My Penis Has Become A Powertool: Large, Strong, Long Lasting

how to get a stronger penis

Yesterday before sex, I pulled out my penis when my girl says:

“Fuck, babe – you have a big penis”… almost as if she was afraid of what was coming…

I looked down at my penis, and it was about 80% hard, but it was thicker, longer, and veinier than normal.  I didn’t measure, but I wouldn’t be amazed if I’ve gained another quarter inch in length, and some extra girth. It looked like I had shot steroids directly into it as well… it was almost “muscular”.

So I continued to get aroused, made it to a 100% hard, and entered her.

Automatically her eyes rolled into the back of her head, in a mixture of pleasure/pain, and she groans: “your penis has grown…..” 

She’s always said I have a big penis, and I know it’s a decent size, slightly larger than average in length and girth, so this was implying that it’s grown even more…

That’s when I tried out a new technique… something that would not have worked in the past, with my more average sized tool.

All I did was push deep into her vagina, using my lower pelvis (the area right above the base of my penis) to put hard pressure on her clit.  I barely moved, just a slight lowering of my body and angle, in order to “pull” down on the clit, with my penis still in her.  Then I’d raise my body/angle, and I’d dig hard into her vagina, pushing into the clitoris…

Within a minute or so, my girl’s legs were up and spread wide open, and she was rubbing her clitoris hard into me, almost involuntarily.  I continued to do my little movements, combined with the digging, and within two minutes, she was breathing quickly through her nose, and her vagina was pulsating against my penis… she was having an orgasm.

Without me barely having to do anything… no foreplay, no sucking on her titties, no talking dirty… the lazy man’s way to making a woman orgasm.

I then put her doggystyle, and finished the way I like… from the back, pulling hair and spanking.


Back in the days, I was the opposite of the above scenario.  I had a very average penis size, premature ejaculation, but worse than all of this, I had no idea how to penetrate a woman properly to get her off.

I used to try VERY hard to last longer during intercourse, to penetrate hard and with speed, but no matter what I did, I’d finish before the girl had an orgasm…

Honestly, with the proper technique, back in the days I would have been able to make women orgasm, but the bigger penis most definitely helps get the job done quicker.

And the ability to delay ejaculation makes sure I maintain control from start to finish.

I give thanks to a number of techniques and exercises I’ve gathered over the years to make my penis bigger naturally, last longer during sex, and develop stronger erections… click here for more info on what I’ve used to develop this power tool I call a penis… you can do all of these exercises on your own, and at home. No need for pills or anything else.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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