How to Mentally Last Longer During Sex

how to mentally last longer in bed Would you like to learn how to mentally last longer in bed? I can help. I had the worst premature ejaculation for years.

When watching porn to get off I’d feel like half a man because I’d finish within a minute, while the male actor was just beginning to have sex with an extremely hot woman for another 30 minutes or so…

I always wondered why did porn last so long? Who would watch the whole 30 minutes?

Then there were times where I’d be in bed with a girl.. and supposedly the stop and start technique was a way to treat premature ejaculation, right? Never for me… or for anyone.

The reason the stop and start method is a terrible way to treat premature ejaculation is that while you are able to lengthen the overall time of your “performance”, you are not lasting long with non-stop penetration, which is what is needed to make a woman orgasm.

In my case, I would try and maintain mental control to last longer during sex, or distract myself from the situation with math problems or something else to take my mind away from the sex, but before long the situation was so overly arousing I’d skyrocket to the point of no return and have to pull out…

And then without failure, as soon as I’d start penetrating again, she had somehow jumped to miles away from her orgasm, meanwhile I was already red hot and ready to blow in no time, and have to stop again.

And this time for me each time I stopped and started got shorter and shorter, meanwhile, her proximity to orgasm got farther and farther

Luckily, there are far more effective ways to mentally gain ejaculation control and last longer during sex.

Learn how to mentally last longer during sex, and the physical will follow. This solo exercise will help you see that.

This will demonstrate to you just how strong a role your mind plays in your ability to delay ejaculation, and help begin the training needed to mentally last longer during sex.

how to last longer in bed mental

Achieve an erection with only physical touch; no porn, no overly arousing thoughts. It might take a little longer to gain an erection, but with enough physical touch — while staying relaxed — you should be good.

Be aware of any anxieties that may come up during the arousal process… you may be afraid of your own arousal.

Look at this, but let it go… relax, and aim to achieve mental and physical calm, and keep as clear/blank a mind state possible, as if you are meditating, but continue to stroke yourself.

Remove any guilt or embarrassment over this mental premature ejaculation exercise… there is nothing wrong with what you are doing, you are figuring out how your body works.

Continue to masturbate, keep your emotions in check, and keep your mind calm. Remove all the “eroticness” of the situation… this is a scientific experiment and exploration with a goal.

Continue on….  Set a timer for 10 minutes (or more if you’d like to try, should be no problem if you keep your mind in check).

This will show you that as long as your mind is in a place of calm and control, you can last as long as you want.

Tips to help this mental ejaculation control training work for you:

  • Don’t even think about the finish line. Don’t race to the “point of no return” and THEN stop… maintain control early before you begin that exponentially quick climb towards ejaculation that is impossible to come back from…
  • Mentally keep an eye on your arousal levels, and keep them in check… you may feel small waves of pleasure trying to build up. Tell them to relax… keep them down… breathe.. keep calm.

If normally during sex you only last a couple of minutes, or tend to ejaculate before your girl has had an orgasm, then you may be amazed that after training yourself to mentally last longer during sex, you’ll now be in a different, more controlled mind state, and can last virtually as long as you’d like.

But I understand, sex with a living, breathing naked, woman is much different than practicing on your own.. this is where some ejaculation control exercises and techniques come in handy.

For a more in-depth guide on how to extend your sexual performance, mentally and physically, see here: How To Last Longer During Sex


2 Incidences — Back When I Suffered From PE — That Showed Me the Mind’s Powerful Role in The Ejaculation Process

The urge to ejaculate always has a mental cause. Without the mental trigger, you can control ejaculation much better.

One time a girl I was living with “woke me up” in the middle of the night to have sex, and little did she know, I was still half-asleep and mostly unconscious (but with an erection)… she informed me the next day that she had ridden me for a long time, and was amazed at how long I lasted (this was back when I had bad PE), and was even more amazed when she found out I was still asleep – I did not recall a thing. Could be that in my half-awake state my short-term memory was wiped clean, much like what happens when people black out from drinking too much.

On another occasion, also in my premature ejaculation days, a girl I was dating was riding me during sex, and out of nowhere I slipped into this strange out of body / out of mind state that somehow gave me the ability to last as long as I wanted… the girl was looking at me, knowing that by now I would have ejaculated, but she just kept on going and going… and it was up to ME when I was going to ejaculate. I was never able to repeat this… it was honestly almost like a supernatural experience going on between both of us.

But showed me just how little ejaculating — and the urge to ejaculate — is an actual physical process.

The Following Mental Knowledge and Insights Should Help You Gain Ejaculatory Control

How To Mentally Last Longer During SexYou may have grown up masturbating quickly in order to hide the deed from your family… all of us have been through it.

This may have associated rushing, guilt and anxiety with sexual stimulation.

If this was the case, once you enter a woman, your mind associates the sexual stimulation with the subconscious urge to “hurry up and get it over with”… even if you try and hold back.  This anxiety can be creeping in the background, rushing your performance.

Ejaculation control exercise, like the ones mentioned above, can help you better clean up the mental state that is associated with your sexual arousal stimulation.

Another thing that helps is learning to “quantify” your levels of arousal, and keep them low… you can’t mentally last longer during sex once you’re only a few strokes away from orgasm… that’s the wrong time.  You want to stay out of the red zone altogether… maintain control from the beginning, and learn to penetrate as long, hard, and quick as you’d like without ejaculating.

There may be genetic contributors to premature ejaculation as well.  Low serotonin levels have been tied to PE. Take a low dose of an SSRI, boost your SSRI, and you will be able to delay ejaculation.

Follow either one of these methods, and you’ll train yourself to last longer in bed in no time… combine both, and it will work even better.

Over the years, fed up with having premature ejaculation and leaving women unsatisfied, I set out to gather as much knowledge on how to last longer during sex mentally and without medication as I could find. Through years of trials and tribulations, I’ve learned how to completely overcome my own PE, and have helped thousands of other men do the same. I’ve written down all I know into one guide, guaranteed to double your performance in one day, and improve the length of time you can last from there. See here to gain complete control over your ejaculation!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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