Why are American Penises Shrinking in Size?

Average american penis size is getting smaller

According to a recent study, the average erect penis size has grown by 24% over the last 30 years – from 4.8 inches to 6 inches around the world. But there’s a caveat. This increase in size has been seen in European and Asian men, while American men have actually seen a decrease in size…

Scientists offer a few explanations for the increase in penis size – including an earlier onset of puberty or the viewing of porn (not sure how this affects penis size – and why it would only affect certain groups and not others).

However, the difference is quite shocking… (Mean size is in centimeters)

Why are American Penises Shrinking

What the heck is going on here America? We’re getting our asses kicked here.

Why are penises becoming smaller in the US compared to other parts of the world?

So there is an obvious reason to be concerned here. Anything that involves our reproductive system (and self-esteem!) should be looked into. Scientists’ don’t have a straight answer as to what might be happening, but do propose the following potential explanations.

According to Dr. Michael Eisenberg, a Professor of Urology at Stanford, “There could be a number of factors at play, such as chemical exposure, like pesticides or hygiene products, interacting with our hormonal systems.”

Another simpler explanation is that nutrition has improved in Europe and Asia, while the opposite has occurred in the US… which sounds believable. Much more of a sedentary, unhealthy, computer and social media bound society can probably contribute to an overall worsening of health in our growing youths as well.

Smallest penises in the world

Dr. Larry Lipshultz, Chief of Baylor’s Urology’s Division of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery offered another, interesting explanation… “You might possibly blame online porn, but that’s just a theory,” Larry says. “The more someone has erections, there might be greater potential for better erections. The tissue would stretch more, hence would get longer.”

While an interesting theory, why would Europe and Asia have this increase in size and not the US? Our online-obsessed society has without a doubt kept up with porn watching and usage around the world, and can compete with the best of them. So while an interesting theory, I don’t buy it.

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