Low Vitamin D Is Associated With Low Testosterone Levels

vitamin d and testosterone e1433199918497 300x253 Low Vitamin D Is Associated With Low Testosterone LevelsGo and serve yourself a tall glass of milk!

A new study shows that low vitamin D levels are associated with low testosterone in men over 50… and what affects middle-aged men, as far as testosterone goes, most likely affects younger men, to a lesser extent. So listen up youngsters!

Blood samples in 824 men over 50 were drawn, and analyzed for vitamin D and testosterone levels. 68% of the sample group had low vitamin D levels… and only 11% of this group were taking supplements to make up for it.

On average, men with normal vitamin D levels had higher testosterone levels than men with lower vitamin D levels…

…and an another interesting finding… men with lower vitamin D levels on average had a wider waist and more body fat (and more body fat and a bigger gut lead to lower T levels as well… man, talk about a compounding effect!)

Previous studies have shown that mice with issues in their vitamin D receptors had lower testosterone levels as well… showing that Vitamin D plays a strong role in testosterone production.

Good News, Taking Your Vitamins Should Help

In a study of 54 overweight men, Vitamin D supplementation(3,000 IU daily) for 12 months was shown to increase testosterone levels.  While not a large sample group, these findings are hard to refute, and are supported by the other findings that Vitamin D supports T production.

Natural Ways To Increase Vitamin D Levels

Absorbing sunrays and drinking milk are two methods of taking in Vitamin D. Just make sure to wear some sunscreen if you’re going to be out in the sun a while… reduces skin damage/wrinkling, and risk for skin cancer.

So there you have it, yet another way to keep your testosterone production healthy.  For more advice on how to keep your testosterone levels at their optimum (and ways to increase male libido naturally), check this out…

Have a good one!!

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