Can Jelqing Cause Permanent Damage To Your Penis?

can jelqing cause permanent damageOne of the main concerns someone might have before doing penis enlargement exercises is if jelqing will cause permanent damage to your penis.

It’s understandable.

Growing up, our penis is something not really touched or used unless urinating, cleaning or masturbating / having sex. Someone kicks you in the penis — or more likely the nuts — and it hurts.

That’s all we know about that area down there. Seems to be a sensitive organ / area.

Then come along some strange instructions that ask us to pull on and “milk” our penis like a cow is milked. Instructions found online, not by doctors, not by any reputable third party sources… kind of scary to do.

Well I can say, I’ve personally performed natural penis enlargement exercises for a long time now.

I’ve beat the hell out of my penis… I’ve pulled it backwards “BTC” or between the cheeks. I’ve hung 25 lbs from it for 10 minutes using a “hanger”. I’ve done 500 jelqs in one sitting, and I’ve pumped it up like a balloon in order to work on girth.

In this time, I’ve not had any painful injuries, or damage from jelqing or other exercises. To the contrary… I’ve had a healthier, livelier penis, with a much larger penis size and much harder erections.

I learned penis enlargement from men who’ve been doing it for years as well without issue. I’ve taught my personal PE knowledge and routine to thousands of men, who have only written back to me with positive results.

With that being said… this is my experience. I’ve never come across anyone who had any permanent damage from jelqing. Is there a possibility it can cause damage? Anything is possible… However, in my extensive research and sharing of information with tens of thousands of men, I haven’t seen it in myself, nor in others.

Your penis is much stronger than you may believe. It can really take a beating without issues (note: properly warming up, and getting your penis adjusted to the exercises is important before going all in. Also, proper grip during jelqing is key to avoid any pressure on the dorsal nerves).

A bigger penis without downsides is pretty much the outcome of jelqing.

Things I DID Experience when First Doing Penis Enlargement

When I first started penis enlargement, the extra pressure in my penis…. my penis wasn’t used to it.  So these TINY little pin-sized dots came out on my penis head.  Maybe 5 or 6 TINY little red spots.

I take it they were almost like minuscule bruises, but they were painless. They were very small, and disappeared after a couple of days. They reappeared a couple of times, but never came back again.

I read about this happening with several other first timers.

Within a couple of weeks of doing penis enlargement, they stopped appearing altogether. My penis had grown accustomed to the exercises, and they never reappeared again.

Lymph Vessel Under Penis Head Was “Shocked” By The Exercises – Painless, Went Away On It’s Own

About a year into the exercises, I had gained some good size already, and had become a little overzealous with the exercises.

I was doing them maybe 5 or 6 days a week, and really going at it, with 500 very hard pressure jelqs a day. Kind of overdoing it, to be honest.

Can’t recall what the specific exercise was that caused it, or when it occurred, but I remember getting an erection one day, and feeling what felt like a hard vein under my penis head. It was about a centimeter long, and poked out a bit. It felt very weird.

Painless… but something felt off.

I am not going to lie, this one freaked me out… I said to myself “there it goes… this is the big payment for what I’ve been doing to my penis. I didn’t respect my penis. Everyone was right, this was too good to be true…. my dick is done”

Well… thankfully, this hard vein thing turned out to be a hardened lymph vessel, and completely went away in about a week with rest.

It did serve as a warning, though — to respect my penis — but thankfully, this has never occurred again (and yes, this was before I hung the 25 lbs off my penis)… this also taught me, there’s no rush.  There’s nowhere to go, but “bigger”.

Penis Enlargement Works – And Permanent Damage from Jelqing is Not Likely to Occur — But Prepare Correctly, Perform the Exercises Correctly, and Respect Your Penis

Over the years, I’ve researched substantially on natural penis enlargement, with one of the main areas being safety, potential injuries, and long-term effects.

Before even attempting penis enlargement, I made sure to research significantly on this aspect of the exercises. All I’ve found, in the long run, is a bigger, harder erection and larger flaccid size. I’ve come across even medical doctors who perform these exercises…

Your penis is very strong… very resilient. But you need to respect it.

If you want a bigger penis, but safety is a concern of yours, my guide and personal penis enlargement routine take all of the necessary precautions – see here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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