My Journey Into Natural Penis Enlargement

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I first heard about natural penis enlargement techniques in my late teens… I came across a site showing a man’s small flaccid penis (before picture) and his later, much larger flaccid penis. I was sold. I purchased the guide, and didn’t have money to go out for months thanks to that purchase. Well anyway, with my negative attitude, the incompleteness of the guide, and nobody to speak to about it, I pretty much gave up.

Until I a few years later…I had a girlfriend whom I had dated for three years that I was in love with. I took her virginity, I would sleep over at her house, I planned on marrying and having kids with her. Until, well, she went to summer school while I was in my freshman year of college.

During this summer school, she made friends with some kid I remembered from when I went to high school…I figured him to be a young little kid, with nothing to compete with me.  Well I should have acted sooner.  She told me they were just friends, and that she was hooking him up with her friend… little by little I hear they are hanging out more and more, sometimes out of school.  I tried to be trusting (more like I was a total idiot, too soft to do anything, and afraid to lose her) and I allowed her to hang out with him, thinking I was still alright.

Until she started hanging out with him when WE were supposed to hang out. I asked her best friend (a girl), and the girl mentioned to me that I should have been able to tell that she was cheating. She said I should have been able to tell because the guy had a humongous penis, and that it should have made her vagina wider! It hurts just to think and write about it still…I asked her how she knew, and she said my girlfriend (now EX-girlfriend) had showed her his penis, just to show it off.

While in disgusting shame and breakup pain, I did nothing. But a short time after, I felt that I would feel better if I was able to make my penis larger; for my own self esteem, and for the pleasure of any future partners. Combining my old guide with some newer sources and information, I put together a fairly decent natural penis enlargement routine. These were all manual exercises, and things I could do at home.

Getting To Work

So I started doing my natural penis enlargement routine…I moved out on my own about that time, so I had my own apartment, which made these exercises convenient (doing them while others is at home makes it difficult, especially if done in the shower like I do it). I spent about half an hour to 45 minutes for about 3 days at a time, then I’d take a break.

The penis enlargement exercises involved stretching the penis and engorging it with more blood for extended periods of time, amongst a number of other techniques. At first all I really noticed was that it was somewhat fatter, and that I got a lot more erections. Also my flaccid penis size had increased (more some days than others).

It felt great now when I’d be dancing with girls at parties, clubs, etc. Many times they’d comment and say I had a big dick!..especially one time when a black girl told me that, and if she was black she must have seen some black guys penises before, and you know what they say about that!  All jokes aside, there’s some truth to that myth.

Well anyway, the length didn’t increase for quite a while. I started at about 5.9″ in length, and at this time I was barely over six inches; average penis size. So throughout little improvements here and there, and a couple of tips from natural penis enlargement veterans, I noticed I started to gain some length.  Not only was the flaccid penis hanging a LOT more, but my erection length had increased to a little more than 7 inches.  The erect girth had increased as well.  I went to a strip club with some coworkers the other day, and a stripper grabbed my penis…no big surprise.  She told me that I was big, and in my head I was like “whatever, she must feel tell this to every guy she grabs in here.” But then she grabbed her friends hand and put it on my dick, and her friend says “wow, he’s strapped!”.  What an ego boost!

The exercise routine at this time took me about 30-45 minutes.   Since then I have much improved my natural penis enlargement routine, and learned how to maximize size gains with the least amount of time.  For an in depth description of my natural penis enlargement techniques, click here…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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  1. i know how he felt , because it has happened to me more then just once try three times me now a 47 year old man still with that small penis when flacid its maybe 2” but i say 1 1/2 and when errect 4 to 4 1/2 cut inches but its grith maybe a little bigger than a quarter its so damn embarressing ,i have this girl living with me her so called boyfriend (who is married) chokes her and hits her all the time she says she done with him then two days later she back with him again ,i seen a video of him and his wife he a little bigger then me , she knows how much i like her ,in fact i even told her i was in love with her( i know that was dumb but she knows i want her but still will not sleep with me i’ve told her in texts about my sizes even showed her a pic as i told her i’d die from embarressment but was wanting to still go with it she says its how you work it (not size ) any help from anyone in how to get her away from him to me and i dont even charge her she lives here for free and i even feed her and take her to the cardinals football games season tickets instead of takin friends i ‘m in need of help landing the girl i love and i’ve not even sleep with her yet

  2. i know one thing david soon as i land any work side job or any extra money im getting your program i need to gain more inches i dont want to be alone anymore without sex its been 12yrs yes 12yrs it just masks me sick knowing that because of my size no self esteem any more

    • Hope I can be of some help. Tell you what, after your order, send me an email with the title “RandyBlogDiscount” and I’ll give you a refund on half the price of the guide. Hope it would help.

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