How to Get A Hard On After 65 — Without Medication

how to get a hard on after 65 300x273 How to Get A Hard On After 65 — Without MedicationYou can keep hard erections as you get older – 60’s, 65, even 70’s and up, and I’m not talking about with Viagra either

Regardless of your age… regardless of your physical condition or medical issues, you can achieve — and keep — harder, longer-lasting erections, all without the use of medication.

Having to rely on Viagra to get an erection is not the ideal situation for us as men.

And too many men are popping this expensive remedy, when there are much better, natural solutions to impotence, using your body’s own innate “manliness”…

These techniques will give you stronger erections, for men ranging from their early 20’s all the way up into your 60s and 70s (and if in good enough shape, even higher in age).

For instance, take a look at the question I received from a 77 year old man today:


I am 77 years old but still working mentally and physically and spend up to 3 weeks each year walking and climbing in the mountains of Scotland and Wales.

About 6 years ago I started the decline into Erectile Dysfunction and although Viagra helped for a few months, I also tried Cialis and Levitra, nothing helped. I should say that my partner is a highly desirable 52 year old lady and we have been together 24 years.

To try to overcome this inability to make love I have tried the Augusta Medical Systems vacuum pump system but this has two negatives. The first is the break in lovemaking when I go to use the AMS pump and, secondly, this technique makes me about 40% larger, we estimate, than a natural erection. This has made penetration painful for her.

So, I am seeking an alternative approach.

Have you any reported cases of people in my situation benefitting from your procedures?  Do you conceive that what you outline in your book would have any chance of succeeding in my circumstances?

Regards and thanks,

Jeff D.

My response: 

Hi Jeff,

I’m happy to hear that you are still physically and sexually active. Keep up the good work. When you spend those 3 weeks walking and climbing in the mountains, are they all in a row?  Or is that accumulated time throughout the year?

While it’s impressive either way, doing exercise on a regular basis is more important than performing it all in a smaller time frame… exercising regularly keeps a healthy blood flow throughout your body, as well as to your manly parts.

My guide has worked for men 65 and up, including feedback from men in their 70s who’ve greatly improved their erections.

“My guide takes a 4-pronged approach to naturally overcoming ED, allowing men 65, 70, 75 and older to achieve complete hard ons without the need for the little blue pill”

how to keep an erection as you get older 233x300 How to Get A Hard On After 65 — Without Medication
Jeff, you can achieve significantly stronger erections, by attacking ED from these 4 fronts:

1) Naturally boosting your testosterone production – up your Vitamin D, sleep well, do exercise to shave some stomach fat off, eat well. There are tons of things you can do to naturally boost your T levels.

2) Strengthening your internal “erection muscles” (such as your pc/bc/pelvic floor muscles) with kegels highly targeting the PC muscle. Perform kegels without allowing neighboring muscles to jump in, and perform them regularly.

3) Improving blood flow throughout the penis with manual exercises on the shaft.

4) Addressing any mental blocks to getting an erection – at your age you may have “accepted” that ED is just “normal” at this stage… this is not true. You can bring your erections back to a healthy state. Tell this little voice to shut the hell up.

And at the end of the day, if you need to take a little blue pill once in a while to help get you back on track, so be it! If you can get your hard ons back without the need, great, but if you need to rely on it once in a while, no biggie.

“This is how to keep an erection as you get older”

Following my guide, you will greatly improve your erection strength, without a doubt, allowing you to not only achieve harder erections, faster, but to keep them. I offer a money-back guarantee, if you don’t see the erection quality I’m describing here, just shoot me an email, and you’ll get your money back. However, if history has shown me anything, you will not be needing this refund.

For more information on how to get rock hard erections at any age, without medication, see here…

If you have any more questions, just shoot them over.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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