Two Positions To Last Long During Sex, and One To Avoid!!

When it comes to lasting long during sex, it’s mind over matter.

Maintain mental control, and you will be able to last forever in bed… regardless of the physical stimulation…

Lose your place mentally, and you will be finishing soon, if not immediately.

The Time My Mind (Or Lack of Mind) Allowed Me To Last Forever During Sex

how to last forever in bed e1457558063900 Two Positions To Last Long During Sex, and One To Avoid!!Interestingly enough, during a time period when I had premature ejaculation the worst, and would not be able to last longer than 2 to 3 minutes max with a woman, I had a strange experience…

While half asleep, a girlfriend of mine woke me up to have sex, and little did she know I was not fully conscious of what was going on.  My penis was, but I wasn’t… sneaky little bastard, he is. Had all the fun.

My girl got on top of me, and rode me for what she later told me was about half an hour.  She told me she had rode herself off to multiple orgasms, and was cumming back to back, and I was still hanging there…

She was shocked, because she knew normally, I’d be coming (cumming) up short.

I can imagine I wasn’t fully knocked out… she would have noticed that. Would have been like having sex with a dead body.

Probably that other side of David, the one that used to come out after I’d black out from drinking too much (and would do crazy shit that didn’t sound like me, and would later be reported to me)… he was probably the one hanging in there during the sex.

Anyway… I had no idea any of this happened until the next day when she told me at breakfast. This went to show me that premature ejaculation was not so much a physical problem, but your mind state plays a role.

Needless to say… physical changes CAN help… and can provide you with some mental confidence, which will help you to last longer during bed as well.

Two Positions That Work To Last Longer During Sex

how to last forever during sex Two Positions To Last Long During Sex, and One To Avoid!!If you know anything about the female orgasm, you’ll know that the clitoris plays a vital role.

Without clitoral stimulation, there is no female orgasm. You can bang away as hard as you want, she may be moaning loud (putting on a show… I hate when women would do that), but that doesn’t mean she’s getting off.

It’s all about clitoral stimulation.

These two positions will not only provide the requisite clitoral stimulation for her orgasm, but will help you delay your ejaculation as well in the process

1) Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) – Use Your Least Sensitive Part To Stroke Her Most Sensitive Part

I first read about the Coital Alignment Technique in the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. I’m not sure if the Taoists were the first to use the technique (the Babylonians were some freaks, too), but they spoke highly of it.

You place your Jade Stem (Taoist for penis) into her Jade Gate (Taoist for vagina), and rather than thrusting with an in-and-out penetrative style, you “saw” into her clitoris, putting rough pressure against her clit.


Not only will you be hitting her most sensitive zone repeatedly, but you will be using the LEAST sensitive area of your penis to do it — the top of the base of your penis!

This will allow you to last MUCH longer than you can with regular penetration, where your penis head, and the sensitive area below “under the rim” is getting direct stimulation.

I think that’s what good ol’ Theodis Ealey was referring to in the song Stand Up In It…

2) Woman On Top – Another Position For Increasing Your Sexual Stamina and Improving Her Chances Of Orgasm

Most women innately know how to make themselves orgasm.

Either they outright have done it before, or they just need some practice.

When a woman is making herself orgasm by riding you on top, notice her movements… it’s more of a quick, back and forth rubbing of her clit against your pelvis, and your penis is just an afterthought, prodding her walls back and forth.

(Tip: try and duplicate this motion when YOU’RE on top… not easy, but with some practice you can get it).

Also, being that your penis is just an afterthought, it’s your pelvis that will be getting the rough action, and not so much your penis. That is, unless she does that hopping up and down thing on your penis… if that’s the case, you’re doomed.

Just tell her to stick to the rubbing…

Position to Avoid If You Have Premature Ejaculation – That Is If You Want To Last Long During Sex

cant last long during sex e1457558237135 Two Positions To Last Long During Sex, and One To Avoid!!Doggystyle is the deathstroke for men with premature ejaculation.

I don’t know if it’s the freaky visual of her heart-shaped ass backing up and bouncing/shaking off your body, or what, but even not so attractive women can be very sexy in this position.

It’s animalistic, and it swallows your dick whole.

Your raw… fully exposed… fully engulfed.

It is an excellent position to cum in, but consider getting her off with one of the two positions above, or with some oral / manual action, before you dive into doggy…

More Info If You Want To Last Long During Sex

As mentioned above, the mental aspect is more than half the battle.

Physical tricks help, but having a strong mind-state helps even more. These ejaculation control exercises can train your mind to become a long laster: How to Mentally Last Longer During Sex… There are more physical techniques as well.

Another option you have for prolonging sex without ejaculating is the male multiple orgasm technique. The male multiple orgasm technique allows you to block off ejaculation during orgasm (with a very strong and well-time pc clench), allowing you to have multiple “dry” orgasms… when you have a dry orgasm, you lose no erection strength or libido, and can continue on…. and then repeat the process. For more on the Male Multiple Orgasm technique, see here…

The male multiple orgasm technique has allowed me to delay ejaculation during doggystyle for as long as I’d like!

Any questions, I’m here!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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