Can’t Get Hard When High? Here’s What You Have To Do

how to get hard while high

I remember the first time having sex when I was high… beginner’s luck I guess, as to getting an erection…

Me and my girlfriend at the time Samantha, at her mother’s house. We were teenagers, but her parents could care less what we did in her room.

We smoked a joint in her bathroom, and then laid down to watch a movie.

Not before long, those teenage hormones kicked in, and I began exploring Samantha’s body… But with the fog of marijuana over the brain, there was so much more to it this time… it felt so… intriguing… exciting… mysterious.. and we were both VERY aroused…

I was hard in no time… and before long, I was entering her.

The actual physical sensation of penetration felt like pulses of electric pleasure shooting from my penis throughout my body… she must have been feeling the same in her body. I lasted much longer during sex while high than I usually did (I was a premature ejaculator back then, big time).

When finished, we lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, amazed at how great the sex felt.

We agreed, it was electrical…  and continued to do it from then on… but I wasn’t always so lucky with getting an erection while high with other women after this.

The Following Times Having Sex After This Beginner’s Luck Session, I Couldn’t Get An Erection After Smoking Weed… Till I Learned Some Things

Shortly after Samantha I dated a girl by the name of Janet…

She liked to smoke weed, way more than me… she put me to shame a couple of times, where I had to tap out. And she pretty much told me to man up…. it was bad.

Anyway, early on in our getting to know each other, Janet and I smoked a bit, and we had her house to herself.

It was our first time messing around at such an intense level, and we started out with some foreplay… She pulled her amazingly large breasts out, and I began to suck on them… meanwhile, nothing was happening down in my penis.

It was dead… my dick was completely dead…

I began to freak out (worst thing to do when your erection doesn’t want to work), and no matter what Janet did with her mouth or her hands, my penis was a sad, shriveled thing, just laying there… road kill.

Definitely not impressive.

The smoke had completely overcome my mind, and overpowered my penis from experiencing any life.

Her and I never ended up doing anything… I was too embarrassed. I kind of left things as they were, and never spoke to Janet again.

To this day, if she ever sees me, she probably thinks I’m a punk…

Luckily, in time, I learned how to overcome this problem… without having to kick the sensi.

So What… If You Can’t Get Hard While High, What’s The Secret to Overcoming This Problem?

How to get hard when smoking weedThis situation that happened with Janet happened with a few other women.

The problem was not so much the marijuana. As long as you don’t COMPLETELY over do the marijuana, and smoke WAY more than you should, the only difference between getting an erection when high and not high, is it takes a little more building up of the mental arousal.

Get creative here… when you’re high, you’re creative. Now get “creatively freaky” with whatever you like about her naked body…

If you have problems with sexual performance anxiety to begin with (as many men do, including myself when I was younger), than marijuana will just exacerbate this problem.

Yes, marijuana has a sort of “smogging” effect on your arousal and erections, which may take you a bit longer to get fully hard, but take your time and enjoy the ride until full erection. Once you break through the fog, and once you get it up, you will have the funnest, and most exciting / interesting / mental sex you can have… and the “electricity” feels great.

Just remember, don’t over do it… not only for the sex’s sake. Once you’re high, you’re high… overdoing it is just abusing it, and you’re just going to “fry” yourself out.

If you have problems with sexual performance anxiety, a sort of mental block to getting an erection, than take a look at my guide to overcoming mental ED here…

For exercises and things you can do to strengthen the physical part of your erections, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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