Failing At The Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO)? Here’s Why

male multiple orgasm losing erection Failing At The Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO)? Here's WhyThe male multiple orgasm technique (MMO) is an awesome move to have down pat during sex.

Tough part is, having it down pat.

For the longest time, I had a problem performing this technique… I’d generally have one of the two following things happen when going for the male multiple orgasm:

  • Have a dry orgasm, but not cut off the ejaculation (internally) all the way, causing me to have a retrograde ejaculation and still lose my erection, or
  • Have a dry orgasm, and then IMMEDIATELY have a followup orgasm, that I couldn’t control / block off the ejaculation

Both of these outcomes lead to me not only failing at the technique, but also ejaculating, a not so enjoyable orgasm (shoot, I would have rather been masturbating full speed towards orgasm while watching a porn, or having rough sex with a girl… not wasting it alone in a room with no mental stimulation).

And at the time — and still somewhat to this day — I held the Taoist belief that saving up semen is important for my strength and masculine power (science actually supports this, too – saving up ejaculation builds up testosterone).

So That Caused a Failed Male Multiple Orgasm Attempt to Be All the Worse…

So I gave up on it altogether for a long time.

Why give it a shot, I thought, when I had failed so many times and wasted so much semen, without even getting anything back from it. My confidence in the technique was very low.

But then my persistent premature ejaculation caused me to continue looking for a solution to last longer during sex… one that didn’t include numbing sprays (that would rub off on the girl, and make her feel nothing as well) or antidepressants (that delay ejaculation, but can kill your libido and energy).

So I began to gain interest in male multiple orgasms again…

But this time, I wasn’t going to try the technique until I had AS MUCH information down as possible.

I went through ALL of the information I could find on the male multiple orgasm technique, both online, and in print.  I read, and read, and read… while many places had information on this so-called MMO, there were many different ideas on what the technique really was.

  • Some considered it a whole body, energy orgasm… which sounded too “airy” and spiritual for me – I like more concrete ideas, and doubted I’d ever be able to pull this off.
  • Others spoke about some sort of perineum (your “chode” or “taint” area) massage that would yield countless orgasms with ejaculation- besides the fact that I didn’t want to ejaculate so damn much, what good would his do for overcoming premature ejaculation?

When finally gathering info ONLY on the actual, dry orgasm, male multiple technique I was going for, I picked up things here and there, and formed a plan of attack.

I wasn’t going to try until I was ready…

And for some reason, I felt like I had A LOT on the line… if I would have failed on this attempt, I don’t know why, but I most likely would have NEVER tried it again… even after all the preparation… I put heavy stakes on myself (too heavy…)

Finally Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm – Joy, Pride and Power…

I had absorbed a substantial amount of information the technique… how to properly strengthen the PC muscle, when to clamp down, how long and hard to hold that squeeze, and a few other important preparations, and things to do at the point that I was supposed to perform the technique.

I had the apartment to myself (had a roommate at the time, who was at work), and put on a porn. Not sure why I chose to do it with such strong mental and visual stimulation as pornography, but it was part of my plan at the time.

I slowly built up arousal, and let it subside.. build up a little higher… let it subside… after a few more physical and mental preparations, I went for it.

Clamped at the perfect time near orgasm, had a dry orgasm, cut off all the ejaculation, and stayed rock hard… all while watching an incredibly sexy, big-breasted chick stripping down…

The coolest part to me was how hard my erection was still after this dry orgasm… I went to the kitchen, got me a cup of water, and was still rock hard… and felt like I hadn’t even orgasmed yet… still keeping my mind horny after orgasm as well.


Then I went back to my porn vixen and worked my way up to a next orgasm, repeated the process… dry, orgasmic contractions… penis still rock hard… continued on with hard erection after orgasm….


I finally let go with an ejaculation at the third orgasm… I deserved it.

From then on, I went on to increase the amount of times I was able to stay hard after orgasm, and began using the technique during sex…

If you would like to learn everything I know about how to perform the male multiple orgasm, so that you can master the technique to the point you can actually use it during orgasm, check out my guide to MMOs, here…

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The most comprehensive guide to MMOs around… read this, and you’ll save yourself tons of time and avoid the pitfalls that generally happen when attempting the technique.

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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