How to Last Long During Sex On One Night Stands

How to last long during sex on a one night stand

When you reach a level of trust and complete confidence in your sexual abilities, getting an erection and lasting long during sex on one-night stands gets much easier.

Problem is, reaching that level of confidence in your erection and sexual stamina…

ALL OF US, myself included… even some of the most Don Juan of Don Juans, gets nervous before sex with someone new. It’s just human nature.

And with this anxiety, achieving an erection and lasting long during sex can be very difficult.

However, I have a cheat sheet for you… here are different levels of gaining the confidence to be a beast in bed on a one-stand.

The Foolproof Medical Package To Be A Rock-Hard, Long Lasting Superman on One Night Stands

I don’t go for meds myself, having learned how to achieve rock hard erections even when nervous, and being able to last as long as I want now, but if you want to be a bionic sex machine in the bedroom with any woman, get your hands on some Viagra or Cialis, and some Dapoxetine.

The first problem most men face in the bedroom is sexual performance anxiety. This anxiety prevents a man from getting an erection altogether.

Can’t get an erection? You can’t play the game at all.

Combined with the fact that the majority of first dates, or pickups, involve drinking, whiskey dick can be another enemy to your erection functioning normally.

Viagra will give you a potent erection within a few minutes, but if you don’t get an erection and have sex immediately, you will get a nasty headache from the blood rushing to your head, rather than your genitals. With the unpredictability of when a woman may actually, finally let you take her clothes off and have sex with her, this can make timing a pain in the ass.

Cialis will give you a quick-trigger, rock-hard erection for 24 hours or more… so you won’t have to worry about timing… take one earlier in the day before going out to the club, and when dancing with women, they’ll be amazed at your rock-like abilities… helping your “end cause”.

The next medical cheat is dapoxetine… SSRIs delay ejaculation in anyone who takes them, however, taking SSRIs on a regular basis can bring with them a host of negative side effects, such as lower libido, weaker erections, fatigue, weight gain, and changes in behavior… all things that won’t help your one-night stand score.

But Dapoxetine… dapoxetine is a fast-acting SSRI, so you can get the delaying effects of the SSRI, without worrying about all the sides…

Get access to these two, and you’ll be the T1000 to any woman you can get in your clutches…

ONLY use this medical cocktail when you’re new to picking women up, haven’t done so in a long time, or really want to impress a lady…

At some point in time in your gigolo career, you should phase these out. If not you’ll lose confidence in your own, natural sexual abilities, and that will not be good for your self-esteem. Getting an erection, lasting long, and making a woman orgasm on your own, without any extra help, is the ultimate self-esteem boost.

(Note: Both of these drugs require a prescription… so you will either need to visit a doctor with complaints of erection issues and premature ejaculation… or possibly visit two doctors, one for each issue. Most docs will prescribe these meds for these problems. Or, search for the meds online. I don’t know about the legality of all of this, but you may be able to get them online).

Achieving Rock Hard Erections On Command, And Lasting Forever During Sex, Naturally And Without Meds

how to last long on a one-night stand

While I’ve tried each of the above meds before, on different occasions, I never had regular access to them, nor did I want to.

I learned the hard way…

I’ve learned how to get an erection on command, with any woman, even on a quick, one-night stand.

In order to prepare yourself for this, perform kegels (hard, concentrated, and until the base of your penis looks thicker temporarily after an exercise session), manual penis enlargement exercises like jelqs or clamping, do some cardio to improve circulation, get some sunlight for the Vitamin D (= testosterone), and sleep well.

Don’t masturbate the day you are going out, but do so a day or two before, so your penis has recently been “fully worked out” and is ready.

This will prepare the physical part.

Then the night you are planning on picking a woman up, don’t overdo the drinking, and drink plenty of water. Refrain from smoking cigarettes, or if you are going to smoke, only limit yourself to a couple. All other recreational drugs… up to you, they may make your night more fun… but most come at a cost to your erection.

Once you have the lady at home, make sure ENJOY it.. it’s not a life or death situation.

Take it slow, and just get extremely mentally horny… get her hand and put it on your penis or testicles to bring some outside “energy” to your genitals… stand up while getting aroused. Once you have a semi-erection, slap it against her leg until it’s fully hard… once hard, play around with her for a while, and get extra mentally and physically aroused, so that you can put on the condom without losing your erection.

And DON’T skip the condom… MANY women nowadays have genital herpes, and DON’T EVEN KNOW IT, OR SHOW SYMPTOMS OF HAVING IT!

Lasting Long During Sex and Making Her Orgasm

Having a few drinks, without overdoing it, will numb you a bit.. which is good when it comes to lasting longer.

Wearing a condom will also help you to last longer… and hopefully allow you to reach orgasm at the same time, or after, as your new lady friend, due to the fact that you don’t have to pull out at the most heated moment.

Make sure to provide her clitoris with some stimulation… while fingering her, play with her clitoris in a circular direction, or an up-and-down direction, in order to get the clitoris warmed up.  Being that it may be impossible to know if she has herpes or any other STD, as mentioned above, I’d refrain from any oral contact until you know the answer for sure at a possible later time, or are ready to take that “jump”.

When she’s very hot and ready, penetrate her, but with pressure from your pelvis into her clitoris. Hard rubbing pressure, on the in-and-out stroke.

Ever see how a woman rides herself off to orgasm? Repeat that motion… but with you on top.

Or let her get on top, and ride herself off to orgasm!

A happy customer will be a returning customer! Then you can add another lady not only to your list of conquests, but to your list of booty calls for those lonely nights… or to develop into something more, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Nothing wrong with that!


For more in-depth techniques to naturally and mentally delay your ejaculation, in order to last as long as you’d like, see my guide to lasting longer during sex here.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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