Vitamin D – Perhaps The Most Important Vitamin For Men

Vitamin D for testosterone and erections

Vitamin D plays so many vital roles for us as a man… it supports our testosterone production, strengthens our erections and libido, keeps our immune system strong, helps build and maintain muscle mass, keeps us in a healthy state of mind and much more…

And with Vitamin D deficiency hitting over 40% of the population, there’s a strong possibility that if you are experiencing a lower libido than you’d like, ED, more colds and flus, an inability to gain muscle, or depression — than you too may be low on Vitamin D.

So before you consider the medical route to treat any of these issues, I will describe here the various benefits you’ll experience with restoring your Vitamin D levels through supplementation. Vitamin D supplements can cheaply and easily restore the natural masculine balance in your body that may be lacking.

While this has several points that are of benefit to men only, it also has several that apply to women as well.

Increased Testosterone Production

Many men experience the above mentioned symptoms of low libido, weak erections and possible depression or irritability and think, “hey, I should go get on testosterone therapy”… And while you will most likely experience a benefit in all these areas while on TRT, you will just be putting a bandaid on the wound, rather than healing the problem at the source.

And at much more of a cost, along with possible negative side effects, such as hair loss, decreased testicle size or prostate enlargement…

Studies have shown that Vitamin D supplementation increases testosterone production on its own, so give that a try first.

Harder Erections

vitamin d and sex benefits

If you are experiencing weaker erections than you’d like, you may be able to strengthen your performance without the need for Cialis or Viagra.

Before making the embarrassing and time consuming visit to your doctor, try picking up some Vitamin D on your way home from work. Several studies have shown a strong correlation between erectile dysfunction and low Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D supplementation could very well be the low-cost, low-risk method of strengthening your erections that you are looking for.

Give it a shot.

Increased Muscle Mass and Strength

Can Vitamin D help you gain more strength in gym

While a debatable point, several studies have shown that Vitamin D supplementation can increase muscle mass and strength.

It would make sense… if testosterone production increases, ability to gain muscle mass should improve as well.

Studies that showed a beneficial effect should be reproduced, with larger populations. Could be the testosterone effect requires larger amounts of Vitamin D than what were given in the studies, or needed to be administered for longer periods of time.

I personally have upped my Vitamin D intake in recent times, and have seen an increase in strength and size, so can vouch for seeing a muscle and strength building effect. I’ve also recently received a few unsolicited comments from different people saying I look larger, which was interesting to me… only recent difference was an increase in Vitamin D.

Improved Healing Ability

I sprained my thumb a few months back while playing football.  At first it didn’t hurt much, but began to really hurt after some time, especially in the gym.

It was frustrating to say the least… it especially hurt when I was in the cold weather, and had to pick up my little one… while not debilitating, it was pretty painful. I thought it was going to get better on its own, but I didn’t experience much of an improvement.

I took Vitamin C in high dose which was supposed to be helpful, along with a number of other supplements for ligament repair from GNC, but the pain persisted. I was getting closer to visiting the doctor, which would probably have lead to a referral to an orthopaedist, and possible surgery or long term cast… all things I wanted to avoid.

I began to take Vitamin D supplements in larger doses, and the pain has all but disappeared. I have a very minor discomfort during one exercise at the gym (overhead dumbbell tricep workout), but other than that, nothing… and the effect was rapid.

Just researching now…. I came across this article showing low Vitamin D levels slow repair in a ligament injury, so it appears to indeed be another benefit of the miracle vitamin.

Cut Out Stomach Fat

Another thing I’ve noticed since upping the Vitamin D is that while I’ve gained some muscle mass, my midsection is smaller… which is awesome.

In this study, adults who supplemented with Vitamin D lost significantly more weight and stomach fat then adults who didn’t… they were obese to begin with, but the effect is so strong that it is highly likely replicable in non-overweight people.

Mental Wellbeing

vitamin d and mental wellbeing

Vitamin D deficiency is quite often overlooked when someone complains of depression.

They may go to their doctor with complaints of the blues, and the doctor prescribes them an antidepressant, rather than fixing the underlying issue — Vitamin D deficiency has been tied to symptoms of depression, and low levels of Vitamin D are often found in individuals with psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder, so improving your mind state and mental well-being can be as simple as increasing your Vitamin D intake.

If feeling low, your Vitamin D levels may just be a bit low. Supplement for some time, and see how you feel!

Boost To Your Immune System

When it comes to the immune system, most experts will say vitamin C and zinc are the big winners.

But there’s an up and coming contender… Vitamin D has been shown to play a strong role in boosting the immune system, and may possibly curb serious diseases and cancers.

Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to catching colds and flus. And while more studies are needed, several have shown promise that Vitamin C may reduce cancer risk, as well as multiple sclerosis.

Areas closer to the equator, where there is stronger — and longer — exposure to sunlight, are said to have lower incidences of many major diseases and cancers.

Good For Your Mug… and Mane

To add to the benefits of Vitamin D, intake of Vitamin D after sun exposure works to keep you from getting sunburned… in high doses, it reduces swelling and inflammation. Now… don’t go out in the sun on a mission to get burned / tanned, but just know, it can protect you a bit.

Also, when it comes to hair, Vitamin D has been shown to help the creation of new hair follicles… Will it work as well as an FDA approved hair loss drug? Not likely, but why not throw it in there as well…

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?

How much Vitamin D needed for benefits

When it comes to our bodies, each one of us is different. There’s no bible anywhere with a commandment as to how much vitamin D you need for you to specifically see the effect you are looking for. Best is for you to try out different amounts until you feel good. However, there are are some general guidelines, from different sources, showing the safe limits. Some things I do know:

  • On average, it appears 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D a day is a recommended, and very safe bet
  • Institute of Medicine recommends 600 IUs, but up to 4,000 IUs a day is a safe upper limit
  • Vitamin D Council recommends 2,000 IUs a day
  • Overweight individuals may need more than skinnier individuals
  • Alcohol abuse may lead to lower Vitamin D levels (damn, I’m a drinker myself…)
  • Excessive vitamin D intake may cause constipation

So… if you’re asking for how much you should take, I’d start with 1,000 a day. If you tolerate it fine, and don’t see any constipation, try moving up to 1,500 or 2,000, see how you tolerate it. And if you can tolerate it? Your body and mind will thank you.

For more information on how to naturally improve your sexual strength, abilities and know-how, see here!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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  1. Gravatar David S Moore says:

    Thank you much Dave. As a man, I never knew how important vitamin is to men in general. Thank that in my ignorant, I have always taken vitamin D especially in high doses like, 5,000IUs.

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