MY GIRLFRIEND Apologized for Finishing So Quickly… That Used to Be Me!

woman orgasmed fast

Having my girl tell me she’s sorry for finishing so quickly… I’m doing something right.

How things have changed… it used to be the other way around…

Apology after apology… “I’m so sorry… damn, I wish I could last longer…”

I used to have the biggest problem making a woman orgasm.

No matter what I did, I just couldn’t last long enough to get a girl off.  I would always cum right before a woman had an orgasm… and it happened with several women… so it was me, not them.

This just reinforced the idea in my mind that I was meant to suck in bed, and didn’t have what it takes to make a woman orgasm.

I tried the stop-and-start method (terrible method for lasting longer in bed, because you are constantly stopping… a woman needs NON-stop penetration in order to have an orgasm).  I tried numbing condoms, I tried thinking about something else in order to stop premature ejaculation, like baseball or solving math problems… but isn’t sex supposed to be pleasurable?

Even if I was able to last a couple of minutes longer, I still couldn’t get a woman off…

But in time, I learned what my problem was…

It wasn’t so much my sexual stamina… but more so my lack of knowledge on the female anatomy, and how to make my efforts pay off…

I used to think all it took to make a woman orgasm was to “bang her” hard, and for a long time (longer than I was capable of)… but my ignorant self didn’t even know where the clit was, so what good would that do?

Fast forward several years and much research and practice later…

I’ve learned a lot about how to delay my ejaculation, but even more important than that was learning how to penetrate a woman properly during sex to get her to orgasm.

A key part of it is hitting her clitoris with your pelvic bone on the “in-stroke”, and rubbing hard against it on the “out-stroke”… keeping constant pressure on it. (Invaluable advice… not addressed on 99% of  “how to make a woman orgasm” articles found online).

You also need to get in a woman’s head, really sexually stimulate her  mind, and pay attention to her erogenous zones… work on her orgasm from several angles.

Take scenario a) you you go as long and hard as you can, and you last 7 minutes…

Good chance she didn’t have an orgasm.

Now take scenario b) you go as long and hard as you can, and you last 7 minutes… BUT… you are sucking her nipples, talking dirty and applying pressure to her clit while penetrating…

Yes, you’ll be a bit contorted, and feel like a man on a mission… but there will be a good chance she may have an orgasm, maybe even two… then you can release in whatever way feels great to you…

If you can’t last a good few minutes without ejaculation, then you need to learn some ejaculation control.  While you don’t need to be a marathon man who can last an hour, you do need to be able to keep up steady penetration with a strong mind. I have exercises that can train you to do so.

Have yourself a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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