Multiple orgasmic masturbation session

Last Wednesday I decided I wanted to masturbate…I had the house to myself for a few hours, I just recently got a cable connection to my home PC, and I figured what the hell, let me rub one out. I ended up rubbing out three in a row, but really only ejaculating on the last one.

Once in a while when I masturbate, I like to practice having male multiple orgasms, so when it comes down to performance time, I have better control over them. So I figured, if I could have two orgasms in a row without ejaculating, I’ll let myself go on a third one. If I failed the technique and didn’t pull of the nonejaculatory orgasm, then I would not allow myself to have a full ejaculatory orgasm.

So anyway…I built up towards the first orgasm..and built up a little, then let down, built up a little, then let down, then right before I got to orgasm…BAM, squeezed the PC and went ahead and had a throbbing orgams without ejaculation…after coming down a little, breathing hard and slowing down the stroke….I kept going on to the next one.

So after a slow stroke for a little while, I built up again, and then BAM..threw on the brakes and had another nonejaculatory orgasm…after this final one I said what the hell, I’m gonna let go now.

I went to get some water from the fridge, and noticed that my penis was extremely hard like a rod..and that it was not gonna go down any time soon. It was actually harder and longer than usual, not what usually happens after orgasm.

So I got my water, took a chug, and went back over to the computer…then I busted the most satisfying nut ever to some large breasted woman giving a blowjob & handjob.

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