Pushups Increase Testosterone Production

pushups testosteroneIf you feel like you are suffering from low energy levels, lack of confidence, depression, mood swings, feelings of physical weakness, low libido, or anything among these lines, you may be suffering from low testosterone levels.

Men’s testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day (higher T levels in the morning, with a gradual reduction throughout the day), due to quality of sleep, outcome of events (winning or losing in a competitive event – even if you’re a spectator – can raise or lower your testosterone levels, based on the outcome), as well as a number of other factors.

But if you are consistently feeling these negative effects, over a long period of time, then you may just need a little manly boost.

You can go to the doctor and ask for a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy, and take the weekly injections or use the gel on your testicles or armpits, or you can take the natural route… with exercises such as push ups having a great beneficial impact on testosterone.

Along with push ups, another simple way to boost your testosterone production is just by absorbing some sunrays.

Pushups for Increasing Testosterone & Sex Drive

Push ups are quick and easy being that they don’t require a gym membership and heavy weights.  They require some mental fortitude to really push through to your max, but when you get into the habit, you really reap the manly benefits.

Studies have shown that intense resistance exercises increase testosterone levels, as do exercises that work out a large number of muscle groups at once. Push-ups work out the large pectoral muscles, as well as tricep and shoulder muscles, and can be considered resistance training. Abdominal muscles also get some work in.

While bench press, with a large amount of weight, boosts T levels even more, push-ups are a quick fix, quite effective, and can be done at home… get down on the ground and do 3 sets of push ups till failure… and then drink a big glass of milk and eat a turkey sandwich to heal the broken down muscle fibers…

The increased circulation and oxygen boost from the lung expanding properties of the pushups will also help to improve erection quality. The greater oxygen and cardio activity will boost metabolism, which in turn lowers stomach fat, which increases testosterone on its own.

Sunlight For Boosting T Levels And Overall Manliness

Notice how weird you feel if you don’t have some exposure to sunlight for a few days… maybe it’s rainy, maybe you’ve been indoors for too long.  You may not notice it, but to see the contrast, go outside when the sun is out… close your eyes, and visualize yourself physically absorbing the sun rays.  You’ll feel as if it is providing life to your body.

As well as providing testosterone to your body…

Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight can increase testosterone production by as much as 200%!! And exposure to your back and testicles can increase T levels by even more than that!!

It may look weird, but if you have a backyard that permits the amount of privacy necessary… expose AS MUCH as your body to sunlight as possible, even if just for a few minutes… believe it or not, I’ve pulled out just my testicles before, and have had sunrays beam on them directly.  Very weird, I know… but you should feel the manly power-up it gives you!

Make sure to use sunscreen, at least on your face, and don’t spend more than 15 minutes out there…especially if you’re going to do this sun exposure on a regular basis. I don’t want you to end up looking like those unnaturally dark, wrinkled old ladies at the beach!

For some more natural — but scientifically-backed — ways to increase testosterone levels and libido, see here: Natural Ways To Increase Male Libido

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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