Girlfriend Has Had Bigger Than You? Keep Your Cool

girlfriend's ex had bigger penis

I received an email today from a young man by the name of James.

James is experiencing mental erectile dysfunction because a girl told him that she had been with bigger men (below the waist).

My take on the situation, along with my advice for overcoming mental ED:

“Good afternoon Mr. David it’s James again. I am currently attracted to a girl who is also attracted to me. She has had sex with other men who have apparently had bigger penises than mine. The psychological aspect of this situation to me is I know how to use my penis yet I feel as if it just won’t be good regarding the simple fact that she had had bigger penises inside of her. It’s really all psychological because I get extremely excited and rock hard around her. I am just paranoid that the erection will go down to my flaccid state out of nowhere due to my psychological stress of not being big enough. How do I cure that?”


My reply:

Hi James,

First and foremost, how do you know that she’s been with a man with a bigger penis?

Of course, it’s a very real possibility that her ex had a bigger dick than yours… but there are also women who like to inflict pain for some reason on the guys they date.

I’ve personally dated a couple of women like that… don’t get why, but many women innately have this… possibly to test how secure you are… game players, and usually the relationships aren’t great, but hey, everything is a learning experience.

I don’t always believe everything people tell me…

Edgar Allen Poe once said:

“Believe only half of what you see, and nothing that you hear.”

Overcoming mental EDI live by those words…

If you didn’t see the man with a bigger penis banging your chick, then how can you be sure it was true…

And continue to believe you’re good enough…

She wants to have sex with YOU… your penis, be it 6 inches, 5 inches, whatever, is inside of her… not this supposedly larger ex.

So what good is their bigger penis doing for them now? If it was so great, why aren’t they the ones slip, sliding away inside of her?

The Cause of Your Mental ED — Getting Down To Brass Tacks

Overcoming this mental “annoyance” of comparing your girlfriend’s ex-lovers purported penis size to yours is not the main problem here…

Men suffer from mental erectile dysfunction, and blame it on all sorts of things… from guilt of cheating, to starting to date after divorce, to porn…

But the bottom line, the reason you can’t get an erection, and MILLIONS of men on a daily basis can’t get an erection before sex is due to nerves… anxiety…

And well, sex and anxiety can quite often go hand-in-hand.

Having excessive anxiety or nervousness in your mind will not allow your arousal to flourish.

The idea here, besides moving beyond the past, is to know that your penis knows what to do, it doesn’t need to be told so. Once the arousal signal is strong enough, your erection will set off…

Give it time… you’ll be aight.

Increasing Your Penis Size For Your Own Confidence Sake

There are manual techniques you can do to the penis to increase its length and girth.

You can add an inch and some in length, and some good girth.

Just for your own sake, though… see here, it actually works: How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Be realistic with your expectations, but you can make some significant gains.

Stop sweating the past… and if she likes to put you in uncomfortable situations for her enjoyment on a regular basis… maybe reconsider that relationship.


-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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