Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction: My Own Embarrassing Tales

Mental block to getting an erection

Mental block erectile dysfunction — an inability to get hard before sex for psychological reasons — strikes men of all ages.

One age group gets hit especially hard, however. This is young men just starting out in their sex lives.  Generally these men have spent the early part of their puberty getting erections and masturbating without issue, but then when they start having actual sex, the anxiety blocks their arousal from reaching their erection.

In time, some of these men learn how to overcome the mental ED… for others, it just gets worse.

I myself had problems with getting an erection before sex when I was younger. Sometimes I was drunk, but I can’t totally blame my inability to get hard on the alcohol, as  I had many successful sexual experiences while drunk — as long as I was comfortable (Key #1 to Overcoming Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction = Be Comfortable)

Here’s three personal tales of embarrassment and shame thanks to this mental ED. Maybe you’ll relate, if you’re going through a similar issue:

“Why Can’t You Just Hump Me Like That Dog?”

mental block erectile dysfunctionWhen I was around 22 or 23 I briefly dated this extremely hot Venezuelan girl who was a bartender at Hooters.  She was 24, had a very tight body, caramel skin, gorgeous face, dark hair and eyes, thin waist, nice ass, and some nice sized tits…

I met her one day while I was working at a nearby restaurant. She was sitting at the bar with her almost equally hot friend, playing this little poker video game, and downing quite a few drinks over the period of the night.

We caught eyes for a few seconds, but she was so incredibly hot, I felt she was way out of my league.  Towards the end of the night, her almost equally hot friend came up to me and said that her friend liked me … long story short, I got the Venezuelan’s number, and by the end of the night, we were making out in the parking lot and I was able to get a pretty good sample of the goods.  Regardless of how drunk I was, my dick was working just fine… but I wasn’t putting it in anything.  Just a lot of making out and grabbing.

A short time later we went on a date.  We went to play pool, and over the course of the night, had quite a bit to drink.  After everything was said and done, we ended up at her friend’s house. Up to this point we had just felt on each other; no actual sex yet, though.

Her friend had a dog, that came up to my lady friend and began humping her leg violently… It was weird, but my girl laughed at the dog, but allowed it to continue to do so.  I had an irrational feeling of envy along with being entertained by it… but you know, strange feelings creep in when you’re drunk.  Also, I couldn’t blame the dog one bit.

After some time, we went inside, and went on the couch.  I was so drunk, I figured we’d just sleep it off.  Plus, I was anxious. So while laying there, Miss Venezuela unexpectedly pulls my pants and boxers down, and grabs my dick.  This was pre-natural penis enlargement days… so my flaccid penis size was quite small.  So the embarrassment of her feeling my tiny flaccid size, mixed with anxiety, and drunkenness = failed erection. The anxiety and embarrassment killed my erection more than the tequila shots…

She was pulling on my shriveled up dick when she tells me “Why can’t you just hump me like that dog?”… if she wasn’t holding my penis it probably would have inverted at that point.

If I was envious of the dog before, at this point, I reached a whole ‘nother level of feelings of inadequacy towards it. Long story short, I never got another chance with her. I just wasn’t man enough, or rather, “dog” enough, for her…


The Night I Was A Scallywag!

Aovercoming mental block before sexnother night, not too long after Miss Venezuela wrote me off, I went to a club “with the boys”.

I had one friend who went out with us named Mike who was pretty slimey at times, but nonetheless, still a good friend (I’ve known him since childhood).  He would wait and lay, like a catfish, and see which girls I made impact with and opened up, and then try and move in on them when I would move on to another one. Other than that, a great guy!

So on this night, we got there when the club was still just filling up.  This short, blonde Cuban chick with a tight black dress and an extra fat ass was sitting at a corner table with some friends, and she gave me the “fuck glare”… which I politely returned.

I made my way near where she was, and I calmly brought up some conversation with her.  We had some small talk, and she appeared quite open to me, and she mentioned something about noticing me when I walked in, out of everybody else who came in.  I’m no George Clooney, so hearing these things feels great (too bad it doesn’t happen more often). I returned some compliments and got up to get a drink…


Slimey Mike starts slithering his way over on the couch…

I walk back over and stare at Mike from afar and say “YO MIKE!!”… He guiltily smiles, and slithers himself away… not today, son… this one’s in the bag.

Long story short, me and Miss Chunky Ass get drunk and grind/dance all over the place. At the end of the night, my boys all struck out, and MIKE had to drive me and my prized-possession home.  Oh the glory…

When we get to my bedroom, and start fooling around, guess what… my dick doesn’t want to cooperate.  I repeat this point again… whisky dick is a great excuse (AND DOES NOT HELP), but it’s your anxiety and mental block that prevents you from getting an erction when inebriated more than the physical effects (which can be overcome, and actually used to your advantage to last longer).

So she starts playing with my dick, and after a while of it not responding, she calls me a “scallywag”… I know she meant it as a tough, mean joke.. and deep down she was probably insulted, but it still bothered me in a way.  This stupid three syllable word, which I always associated with pirates, just seemed to fit me at the moment.

I couldn’t get my dick up to please a big bootie biatch in my bed… so I was a scallywag.  It just made sense.

I didn’t have the fight in me (nor the self-esteem at the moment) to really defend myself, so I just took it, and went to sleep.

Next day, due to the embarrassment and anxiety, my dick still didn’t work.  I got hit with a nasty cycle of mental ED (erectile problems increase anxiety, increased anxiety increases erectile problems). She stuck around though, and a few weeks later I managed to get it up… but I just wished I would have saved all the time and embarrassment of being a scallyway.

Failing To Close The Deal In The Business Room

overcoming mental EDThis case occurred when I was a bit younger than the above-mentioned accounts, and alcohol played no role.

I was seeing this young Puerto-Rican hoochie… big tits, thin waist, fat ass… okay face. But her body was remarkable.

I had failed to perform while on a previous double date, in which me, her and the other couple ended up in a hot tub.  My penis started out erect, but when I tried to stick it in, I guess the chlorinated water dried her out, and my penis could not penetrate the fortress that was her labia.  I think the hot water cooking my testosterone-makers (testicles) didn’t help my erection all that much either.

So a few days later I’m at her house, hoping to make up for my previous poor performance. We were waiting for her mom to go grocery shopping, so we could have some private time.

The pressure was on… my dick had to work (Key #2 to Overcoming Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction = Don’t Put Pressure On Your Penis)

Some things that raised the anxiety and killed the arousal:

  • To start with, she lived in a pretty damn ghetto apartment complex
  • Her mom was a kind of scary looking cock-eyed lady, who’m I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying
  • She said she couldn’t wait for her mom to leave so we can go into her “business room” – what she called her bedroom

This was the worst of all.  Her room was a business room. I would have preferred “play room” (Key #3 to Overcoming Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction = Have Fun With Sex, Don’t Take It Too Seriously)… not to mention the fact that calling it a business room implies she probably “conducted a lot of business”, a.k.a. was probably a slut.

So when her “mother” left to go grocery shopping, we began some foreplay.  I began sucking on those beautiful tits, and she rode me/dry humped me with my clothes on. In not too long, I was fully hard.  Then she lead me to the business room………

When in there, I pulled my penis out, and rapidly fumbled around with the condom, trying to get it on my penis while it was still erect (Key #4 to Overcoming Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction = TAKE IT SLOOOOOOWWWWWW… rushing kills arousal).

Low and behold, in my rush, my erection/arousal began to flag a little. By the time I rolled the condom on, I had gone down to about 50% erect.  She helped line it up for me (the vagina was always lower than you thought it was, right?), and my erection was already kind of weak.  I finally got it in there, but it was so soft, it felt like a weak little worm floating around in a massive, heavy ocean of jell-o.

(For some reason, when you’re penis is not fully hard, it feels “overwhelmed” by the vagina, and can cause you to ejaculate sooner)

At least I managed to get it in there.. but I finished in under a minute.

She was disgusted…

She told me to take my business elsewhere…


How I Learned to Overcome Mental Block ED and Achieve Rock Hard Erections On Command… and Keep Them!

Shitty situations like the above mentioned taught me quite a bit about anxiety before sex, and how to work through it.  I learned lessons from all these scenarios and others, and also gathered knowledge from wiser, more experienced guys (when I finally got mature enough to open up and speak about these problems).

Thanks to this, I’ve learned how to overcome this psychological block to getting an erection every time. I’ve got the mind state down necessary to get rock hard erections on command.

Add in some natural penis enlargement exercises (which improve blood flow to the penis), erection strengthening exercises (which strengthen the kegel/pc muscle) and natural libido enhancement activities (which boost testosterone levels, give you stronger sex drive, and improve speed of becoming erect), and I can teach you how to become a penetrating machine with a fool-proof erection.

I’ve reached a point where I can be completely shit drunk, on a one night stand, with a girl I just met, who’s not that attractive, and you can bet on it, I’m getting hard. Rock hard. And after I ejaculate, I’m getting hard again…

For more information on how to strengthen your erections, achieve erections on command, and keep them until you’ve done your job (and done it right), click here:

Guide To Naturally Longer, Stronger Erections

Any questions you may have, feel free to put them in the comments section below!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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