Penis Weight Hanging – Does It Work to Increase “Size”?

penis weight hangingIn the realm of natural penis enlargement techniques, there are two major schools: those who do manual techniques, and those who use weight hangers to increase penis size.

While extension devices and penis/vacuum pumps have also been shown to increase length, and girth (respectively), neither of them has as many followers as the manual and penis weight hanging “camps”.

Being that I’m open to all forms of natural penis enlargement, and figure most have to have their pros and cons, I gave a weight hanger a chance a few years back. There are a couple of weight hanging devices you can purchase online that are actually pretty “professional” looking, as far as penis enlargement devices go. Many of them have a made-in-the-garage look to them, but there are a couple of better put together models out there.

And being that I heard about so many men using these “hangers” to increase penis size (mainly the length), without any major claims of injury, I figured I’d give penis weight hanging a try.

I purchased one of the better put together hangers online for $60 something dollars. You attach it right behind the head of your penis, and it tightens to the shaft (you don’t want it slipping up and down your shaft!), and it has a hook hanging from the end.  It is designed not to put pressure on the very important dorsal nerve bundle on the top of the shaft, right behind the head.

At first, I would hang a gallon water bottle with increasing levels of water, and I hung this from the weight hanger for about 10 minutes at a time.

I then started adding weight.  I added 5 pounds to the hanger… then 10.  I got up to 25 pounds in weight.

It was quite interesting, and effective, but I stopped penis weight hanging after a couple of weeks for a few reasons

I noticed a good increase in flaccid size when using the weight hanger, but didn’t really give it enough to time to see erect gains. I quite after a couple weeks, due to concerns over a couple of things:

1) I was single at the time I started doing the penis weight hanging, so privacy permitted these hanging sessions… but I soon got into a relationship, and having all these contraptions and weights in my closet (that you wouldn’t want a girlfriend, let alone a new girlfriend see) was quite awkward, plus I didn’t have the time to do it.  It was a bit of a mission to set everything set up, too, and you needed complete privacy, which is not always easy.

2) Sometimes after hanging for 10 minutes, I took off the contraption, and my penis was a deep purple, and very cold/lifeless… I’ve beat the hell out of my dick with penis enlargement exercises, but even this scared me… I would slap it around and it would revert back to normal soon after, but I sent an email to maker of the device, who told me this was normal… however… at the end of this day, none of this stuff is really approved by the higher ups in the medical community, so this was a bit concerning.

For these two reasons, I cut my experiment short.

I prefer manual natural penis enlargement methods, because they work to increase both both length and girth, and can be done without the need for all the setup and privacy.  I also perform my penis enlargement exercises in the shower, which is quick, easy and inconspicuous.

However, with that being said, many men have claimed to make big gains with penis weight hangers… so if you want to give it a try, I don’t see why not.

As to the manual exercises, I’ve learned quite a bit how to make my penis bigger with my hands, adding more than an inch in length, some good girth, and a much bigger flaccid size. For my guide to these techniques, as well as my own personal routine, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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