Proof That Stomach Fat Leads to Lower Testosterone

stomach fat leads to low testosterone study 200x300 Proof That Stomach Fat Leads to Lower TestosteroneI know this is a difficult area for many of us men…

As we age, it’s hard to fight the “battle of the bulge”: the gut just seems to accumulate fat, with almost everything we do… unless you’re one of those freaks of nature with a hyper fast metabolism up until old age.

In our teens and early 20’s, most of us could eat Taco Bell at 2 in the morning, and the next morning, bam… shit it all out,  and we’re back to having 6-pack abs.

Once you start reaching your late 20’s, early 30’s, everything you eat just “sticks”… and accumulates.

Add to this the sad fact that there is a stomach fat = low testosterone connection, and it makes having a gut more than just an unsightly annoyance.

But What Came First? The Low Testosterone or Belly Fat?

It seems to be they each contribute to each other… in a vicious cycle…

Low testosterone leads to an increase in stomach fat… and this increase in stomach fat in turn leads to lower testosterone, as well as other hormonal imbalances, like an increase in estrogen.

How do I know this works both ways?

Well, in this study, testosterone was given via injection or oral doses, and within 6 weeks, abdominal fat was significantly diminished in 9 out of 10 men. That’s quite a powerful effect testosterone has on stomach fat, and a man’s fat index in general…

But it wasn’t until recently that I confirmed the opposite = that stomach fat contributes to lower testosterone levels.

Study Proves Excess Abdominal Fat Leads to Low Testosterone!

However, this study has some concrete findings showing that a reduction in belly fat increases testosterone levels.

The first of it’s kind to prove to me that the sword cuts both ways…

Men who had a sleeve gastrectomy (a surgery where they remove a large portion of your stomach, so that you feel full quicker, leading to lower daily calorie intake) experienced a major increase in testosterone levels.

On average, the 24 obese men in the study had testosterone levels of 295 ng/dL before the surgery, and at 12 months after surgery, had an average testosterone level of 423 ng/dL.

The normal testosterone range is between 300 ng/dL and 1,000 ng/dL, meaning the surgery took most of these men from low testosterone to within a healthy range!

So Fight that Gut… But How?

abdominal fat and testosterone Proof That Stomach Fat Leads to Lower TestosteroneYou don’t have to have 6-pack abs, but shed some of the gut, and you will experience an increase in testosterone, which will lead to naturally harder, longer lasting erections, a higher libido, and a shorter refractory period!  All perks of high T levels!

Take in less calories. Burn more calories.

I’m a very practical person. It wasn’t until someone told me this that I saw a clear cut method of losing my gut = burn more calories than you take in each day, and you lose weight. A simple equation.

Now, following it is not as easy… a simple cheeseburger from McDonald’s has 313 calories… I ran yesterday at a strong pace, on a treadmill, at an incline, for 10 minutes, til I was dripping wet with sweat… and I only burned about 100 calories…

But the good news is, with some cardio like that, your metabolism increases for the rest of day…

So keep the equation in your mind, and do some cardio… little by little.

Not to mention the increased circulation from the cardio will lead to better erection quality, and the boost in endorphins will improve your mood.

Don’t cut out all carbs…

Shock your system with a low carb diet, and you will destroy your T levels… The aim here is stronger testosterone production, right?

Eat carbs… they give you a good energy boost, positive state of mind, are essential for testosterone production, and help metabolism.

Try and eat more grainy carbs, like brown rice, and cut out all fluffy, starchy, crappy carbs, like crackers, cookies, etc.

Start your day off with a fibrous cereal and some coffee

How do you lose weight? The quickest way is by literally “dropping” that weight… out of your body.

Start as many days as possible with a “weight-loss” cereal, and some coffee, and you’ll kickstart your metabolism… leading to a literal drop in weight early in the day…

Drink Plenty of Milk!

A number of studies have shown that drinking milk reduces body weight.

Dairy in general… whether it be cheese, milk, yogurt… however you ingest your dairy, drink/eat up, and you’ll shed some excess weight!

Get your sleep!

Having a full night’s rest recharges your testosterone levels, improves circulation, and boosts metabolism.

Not sleeping well leads to the opposite = poor circulation, a low testosterone charge, and a slow metabolism.

To make things even worse, when you are not sleeping well, you have an increase in ghrelin (hormone that makes you hungry), and a decrease in leptin (the hormone that tells you you’re full)… and a craving for extra fatty foods…

Meaning you will be hungrier all day, and never have something in you telling you to stop…

Few nights in a row of this, and you will be sabotaging your weight loss goals, and a poor victim will get caught in the cross fire = your libido and erection strength.

Quick tips for sleeping better:

  • Small “carby” snack right before bed, speeds up the “falling asleep” process and keeps you asleep
  • Cut off electronics for some time before sleeping, they disrupt melatonin (the hormone that makes you sleepy).
  • Getting some sunlight that day, boosts your melatonin
  • Doing exercise that day, helps you sleep better due to the physical exhaustion (don’t exercise too late though; it will keep you up!)
  • Sex! Ejaculating helps you to sleep better.

Follow these guidelines, and you will shed stomach fat… which will lead to higher testosterone levels, which will in turn shed more gut… and so on and so on. A POSITIVE cycle for once!

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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