Stronger Libido Secrets – Why So Much Sex in the Olympics?

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A record breaking 450,000 condoms were supplied to this year’s Olympics in Rio.

That’s 42 condoms per athlete competing.

What the hell — and how the hell — do these athletes have such a strong libido, and hook up so much?

Over the years, the number of condoms supplied during different Olympic games has increased.  The count started at 8,500 in Seoul ’88.  A long jump to 90,000 for Barcelona ’92, and then a poor performance of 15,000 for Atlanta ’96.

Then the athletes did what they did best… besides their sport… they kept on banging, and in 2000, Australian organizers had 70,000 condoms on hand, but had to order another 20,000 when the athletes ran ran through them halfway through the Games!!

Athens 2004 had 130,000 waiting for the athletes, 100k in Beijing 2008, 150k in London 2012 and then WTF in Brazil…

Crazy Olympic Sex Stories Abound Of Stronger Libido Than Your Average Man

natural ways for stronger libidoIn the 2014 Sochi Olympics, it was said that the Tinder use by the athletes was so heavy that headlines were written about it.

In the 2012 London games, the gay sex app Grindr crashed.

Women’s soccer star Hope Solo spoke about athletes having sex out in the open, on the grass, in broad daylight.

US Javelin thrower Breaux Greer spoke of having sex with three women a day during the entire games, and even one on the airplane flight back home. His (poor) roommate confirmed it.

Rumors circulated in the 2010 Vancouver games of a crazy hot tub orgy.

In the ’88 Seoul games, so many used condoms were found on the rooftops of the Olympians, that outdoor sex had to be specifically banned.

Even a ping pong player was getting laid like a rockstar in the 92 Barcelona games… Matthew Syed said he: “got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than the rest of my life up to that point.”

Strong Athletes, Powered Up Libido, Scenario Set Up For Sex

Part of me wonders… how is there so much hooking up going on? Partly envious… yes… partly curious… very.

And can I learn something from this in order to strengthen my own libido? Possibly.

No, I’m not going to grow a foot in height and try to compete against Usain Bolt, but I can glean some insights from this interesting sex wonderland that is the olympics.

So this is why there is so much sex going on in the Olympic village… my theory.

Amazing Genes

Sex and Olympics

These aren’t flabby 40-year old office workers, who’ve been beaten up by life…

These are men and women, the vast majority in their late teens and twenties, and in peak physical condition.

Competing at their sport brings about a perfection in your physical form (have you seen those female hurdlers or the beach volleyball players?).

And they come from a gifted talent pool to begin with.

So put a bunch of beautiful people in close proximity, in the peak of their lives, and there will be sex… lots and lots of sex. Yes, beautiful people love sex, too.

However, you can’t just grow a foot in height, and toss a shot put 70 feet, so if you’re not the best looking, just skip this section.

Pent Up Energy, More Exercise, More Testosterone, and Competition Bring With It a Stronger Libido

testosterone and exercisePossibly the main point to take home.

Besides the abundance of eye candy, these athletes have been training hard at their craft for years.

Cardio on its own increases libido and erection quality in men, and improves sex drive in women as well.

Exercising on a regular basis provides higher energy levels, which are pent up, and the stress of upcoming high level competition leads to a need to release, or distract themselves.

Competition on its own has been shown to increase testosterone levels, both in women and men.

The Perfect Social Scenario For Hooking Up

So you have a bunch of perfect human specimens, with high energy and hormone levels, in a strong and confident mental state…

Now, imagine they’ve been training hard, on their own in many cases, or not around the opposite sexvery much, and then are thrown together in a fantasyland… a beautiful village, designed for them to gather and have fun.

And they have so many things in common… they are all training, and competing to be the best at their sport. And all share the same feelings of anxiety, fear, excitement, and if they win a gold medal? Confidence, bliss, and higher testosterone levels.

Yeah… you can believe there’s going to be a lot of fucking going on.

And imagine how easy it is to spark up a conversation? “Hey, what are you competing in?”… conversations both parties will be interested in. Easy…

Why so much sex in the Olympic Village?

Other Contributions To The Stronger Libido of Olympians

While they are anxious about the upcoming competition, this is still sort of like a vacation from their daily lives.

Yeah, they may be the fastest swimmer in Lithuania, and train on a daily basis, but many, if not most, Olympians have a daily life with work, studying, etc.

They get away from all of this for those few weeks in the Olympic games… concentrating on their craft, but with much lower “daily life” stress levels that can crank up a person’s cortisol levels and harm their testosterone production and sex drive.

And the extra sunlight helps increase the Vitamin D, which also has its sexual benefits.

Ready For that 100 Meter Dash?

You may not ever get to smoke Bolt in the 100 meter dash (is he even going to compete? Probably… need to look into this), but hopefully you can gain some insight into why there is so much sex going on in Olympics, and turn your own life into a sort of Olympic Village.

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Have a good one!

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