How To Shorten Refractory Period; She Wants it Again!!

how to shorten the refractory period

I remember back in high school, my friend rented a hotel on South Beach during prom weekend, hoping he would get lucky with his prom date.

I had a new girlfriend, and we were both humping like rabbits at the time.  I didn’t go to the prom (I was still a junior), and I asked him if I could borrow the key and use his hotel room while he was at the dance.  He said cool, no problem.

So I went to the hotel room with my girl, and almost immediately we got to it.

I remember the first round, I busted fairly quick, and quickly lost my erection.  I barely lost any libido though… and within five minutes I was putting on another condom, and going at it again. This time I lasted a little longer…

Then BANG… same deal… wipe off in the sink, take a breather, and in another five to ten minutes, I got hard again, and had sex with her again.

Three (3) orgasms complete with ejaculation within an hour…

… This was the last time I would ever experience such a short refractory period.

The reasons my refractory period was so short:

1) We weren’t used to having our own space, having to always hide our sexual activity, so it was VERY exciting and liberating.

2) I was very young so my hormones were raging, and sex was still something so brand new and freaky, and…

3) I probably had a 3-pack of condoms and I wanted to use them all. Making every dollar count was really important back then.

Fast-forward about a year later.  I was still with the same girl, and we had just finished having sex at her house. We were enjoying her family room, which we barely ever spent time in when her family was there (loud Cubans).  I told her let’s go for a round two, and she said something along the lines of me not being able to do that anymore…

I guess she knew me better than I did…. remembering my glory days, I did the typical macho response of trying to prove her wrong… and guess what:  my dick didn’t work.

The start of the refractory period.

During the refractory period, instead of eating pussy, you’d rather eat pizza.

how to shorten refractory period after ejaculation

The refractory period is the time after you ejaculate where you can’t get an erection again, and have no sex drive. As a man gets older, his refractory period gets stronger and longer…

Even if you CAN get another erection, the refractory period will keep you from WANTING to get another erection.

This gives us a big disadvantage in bed.  Just as we are getting a woman all warmed up, and ready for some marathon man sex… we’re ejaculating, rolling over, and going to sleep or going to check what’s in the fridge.

In order to reduce the refractory period after an orgasm, you need to counteract it.

The refractory period is characterized by a major reduction in libido and erection strength.  So how DO you counter it?  Other than Viagra, there aren’t any drugs to reduce refractory period, so natural is the route to go…

Increase your sex drive, and strengthen your erections. That will work to shorten your refractory period by OVERPOWERING it.

The good news is that there are natural ways to increase your testosterone production and erection strength, without the need for pills or medication. This will give you a stronger physical and mental drive to get it up and want to get it up.

As to increasing your testosterone production, there are natural solutions, such as:

  • Getting a little sunlight everyday (especially on your back)
  • Eating mixed nuts, and leafy vegetables
  • Some weight training, with relatively heavy weight (especially squats and bench press)

among other things…

With this natural boost in testosterone production, you’ll have a stronger sex drive/libido, and improved erection quality.

Do some cardio. The greater the flow of oxygen throughout your body, the better the circulation, the better your body reacts.

Drink plenty of water… stay hydrated, dehydration will put a major damper on your sexual performance.

More ways to shorten refractory period, and get an erection again quickly after ejaculating.

Erection strengthening exercises will also greatly help you improve the physical quality of your erections.

An ejaculation will no longer be enough to make your erections weak.

Erection strengthening exercises and techniques will improve the blood flow to your erection, as well as the inner muscles (pc/bc/pelvic muscles) responsible for your erection strength.

With this stronger erection quality, you can have as many ejaculations as you’d like, and your erections will still be as hard as they were before you even had your first ejaculation.

As an alternative to shortening your refractory period, you can actually eliminate the refractory period altogether, with the male multiple orgasm technique… the male multiple orgasm technique allows you to have orgasms without ejaculation.

Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate events happening at the same time.  But ejaculation, not orgasm, is what causes the refractory period.  With the male multiple orgasm, you learn how to stop your ejaculation, have a pleasurable orgasm, but MAINTAIN YOUR ERECTION AFTER ORGASM!

NO refractory period.

Orgasm after orgasm without losing your erection…

For more information on how to shorten refractory period, strengthen erections, boost testosterone and stay hard after orgasm, see here…

See ya ’round!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs

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