Cardio, a Free and Natural Way to Get Harder Erections

cardio erectionsYour erection is a representation of you and your overall health…

If you are overweight, living a sedentary (non-active / non-moving) lifestyle, smoking, not eating well… this will undoubtedly leave you feeling like shit, and your erection will be a representation of that…

…a lifeless, lazy thing with no ability to stand strong.

Now… get your body and mind in the right place, get your body moving (and blood and endorphins circulating) by going for a run on a regular basis, eat strong (proteins, fats and carbs), but eat healthy as well (fruits and vegetables), sleep well, limit or eliminate smoking and excessive drinking, and you will feel great… solid… powerful.

And you will be able to get harder erections that stay harder longer… because your penis will also feel great… solid… powerful.

And this is more than just wishful thinking and advice…

You hear, “get out and exercise”, and it reminds you of a recommendation from a middle school health class, or your mother yelling at you to turn off the Nintendo and go outside and get some sunlight…

…But There Is Science Behind This Cardio Erections Connection.

Several studies (¹²) have shown that aerobic / cardio activity provides a significant improvement in erectile function, whether that ED be due to fatty plaques in the arteries, or endothelial damage associated with aging.

And if cardio works to provide harder erections in older men who have actual physical causes to their ED, it will definitely work to improve erectile quality in men of all ages.

So, now that you are armed with this knowledge… if you are currently living a sedentary lifestyle, how do you make the necessary changes?

How To Get Up, Get Out, And Do Cardio…

In order to start doing cardio to improve your erections (and your overall health!! Blood pressure, mindstate, heart function), you need to just do that… start!

The best things come when you get out of your comfort zone.

Block out any messages in your mind saying you can’t do it, you’re too tired, where do you go… put on some shorts and sneakers, walk outside your house, and start a brief, slow jog…

Just start, and then your body will take over.

No need to sprint, no need to run at a fast speed, or to run without stopping…

Slow, relaxed pace, ease your mind, and if you feel short of breath, slow down to a walk until you gain it back… then start again.

You don’t need special running attire. You don’t need to go to a special track.

Running around the block is good enough.

And It’s Just Like The Apprehension You Feel Before Jumping Into a Cold Pool. You Just Need To Dive In, Then All Is Well!

cardio erectionAnd after that first time getting out and going for the run, you will have an injection of positive happy chemicals into your mind and body… you will feel great!

And guess what, the next day it will be easier to get out there and go running… your body will have gotten used to the idea.

And no excuses like, “oh, I have bad knees… a bad back…”

The reason you have bad knees or a bad back, is due to lack of physical activity!  Your body’s falling apart because you aren’t using it!

Stretch a bit more before, and your ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles will be strengthened and improved with the exercise.

And the most important “bone” of them all will receive the strengthening it needs, as well…

More Physical Things You Can Do For Harder Erections

Cardio is a great start to harder erections.

Free, easy, and doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

And if you don’t like running… maybe jump rope (can be done indoors!), swimming?

Playing basketball? Martial arts? You won’t even realize you’re exercising when in the heat of things!

Besides exercise, there are manual techniques you can do ON your penis shaft, which will boost the circulation throughout the penis tissue, giving you physically harder, longer lasting erections.

Also highly-concentrated, “super kegel” pc strengthening exercises which will “anchor” your erections for longer.

Stack these with activities / guidelines to naturally boost your testosterone production, and you will have a stronger libido and harder erections than you had in your teens.  Add in the cardio, and you will have superman erections, without the need for Viagra.

  • For more information on how to develop physically harder erections that stay hard longer, click here…

Now, I’m going to go out for a quick jog around the block!

See ya ’round!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

[¹] Journal of Andrology, Vol. 33, No. 2, March/April 2012

[²] Ethiop J Health Sci. 2011 Nov; 21(3): 195–201.

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