A Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Premature Ejaculation

lack of sleep can lead to premature ejaculation

Throughout my whole life, for some reason, I’ve been obsessed with getting my 8 hours of sleep when possible. And little did I know it was with good reason because… a lack of sleep can lead to premature ejaculation.

In the study “Poor Sleep Quality is an Independent Risk Factor for Acquired Premature Ejaculation” published in Nature and Science of Sleep, researchers discovered how a lack of sleep not only leads to premature ejaculation, but several other negative effects we don’t want to experience as men.

In this case they studied men who acquired premature ejaculation later in age (APE), not men who had primary premature ejaculation, as primary premature ejaculation generally has a genetic cause, while acquired has comorbidities that can be observed (and altered).

First off, there were a few factors found more often in the PE group than in the control group, including:

(Note: As to older age correlating with premature ejaculation, this is not a given. From what I’ve seen, in my experience and in feedback I’ve heard from others, as long as you have some ejaculation control basics, you should be able to last longer the older you get… however, without the basic knowledge, appears age is not your friend when it comes to lasting power.)

From the study:

“A total of 349 men were enrolled in the study after completing the questionnaires and the medical history survey. Among 349 men, 203 individuals (58.17%) suffered from acquired PE. The IIEF-5 [erectile function] score, IPSS [prostate score], GAD-7 [anxiety] score, PHQ-9 [overall health] score, and PSQI [sleep quality] score of the population with PE were significantly different from the non-PE group. Further multivariate analysis showed that erectile dysfunction, depression, severe prostatitis-like symptoms, and poor sleep quality were high-risk factors of APE. Additionally, our study showed that premature ejaculation diagnostic tool (PEDT) score was associated with IPSS/GAD-7/PHQ-9/PSQI scores positively and associated with IIEF-5 scores negatively. The stratified analysis of sleep quality showed that APE patients with different sleep qualities have different prevalence rates of anxiety, depression, prostatitis-like symptoms, and erectile function.”

It was thought that one of the major reasons that a lack of sleep can lead to premature ejaculation is because “long-term sleep intervention may affect central ejaculation regulation”.

Besides being associated with premature ejaculation, a lack of sleep can get in the way of the restoration of our manly biological processes and lead to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and infertility…

So get your Z’s… and lose weight, and take care of your prostate, and get your mental health in order… making a conscious effort in these areas generally leads to a cycle positively influencing each aspect…

How to Sleep Better and Improve Your Sexual Stamina and Health

While getting sufficient sleep is nowhere near enough to help you last longer during sex on its own, it’s just one extra piece of the puzzle you can have in place to help tackle the problem.

Some things that will help you sleep better:

  • Cutting out electronics – bright screens – at least for some time before sleeping. Keeps the mind from being too active.
  • Not exercising too close to bedtime – keep the heart rate low
  • Cutting out caffeine later in the day – the effects are long-lasting and can keep your mind awake much longer than you’d believe
  • Meditation – helps to empty the mind, reduce the heavy thinking and clutter
  • Taking a warm shower – lowers your core temperature, a circadian sleep signal
  • Not taking a nap for too long or too late

Gaining mental control over your arousal and physically strengthening your PC muscles are much larger pieces of the puzzle, but if you’re struggling with PE, why not keep a closer eye on your sleep schedule?

For a more advanced guide to mentally and physically lasting longer during sex, see here: How to Last Longer During Sex

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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