“What do women prefer when it comes to Penis Size: Length or Girth?”

I generally hear that women prefer girth over length when it comes to penis size.

As a fully grown adult, I was always told that I have a thick penis, however my length was not all that impressive (before I began penis enlargement exercises that is;)

I did a little research, and wanted to hear it from the women themselves.  Straight from the horse’s mouth!  Just kidding…

In one forum they asked the question: “what is more important for women when it comes to penis size: length or girth?”

Here’s the ladies’ responses (they also include some of their general thoughts on men and penis size):


Lady 1:

If I was able to request the perfect penis size to fullfill my needs perfectly…I’d go with longer and thinner. I’m not that crazy about anything under 6 inches in length. Makes it harder to reach my G-spot when a man is under 6 inches. I’m happy with 6.5 inches thru 7.5 inches. My pending/future b/f is 8 inches in length. I’m not complaining. I think anything longer than that would be somewhat uncomfortable.

Girth? It’s more about length with me. If a man is too wide, it makes oral slightly more difficult.

Every woman has their preferance when it comes to size. Some like them bigger and others don’t care.

If a man was on the smaller side, it wouldn’t stop me from dating him, but it might take a little more effort getting me to “o”

Lady 2:

5 inches to 6 1/2 a little thick…

Lady 3:

I don’t care if I get flamed for this but personally I prefer bigger penises. It’s just what turns me on more, thats my preference.

Lady 4:

I was once with a guy who has a pretty long one, but it was also pretty thin. It made it really easy to go down on him, which was great for me. I hate having to go down on big, thick ones to the point where I gag. I only have a small mouth!

When it comes to actual sex, I think an average combination of both. One or the other just doesn’t feel right to me.

Lady 5:

as long as he knows what hes doing and the foreplay is awesome, i don’t necessarily have a preference. depends on the guy

Lady 6:

Length: I’d have problems if it was so short many positions are limited or if it’s so long it hurts. Other than that it’s all good.

Girth: too big means no head… if I can’t get my mouth around it, it’s not much fun. On the other hand, smaller than average to slightly bigger than average is all good in my books.

The problems with length could potentially be bigger than the problems related to girth. Length is more important than girth IMO.

Lady 7:

if we’re talking strictly size…i’d go with both average length and girth. it has to be hard. i don’t need (or want) a big huge one. i can come from the “average” size. as long as he’s good!

Lady 8:

I don’t like the long thin ones myself.. I think oral with a really long one is rather unpleasant…and if it’s TOO thin, you can hardly feel it going in you.
I think average or a bit above average and a bit on the thicker side is just right.

I’ve never been with anyone who was HUGE, but I have been with bf’s who were rather bigger and that didn’t necessarily make the sex better. Hitting your cervix all the time, is rather painful!

Yeah.. right.. you dont’ need a guy who’s above average in length to get off with him. that’s a myth!

Lady 9:

I am not a fan of length since it can be painful for me if too long, so i would prefer girth to length if i had a choice.

Lady 10:

Of the two, I’d go for girth

Lady 11:

Girth, all the way.

Obviously don’t want a guy to be TOO short, but as long as his penis is at least 6in there shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m a pretty short girl so…

Lady 12:

Size doesn’t matter if the guy knows how to use what he has. Generally speaking, I prefer girth over length.

My thoughts:

A couple of things stood out to me when I was reading these ladies’ answers.

The first thing that stood out to me was the lady saying she needed a longer penis in order to hit her g-spot.  She must be misinformed, as the G-Spot is within an inch or two of the entrance of the vagina… she must be confusing the cervix with the G-spot.

Next thing I noticed was that women really love to give head!

Women would even prefer a smaller penis just so they can suck it easier!  I love these divine sexual creatures!

As you can see from these responses, on average, most women prefer penis girth over length, however some wouldn’t give up their preference for length.

I’ve come across questions like this quite a bit, and girth usually seems to be the victor.

If you are interested in increasing the size of your penis (length AND girth), manual penis enlargement exercises are one option.

I’ve researched on these penis enlargement exercises for years now, and though my commitment has been off-and-on over the years, I’ve stuck to these exercises with a grown-mans determination for some time now…

I’ve gained about 1.5 inches in erect length since my starting point, and about an inch or so in extra girth (measured around the shaft).

There are exercises that concentrate on increasing penis length, and then there are others that concentrate on increasing your penis girth.

Due to the fact that I’ve always had a pretty good girth, I haven’t committed much to gaining thickness.  If I wanted to, I could have concentrated more on making my penis thicker, but mostly I’ve wanted a longer erection and flaccid penis size, and penis enlargement has worked very well for me in those regards.

If you’d like to increase the girth of your penis, learn more about natural penis enlargement here: How to Make your Penis Fatter with Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

As I mentioned, these penis enlargement exercises work for length as well.

Have a good one!

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  1. My wife tells me she loves my fat penis. I’m about 6.5″ long but my penis is pretty big in diameter. My wife of 35 years tells me it fills her up. She was a widow when I met her and she told me her first husband had a long skinny penis. She said she didn’t like it that much. So girth is the answer from my wife.

    • Good stuff, Don. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Don, girlfriends and wifes always say their previous man had not as impressive penis and balls as yours… when in fact they almost always do not say the truth… can you imagine life with your wife if he says her previous lover had huge cock and nice big heavy balls..???

  2. Hi my girl wants me to post my size and gith, here goes: I’m 9 long and very thick, she loves giving me head, and vaginal as well, I’m surprised nobody posted if they have a straight, crooked, or curved 1 but perhaps that’s a different post, I know she goes crazy with mine, for those curious she says curved for 2 reasons, 1 better giving head and 2 hits the gspot perfectly, well there U go…

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