The Art of Oral Sex – Use Your Tongue to Make A Masterpiece

Cunnilingus guideWoman come to climax MUCH quicker through intercourse, after first receiving an oral orgasm. (Or warming her up, getting her close to the point of orgasm, and then penetrating).

Your woman has a total of eight vaginal and anal erogenous zones. Some of them well known, some of them not so heard about. This includes the perineum, inner clitoral shaft, clitoral cluster, amongst others. There are methods of simultaneously stimulating all of her erogenous zones, which will can bring her to the most explosive orgasm(s) she has ever experienced!

A long time ago…when I was a young, dumb pup…I used to go by the idea that “I don’t eat pussy”…that it was for wimps who couldn’t pleasure their woman with their penis.

Little did I know that the majority of women need some sort of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. I had a girlfriend at the time who I loved dearly…I tried and tried to make her orgasm through intercourse alone…yet she never got there (except for one time where she said she had a “little orgasm”). She obviously needed clitoral stimulation, and she had mentioned on numerous occasions how much she loved oral sex. However, I was a tough guy, who didn’t go downtown.

Until a few months later when I began to worry. I was never making her orgasm, and she was very sexual, so it was just a matter of time before she went looking elsewhere. I then said what the hell, and tried going down on her…I didn’t even know the basics…I must have been down there a good half an hour, yet to no avail. That’s when she told me, “just go ahead and fuck me” with a voice of disapproval. I almost felt like crying. I gave her my best show, I finished, she didn’t (as usual), and she was out of my life forever within a few weeks. That’s the cold hard truth. I could have used an oral sex guide at the time.

So immediately after this traumatic episode, I got to work.

I researched and researched on cunnilingus…I bought books, I read forums, I ordered a number of oral sex guides online….convinced I was going to win her back with this. 

Well, sadly… she never came back around.  She got with some older man who knew the ropes and she ended up getting pregnant (sad, I know).

But on the plus side, I now had a ton of knowledge on oral sex, which I’ve performed on many a happy, and satisfied, woman…and over the years I’ve fine tuned it…

However, I am now an oral sex master… and my legend follows me.

A funny story related to my oral sex techniques…

Just this past week I got a random call from an ex-girlfriend. She called me up to let me know that she had gotten a boob job, and that her tits were looking great… typical of this girl.

She then went on to tell me that me that she was trying on some new underwear that she had bought, but that it was too tight in her ass. So I began to let my mind (and mouth) wander… and told her I wished her — and her ass — would come over, so I could lick her down to her vagina, and then start bathing her clitoris with my tongue.

She told me to stop talking to her like that, because I was giving her strange sensations… that she shouldn’t be feeling while she was going out with somebody else!

(yeah… but it was normal to tell me about her new boobs and tight thong?)

Here’s the interesting part.. she told me that her current boyfriend was having problems in the oral sex department. That he tries to go down on her, but that it’s just not the same as when I used to go down on her. That she feels like telling him “Why can’t you do it like David?” Can you imagine the ego boost this gave me?

So then I came up with a solution.. I told her why doesn’t she invite me over one day, and I go down on her in front of her boyfriend, just as an “in-person oral sex guide”?

The idea didn’t fly… and I may have ended up getting my assed kicked… but it sounded like a decent idea to me.

If you’d like to become the guy your lady, and exes, never forget about for his oral prowess, I’ve written down everything I’ve learned about cunnilingus over the years, here in this short, but powerful oral sex guide…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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