Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone Production

carbs and testosterone e1437748769836 300x272 Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone ProductionI remember when the low-carb diet first hit… everyone was going wild over it..

“Oh, I can eat whatever I want… Oh, I can eat all the bacon I want, steak, chicken… it’s GREAT!”

I always knew something was off about that diet… and I was right.

Sure, a couple of my friends slimmed down substantially, claiming to have six packs while eating all the fats they want, but their testosterone levels must have been a mess!!

Meat Has Always Been Considered The “Manly” Food…. But…

If you were to know no better, and were to look at a medium-rare steak versus a bowl of white rice, which would you say would increase your testosterone production?

Without a doubt, I would go with the steak… protein in general.

But as it turns out, it doesn’t work that way…

In this study, one group of men was given a high-CARB / low-protein diet, and another group was given a high-PROTEIN / low carb diet.  The men who consumed higher carbs, and lower protein, had HIGHER testosterone levels, and LOWER cortisol levels compared to the group who ingested a higher ratio of protein to carbs…..

Cortisol, The Enemy Of Testosterone

Cortisol is your stress hormone, or your “fight-or-flight” hormone… generally when you have high cortisol levels, you have low testosterone levels, and vice versa.

During times of high stress, cortisol skyrockets, disrupting your normal hormone production, as well as sleep patterns, metabolism and sense of well-being.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to STOP once in a while, and do nothing… stop being so “productive”, and allow your mind and body to relax.  If not, cortisol can take control…

Low Carbs = Low Testosterone, High Cortisol ESPECIALLY When Working Out

carbohydrates testosterone workout e1437749798752 300x288 Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone ProductionFor a few years now, after my workout, I make sure to eat a small bowl of white rice to refill my glucose stores.

I once read in an EXCELLENT strength trainer’s manual (wish I had kept the link… this was a number of years back), about the importance of ingesting some carbs along with your protein, post workout.  This restores energy “fuel”, and keeps your testosterone from dropping.

(Another interesting tip I gleaned from that manual: besides the mandatory post-protein, post carbohydrate intake, drinking fruit juice immediately after your workout has been said to have a high muscle healing effect – most likely due to the carbs as well).

But something new I recently discovered: a man’s ratio of testosterone to cortisol is a gauge of overtraining (called the fTC ratio, or free Testosterone to Cortisol ratio)…

Overtraining is when you overwhelm your muscles, without properly allowing them to heal.

All of the following CAN lead to overtraining (everybody’s body is different, and can handle different loads, but these are all risk factors):

  • Working out the same muscle group two days in a row (not allowing them sufficient time to heal)
  • Working out for too long (45 minutes to 90 minutes is all you really need)
  • Performing cardio for TOO long (hard to gauge this, but long distance bicyclists and marathon runners generally have much lower T levels following a race)
  • Not sleeping enough, and then working out again (especially working out the day after not sleeping well).
  • Not providing your body with the proper nutrition post workout

As to the last point, this study showed that men who performed three consecutive days of intense training had a sharp decline in testosterone when ingesting a low level of carbs. Meanwhile, men who had a carb-heavy diet before and on workout days were able to maintain their normal levels of testosterone.

Carbs are ESSENTIAL to your man-ness!!!


Carbs Can Increase Stomach Fat, And Excess Stomach Fat Is Linked To Low Testosterone!

stomach fat and testosterone1 Carbs Are ESSENTIAL For Your Testosterone ProductionThis is where things can get complicated…

Yes, carbs are important for testosterone, but eating excess carbs is the QUICKEST way to increase stomach fat, and excess stomach fat has been linked to LOW T!!.

There’s a bit of a “chicken and the egg” thing going on here…. which came first? Does excess stomach fat lead to low testosterone?  Or does low testosterone lead to excess stomach fat?

Hard to tell, but there’s definitely some sort of 2 way relationship there, and you want to TRY and keep your stomach area as slim as possible (at least compared to where you were baseline – meaning teens, early 20’s).

I know this can be very difficult. Especially as we age, this battle becomes increasingly difficult (everything we eat just STICKS to our gut area… not like in our teens… eat some late night Taco Bell, and by the next day it was out of your system… back to a six-pack).

So how do we take in the proper amount of carbs, without gaining excess GUT?

Mr. Manpower’s Guidelines To Proper Carb-Intake For Testosterone Production, Without Gaining A Gut

We’ve already established that the low-carb diet is not for men… at least not for men who want to function like men.

But excess carbs is an issue, too, leading to extra abdominal fat… so how to balance everything?

Personally, these are my dietary guidelines to get my proper carbohydrate intake, without building my gut:

  • Eat a high protein, high-carb cereal with plenty of fiber and milk in the morning (milk has fat-burning qualities on it’s own).  Look for one of those cereals made for losing weight. Combined with some coffee, this will flush your system, and make way for more food (as well as kick-start your metabolism).
  • Don’t go TOO long throughout the day without eating a small snack at least; you want to keep your metabolism going.
  • Eat a balanced lunch, with a fair amount of REAL carbs (white rice or potatoes), but not a super heavy load, and a fair amount of protein and fats of some sort.
  • Eat an hour and a half before working out. A decent meal of carbs and protein. If possible, use your lunch ^^^ as your pre-workout meal, to not overdo the calorie intake for the day. If you have to workout late in the day, then eat a small lunch (tuna on wheat is perfect, with a few chips for the fats, and a fruit) to hold yourself over to the larger meal, and to not overdo calorie intake.
  • Drink a protein shake and a small plate of white rice, pasta or potatoes IMMEDIATELY after your workout, for the carb and protein replenishing.
  • An hour after your post workout “meal”, eat dinner, or a real meal, with heavier protein, but much less carbs… you’ve already had plenty of carbs throughout the day.
  • Try not to eat TOO late, but do eat a very small, healthy snack before sleeping, as a small carb “dose” right before bed helps you sleep better, which: 1) better recharges testosterone, 2) reduces cortisol the following day, 3) helps muscles heal and grow better, 4)improves metabolism the next day, 5) improves mind-state the following day.
  • Treat yourself once in a blue moon to a nice, fatty snack, like a bacon cheeseburger or pizza, which gives you that nice fat injection (that we crave so much), also important for testosterone, BUT LIMIT YOURSELF.
  • Crackery, starchy, bready snacks, and sugary snacks… cut them out as much as possible. They provide no nutrients, and are the fluffy kind of starches that just add “gut” with nothing in return.
  • Coming from an ex HEAVY-drinker, limit your alcohol intake when possible… if it’s a good night, and you’re having fun, go for it… just know you’ll have to make up for it later.  If there’s no good reason to drink, and the “opportunity” presents itself, consider passing.
  • Of course, eat fruits and vegetable when you can.

I don’t eat brown rice, as it doesn’t provide me with that energy boost like white rice does… I rather just eat a smaller portion of white rice.

The formula to losing gut is simple = take in less calories a day than you burn.  Try your best to balance these things!

Also, add some cardio to your day!  It’s not so much the intensity, but rather the duration!  When possible, rather than taking the car somewhere, walk! Rather than take the elevator, take the stairs!  Go play basketball!  Or just go for a jog around the block a couple of times!  This helps with the burning calories part of the formula.

Follow these guidelines, and you should have enough carbs to keep your Testosterone levels healthy, without growing your gut. 

For a set of 25 COMMANDMENTS to keep your testosterone production at full strength, check this out…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Using Adrenaline to Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

Adrenaline can make you more attractive to women e1508895016864 Using Adrenaline to Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

I recently came across an interesting article that summarizes a number of studies showing how adrenaline influences attraction in a positive manner.

Whether going out meeting women, first dating, or keeping a relationship alive, you can use this information in order to improve the attraction that is going on.

Now, please note… while many not so attractive guys are able to attract much better looking women (look around, it happens quite a bit… and definitely much more than the reverse), they often do this with their charm, knowledge, status/power, sense of humor… or other talents — $$$.

But in some cases, there’s just nothing you can do. No amount of adrenaline will make you attractive to a woman who likes 6 foot tall black men with beards if you are a 5’4″ Asian with no facial hair (or vice versa! There’s a type for everybody!).

BUT… this is some knowledge that can better stack the chips in your favor if your foot is at least in the door already.

Arousal From Fear & Anxiety Can Produce An Increase in Attraction

Adrenaline and attraction e1508895185980 Using Adrenaline to Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

Studies have shown that adrenaline caused by fear can actually increase attraction to the opposite sex.

In the “Love at First Fright” study carried out by Meston & Frohlich in 2003, both males and females waiting in line to ride a rollercoaster, and upon exiting the rollercoaster, were shown images of fairly attractive individuals of the opposite sex. The scores of attractiveness of the image were higher on average from persons leaving the rollercoaster — after having gone on the frightening ride and having their adrenaline levels spike — compared to persons who had not yet ridden.

Cohen, Waugh, and Place (1989) researched couples’ attraction at a movie theater. They noticed that couples leaving exhilarating suspense movies exhibited more romantic behavior (touching, talking) compared to couples who had just seen low-arousing movies.

In another study, by Dutton and Aron (1989), two groups were shown the same video by a “teacher”. One group was told it was a real life situation, while the other was told it was role playing. The group that believed it was real felt all sorts of emotions, squirming, laughing nervously, etc. The group that knew it wasn’t real didn’t experience much emotions, at least not as strong as a response, as would be expected.

But what’s interesting is that, at the end of the study, the group was asked to judge the attractiveness of the teacher. The group that saw the “real life situation” judged the presenter to be much more attractive than the group that hadn’t received such a strong arousal response.

The Adrenaline from Exercise & Competitive Games Boosts Attraction


adrenaline and attraction Using Adrenaline to Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

Sinclair, Hoffman, Mark, Martin, and Pickering (1994) conducted a study on two groups, one who had been seated / inactive, and another that had been exercising. The researchers then provided the subjects with several questions, asking them about their opinions on members of the opposite sex, but also images of beautiful scenery and other aesthetically pleasing imagery.

The group that had exercised had much more positive impressions of the members of the opposite sex, as well as better enjoying the beautiful imagery then the group who had not performed any exercise.

While adrenaline plays a role here, it’s also possible that extra dopamine produced during exercise provides a boost as well. Several other exercise = adrenaline = attraction studies have been carried out, showing that the more adrenaline produced, the higher the attraction.

Meanwhile, in another study (Lewandowski and Aron, 2004), males and females who didn’t know each other were partnered up, and asked before commencing to rate their partner’s attractiveness. The “couples” were then split into groups, with some playing high competition / high arousal games and others group playing low competition / low arousal games.

The partners that took part in the high competition / high arousal games were found to have an INCREASE in the attraction felt for their partner… compared to how they originally felt about them at baseline.

Using This Information Practically in Dating and To Keep The Flames Alive in a Long Term Relationship

how to maintain attraction Using Adrenaline to Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

Now that you know that fear and anxiety increase adrenaline in a beneficial way to your attraction, you can try and make a first date to a horror movie, or haunted house (if that time of year). Suspense movies should do as well. This should also help spark some more attraction if you’re in a long term relationship (LTR).

As in the scenario with the teacher demonstrating the films where students believed the situations were real life, if you can keep your cool in a scenario where emotions run high (like a teacher), you may be seen as more attractive… in other words, man up and maintain control when it counts.

Using exercise to increase adrenaline, and therefore boost attraction, is a real easy idea to integrate into your life / dating. That cute girl you’ve been trying to figure out a first date for? Ask her to go for a run! Same goes if you and your wife have been at a low point for a while.

And while at it… whoop her ass in a race! The competition and games was shown to have a beneficial effect… (I’ve personally used this with excellent results).

Or just take her out to anywhere else where you can have some friendly competition… mini-golf, go carts… and don’t go too easy! The intense competition yields better results!

And remember, this should provide benefits both to new love interests, and longer-burning flames.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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Penis Enlargement Studies, Science & Photos – Supporting Evidence

penis enlargement studies 300x270 Penis Enlargement Studies, Science & Photos - Supporting Evidence

I’ve increased my penis size with manual enlargement exercises, as have the men I learned PE from, as have the thousands of men who’ve learned the techniques from me.

So I know it works…

But up until now, unfortunately, science unfortunately hasn’t performed any large scale, serious studies on manual penis enlargement techniques.

And while I even know of a couple actual doctors who do manual penis enlargement — including one who would brag about being the largest on the nude beach he’d frequent — you’re not going to find any strong, public AMA approvals of penis enlargement… at least not anytime soon.

You just need to try it out on your own to find out if it really works or not. Start off slow and safe, see how it goes, and then with confidence and growth, try a bit more.

BUT!… and this is a big but….

When it comes to science supporting penis enlargement, there are some studies, surveys and actual penis enlargement photos (before-and-after) showing that you can enlarge the penis, and without injury, that should hopefully give you enough confidence in the techniques to try out for yourself.

I’d say the before and after photo will be the most convincing, but worth hearing out the few penis enlargement studies and related info that supports PE.

Survey of 545 Men And Their Natural Penis Enlargement Results

Back in 2008, a survey of 545 men was carried out on the now defunct

I emailed the results of the study to myself, and have kept them in my records:

  • Top gainers were able to gain 1 inch in length and half an inch in extra girth in 3 months of performing the exercises
  • Out of the 545 men, only 7 felt that penis enlargement exercises did not work
  • Men who ejaculated less gained more
  • The majority of men experienced stronger and harder erections
  • The amount of time put in correlated to gains made

While surveys are not without their flaws, and this would been better in a more controlled setting, seeing repeating results in a large group is indeed strong anecdotal evidence.

Penis Enlargement Studies Showing Size Gains Are Possible with An Extension Device

In a 2011 study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine, after 3 months of wearing an extension device for several hours a day, men showed a permanent increase in flaccid penis size of 1.7 centimeters (0.66 inch), and a permanent increase in erect size of the same increase (1.7 centimeters or 0.66 inch). The glans (penis head) showed a slight increase in size, as well.

A 2009 study published in the British Journal of Urology had similar findings, only with a larger flaccid gain of nearly an inch at the end of the study period.

The results of these penis enlargement studies show that the enlargement of the penis is possible, but in my option, due to the results after so much hard work, I find extension devices to not be a good penis enlargement method, especially with such a heavy investment in time.

I gained about that much size in my first couple months of applying the manual penis enlargement exercises, and that was only for a few minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week.

With manual techniques, you can add more force to the tunica and ligaments, and pull in different directions, which is very important, as opposed to an extension device that just stretches out straight forward. With manual techniques, you can also add girth, and extension / traction devices lack in that area.

Study On Heat And Elongation Of Collagenous Tissue

study on penis enlargement exercises e1443725315462 300x275 Penis Enlargement Studies, Science & Photos - Supporting EvidenceWhile not a penis, this study shows some interesting effect on how heat, and applying force, leads to permanent elongation of collagenous tissue (our penis is made up of collagenous tissue).

While a rat’s tail is not a penis, it’s still quite interesting.

From the study:

“The data showed that the low force, long duration procedure was very effective at producing residual elongation. Elevating tissue temperature and maintaining it prior to applying force was found to cause significantly less damage; and finally, the lower loads applied at elevated temperatures for prolonged periods were found to produce significantly greater residual elongation.”

Before you freak out at the word damage, just know, when you are lifting weights, you are “damaging” your muscles, and they heal in a larger state.

This study also shows the importance of warming up before (and during) your penis enlargement exercises… it’s not just for injury prevention, but actually leads to greater gains.

Penis Enlargement Photos Proving That PE Works

One of the strongest pieces of evidence for me, when I was gaining faith in penis enlargement, were personal testimonials from men, along with the accompanying before-and-after photos showing their results.

SEEING, with your own eyes, a penis that has been enlarged, is powerful proof that penis enlargement works.

Men who’ve read my guide have sent me before-and-after photos showing the gains they made, and I’ve collected them all on one .pdf file. Some men have gained some serious size.

I won’t post them on my site, as Google could possibly categorize my site as adult/porn. To see these photos, send me an email to with “Photo Proof” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with the .pdf attached.


You can build up faith in confidence in penis enlargement with these studies and photos, but in the end, penis enlargement requires a leap of faith more than anything. Warm up, don’t overdo it, and you won’t injure yourself… your penis is FAR more resilient than you think it is.

Not until you put that ruler up next to your penis, and see a measurably larger erection, will the doubt be completely removed from your mind.

If interested in penis enlargement, give it a shot. I’ve been researching on it, and performing it, for many years now… for more information, see here: How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Attracting Women

erection while grinding 300x259 Mr. Manpower's Guide To Attracting Women

Women… can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em…

If you want women to like you, you need to 1) know yourself well, 2) know the world well, and 3) know women well.

As to knowing yourself, you need to have spent some time on your own.  Some people CONSTANTLY need to be around other people, in order to “forget themselves”… they’re scared to be alone, because then they really see who they are.  Learn who you are.  The more you know yourself, the more you know others. Meditate (not masturbate, although you should do that from time to time as well).  Spend some time on your own.  It’s not so scary to be on your own.

The good part about this is, when you learn to be on your own, and happy on your own (most the time at least — it’s impossible to be happy all the time), then you’re more solid… you don’t need others as much, and this includes women.  And this is attractive to women.  Neediness is not.

As to knowing the world, go out there and experience it, head on.  Do things that normally scare you (sports?, work?, going to clubs?).  You can’t be hurt in this battle. Jump in.  And any perceived “injury” will be a lesson learned, and the hurt completely forgotten in a short amount of time.

It’s all about a balance of alone time, and being out in the world.   Too much time on your own, and your social skills diminish and you can become neurotic… too much time in the world, and you can forget who you are.  Balance.

As to knowing the world, treat every day like an experiment.  Nothing to lose here. Just gather knowledge on how the world works, and more importantly, people work. Being knowledgeable on the ways of the world makes you more attractive to women, and easier to relate to.  It humbles you, but makes you stronger at the same time.

You need to know women as well… ever since I was small, I had an advantage… an older sister (studies have shown men with older sisters are better with women — doesn’t mean you can’t be good with women if you have no sisters!).  I witnessed the ways of women from a young age.  I’ve also always been a bit of a natural, and have been obsessed with women from a young age (first kiss when I was 10, lost my virginity when I was 12)…

What I’ve learned… and I’m just going to shoot these nuggets of knowledge off… women like a man who:

  • knows himself and the world (said already)
  • can make them laugh,
  • has some intelligence, education
  • is light and easy, not heavy and too serious
  • has GENUINE confidence (comes with knowing yourself), not fake, trying to be alpha male bullshit that they see right through
  • is a man on his own, and doesn’t need her approval (we all need it to some degree, but not to the extreme)
  • is positive (most the time)
  • is somewhat a challenge (but not overly a pain in the ass)
  • teases them from time to time, but also acts normal and sweet when necessary (not a constant clown)
  • isn’t afraid to disagree with them
  • is good in bed
  • is somewhat mysterious (doesn’t open up COMPLETELY… leaves something to themselves)
  • makes plans on his own, and doesn’t always ask her what she wants
  • has a life of his own
  • is clean, takes care of himself, has some style
  • when in a relationship, doesn’t get overly needy and treats her like mommy, keeps some of himself — doesn’t give it all up
  • stands up for her when necessary… and to her when necessary

As to physical, there are some things you can do about, and some you can’t.  Looks aren’t everything, personality plays a big role… but let’s be realistic, physical definitely plays a huge part.

Women say they want a tall, good looking man with hair, a big penis, big hands, nice butt, nice car, and money…

We can’t have all these things.  In reality, they’ll settle for a man that has a good combination of these.

Just like we want a fine-ass woman with nice hair, nice skin, big tits, thin waist, fat ass, nice legs, dresses sexy, cooks, cleans and gives blowjobs in the car… but we can’t have all of these… most the time.

So you got to improve what you can. Losing hair?  Shave your head or trim it down. Kind of puny?  Hit the gym.  Looking pale?  Get some sun.  Height? Small hands?  Can’t do shit about that… accept it, because women don’t like men who spend their time obsessing about their hang ups… just be the best you you can be.

Much like the world, the best way to learn women is to treat every interaction with them like a learning experience… where you have nothing to lose.  Just like an experiment… gather knowledge, gather knowledge… it will add up, and you’ll see yourself relating to them, and attracting them, easier, as time goes by.

Know yourself, know your value… begin to see that you’re something she can’t get anywhere else.  You’re a prize, and she should want to be with you… and if she doesn’t, she didn’t get to know you well enough… her loss… NEXT.

As mentioned, women like a man who’s good in bed and with a big penis… you can improve both of these things, as well as learn how to last longer, give her harder orgasms, and more… I can help you get an advantage here… as a matter of fact, this an area where I have quite a bit of expertise:

Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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