Do You Last Longer As You Get Older? A Hidden Benefit of Aging

do you last longer the older you get
As a youngster (teens and early 20’s), I was always a quick shooter.

Premature ejaculation was the norm… quick masturbation habits, combined with raging testosterone and the newness of sex, lead to me being unable to withhold ejaculation.

The plus side of this was I was able to get a quick erection after cumming, thanks to a short refractory period.

I tried different things… numbing sprays, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Each had their benefits, but not being able to last long during sex on my own was pretty depressing and frustrating.

And the numbing sprays would kill my erection, as would the alcohol if I wasn’t careful…

I had many a girlfriend who wanted more than what I could give them… and this lead to insecurity on my part, and often a self-fulfilling prophecy of the women leaving or cheating on me… most likely more due to my insecurity (and acting needy or weird because of this insecurity), than my actual poor performance… (although in a few instances, it was the actual bad sex that caused the break).

Luckily, in my mid 20’s, fed up with my premature ejaculation, I did extensive research on how to mentally last longer during sex, which greatly helped improve my sexual performance. With enough practice of these solo exercises, I began to learn the ins and outs of my mental and physical arousal and with some effort, was able to keep them in check.

But it still required some effort… until I got a bit older…

One Of Many Upsides To Getting Older… You Last Longer As You Get Older

With age, you last longer during sexGetting older has its good and bad sides to it…

Sure, losing some hair, getting a wrinkle here and there, hair where you don’t want it, gaining a little gut… not fun.

However, there are many perks to getting older.

The experience… in life and with women, is awesome. You know yourself better, you know others better, you maneuver through life effortlessly… you know what you want, you don’t have the need to please people… as opposed to the young, hormone filled teen or young adult, who awkwardly bumps through life.

Ever see an older man with a hot ass young chick and wonder why? Sure, the money attained with the knowledge helps, but it’s more than this… women love a man who knows about life.

With age comes patience…

With age comes the know-how on how to make a woman orgasm.

And as you get older, you may lose the washboard abs, but gain gain “grown man strength”… an inner, tougher, more powerful strength.

This strength not only allows you to lift more in the gym, but makes you stronger in other physical activities…

I can recall a time I was roughhousing with an older co-worker when I worked at a restaurant in my late teens. He was a friend who worked in the kitchen, and must have been in his late 30’s. We were the same height, but he was immovable… he felt like a solid statue, when I tried to push him (I was a rough kid… who knows why) and when he decided to, he dropped me in a second… He wasn’t abnormally large, muscle-wise. It was an inner strength he had.

I’ve seen this own inner strength of mine shine in certain scenarios, where I’m impressed at what I’m able to do physically now at my age (35).

This mental strength, this experience of life, and this slight gut (which leads to a reduction in the over-the-top, acne-causing surge of testosterone that occurs during our teens) combines to let you last longer as you get older.

While younger, I had learned to use ejaculation control tactics to last longer during sex, but still had to strain in order not to cum… now it just comes naturally.

Ejaculation Control and Experience Can Be Gained, Even While Younger

But if you’re young, you may thinking… “shit, I gotta get old and fat in order to overcome my premature ejaculation?”

No, that’s not the case.

Whenever the novelty, or newness, of having sex with someone begins to wear off, you will have desensitized to them somewhat… and gained experience with them.

In most cases, you will (on average, at least) be able to last longer during sex with them (with this one person at least).

However… even in older gentlemen, when having sex with somebody new, somebody incredibly hot, or after not having ejaculated for a long time… premature ejaculation is normal.

That is why the following common sense things help you to last longer during sex:

  • Never have sex with a loaded gun (ejaculate the night before… not the same day, because in that case, you won’t feel very aroused mentally)
  • Urinate right before you are going to have sex
  • Don’t start penetrating speedily right from the jump… start off slower
  • Keep mental check on your arousal levels… don’t let your mind and body start the exponential climb towards orgasm… keem them plateaued
  • Learn to get her off orally, so should your penis fail, you will know she had an orgasm. This will take some pressure off, which on its own will allow you to last longer by keeping your mind at ease

As mentioned, as a youngster, I learned how to overcome premature ejaculation, even when my premature ejaculation was at it’s worse. If you’re interested in learning how to last longer during sex, I outline how I did that here… This guide will also help in the case of older men who are still experiencing premature ejaculation… with some men sticks around! I can help there, as well.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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