How to Train Yourself To Last Longer in Bed

Training yourself to last longer during sex

A woman seems to need JUST A LITTLE BIT more penetration than you can give her in most cases, in order to orgasm. If this rings true for you, then you’re in luck – you’re going to learn how to train yourself to last longer in bed.

If you’re anything like I was, you orgasm, and your penis deflates, and she needed JUST a couple more strokes to reach orgasm!  It’s unfair how a woman and man’s final point are so “mismatched” as to the amount of stimulation needed!

I know first hand, women can get very tired of not being satisfied during sex. Some may stay, some may think of leaving (and are waiting for something better), some actually do leave… and some cheat.

Cold, hard truth.

But when armed with the proper weapons to do battle, you can be the warlord running things…

Train yourself to last longer in bed, and you can plow through MULTIPLE of her orgasms before you even get close to finishing… For a more indepth guide to lasting longer during sex, see here.

First off, what is not the right mind state (psychological premature ejaculation causes) to last longer in bed:

  • Having masturbated quickly while younger doesn’t lead to premature ejaculation, as many believe, but it does cause an association between sexual arousal and anxiety.  You need to undo this association as a first step to lasting longer.
  • Trying to “bang hard and fast” right from the jump… not allowing arousal to grow slowly, causes you to lose the control over your arousal needed to be a marathon man.
  • Rushing to the finish line, and THEN stopping RIGHT BEFORE EJACULATION, is a big mistake… once you reach that point of no return, you can stop for as long as you’d like… but your penis is not cooling off.  Not until you lose your erection completely will it have cooled off significantly… and by then, well, you have no erection.

You need to learn to take it slow… from the start. You can soon begin penetrating roughly and quickly, but “keep an eye on your thoughts” so to speak, and keep them at ease… stay mentally strong.

As you perform ejaculation control exercises on your own, you’ll train yourself to last longer in bed… and then when you do apply your newfound abilities in bed… your girl will notice.

When she’s clawing you in the back like an animal, squeezing up against you and orgasming, and you’re not even close to finishing, you will feel like king of the world.

I used to be really bad in bed.  I many a woman unsatisfied in bed in the early days of my sex life. My self-esteem was at an all time low.  But luckily, through all the BS, I’ve discovered that there are actually some effective ways to last longer in bed.  I’ve completely overcome my own premature ejaculation, and have helped thousands of other men all over the world do the same, with the help of my techniques.

I’ve helped men add 15 minutes to the amount of time they can last RIGHT AFTER READING my guide.  I’ve helped men go from ejaculating before even entering, to lasting until their girl has had more than a couple orgasms. For more effective ways to last longer during sex mentally that ACTUALLY work, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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