlines, and saw that there was so much misinformation on what the male multiple orgasm really was, or how to address the main issues holding me back from mastering it.

In the end, I picked up a number of insights from each source, that when combined, along with a little practice and observation, finally allowed me to get the male multiple orgasm technique down every time I tried it…

I had finally gathered enough knowledge to master it…

I remember being in my apartment at the time, a bit bored, and thinking how cool it would be to use male multiple orgasms during sex with my girl… so I wanted to see if I could finally pull the technique off again on my own.

making a woman orgasm 300x197 The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique, A Potent Sexual Tool For MenI pulled out one of those magazines that you take from the entrance of a strip club, and I looked for a sexy chick to masturbate to. I found a sexy, big booty latina, bending over…

Doggystyle had always been my weak point, which would make me blow my load quickly… so imagining doing this latina in that position was a big test.

As I approached orgasm, I successfully clamped down to cut off the ejaculation, and had my first dry orgasm / male multiple orgasm. After this first orgasm, I still had a full-blown erection, and I continued on.

It took much longer to reach the second orgasm, but I still had a complete erection the whole time!

If I would have been in bed with my lady at the time, I would have blown her mind. This is why male multiple orgasms are a highly effective technique for anybody looking to last longer during sex naturally and without medication.

I continued on to the next orgasm and then released with an ejaculation.

Since that day, I’ve mastered the male multiple orgasm technique, and use it during sex whenever I please.

You have COMPLETE control during sex when you have this technique down…

Imagine having sex with your lady, approaching an orgasm like you usually do, but then switching it up on her, having a male multiple orgasm, and then continuing on with penetration. Imagine lasting so long that you provide her with 3 or 4 orgasms, and you have about 3 or 4 orgasms yourself. You’ll be her sexual superman!

Well, I’ve lived out the above scenario thanks to male multiple orgasms, and so will you if you properly learn the technique.

Benefits of the Male Multiple Orgasm Technique:

  • Eliminate the refractory period
  • Maintain your erection after orgasm
  • Overcome premature ejaculation
  • Last as long as you want during sex
  • Have as many orgasms as you can handle
  • Have more confidence in the sack
  • Provide your lady with longer, stronger stimulation
  • Total control over your ejaculatory process

Once you get this technique down, you walk around feeling like you can satisfy any woman you see. You have the confidence to take a lady to the sheets, because you know you’ll be able to last as long as it takes to satisfy her (and beyond). You feel fully capable of satisfying any woman, like a man is expected to.

What is Needed to Master The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

In order to properly perform the male multiple orgasm technique, you need the proper training and know-how.

It’s important to properly prepare your PC muscle, and have it extremely strong before attempting the technique. You need to become familiar with your arousal process, and the different levels of arousal. You need to become EXTREMELY familiar with the point-of-no-return, the millisecond time period before you ejaculate. Clamping down too early, or too late, will cause you to fail at the technique. ALL EJACULATION must be blocked off to maintain a complete erection after orgasm.

No worries, I’ll get you there.

For a more information on the technique, what it took for me to master it, and how to perform the male multiple orgasm technique yourself, check out my guide…

Give it a shot, you’ll be amazed at what your body can do.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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