Can a Girl Tell How Big Your Penis is While Grinding/Dancing on You?

I’ve always wondered this…

I remember going to the high school prom with this hot dancer from my school.  Wearing those extremely thin tuxedo pants, it was hard to hide the size of my little flaccid penis, so I kept my distance from her while dancing.

I also remember a few other times where I felt a little “less than manly” while dancing with a girl, and I was positive she could feel the tinyness of my flaccid penis.

Many times I would try and shake my penis around to get a little blood going to it before I pushed into a woman’s backside.

Good news is, with penis enlargement exercises I’ve been able to greatly increase the size of my flaccid penis, so I no longer worry.

In more recent times, I remember one time dancing with this one chick, who’s friend later came up and told me that she heard I had a big dick… so she had to  to feel something!

I wanted to find out if women could tell how big a man’s penis is while grinding, so on a quest for the truth I asked the following question on an answers forum:

“Question for girls who have “grind” danced before?”

“I always wondered this… when dancing real close, do you ever pay attention to how big the guys “johnson” is? Like can you actually feel it?

And have you ever walked away from dancing with a guy because he felt “small”?

Hope I didn’t offend anyone.. its honestly always been a curiosity to me.  Thanks”

The responses from women on grinding and penis size:

-“Haha funny question but yes I’ve paid attention. You can sorta feel it but not really. And I haven’t ever walked away because it doesn’t matter how big it feels/is. I just wanna dance! Hope I helped :)”

-“haha nope. i honestly can not say that no one cares if youre “small”, when youre grinding that is…”

-“You can’t really tell the size through their pants and etc, unless they get a boner I suppose.”

-“I have only danced like that with my guy.  He has an extra big Johnson and it hangs down his pant leg. When I grind on him, he gets excited and it is very noticeable !”
-“At times I do (like 85%)! But at the end im just having fun.  My experience.”

-“Most people who dance don’t even think about stuff like that. That is like so random. I wouldn’t like it if a guy grinded on me anyway especially if they didn’t ask me to dance. Most guys who do grind don’t even ask the girl to dance with them. They just come up behind the girl and start grinding and I find that very rude.”

-“When I have been in the situation you described and I could feel a bulge, but not well enough to judge it’s size. I certainly have not stopped dancing with someone because it felt too small. In this scenario does the man get an erection? If he did, then maybe the woman could tell how big it is. I hope this helps.”

-“I have only grinded with my guy but several of my girlfriends have danced with him too. They all commented that he had a huge boner. They don’t know but they’re right!”

-“well she can tell if its small large or jumbo but other than that”

-“I dont usually feel for it, I just go with it, usually the guy likes it though, and no I’ve never walked away from a guy cause it’s too small”

-“of course”

-“hahah I mean you cant really miss it but && no its not that big of a deal to walk away”

-“i don’t think so. I sat on this guy, and his thing felt big,, but then when he took it out, it was small and he was black. o.o”

-“Uhm you cant feel it unless they have an erection. & most likely they wouldn’t have one. Because that would make things awkward.”

-“They can get an idea, but you know, sometimes people get those, like, half erections, so not for sure.”

-“johnson lmao.i have felt it before.and no size doesn’t matter.”

-“yes you can tell and NO i have never walked away that is kinda cruel haha besides he might have a small johnson and be extremely cute to make out with :P”

-“I can’t tell size but would know if you are packing or carrying a pinky sized one.”


Well actually there was not a unanimous decision here, but it appears that most women can feel something there.  I for one can feel a lot more “impact” while dancing up on a woman, and feel her booty circling my “serpent” around.

This also makes it easier for me to get an erection while grinding because not only is there more friction and stimulation, but I have less anxiety.
But something else came up in these answers, the repeated point that the penis size is not all that important.

It’s probably just important to our ego’s.  But we are men… are ego’s are important to us!

Well, if you’re shallow like me, and would like to know how to safely and permanently make your flaccid penis bigger, click here: Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises.

See ya at the club next week!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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