Coital Alignment Technique for Female Orgasm – Does It Work?

coital alignment technique

The coital alignment technique – or CAT position – makes sense when it comes to giving women orgasms.

It makes a ton of sense….

You’re using the least sensitive part of your penis, along with your pelvis (which has no sexual nerve endings — hopefully), to rub her most sensitive part… her clitoris.

Especially when you take into account that many of us guys naturally have “quick triggers”, and that the average female orgasm takes longer to reach than the average male orgasm… it sounds fantastic.

But have you tried the coital alignment technique, at least how it’s described in most places?

It just doesn’t seem all that effective for some reason. At first glance at least.

I use a variation of the technique to make women orgasm, and it has worked wonders with many women, over several years, but the “cutting like a saw” into the clit just seemed a bit ineffective the times I tried it.

However, with some research, I came to find that 1) I probably needed better instructions, 2) I just needed more practice, and 3) it’s pretty damn effective… not just in my recent experience, but in several scientific studies.

First off, I’m going to show you what science has to say about the coital alignment technique (yes, there are some freaky scientists out there), then I’m going to give you in-depth instructions into the technique, and how to make it work for you and the misses.

What Science has to Say About the C.A.T. and its Ability to Give a Woman an Orgasm

Does the CAT work for female orgasm

Science gives the CAT a big thumb’s up.

Studies, while not large, have shown that couples who perform the coital alignment technique, and perform it correctly, have better sex, which results in more orgasms for the female.

It’s almost as if the CAT was created in a lab… in this first study it says:

“To enhance male-female sexual compatibility, principles of physical alignment were formulated to make clitoral contact possible in coitus…. It was hypothesized that the Alignment technique would correlate with high frequency of female orgasm and partner simultaneity”.

86 couples were split into two groups, 43 that learned the coital alignment technique, and 43 couples who had no idea how to do the dirty CAT.

There were significant improvements in the couples who performed the CAT, including greater:

  • orgasmic attainment during sex for the women
  • simultaneous orgasm
  • “complete and satisfying” orgasms

The better they stuck to the rules of the technique, the more they experienced these above-mentioned benefits.

In this study, 36 women and their husbands were randomly assigned to two groups, one visiting a workshop on the coital alignment technique (19 couples) and the other on directed masturbation (17 couples).

Both workshops lead to significant improvements in orgasm consistency during intercourse, stronger orgasms, and overall number of orgasms experienced. The major difference between both groups was in the increases in orgasm consistency during intercourse, with the coital alignment technique having an even better outcome.

If you’re lady is having trouble having an orgasm, give the ol’ CAT a try.

How To Perform The Coital Alignment Technique

How to stimulate the clitoris during sex

When it comes to the female orgasm, clitoral stimulation is key.

And with the clit being so far off from the vaginal opening, most methods of penetration just don’t cut it when it comes to her orgasm.

With the CAT, you make a tweak to the normally bland missionary position, to put that pressure on the clit she needs to get off.

1. Get into the missionary position, but rather than holding yourself up by the hands, upper body raised, lay on your lady a bit, distributing most the weight on your forearms and thighs, knees and lower legs.

2. You want to maintain close contact the whole time you’re doing the coital alignment technique.  You want to use your pelvis and the base of your penis to give her clitoris a close, right, rough rub. Keep your hips in a downward angle.

3. The key here is not thrusting, but slow, sensual, soft rocking motions that build a fire of arousal in both your loins. With delicate and controlled movements, rock up and down rather than back and forth, and rub your shaft against her clitoris. Your penis won’t be completely inside of her, as much of it will be facing downward, rubbing hard into her clitoris.  However, try and at least keep the tip inside of her. You want to “stand up inside of it”.

How To Do The CAT Position

4. Ask her to “answer back” to your motions, so you guys move in sync. Also, keeping her legs tight together, or wrapped around yours, helps to bring the clitoris up closer to you, and allows you to work on it more surgically and precise.

5. Repeat this rock and ride motion, gently pushing your pelvises and hips together, as you maintain constant pressure and stimulation. Soon, you’ll get into a matching rhythm.

It’s not as violent and dominating as most penetration looks like in porn, but it sure gets the job done better!

Also, if you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, the coital alignment technique is using the least sensitive area of your penis, so you’ll be able to last much longer than during normal penetration. Also helps if you’re smaller than average, as size isn’t relevant in this position, as long as you’re rubbing her clitoris with your shaft or pelvis.

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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