Hung Like a Horse: Natural Exercises For A Bigger, Hung Penis

become hung flaccid e1425402189474 300x290 Hung Like a Horse: Natural Exercises For A Bigger, Hung PenisI used to have a tiny little flaccid penis… it sucked.

I remember when this girl Rosie leaned into my lap, and felt practically nothing in my crotch, and she pulled back and started laughing with a hand over her mouth… face in shock.

I remember when I told a girl not to be fooled by my small hands… that I had a big penis.

After having sex with this same girl, she felt on my penis post ejaculation, and saw how embarrassingly small my flaccid penis was…

I remember her words like it was yesterday, as she thought out loud on purpose:

“small hands, small penis” she said under her breath… that killed me….

I remember more than a couple of times being at the club, and a woman is throwing it back to me while dancing, and after feeling how tiny my penis was up against her (or rather, not feeling anything at all), she’d quickly depart, and I’d see her in another corner of the club throwing it back to another man…

Now, this wasn’t exactly a “take home to mom” type of girl, but the situation still REALLY hurt.

I’ve had a number of situations where having a small flaccid penis sucked.  Getting out of the pool in swim shorts, taking a shower with a girl (before it got hard)…

For some time now I’ve been doing penis enlargement exercises.  It’s hard to believe that these work, but after undeniably gaining more than an inch in erect length (more like an inch and a half), I can honestly say they work.

Since starting these exercises, I’ve increased the size of my erection, but not only that, I’ve also increased the size of my penis when it’s flaccid, and it continues to grow. I now have a large, hung penis when flaccid. No bullshit.

My flaccid penis used to poke out like a little Vienna sausage… Now it’s heavier, thicker, longer, hung penis — hung like a horse, they say 

If you’d like to make your flaccid penis bigger, penis enlargement will help you with that. You can go from being a “grower” to having a longer, heavier, hung penis, starting in just a few days, with size gains continuing from there…

Besides making your penis hung, penis enlargement exercises strengthen your erections, due to the increased blood flow and stronger ligaments.

I used to have an orgasm, and during orgasm, towards the end, my dick would go soft. Now, thanks to the stronger blood flow brought about by the exercises, my penis stays hard even for a good while after I ejaculate…

If you’d like to learn how to increase your own flaccid penis size with these manual techniques, see here:

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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