How To Get Hard On Command – Get An Erection On Command

how to get an erection on commandIf you’re looking into how to get hard on command, you must know this first – your erection almost has a mind of its own.

While it’s definitely set off in your real mind, you can’t mentally force an erection to happen. Just like a difficult student in class, try and force it, and will do just the opposite of what you want.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get an erection on command, when you need it…

You Need To Be In The Right State of Mind To Get Hard On Command

You need to be at ease, comfortable with yourself, comfortable with the situation to a degree at least, and confident in your “sexual machinery” in order to get hard on command.

You can’t mentally force an erection without these proper ingredients.

Try and mentally force your penis to get hard while some sexual anxiety is present, and it’s almost like a wall, or a block, to your arousal and erection. And having a woman say something along the lines of “what’s the matter?” can only put more pressure on the situation, making things worse.

Your penis knows what to do, don’t even think about your erection… get into a relaxed state, and then build the mental arousal… That’s how you get a hard on instantly… You need to work WITH your mental arousal and build it, while relaxed, rather than pushing an erection to happen in an anxious state.

I know, easier said than done, but it can be learned. And this is how you get a hard erection on command, without allowing your mind to get in the way.

You Can’t Exactly Force An Erection To Happen, Without It Wanting To Become Erect – But This is Where The Mind Comes Into Play

How to get hard instantlyYou may be nervous, you may feel guilty, you may be putting too much pressure on your future performance.

Don’t think about what will happen during sex if you aren’t even hard yet — whether you will last long, or whether you will make her orgasm — just think about now – the present moment… get an erection first, then you can think about it.

Get as horny as possible…. let your erection come to life on its own accord.

Use her body to turn yourself on… the freakier you get, the freakier she gets as well… generally, what turns you on, turns her on even more. Get going in that direction.

Yes, physical factors can contribute to your weaker erections as well…  lack of sleep, low T levels, “out of shape” erection muscles, poor circulation from lack of cardio, not eating enough carbs and protein.

All of these things may lead to a weak-performing unit. Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep your erections quick-reacting and in tip top shape.

Go For a Run… Get That Blood Flowing To The Loins – Easy Tip to Get Hard on Command

Cardio gets the blood pumping everywhere…  heart, brain, lungs, body… as well as penis and testicles.

Not only are endorphins released that make you feel great, and your lungs expand, but your penis will have much more “life” to it thanks to the improved circulation.

I remember a time in my life when I was training in a local boxing gym. Not to compete or anything, but just to learn a bit, and get some good exercise. Man… my erection was instant, and was extremely hard and long-lasting.

Several studies back this up, but start running yourself a couple of times a week, and you’ll be able “to force an erection” easier…

Porn and Masturbating Will NOT Lead To Erectile Dysfunction, Science Has Proven Otherwise.

Having anxiety before sex is normal for all humans… in the case of men, this causes erection problems.

In the era of super-smart information spreaders, some genius decided to blame this on porn, with the idea that watching porn desensitizes men to regular sex to the point that they cannot get aroused by it any more.

Well, science says otherwise about porn and ED.

Regular porn viewing, as well as masturbating have actually been shown to improve erectile function.

So enough with the guilt BS. Don’t blame your erection issues on porn.

Take Your Vitamin D for Better Quality Erections On Command

There is a big deficiency of Vitamin D in the US. We don’t get enough sun, drink enough milk, or don’t supplement enough. Adit Ginde, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, says in reference to the linked study here:

“We were anticipating that there would be some decline in overall vitamin D levels, but the magnitude of the decline in a relatively short time period was surprising,”

Not to mention, natural Vitamin D levels in the blood reduce with age, compounding any other causes of ED.

Luckily, with low levels of Vitamin D tied to ED, supplementation with Vitamin D is an easy way to correct the situation, and get hard on command naturally, once again

Internal Erection Strengthening and Manual Exercises You Can Perform On Your Shaft To Strengthen Erections

how to get hard on commandIf you’re not doing kegels to strengthen your pc muscle, start now. They work greatly to improve the reaction time of your erection, helping you to get hard on command when everything else is in place.

There are certain exercises you can do to REALLY isolate and strengthen the pc/bc muscles, as well as manual techniques to improve the blood flow/circulation throughout your penis. Combine these with my rule book on natural ways to keep your testosterone production strong, and you’ll be able to make your self get an erection whenever you need it.

For a guide to these exercises/guidelines for developing physically harder erections click here: How to Get Harder Erections

Men in their 50’s, 60’s, and beyond have been able to get their erections back to normal again.

However, if you don’t get the mental block out of the way, NOTHING will help you get an erection command… not even Viagra in extreme cases.

A mental block getting in the way of your arousal can even prevent medication from working… that’s how strong of a negative effect it can have on your penis.

But learn to beat it once and for all, and it will never bother you again.

For a more in-depth guide to overcoming psychological ED, see here.

Both of these avenues of tackling ED, the mental and physical part, can be found in my guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide with spelled out exercises for each area.

Have a good one,

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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